Murder in Aix - Susan Kiernan-Lewis - Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Murder in Aix

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 3713171461055449894
  • Book Genre: Cozy
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Murder in Aix Book Summary

Life is good indeed, especially if you’re a thirty-something expat living in an area of Provence where people would kill to live. And do! When Maggie’s new best friend is arrested for murder Maggie is determined to find the real culprit. Trouble is, there are a few roadblocks in her way, like an old friend on the verge of divorce who’s chosen Maggie’s house to have her nervous breakdown in, an ex-paramour who has the power to make Maggie’s life miserable—and does—and oh, yes, a killer as warped and determined as any Maggie has encountered in her four years living in France.

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Murder in Aix Book Comments

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Murder in Aix - Susan Kiernan-Lewis Book Reviews

  • Page turner (trixie 52)

    This was my first Maggie Newberry book and I loved it. The characters are interesting and there are twists and turns galore. Enjoy!
  • Murder in Aix (Bookwormpluss)

    This is the second book by this author I have read. She is a very good writer who knows how to keep me guessing who did what. Now on to another of her exciting books!!!
  • Murder in Aix (LC in KC)

    Enjoyable reading; good mystery; descriptive setting, locale, and characters.
  • Murder in Aix (Tenderloin56)

    A bit much description for my taste, but great characters and plot with suspense building at the end.

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