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Arm Candy

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 6758038531143364328
  • Book Genre: Romance
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Arm Candy Book Summary

“Sexy, steamy, passionate and oh so satisfying! Ms. Ryan really turns up the heat!” Old Book Barn Gazette

David Waite, a wealthy British fundraiser in New York City, knows exactly how to please a woman, but he’s had enough of social climbers and users. His solution? “Arm candy,” a beautiful woman to accompany him as his regular date. She’s to serve as a dazzling accessory, not a prostitute or call girl, with no strings attached, either emotional or sexual. Then he sees Nora, and he finds himself overwhelmed with a craving for sweets…

Nora Armstrong is a wholesome, virginal beauty fresh from the Midwest. Her cousin asks her to go out with David Waite as a favor to advance his event planning business. She can’t say no, any more than she can say no when David asks for a second date, and a third… According to “arm candy” rules, she should be safe… until David decides to break the rules. Suddenly Nora realizes it’s a risky business, being this smoking hot Brit’s faux girlfriend… and falling in love.

Arm Candy is part of the Hot City Nights series of steamy romances with urban settings, but it can be read independently of the rest of the series. It is a full-length novel with no cliffhanger!

“A sensitive yet very sexy romance that touches even the hardest heart… sexual heat that electrifies the storyline. A definite keeper and exciting to read more than once.” Under the Covers

Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense by Patricia Ryan: (Other authors have started publishing in this genre as “Patricia Ryan,” which has led to confusion. Any full-length contemporary novel that is not on this list was written by someone else.)

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About the Author: Patricia Ryan is the USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen romances and mysteries, including the #1 national bestseller Still Life With Murder, written as P.B. Ryan. A RITA® winner and four-time nominee, she is also the recipient of two RT BookReviews Awards. Subscribe to her newsletter by visiting 

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Arm Candy Book Comments

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Arm Candy - Patricia Ryan Book Reviews

  • Interesting characters and fun secondary characters (isalaur)

    Really enjoyed this book. It kept me riveted the whole time, the characters were well drawn, there were hold your breath moments, moments to make you gasp, moments to make you laugh and moments to make you cry. What more can you ask for? The main characters, Nora and David, are well developed by the author to make the reader want to take a vested interest in their outcome. The secondary characters are also well developed, to just props as happens in so many books. I freaking love Beryl!! Highly recommend.
  • Arm Candy (North of Disneyland)

    This was a very good book that led you to the romance of Nora & David. It is written with a lot of feeling & passion. The young woman from the Midwest and the older Billionaire. All though, they are not similar they making a beautiful matched pair. I would recommend reading this book.
  • Hahahaha (No way 77273$)

    This would never happen ever even if it is just a book it is dumb sorry but no
  • Good read (Atlz3)

    Nice Sunday morning read. Would have been nicer without profanity and possible rape. County girl goes to big city does cuz a favor and becomes rent a date. Let the games begin.
  • Not my cup of tea (eiggabook)

    I really tried reading this book, but I couldnt even finish it. The author does on awful job of helping the reader understand which character POV she is trying to use. Also, she brought in characters without really explaining who they were. If this book had a better layout, and maybe a break in between characters POV I probably would have actually enjoyed and finished this book.
  • Arm Candy (Tiggy/Cookie)

    First time reading this author and so pleasantly surprised. Well written, easy to identify with characters, and a happy ending. What more could you ask for ? This won't be the last book I read by this author.
  • Arm Candy (Eileen A-W)

    Arm Candy by Patricia Ryan is book 3 in the Hot City Nights series. David Waite is a wealthy British fundraiser in New York City. He is tired of all of the social climbers and users, so he decides that the perfect solution is to having “Arm Candy”, a beautiful woman to accompany him as his regular date. Nora Armstrong is a virginal beauty fresh from the Midwest. Her cousin asks her to go out with David as a favor to him, in order to promote his event planning business. She can’t say no just as she can’t say no to David’s request for another date and another and so on. Will these two be able to be what the other needs in order to find love and happiness? This was an enjoyable story with characters that were well written, authentic and complex. The story line was riveting and kept my attention to the very end. I genuinely enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend this book to other readers.

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