The Billionaire - Complete Series

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The Billionaire - Complete Series Book Summary

For Arianna Taylor, the only thing she’s ever wanted was her own catering business. The feeling of bringing joy to other people on their big day is a feeling she’s always loved. When the catering company she works for lands a prestigious job, she thinks it’s just another stepping stone to reach her goal. She’s just gone through a horrific breakup and working is the only way she can keep her mind off the heartache she feels. 
However, the job takes an interesting turn when a stranger offers her an irresistible proposition. 
One night. 
That’s all he wants. 
And while every fiber of her being knows she should say no, every fiber in her body is begging her to say yes. A night of passion like she’s never had before leaves her body trembling and begging for more. However, consequences the morning after leave everything in her life she’s worked so hard for up in the air, and brick by brick everything begins to crumble around her.

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The Billionaire - Complete Series Book Comments

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The Billionaire - Complete Series - Lucia Jordan Reviews

  • Lost for words

    By Bianca gabby
    Listen The Billionaire book 1 has me so hot. This had me feeling like Ari. I can't wait to continue reading this series. Great Job
  • Such an amazing series!

    By Hellokitty0114
    Was a quick read but the story was absolutely engulfing. I couldn't put it down! Would love to read more books by this author!
  • The Billionaire- complete series. By Lucia Jordan

    By lime567
    Very steamy! Entertaining and delightful. Fun read.
  • Wonderfully Unexpected

    By Shortie714
    This collection is a wonderfully unexpected love story. The love that grew between Ari and Max caught them of guard. I love how Max used the first masquerade party as a way to watch Ari work and handle herself without her knowing. All the while making investments with her brother into her business without her knowledge. He thought he could have her without falling in love with her and be able to walk away from her. Little did he realize that would be impossible. I love how Ari, expecting a one night stand, falls for a very wealthy philanthropic man. A man that "can get his hands dirty", and still be caring, loving and sweet. This series is a wonderful story.
  • The Billionaire

    By Laura22786
    Can’t wait to read what happens next!4¢
  • Couldn't get enough

    By Jccou
    It had my attention the entire book. Just as I thought things were going to go one way, they went another! Very good read!
  • Billionaire - Complete Series

    By ChavyMe
    I had to admit, Book One was OK, it was kind slow for me but the rest of series were awesome, particularly the ending. It is sexy, erotic and compassion. I enjoy it very much!
  • The billionaire

    By Jaxmc13
    The complete series was one of the best I have read. Sometimes the complete series do not stay with just the main characters in the first book but I love that this one continued with ari and Max's love affair!
  • The Billionaire, book one.

    By BaileyMakae!
    It was so intriguing, I couldn't stop reading it. I can't wait to find out what happens between the strangers.
  • Mr. Mystery

    By Alyssarhammond
    A mysterious masked man, food, and a steamy romance, nothing more that I could ask for. This love story was fantastic and the entire time you guess who this mystery man is whuch kept it interesting. My only wish was that it was longer and more out so I'd have more time with.

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