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Fragile Touch

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 7831390851296441210
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Fragile Touch Book Summary

USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms delivers a tender story of how the heart finds love in the most unexpected places.

“His body is perfect. He’s got this face that isn’t just heart-melting but actually kind of exotic…”

Lillian Warren’s life is just how she’s designed it. She has a high-paying job working with celebrities and the elite, teaching them how to better organize their lives. She’s on her own, the days quiet, but she likes it that way. Especially since she’s still figuring out how to live with her recent diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. Her cats keep her company, and she’s not the least bit lonely. 

Fun-loving personal trainer, Cayden, thinks his neighbor is a killjoy. He’s only seen her a few times, and the woman looks like she needs a drink or three. He knows how to party and decides to invite her to over—if he can find her. What better way to impress her than take care of her overgrown yard? She proceeds to thank him by throwing up in his painstakingly-trimmed-to-perfection bushes.

Something about the fragile, mysterious woman captivates him.

Something about this rough-on-the-outside bear of a man attracts Lily, despite her heart warning her to tread carefully.

Fragile Series:

Fragile Touch

Fragile Kiss

Fragile Love

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