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After the Fall (RWBY, Book #1)

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 6297236311434359654
  • Book Genre: Fantasy
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After the Fall (RWBY, Book #1) Book Summary

Trouble is brewing . . .

After Beacon Academy fell, Coco, Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi made a vow: No one else is getting left behind. It's been more than a year since Team CFVY saw their school destroyed by the creatures of Grimm, their friends felled in battle or scattered across the world of Remnant. Since then, they've been settling into life at Shade Academy in Vacuo, fighting hard to finish their training so they can find their friends and save their world.

When a distress message comes into Shade, asking for huntsmen and huntresses to defend refugees from a never-ending stream of Grimm, Team CFVY answers the call without hesitation. But in the heat of the desert, they're forced to relive their former battles, both from the fall of Beacon and from everything that came before.

Don't miss this exclusive original story straight from award-winning author E.C. Myers and RWBY's head writers, Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna!

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After the Fall (RWBY, Book #1) Book Comments

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After the Fall (RWBY, Book #1) - E. C. Myers Book Reviews

  • Very good. (Adolfox1)

    Loved the story but it needs to fix some typos.
  • Highly Recommended (Reading Girl 1)

    This was a a great story. I’m hoping we’ll get to see Team CFVY as movie sometime. I’m loving the team dynamics between these characters and when Team CFVY and RWBY meet again its going to be awesome.

E. C. Myers - After the Fall (RWBY, Book #1) E-Book

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