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iPad User Guide by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about iPad, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPad and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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iPad User Guide (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews

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- iPad Index5 star

For those of you complaining about the lack of an index in the guide. In the guide, touch the very top of the screen above the text. A row of icons appear. Touch the hamburger icon. That's the one with three horizontal lines. Oh look, gasps in amazement .... it's the index. Wow ... if you don't know how to navigate around the books app, ask your local third grader.

- Good5 star

Can’t wait for ipados 14 hope my iPad gets this update probably won’t make it to ipados 15

- User guide costs money1 star


- 4 stars because I think it missed a step4 star

The section discussing screen recording states you can record the screen and sound. There was no sound, or how to ensure you heard what you recorded.

- Where is the manual?1 star

I can download a 46 page sample of the 400+ page manual. I can’t find anything but the sample. I can’t even find the manual to read online. Which would be useless without an internet connection, but better than nothing which is what I have now. I’m sorry, I have 46 pages. Somebody tell me what I am doing wrong, please. Where is the &$#@+%&$ manual? This is ridiculous.

- Table of contents and index are badly needed1 star

OK, so I downloaded it as I have so many times after each major upgrade. You would think by now that the people at Apple would realize what publishers and writers of technical manuals have known for so very long, that technical manuals need to have a way of finding subject matter in them. I bought my first iPad in 2011. I think I read more of the user guide that first year than any of the subsequent versions. Over the years the guide has grown a great deal. Its size makes difficult to use. One way to make it easier to use is to provide a way of finding something in the blasted thing. Get it? How about it Apple? Unbelievable.

- No User Guide...duh1 star

I wish Apple wasn’t so cheap and the cost so expensive!!For the price of the products (iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard), we would think that Apple wouldn’t be sooo cheap and NOT supply their customers with “User guides” along with their products! Joyce

- Nothing5 star


- Need a print version with new iPad1 star

I agree that having no printed version is just ridiculous. What idiot thought it would be ok not having directions for use included with a $500+ device. Get a clue.

- Does anyone at Apple read these reviews???2 star

I concur with the many reviews about the POOR way the the iPadOS Users guide requires Internet and cannot seeming be downloaded even as a Ebook. HOWEVER this is actually a safety issue for those of uswho live and cruise on yachts. When we are at sea, we have nto internet, yet this is OFTEN the time we need User Guides (manuals). THIS IS A REAL SAFETY ISSUE. To my knowledge, Apple is the only company not creating a downloadable Manual for as complicated an item as an iPad.

- Guide5 star

Very helpful

- No Siri alarm clock on dock shutdown information.1 star

No table of contents. Did not see anything on how to shut down widgets with alarm clock that appear on the dock. That feature is so annoying and useless I’ve had to delete two most used apps so I don’t have to put up with that discussing feature. Why isn’t there a one button shutdown of that feature? Or is that to easy! I’ve spent hours google searching and found nothing that works. Getting to point with apple and iPad to just throw it in the drawer and forgot about it or throw it against the wall.

- The lack of a printable manual scuttles an otherwise good product1 star

Who is responsible for deciding not to provide a User’s Manual that can be printed, in whole or in part, for reference while learning to use this product? To force users to use the product so they can access manuals that explain how to use the product is circular reasoning and the pinnacle of absurd silliness! This decision flies in the face of the kind of forward-thinking innovation that Apple built their reputation on. It also condemns the product to minimal and marginal use until and unless the user is able to dedicate time to study and practice with the product - the very thing that Apple slammed their competitors about in their youth. An extremely poor decision...! Hint - release manuals in a format that can be easily printed.

- PDF??????1 star

So, there’s a problem making this User Guide for a product I just bought from you available in PDF format? What’s the problem? Who at Apple is making these kinds of decisions? Do you really want to end our 30-year + relationship with your continuing and dismaying string of user-unfriendly decisions?

- Great5 star

It answered all my questions and concerns

- User Guide iPad Air1 star

This is ridiculous! I have access to just 35 pages of the manual and I can’t even print the pages. AYFKM??

- Good book5 star

You can

- iPad manual unavailable without an Internet connection1 star

You should be able to download a PDF copy onto your iPad. What if you don’t have an Internet connection?

- Bookies5 star

I am learning how to use this iPad!!!!!!!!!!!¡I use a windows 10!!!¡

- 很不方便1 star


- Useless for me1 star

Where is the PDF????????? Where is the ability to print the manual???????? An online/computer/device only instruction guide is absolutely useless for some people with disabilities. How tone deaf can Apple be?

- ipad tops5 star

great app

- Review1 star

A table of contents would be helpful.

- Please, just produce a PDF of each user manual1 star

When trying to teach an elderly, computer-illiterate person the basics of using an iPad, it would be very helpful to be able to print down an entire manual or sections of the manual. An electronic-only manual is useless for this demographic.

- Uh, why isn’t this installed on my new iPad Pro?3 star

Apple has fantastic marketing, however there Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) is severaly lacking because there is NO User Guide included with the device. Instead, we have to do a Google Search and find out that the arcane User Guide is on Apple Books, so I have to install that App just to read the User Guide. At 728 pages in length, it’s a long read, that’s for sure. What I really wanted to learn about was how to use Split View, and the explanation in the User Guide was deficient, so I ended up watching a YouTube video by a user, and then it finally worked for me. Yeah, I’m a long-time iPad Air user, so at least that device had a physical Home button, while the latest iPad Pro eschews the Home button, requiring me to learn another upward swipe movement. The Power button can be used for single tap, double tap, triple tap, long hold, hold with up volume, hold with down volume, uh huh, so you get the idea, lots of bizarre sequences to memorize. I’ll be using the Command+Tab to quickly task switch between apps, along with the Split View and Slide View features. So Apple, next time just include the User Guide, pre-installed on all iPad devices. I’d even recommend that you open the User Guide as a user does their first login, there should be no hunting. Or, better yet, a series of Videos to demonstrate how to use this fine touch device, because words never caption the simplicity that a video does.

- H5 star


- Excellent Gide app5 star

Excellent reading

- I’m not sure yet , but I believe I’ll know for sure in the next day2 star

I can’t get my iPad open so hope this book might shine som light on that issue?

- User guide 7 ipad1 star

Doesn’t open after download..however, it opened in my iPhone 10

- Not Accurate2 star

Some instructions are not accurate for 13.2.3. I am having to do a time limited Google search to figure out how to perform some of the items.

AirBNB 🎁5 star

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- Francais1 star

Ou est le français, très déçu de Apple, ridicule j’aurais pas acheté si j’avais su. Je ne conseille plus apple

- Version en français !4 star

Elle existe, faites une recherche sur le net et se trouve sur le site de Apple. Le manuel se télécharge directement dans LIVRE. Version 13

- Needs a PDF version for seniors1 star

Needs a PDF version for seniors

- Français svp1 star

Incroyable, pas trouvé la version en française. C’est pourtant l’affaire de rien pour Apple, come on....grande déception.

- En FRANÇAIS s’il-vous-plaît1 star

FRANÇAIS S.V.P. Napebleue

- I like to read Barbara Cartland books their my favourite5 star

I would like to have it downloaded

- I like ios 12 beucasue i want to install it5 star

Ok ok!

- Why are all the reviews in French?1 star

Why are the reviews in French when the guide is in English?

- Francais1 star

Possibilité de l avoir en francais

- Langue1 star

Il serait d’usage que Apple Canada utilise les 2 langues officielles du pays soit le français et l’anglais. Votre tutoriel pour comprendre IOS 13 est seulement en anglais. Quand aurez-vous la décence d’inclure la traduction en français ?

- En français svp!1 star

Je suis insultée. Pour me vendre vos produits, vous faites l’effort. Mais après, vous vous foutez de votre clientèle.

- I'm Canadian and I know English.5 star


- En français SVP1 star

En français svp. Le guide pour mes appareil Apple

- En français1 star

Il y sûrement moyen d’obtenir une version en français

- Triste....1 star

Ce n’est pas pour moi, je suis francophone. C’est vraiment dommage car j’adore mon IPad.t

- Demande de service en français svp. merci1 star

Demande de service en français

- Dommage3 star

Pas de Guide de l’utilisateur !

- Un gros moins pour cette compagnie1 star

Manque de respect pour sa clientèle de langue française.

- Livre d’utilisateur1 star

Dommage, il n’y a pas de version française pour l’utilisation de notre ipad. Une belle petite machine qu’il serait agréable de connaître davantage afin de l’exploiter à son maximum

- Pas en français1 star

Je suis très déçu d’Apple car la version française aurait dû être disponible en même temps.

- Français1 star

Gros manque de sensibilité de Apple. Pas de traduction française! Très ordinaire👎👎👎

- Horrible1 star

Poche il n’en n’a pas en français

- Impossible c’est sûrement une erreur....1 star

Il n’y a pas de version française

- Inadmissible1 star

J’arrive pas à croire qu’il n’y ai pas de version française. Dites moi où le trouver j’en ai besoin afin d’utiliser mon IPad à son plein potentiel. 22 janvier 2020

- et le guide en français alors?1 star


- Guide français demandé1 star

Guide en français, s.v.p.

- User guide?...1 star

Franchement Apple, un peu de respect et de considération pour vos clients francophones à travers le monde!!!

- En français SVP1 star

Comment ce fait-il qu’il n’est pas en français?

- iPad user guide1 star

D’aucune utilité pour moi. Je parle et j’écris le français.

- Langue française1 star

Quand le guide sera disponible en français?

- Wonderful5 star

Nice and detailed.

- version new5 star


- Good Read5 star

Quite a confusing story line but otherwise a good read

- Best book so far5 star

This has helped to enable the swipe keyboard

- After 15 years of windows trash....5 star

I got myself an iPad, and I will NEVER look back....the Window thing is so stupid, soulless, ugly, counter intuitive for the home user, plus I do pro work on iPad. I remember when I got my first Pc, I wanted to learn how to use it....where’s the manual? Never seen one, because it never was there, except a useless ‘help and support’ useless, dopey, dead and dumb thing. Apple does things with a soul. Just look how pretty even this manual looks in Books. Watch and learn, stupid Window thingy.

- An extraordinary journey of hope5 star

When I first bought myself an iPad, I thought that I would never be able understand it. But this book proved me wrong. With so many twists and turns, this is the book of the century, and I don’t know how they are selling it for free. It is an extraordinary journey of hope, bravery and strength. It helped me when no one else could. Now, there is one thing which I can say, and I never thought I would be able to say this; I know how to use my iPad.

- A must read5 star

A terrifying journey of the iPad is amazing

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