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Because I Love You

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 11828387321479722917
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Because I Love You Book Summary

Two years ago, he took my innocence and ran,
Luckily for me, he's a slow runner.
He doesn't know that he gave me the most beautiful gift in the world - my son. 
I'm going to give him a gift too - revenge! 
And if he's thinking he can get me and my son...
Well, he can go take a walk!

She's my best friend's little sister. 
I should never have touched her. 
But I did.
She was hot. She was fun. She was begging me for it.
So I gave it to her... all night long.
I told her I loved her. I promised her the moon and stars. 
I meant every word.
Then I vanished. I couldn't tell her why. I still can't.
We haven't talked since.
But I saw her yesterday. She's still hot enough to stop traffic,
Even with a kid.
She's got secrets, but so do I. 
I know she still wants me, but she's not begging this time.
This time she wants me to beg. 
But I don't beg. I take. 
And I'm taking Jessi. Secrets and all.

This is the first book in the Because I Love You Series by Amy Brent.

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Because I Love You Book Comments

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Because I Love You - Amy Brent Book Reviews

  • Not standalone (libros19)

  • Good book (ER-87)

    This book was a good short book. It was a quick read for me. Can't wait to read the other books.
  • Because I love you by Amy Brent (CR-1985)

    Amazing book kept me wanting more loved the characters and story line.
  • Because I love you ([email protected])

    Caught me now I’m hooked!!
  • Imagery (sumsexy)

    Good book but why have a story about a plus size model and a skinny girl on the cover?
  • Because I love you - really liked this! (sbsbrinson)

    Hidden intrigue, secrets, and sex make this a great read!
  • I will not be swayed (Howling gale)

    This is unfinished business, literally. You have to shell out bucks to see the remainder of it, which i’m not willing to do. I will mot be swayed, aside from the fact that i read a lot of “F” word diminished my appetite to crumble.☹️
  • Because I Love You (Steph111981)

    The first book was good! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!! I can’t wait to see what happens between Jessi and Christopher.
  • Because I love you by Amy Brent (S15:))

    This is a great book and it shows a lot about the characters. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Because I love you (yellville)

    This is a brief introduction to what must be a multi volume “book.” It is repetitive and does little to capture this reader’s interest. I am not involved enough in the plot to be interested in further reading

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