Just One Year

Just One Year by Penelope Ward Book Summary

From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone novel.

The beginning of my sophomore year in college was off to a rough start. 
On the first day of orientation, I had an altercation with an infuriating British dude. (In the men’s room. Don’t ask.)
I got home later that night and realized that the foreign student we were expecting to rent a room in my parents’ house was allergic to our cat.
So, the spare room went to someone else: Caleb—the British guy from the men’s room.  
And so it began…my love-hate story with Caleb Yates. Or was it hate-love in that order?

The guy knew how to push every one of my buttons. 
Sometimes I’d email him to express my aggravation and disdain.
He’d actually rewrite my own words and send them back to me. 
That was the type of infuriating person Caleb was.
So frustrating.
Sometimes incredibly funny and endearingly sweet.
And hot. 

He eventually grew on me, and Caleb soon became one of my best friends that year. 
Too bad he was headed back to England soon, so nothing could happen between us—for so many reasons. 
I definitely couldn't fall in love with him, especially since all we had was just one year. 

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Just One Year (Penelope Ward) Book Reviews

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- Movie Please!5 star

This needs to be a movie. I didn’t think a book can give me SO MUCH emotions but this was a really great book. I had just started getting into read a week ago and i finished this in book in 3 days. However, whoever is in charge of putting the books on this app need to fix the empty pages and the duplicate pages. Other than that, great story!

- Incredibly heart-warming and soul-shattering! I never wanted it to end!5 star

Caleb and Teagan. An unexpected whirlwind romance with an angsty-twisty happily-ever-after. In the beginning, you’ll laugh while these two navigate a beautiful friendship to fated lovers. Anxiously awaiting each moment of emotional escapades and flirtatious bits both friendly and intimate. This book is full of all the feels and romance one could ask for. Caleb is a young man with broken pieces and Teagan is wonder of unique brilliance and battered hope in those who love her. However, these two breathe life into one another again even as changes and revelations come to pass. They save each other and every second until their lifetime begins again together is so beautiful your heart will ache. Watching them grow, learn, struggle, and triumph together resonates and you will feel a song of love in your soul. Everything. This story is everything.

- I loved this book5 star

awesome book - I love Penelope’s writing.

- 3 1/2-4 PossibleStars4 star

I usually love Penelope Ward's books, but I found myself struggling with this one. Just One Year was a sweet friends to lovers story and I loved Teagan and Caleb separately, but did not feel the connection between the two of them. Teagan was sweet, but closes herself off as she tries to figure out where she belongs. Caleb is a kind, thoughtful and sexy British exchange student that is trying to escape from his past. While living in Teagan's parents house they start to build a friendship, but I just did not feel the chemistry between the two of them. Just One Year was a cute and easy read, I was just hoping for more

- Wonderful5 star

Great story Penelope you did not disappoint

- Does not disappoint4 star

I’ve been incredibly eager to start reading @penelopewardauthor book Just One Year. For the first time I actually didn’t read the premise of the story but I got intrigued because I saw so much attention around the release of this new book. I’ve read many books by @penelopewardauthor and I’ve always been incredibly pleased at the ending of each one. So just to cover my bases this book was well written, had great character development, a good love story, steamy scenes and while I can’t completely relate to the plot I did find a connection with the emotions of loss that each character was feeling. I love that both Caleb and Teagan had their own demons to deal with which inevitably helped spark their friendship which would turn into more. This romance was not only built on attraction but it was also built on a strong foundation of respect, admiration and friendship. I enjoyed seeing Teagan come full circle in many aspects of her life and I only wish that we would’ve really gotten to see Caleb work through his struggles first hand versus hearing about it. Like all of her books I can never put them down and I binge read them and I’m never disappointed. I believe the hype because it’s real this is definitely a book that you should pick up!

- Loved this story5 star

Caleb ands Teagens story made me laugh and cry. Such a great read.

- Warning: Charming Brit Included5 star

I don’t think I have ever been one to fall for a head-strong British man...but Caleb just may have changed my opinion on the matter. I immediate wanted to hate Caleb after his initial meeting with Teagen, but being a Penelope Ward story is should have instantly known that that would not stay the case for long. Penelope has an amazing way of writing a her characters that you don’t stand a chance against their pull and how much they draw you in and make you feel every emotion as each character experiences them. Caleb and Teagen kept me intrigued from their knit oak meeting I’m until the tragedy that was me finishing the book before I wanted it to end.

- Loved5 star

Nice easy to read love story!

- A fun quick read4 star

Took me back to my college days and all of its complications - good and bad. Sweet story.

- A Slow Burn Romance & A British Hottie!5 star

Sexy, British foreign exchange student....YESSSS PLEASE!!! Teagan’s about to get schooled and it’s never been HOTTER! A slow burn, enemies-to-lovers romance with the most intense attraction. You won’t be able to resist Caleb either! Caleb is in Boston as an exchange student to complete his freshman year. His parents are back in the UK. He’s finally free to let go of some of his past and live happily in the present. He’s fun and witty which he hides his pain. He’s loyal and good. He’s just a little lost. Teagan is a genius, introvert working toward her degree in marine biology. She’s driven and dedicated when it comes to her studies, however she’s not great with people or emotional attachments. From a loving family, she still keeps herself on the outside. Her and Caleb get off on the wrong foot but since she’s now his host family while he’s in the US, they’ll have to find a way to get along. Calen wins her over quickly with his British charm and smores. They started out butting heads, but soon become friends who share their deepest secrets and painful pasts. It doesn’t take long for friendship to turn into romantic feelings. The only problem is Caleb’s stay has an end date. Caleb and Teagan share an increndiary slow burn. He’s leaving at the end of the school year. He has family and obligations to get back to, so starting a relationship is the last thing they should do. However, the pull is just too strong. There comes a point where you need to decide whether to make the most of the time you have or live with the regret of never knowing how good it could have been. This story was filled with emotion. Love and loss. Guilt and heartache. It was chasing dreams and finding your happiness. It was sexual chemistry and falling in love. The path is not always straight forward, but the ending makes it all worth it. You will fall in love with Teagan and Caleb!

- Couldn’t do it.2 star

I’m a fan of a few of her other books, but I just couldn’t get into this one.

- Review: Just One Year5 star

Just One Year by Penelope Ward is a contemporary standalone romance told in dual POV between Caleb and Teagan. A little more light-hearted than usual for this author, there was definitely some angst and some deep-seated pain being dealt with, but overall this book didn't go as dark as some of Penelope's past books have. Regardless of the seriousness of the topics in past books, every single one I have read to date has been powerful and evoking and this book, Teagan & Caleb's story, is no different. I enjoyed every single page! Teagan is a girl who keeps herself separate from people. Closed off but not aloof, just more solitary than not. An unfortunate and embarrassing encounter in the mens room at the college turns worse when the guy she was embarrassed by/in front of turns out to be their new exchange student. Caleb is a wonderful character. In tune with his emotions, kind, and patient and the bond that forms between him and Tegan is heartwarming. I haven't read a book yet by this author that I have not adored. Enjoy!

- Wonderful story.4 star

3.5 star. Just One Year was a wonderful friends-to-lovers college romance with a twist. Caleb is an exchange student from the UK. He’s set to be in Boston for one year of his education and so happens to be living with Teagan’s family. Teagan and Caleb clash at the beginning which made for some hilarious emails and verbal exchanges. I loved how the author took the time to build up the tension AND their friendship. It was sweet, cute and heartwarming how they started opening up to each other about their issues and their dark pasts. As there was so much time spent building up their relationship, when it finally did happen, it felt rushed. A lot more happened in the last 30% than in the entire book which made it feel just a little off balanced. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed this story. This was a fairly easy read and a definite page-turner. I’d recommend it.

- S’mores are life!5 star

Penelope Ward is pure genius! I do not think my review can do this book justice! It begins in the loo and ends stealing your heart! Caleb is a transfer student to Northern University in Boston. He is from England. Bo Cheung was supposed to be living with Teagan’s family, but his allergy to Catlin Jenner, the family pet, changed their destiny. Teagan is a student at Northern too. So many twists you will not see coming! Grab some S’mores and some tissues and delve in to this amazing book! Loved it! 5 stars

- quietly emotional times that left the most impact on me5 star

Teagan is a bit unhappy to say the least that the obnoxious British boy is her new housemate, thanks to the exchange student who was supposed to be rooming at her house being allergic to cats. But she's even more unhappy to find that he's happy to put her in her place and let her know what a terrible sister she's been to her younger sister. So she bares all her anger at him via passive aggressive emails. And she's witty and funny as hell. Caleb certainly sees through her, though. And maybe, just maybe, Teagan's anger toward the hot Brit invader is just masking something very different than anger. I LOOOOOVED Caleb and Teagan together! So much snappy, witty banter, some seriously laugh out loud moments, and even more significantly, some quietly emotional times that left the most impact on me as a reader. Although these two are young throughout the story, they feel more mature than their ages, and their love story packs a major punch. The character and story development is top notch, as usual with Penelope's writing, and I am still feeling this story in my heart though it's been days since I've finished reading.

- 5 Hot Brit Stars5 star

This book is emotional and sexy and sweet. I love that Teagan is a genius and a loner yet closeted extrovert. She doesn’t have time to date and really just wants to be alone anyway, even from her family. Caleb is a hot British college student that I wish would have been around in my days ;) He’s basically and exchange student that lives with Teagan’s family. You don’t see much of the school part tho. It’s also a super slow burn. The emails are one of my favorite parts of the book. Overall, if you like slow-burn, angsty, hate-to friend-to lover, emotional college romance, this is the perfect book. Another great PenWard read :)

- A beautiful love story4 star

I haven’t read a college romance in a while cuz I’m not really into it much anymore but Just One Year is written by one of my favorite author so I can’t pass it up. Teagan & Caleb’s love story was a beautiful one. They both have pasts that they must learn to overcome and find their way to each other. There are also a few twists and turns that they both have to navigate but in the end their love wins. Also, I have to say that I not just love Teagan and Caleb but all the other characters in this book were great too.


* The moment I leaned in, she fell into me, welcoming it. Her soft breasts pressed against my torso. The nonjudgment she spoke of manifested itself through her touch. In her arms, I felt truly accepted. It felt good. Too good. Too good as in “more than a friend” good. “More than a friend” great, in fact. Thus, dangerous. I LOVE this story! I really love Caleb. I felt for him, his trials and struggles and his just wanting a year reprieve from the things that haunt him. And I think Teagan and her family was just exactly what he needed! Like all PW books you heart and soul poured upon the pages. You’ll have your heart strings tugged and you’ll also laugh. Dolphina — That had me cracking up. So creative. Also love the slow burn. The build up of the attraction. I like that more than the insta - love thing. Because all the little moments that lead up to it. It gives you all the first time tingles! The looks. The little touch (brushing her hair out of her eyes. Hand on her back. Etc.). I do love the build up and this definitely hit all those things! It was the perfect amount!

- Loved it5 star

Another awesome read by Penelope Ward! I absolutely loved Teagan and Caleb. I was sucked in from the beginning and did not want to put it down. It was funny, romantic, sexy, steamy, sad. It just had all the feels. I kinda wish now that my family would’ve gotten an exchange student when I was in school. 🥰 Definitely one of my favorite reads of 2020. Definitely a must read!

- Swoony🥰5 star

O.M.G this book is so fantastic. Teagan and Caleb... oh my heart. This book consumed me, from the begin to end. Parts of this book brought tears to my eyes, but that is ok cause this story will do that to you and let's face it a lot of us love a great book that just makes you tear up every now and then. Slow burning , swoony and oh so amazing!!! I am never disappointed when it comes to one of her books, her words just grip you and take you for a ride into her amazing stories. LOVED IT!

- I love Teagan and Caleb😍5 star

Omg!! Penelope has done it again! I absolutely love her books and she definitely doesn’t disappoint with this one!! Enemies to lovers or love-hate is one of my favorite tropes so I was so excited for this one!! The way it started with the incident in the bathroom was so freakin funny and then Teagan gets home and realizes Caleb is now the exchange student living with them instead of Bo Cheng. Let the hate begin lol. I loved watching the build up between Teagan and Caleb as they slowly went from hate to friends to love! And I so didn’t look forward to the day that Caleb has to go back to England. Oh, I didn’t mention that Caleb was English- Omg!! That made him even hotter!! (& did you see the cover?! 🤤 🥰) I absolutely loved this book! It had a little bit of everything- humor, sadness, sweetness and oh so much sexiness! I absolutely loved it down to the last PS! 5+ stars for me!!

- Loved it!5 star

Title: Just One Year Author: Penelope Ward Series: Stand-alone Rating: 6 stars Woweee! This story absolutely blew me away! It honestly had every single thing I look for in a romance novel. A hot as hell British hero✔️ Strong and likable heroine✔️✔️ A storyline that keeps you engaged✔️✔️✔️ Ms. Ward never ceases to surprise me with her writing capabilities. Every single story she writes is packed full of emotions and Just One Year was no different. I flippin’ loved the characters too! I completely adored Caleb! He was broken but so charming. And Teagan...she literally stole my heart from the very beginning. Ms. Ward weaves a tale that not only captures your heart but makes you wish it would never end. Highly recommend reading this book!

- Charming and Heart-Bursting!!!5 star

Penelope Ward has truly succeeded AGAIN! While not super angsty, Just One Year definitely has its moments of angst that are simply delicious. Teagan and Caleb are magic, and their union is intoxicating. While these two do not start off on the right foot, their journey towards getting to know one another is charming and heartwarming. Two opposites on a path that is a bit bumpy, with a possible dubious outlook, makes for many bated-breath laden moments. I just couldn’t get enough. A slow-burn romance, this story, for me, is truly about their exploration of one another. These two, bringing out different hidden qualities in one another...opening each other’s eyes to what was already there and the possibility of what could be. It’s a breathtaking story. While a college-years romance is not typically in my wheel house, Penelope Ward had me smitten right away with this one. It provided lots of funny moments, and had me smiling from ear to ear many times. The back and forth banter between Teagan and Caleb is intriguing and not with out smirk-inducing moments. I loved this story. It made my heart sing because their attraction was just so undeniable. I’m so happy this story made it onto my reading list because it is truly unforgettable.

- A slow burn college romance with all the feels!4 star

4.5 stars! I loved Teagan and Caleb! This was a slow burn college romance that had all the feels! What do you do when you feel an intense attraction to someone, but they are only going to be staying for a year? I loved the relationship between Teagan and Caleb. As young as they were, they both had "old souls", having situations in their pasts that affected them deeply. Because of this, it was refreshing to see them both be open and honest with each other about their lives. Teagan and Caleb trusted each other on a deep level, which built a solid foundation for their relationship. That's not to say there weren't miscommunications that caused some angst and heartache along the way, making my tummy ache and my heart clench. Penelope, boy, she knows how to write young love! I absolutely adored Teagan's family and Caleb's mum. And the other people who become a part of Teagan and Caleb's life along the way. I was really invested in the storyline, not only for the relationship between Teagan and Caleb, but the underlying storylines that Teagan and Caleb deal with along the way. I don't often read YA or NA books, but Penelope is one whose stories I can't get enough of. Young love just makes my heart melt!

- Just One Year5 star

Once again Penelope has written another bestseller that will pull all your heartstrings. This is the story of two broken souls Caleb and Teagan who meet in the loo. On the first day of orientation at the university Teagan needs the ladies room for an emergency and it’s out of order. So in desperation she uses the mens room and when she enters there is an unbelievable stink. Ignoring the stink she proceeds to use one of the stalls and as she is opens the stall door a gorgeous male enters the restroom and she warns him there is a lady in the stall . He immediately teases her with his British accent that she is culprit that stunk up the room. They exchange a few curt comments and Teagan leaves. Teagan is a sophomore and lives at home with her father step mother and sister. Teagan however has her own private entrance and rooms in the basement. Teagans’ family rents her old to to college students and when circumstances change the mystery Britt from the men’s room Caleb becomes Teagan’s family new boarder. This is the story how these two strong independent students navigate their friendship and become more than friends. Wickedly awesome story of family, forgiveness, and love. Definitely a five star plus read.. Penelope has once again given me two new characters to love.

- Adorable5 star

Well in true Penelope Ward fashion, I was hooked from the start in this sweet, charming and emotional new adult romance. She has such a way of telling stories, that even though NA is not my go to, this author definitely is. I devoured this book in one day because I just had to find out if Caleb and Teagan would ever give what was brewing between them a chance! It felt like their love transcended their ages. I loved these characters so much and absolutely adored this book!!

- Another MUST READ standalone contemporary romance from Penelope Ward!5 star

NO SPOILERS! Just One Year was a unique, sweet, sexy, charming, emotional, and swoon-worthy romance that I couldn’t put down, and I absolutely LOVED Caleb and Teagan’s story! The intriguing storyline, beyond lovely characters, and the author’s beautiful and simplistic writing style made Just One Year another MUST READ standalone contemporary romance from Penelope Ward. I fell head over heels in love with Caleb, Teagan, and their incredible story, and was ecstatic with the conclusion. Penelope Ward created a sweet, sexy, emotional, and swoon-worthy romance with Just One Year, and I would highly recommend it!

- A Slowburn Roomate Romance4 star

Teagan Carroll is having the worst day as a sophomore in college. Once thing after another went wrong including a very unpleasant run in with a rude british student named Caleb Yates. To make matters worse, coming home she finds her step mom has a new exchange student living with them and guess who it is? That’s right, none other than Mr. Rude Brit. Now they are stuck under the same roof! Can Caleb and Teagan call a truce while he is there or will this little run in become something else entirely? As always, between the clever banter, funny and private moments we get an underlying emotional journey they must both go through to discover themselves. I loved the text exchanges between the two. Can two people from different upbringings find a common bond? With only a year timeline before Caleb returns back to England will it matter if they finally get along? A touching slow burn, YA romance that will tug at your heart and also makes you laugh. Told in dual POV

- Great book!5 star

Let me start by saying that I devoured this book! I just love Penelope's stories and characters and Just One Year did not disappoint. I hosted foreign exchange students growing up and could relate to Caleb and Teagan's story. I also lived overseas with my then boyfriend to be husband. Caleb is attending Northern University for a year from England. After a chance encounter with a girl in the men's bathroom, Teagan and Caleb's story begins. It was filled with laughter, friendship, healing and love. There were so many layers woven into this story. The touching moments between Caleb and Teagan will warm your heart. I couldn't put it down as I fell in love with these characters and understood the obstacles of having a long distance love. Caleb has some issues from his past. Teagan was left by her mom. Together they find trust and love and most importantly the ability to lean on someone and heal. They learn from each other in ways they never expected. Penelope has an ease with her writing that no matter the story I just can't get enough. I definitely this book and all her books.

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- Another fun, heartfelt, humorous story5 star

It all starts in the loo. I love that line. But it did, really. Who would have thought that meeting a guy in the loo would be the guy who will be living in your house. And who would have thought the guy you met in the loo would be the guy you loose your heart to. Another fun, heartfelt, humorous story by Penelope. You have Caleb. The hot cocky guy from England. Then you have Teagan. The good student who would never get involved with someone like Caleb...... But living together under the same roof....they quickly become good friends. Yes, friends, like brother and sister kind of friends. But one thing is undeniable....their attraction to each other. But what do you do with that. He’s only here for a year and that could end up in heartbreak..... As always I loved every minute of this book. When you start a story and from page one you fall in love with the characters......you know this is going to be a good one. What else is there to say. A definite recommend. Don’t miss out❤️

- Heart warming and engaging4 star

JUST ONE YEAR by Penelope Ward is a contemporary, new adult, stand alone romance story line focusing on nineteen year old Teagan Carroll, and twenty-two year old, British exchange student Caleb Yates. Told from dual first person perspectives (Teagan and Caleb) JUST ONE YEAR follows the building friendship, relationship and love between nineteen year old Teagan Carroll, and twenty-two year old, British exchange student Caleb Yates. Caleb Yates is older than most college freshmen but a year in Boston meant a year running from his problems back home. Finding himself a temporary member of the Carroll household brought Caleb up close and personal with the woman with whom he would fall in love. What ensues is the back and forth, yin and yang, up and down building romance and relationship between Teagan and Caleb, and the potential fall-out as Caleb’s time in America comes to an end. Caleb Yates struggles with the demons from his past but for a short time he is able to push the demons aside as he navigates college life in America. Boarding at the Carroll home, Caleb feels like part of the family, a family wherein his attraction to Teagan is hidden behind friendship and sisterly-love. Teagan Carroll has always felt like she never belonged having never known her mother, a woman with a questionable reputation. Hiding in plain site only made matters worse when her attraction to Caleb felt one-sided and wrong. The relationship between Caleb and Teagan begins acrimoniously when Teagan finds herself in the men’s washroom, only to come face to face with Caleb Yates. From that moment on, the push and pull between Teagan and Caleb is often offset by Teagan’s jealousy, and Caleb’s friendship with other girls. The $ex scenes are passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. JUST ONE YEAR is a story of family, friendships, and relationships; a story of secrets and heart break; of regrets and love. The premise is heart warming and engaging; the characters are real and unforced; the romance is flirty and tender.

- Absolutely Beautiful5 star

A beautiful and riveting romance written by the brilliantly talented Penelope Ward. Truly emotional and empowering characters. A definite must read!!Loved it...❤️❤️❤️

- Funny and brilliant4 star

A laugh out loud, sweet, swooning and feel good story! Penelope Ward is at her best yet again! I love the way she makes you feel the ups and downs with her characters. It’s always such a happy feeling when you finish one of her books. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading! Absolutely loved it!

- Just One Year5 star

As usual you did it again. Love all your books Penelope hope you write more ❤️❤️❤️😊😊

- Not her best3 star

This was a bit of drag to read. It got better 2/3 of the way through. Teenage angst vs who has the most baggage sorry Penelope.

- Beautifully written romance5 star

This is a romance that will tap into all your emotions and it’s a story that will captivate you and leave you wanting more. I laughed, I swooned and I fell for Teagan and Caleb big time. What happens when a man you meet in a men’s bathroom when you are caught short turns into your roommate for the new school year ..... well this couple may share an instant attraction and sizzling chemistry but they also become friends and from friends they become lovers. This book ticked all my boxes , I laughed at the banter, I swooned and I sighed as this couple got to know each other. This is a beautifully written love story that touched me on so many levels and I really didn’t want it to end. The friendship was fun but the love was intense and I highly recommend Just One Year to all romance lovers so please one click this beauty it won’t disappoint.

- College Romance3 star

So many things can happen in just one year. An exchange student can arrive on your doorstep and become a part of the family. He can fall for the eldest daughter who has helped him deal with issues back home in the UK. They can attend college together and even find time to study. But it’s only for one year.... just one year. He needs to get back as his Mum who is depending on him. Even though they didn’t click on their first or second meeting, they did become fast friends from then on out. Therefore I feel this is a friends to lovers story with a second chance. It’s told in dual POVs from Caleb and Teagan. Each of them have secrets that they find easy to divulge to each other when they are either out the back eating s’mores or studying in her room because of the trust they now have developed. It’s a sweet romance that is a quick read.

- Beautifully written with words that struck a chord!5 star

This was the most amazing beautiful story that had me at certain moments with tears in my eyes! What would you do for the one you love?? I absolutely loved the characters! I thought the way Teagan and Caleb became friends and how they connected was just so heartfelt! I really thought this story was beautifully written with words that really struck a chord and I couldn’t put the book down! Then when it ended I thought what??? I want so very much more! Its a sign of a great story when the book captures your attention and brings so many emotions out of you! you just don’t really want to finish it because you’ve fallen in love with the fictional characters and want to keep reading about them! Absolutely brilliant! Ms Ward has written something she should be immensely proud of!

- A beautifully written story5 star

I rarely cry when reading books, I may feel a bit emotional but no tears. So it was completely unexpected when not once but twice I was brought to tears! What a beautiful, sad, emotionally draining story! It’s also full of love, second chances and many moments to laugh out loud, particularly one dinner scene involving a dolphin costume. I found Caleb gave me Simon vibes, from another one of Penelope’s books with Vi Keeland, Dear Bridget I want you, and he was my absolute favourite of Penelope’s characters so I found it easy to love Caleb. Teagan is just as awesome, a little bit damaged but super smart, she’s the perfect mix of loving and slightly neurotic. I really enjoyed this book! Wonderfully written as per usual with Penelope Ward books, highly recommend it!

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5 star

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@FPWellman: It actually hurts me to say this but Esper, a West Point graduate just one year ahead of me, is lying. He’s lying about the…

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@FPWellman: It actually hurts me to say this but Esper, a West Point graduate just one year ahead of me, is lying. He’s lying about the…

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@FPWellman: It actually hurts me to say this but Esper, a West Point graduate just one year ahead of me, is lying. He’s lying about the…

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