Stuff on a Stick

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Stuff on a Stick Book Summary

Stuff on a Stick offers you full step-by-step instructions for 21 quirky recipes for food served on a stick.  Learn how to make entire meals from starters to desserts, all served on sticks!  All projects come from, are written by carnival food experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily do it yourself. It’s better on a stick!

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Stuff on a Stick Book Comments

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Stuff on a Stick - Authors and Editors of Instructables Reviews

  • Amazing!

    By Kaebae65🌺
    This is awesome, really cool ideas! My friend & I love this book🌸
  • Quite good!

    By Sarahshishko
    I am a tough critic but this is so fun my cousin loves the stick theme
  • Bomb book

    By Cutie_pie_619
    It is an amazing book
  • iBooks

    By Boys stink- throw rocks at them.
    So cool!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fun book

    By Royalsmom
    I really liked looking through this book. I have not yet made anything but it looks like a lot of fun
  • Awful -don't waste your money!

    By CantStandThisNameCrap
    Just expected so much more! Blurred pictures, 40 pages of a hike in the mountains? If I want that crap I'll read a blog, not purchase a book.
  • Really good

    By The puerto rican
    It is easy to follow and the recipes are great!
  • Stuff on a stick

    By BarbBGal
    What a witty, well-written book of unusual recipes! I can't wait to try the spaghetti on a stick! The recipes are clearly written using simple, easy to find ingredients. The numerous pictures along with the step by step directions are easy to follow.

    By The turtle man
    This is hilarious
  • Funny

    By Mppm
    Poor pictures, poor recipes, but funny in the total

Authors and Editors of Instructables - Stuff on a Stick E-Book

Stuff on a Stick - Authors and Editors of Instructables E-Book coming soon..