Big Girl Panties

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich Book Summary

A rollicking and poignant romantic comedy about a young widow who decides to get in shape...and winds up getting her groove back—and a whole lot more!
Holly Brennan used food to comfort herself through her husband’s illness and death. Now she’s alone at age thirty-two. And she weighs more than she ever has. When fate throws her in the path of Logan Montgomery, personal trainer to pro athletes, and he offers to train her, Holly concludes it must be a sign. Much as she dreads the thought of working out, Holly knows she needs to put on her big girl panties and see if she can sweat out some of her grief.
Soon, the easy intimacy and playful banter of their training sessions lead Logan and Holly to most intense and steamy workouts. But can Holly and Logan go the distance as a couple now that she’s met her goals—and other men are noticing?

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Big Girl Panties (Stephanie Evanovich) Book Reviews

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- Unexpected4 star

I read the synopsis and thought okay this could be like Jemima J by Jane Green but I think I liked this even more? I sometimes got annoyed when they are in Holly’s head only to realize that I too think like that sometimes. Especially about myself. To see her become a better version of herself and to come out on top happy and healthy was worth reading. I like that Logan wasn’t always likable and perfect. It made him more realistic. All in all, a great quick read to escape for a while.

- Easy read5 star

Very funny and witty, beautifully simple love story. Perfect read for a sunday on the porch

- Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich5 star

What a fun book! It’s a complete departure from her numbered series. But absolutely delightful.

- Engaging read4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book the characters are captivating.

- Big Girl Panties5 star

I loved this book.

- Clever and thought provoking5 star

Big Girl Panties does a great job of combining romance, eating disorders and social acceptance. To some degree, we each have our prejudices. This story delves into the consequences of our actions, regardless of our motivations. Well-written.

- Stilted prose, gratuitous plot1 star

Since when is it OK for a man to decide a woman is "acting childish" so it is ok to "spank" her? Just what we need, a female writer telling women that it is "sexy" to be dominated by a man. Controlling one's partner through force -- physical, emotional, financial-- is NEVER ok. "Spanking" a woman to shut her up is abusive. Period. How about a respectful conversation instead? I guess that would be boring. I want my $$ back.

- Keeps you wanting to read on!5 star

Such a great book. The story really held my interest and I can't wait to read more books from this author!

- Loved it5 star

I have read this book several times. I love the storyline and love the fight in holly. The easy flow of this book and what it makes you feel makes this book hard to put down. Just this last time of me reading it took all of one day! Please keep writing your great at it!

- My new favorite book5 star

Such a great read. Found this book in the airport and the title made me want to buy it alone from the chuckle I had. The perfect read for a trip! I laughed, cried, and ultimately fell in love with this book. I've recommended it to many friends who have had the same reactions. Evonovich is an amazingly talented author and knows just how to write a page turner. Loved it. You'll be happy you bought this book. Now I'm off to put my big girl panties on and go workout! :D

- Big Girl Panties4 star

Good read, enjoyable main characters. Liked how the story unfolded. Holly and Logan's story was great. Not sure about the spanking parts, not really needed in the story.

- Absolutely LOVED it!5 star

I came across this book on a day at the library with my son! I read it all in one day {even stayed up until 4am} I absolutely LOVED this book and just knew I had to have it in my iBooks collection! Will read it again!

- Review: Big Girl Panties4 star

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich is a thought provoking, funny romantic tale of two unlikely people becoming friends and lovers despite themselves. How does one write about a leading lady who is overweight falling for a Super-Hot personal trainer without turning it into a narcisstic pile of crap? I don't know but I think Stephanie Evanovich definitely managed it. Holly is introverted and shy because of a tragedy in her past, not so much because of her weight. Logan is a personal fitness guru to the rich and famous professional sports celebrities, so when he offers his services (at a great discount) to the woman he was stuck next to on a flight back from Canada he surprises himself. Logan is all about the image, the perfect girl on his arm (girl not girlfriend as he won't settle down) so when he starts to enjoy Holly's company, her wit, and her never quit attitude he's not sure what's going on. Holly knows Logan's hot, she's overweight not blind. When she takes him up on his offer of being a personal trainer she adopts a don't quit, don't complain attitude that has the weight sowing off slowly but steadily. She knows she'll probably NEVER be in a single digit clothing size, but she's starting to get curves, and more importantly confidence. Before either one of these characters notice, they are steadfast friends and with the help of some interfering matchmaking from Logan's friends wife, and after a few disasters, we end happily and uplifted. Holy is at peace with herself and loves herself just how she is - healthy and fit. Logan has put aside his single-minded image of perfection because what he used to think was beautiful doesn't compare to Holly - she is his world. AN enjoyable read with realistic people and a romantic journey that will make you laugh out loud AND cry along the way.

- Easy Read5 star

I am not one for reading books for pleasure. However, I was on a vacation and had seen this book around at the airport, so I bought it and really enjoyed it. It was an easy read. I laughed out loud. I was able to put it down, but at the same time couldn't wait to get back to it. I am on the conservative side and was a little nervous when my mom wanted to read it too, guess she'll see why I just couldn't put it down.

- Ok idk man3 star

Cute book but just so predictable :(

- Keep reading"4 star

I didn't want it to be over.

- Big hype1 star

Weak book. Thankfully I didn't buy it on iBooks because that would have been a waste. This book is all over the place.. I kept skipping parts that were completely irrelevant to the story line. Don't waste your time.

- Hit home5 star

The book hit home on so many levels. Reminded me of what I was going through in my own life. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. Good read.

- Skip this book1 star

This was awful. Dumb story, worthless add on characters that brought nothing to the book. I really hate the premise that people aren't worthy of love or a good looking mate if they are over weight. Change the record already. Wish there was a return button.

- Big Girl Panties5 star

Amazing book. My husband was a very lucky man when I was done w/ some of the chapters!

- Can't wait for the next book from her!5 star

Totally enjoyed it. Worth the read :)

- Great romance!5 star

This was a great story about overcoming your fears and your past and finding love! Wonderful, inspiring story! Also, bad reviewers, notice her name is Stephanie Evanovich (not Janet!) completely different author, with her own style! Loved it!

- Wow5 star

If I could sum it up in one word "AMAZING". I couldn't put it down, it makes you laugh, cry, wanting the end to be happy! I would love to see a 2nd book with these characters!

- Save your money1 star

Buy a $1.99 romance instead. Really disappointing.

- A complete ripoff1 star

A $2.99 read for $12.99. Take a pass on this one.

- Not my cup of tea.1 star

Waste of money. silly story.

- Fabulous story5 star

This was such a great inspirational story. I loved all of the characters and their personalities. I especially loved Holly. Being a woman who has struggled with her own weight and family issues myself, I could totally identify with Holly. I enjoyed seeing the changes that took place inside Logan as his relationship with Holly changed. Unfortunately, people can be very judgmental, especially when it comes to how someone looks. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I can't say I've never judged someone by their looks before getting to know them. However, I try very hard not think like that. I know I don't liked to be judged like that, so I try to follow the old rule of treating others as I would like to be treated. I think this book makes some very good points about judging a book by its cover. We're all human and are guilty of doing it, but if we all tried a little harder not to do it, the world would be much better.

- Big Girl Panties5 star

This book is fabulous! Full of surprises! Worth every penny! I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read!

- Big Girl Panties4 star

This is certainly not a literary masterpiece, however, I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. I was drawn in quickly, and didn't want the story to end. It's a perfect beach read. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an entertaining mindless read.

- Don't waste your time2 star


- Big girl panties5 star

Exceptional couldn't stop reading until I was absolutely finished. A great read and waiting for her next book. Go Jersey. I'm a Jersey girl myself. And can relate to big girl panties. Fantastic. Didn't want it too end. You go girl. Ugly duck or no ugly duck. SwAn ur no swan. You flew like a eagle.

- Romantic & Funny5 star

Excellent read! The main characters draw you in from the 1st chapter. Loved the story line. A story about how opposites attract and how not getting what you want is exactly what you need.

- Big Girl Panties5 star

I personally thought this book was a very good read. It was hard to put down in between rolling out on missions and various other task. Every time I left it I was thinking about was going to happen next. It had refreshing change of all the pretty people's happy ending to using a real person. Well done!!!!!

- Quick read, just ok3 star

So I was at the airport and needed some light reading for the flight home. Easy storyline, but not a huge amount of character development. I was hoping for something a little meaty and better told.

- Good read5 star

Great summer book

- Big girl panties5 star

This book was refreshingly different. It's a nice change that someone writes about normal people's feelings. About weight and not feeling part of the norm thank u. I hope more stories come.

- Big girl panties5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It dealt with lots of issues I had dealt with in life. The humor was special. The book was written in a very descriptive manner that made every page easy to visualize. Thanks for a fun great romantic read. For every girl in big girl panties there is her Prince Charming she just has to be patient and they will cross paths!

- Big Girl Panties...4 star

Thought this book was steamy, dramatic, and lovely at the same time. Good read to get away from your own life drama and into someone else's.

- Big GirlPanties5 star

Great book. Shows the true meaning of life and how it should be.

- Hugely disappointing1 star

I've read everything Evanovich has written and, until now, loved it all. This is a poorly written novel with a predictable plot and despicable, boring characters.

- Not worth the $12.992 star

This book was nothing spectacular. The character weren't very entertaining and the story was overall lacking; lacking luster, romance, interesting characters and plot. Just LACKING. Don't waste your money folks.

- Must read now3 star

On my GOD!!!!!!!! This book amazing. I fell in love with the characters, I lol I cried . I can't wait to read your next book. STEPHANIE EVANOVICH your are added to one of my favorite writers list and I'm telling all my friends a must get book. Brilliant .

- Terrible1 star

This is one of the worst romance stories I have ever read. The story line is weak. There is so much chatter in this book that just muddles the story line. The addition of the spanking story line is just stupid, and the advice given to Logan that he should spank Holly just disgusted me. I need my 13 dollars back for this garbage. UGH

- Sweet & refreshing!4 star

Enjoyed this book! A refreshing romance & heart warming! Page turner! Fresh!

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- Big girl panties5 star

A must read. Absolutely enjoyed it!

- Fun read4 star

I really enjoyed this book, fun summer read, a little predictable but really didn't care. Couldn't put it down!!

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5 star

If it sounds like mad Gammie is chewing you all out it’s because I am. 🛑 it. Grow up and put on your big girl and…

5 star

@iamlaur69: BeeefDeees has less than 800 followers, Lillee Jean has 1 million followers. If a mere 10% of LJ followers defended her (ins…

5 star

@iamlaur69: BeeefDeees has less than 800 followers, Lillee Jean has 1 million followers. If a mere 10% of LJ followers defended her (ins…

5 star

Sovereignty is neither wanting nor needing their "benefits"... These Big Girl panties don't quite fit, yet.

5 star

BeeefDeees has less than 800 followers, Lillee Jean has 1 million followers. If a mere 10% of LJ followers defended…

5 star

It’s time I put my big girl panties on and remember this isn’t my first rodeo .

5 star

I am hearing ppl say they will vote 4 Biden bc they want the violence 2 stop. What kind of pussies has this country…

5 star

@Taurus_Doll: Expect a #Taurus Doll to always have on her 'big girl' panties. She's no wimp!

5 star

@ida_skibenes @kmeeo I second that slap! Geez wondering if they know about big boy undies and and big girl panties.

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I'm tired of Democrats talking,do something unless you're for allowing an authoritarian rule. F what you demand,put…

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@rvckandroll Suck it up buttercup. Do not accept defeat. Pull up your big girl panties and rise to the challenge.

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so....BOOM! now, stfu already...& put on your big girl/boy panties...& let's GO!!!!! #BidenHarris2020…

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