Korean Food Guide

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Korean Food Guide Book Summary

Korean Food Guide 800 provides easy-to-understand information on 800 traditional and popular Korean foods, including homemade meals, side dishes, and soups, in English and Spanish! It also provides basic recipes and helpful information about popular Korean foods. Learn for yourself why Korean cuisine is the latest trend among people who value food that is flavorful as well as healthy and nutritious.

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Korean Food Guide Book Comments

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Korean Food Guide - The Korea Foundation Reviews

  • Very nice book - interesting history and perspective

    By Bettemommy
    Caught my eye because my brother's wife is korean. He and their son are studying the language. While i'm a vegetarian i just skipped over the fish and meat sections and ingredients and just studied the vegetables and seasonings. The book has beautiful photos of the food and the background on seasonings and how they are used is very useful. Good job!

The Korea Foundation - Korean Food Guide E-Book

Korean Food Guide - The Korea Foundation E-Book coming soon..