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Finding Southern Comfort

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 698298913938752616
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Finding Southern Comfort Book Summary

She’s not what he wanted… but she may be what he needs. Harper Kirkpatrick appears in her cat suit at Cameron Bennett’s Savannah mansion expecting a children’s birthday party. But the howling bachelors want more than cheerleader kicks. He shows her the door and she’s devastated. Jobs are scarce and eviction looms. When Harper answers his ad for a nanny, he remembers the girl with gumption. She’d love to turn down his eye-popping offer but is riveted by Bella, the motherless girl with rebellious eyes and an eating problem.

Youngest in the Kirkpatrick clan, Harper’s not an expert on kids. Neither is Cameron. Kimmy Carrington, his girlfriend and TV psychologist, is even more of a challenge for the new nanny. But she digs in her heels. Encouraged by her sister McKenna, Harper won’t be the girl who never finishes anything – her ex-boyfriend’s opinion. Besides, she likes Bella. And she’d learning to like Baby Blues, the young widower.

Her head-strong personality soon puts her at odds with her employer. Game changes when Harper stands in for Kimmy at a Savannah gala. Harper and Cameron nearly burn down the dance floor. She’s breathless. He’s blind-sided. Never has the wrong man felt so right. But his father’s funeral reveals a side of the Savannah restoration genius that few people see. Will the Windy City girl be able to put the heart back in his home? Can he woo her with his southern comfort? “Southern Comfort,” a heartwarming romantic comedy, is the prequel for the Windy City series but can be enjoyed as a stand alone.

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Finding Southern Comfort Book Comments

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Finding Southern Comfort - Barbara Lohr Book Reviews

  • Finding Southern Comfort (Reading worm 7979)

    Author: Barbara Lohr Interesting book had to read it till I finished completely. She made the characters interesting. Was an easy read. Leaves you wanting to find out more.
  • Sweet! (GreyGirl50)

    When Harper Kirkpatrick arrives for a party at the home of Cameron Bennett she knows she's in the wrong place at the wrong time but one disastrous night doesn't stop her from returning the next day to interview for a job she desperately needs to pay her bills. Cameron is a wealthy and successful man who would gladly give all of his wealth away if he could help his daughter. Because Harper comes from a very large family she's convinced she can be Bella's nanny because she's not intimidated by Bella, or her eating condition. This is a really sweet romance between a sexy southern gentleman, a sassy northern beauty and an adorable young child that's guaranteed to melt your heart.
  • So sweet (Believe....)

    I loved this book. Sweet story with a great ending. Easy and quick read.
  • Too abrupt (MSRENAFAY)

    Nice love story with just as nice character development; however, ending was too abrupt.
  • Sweet story (Sukie66)

    The story was slow to get moving which may be more of the Southern lifestyle of which I am unfamiliar. The storyline involved family stresses and hurts along with a maturing love which was lovely.
  • Sweet and enjoyable novel... (99.nikita)

    Barbara Lohr's first novel in the Windy City Chronicles is wonderful and heartwarming. Harper is a great character. So fun loving and easy going she is just trying to pay her rent and eventually move toward finding a job in her field of study as a fashion and interior designer. After several terrible jobs that get her nowhere she lands a job as a nanny to a four year old girl with many issues and a relatively non-existent father. The story of Harper, Bella and Cameron is extremely enjoyable, often funny, serious, and full of spunk and spark. A definite must read. I was given a copy of this novel for an honest review.
  • An 'OK' Read (MMRoe)

    First I must say that I loved the idea for this book and thought it had potential, but it fell a bit flat. I was cheering for this couple at first, but my excitement was lost in the execution of the details. I felt as if I was being 'told' the story rather than 'shown'. I had to re-read sections to understand what happened and some parts were emphasizes as a huge plot point only to be skipped over in resolution leaving me feeling less than satisfied. The timelines were scattered creating plot holes and causing a lot of confusion. The sexual tension played on way too long, coming to climax only 25 pages from the end of the book. That left 24 pages of resolution to close out the story line and it was more than abrupt as more issues arose before the final 'The End'. With a bit more character/story development and editing, this would be a satisfying beach read.
  • Southern Comfort (carebarecarrie)

    I thought the story line was good, but didn't appreciate the graphic content. I would rather be led to the idea and not given every little detail. The story could have been so much better with less graphic description. I will not read any more of her books nor recommend them.
  • Sweet Story (Ren - Alabama)

    I love this book .. Great story that keeps you entertained & your imagination going.
  • Finding southern comfort (Carol in AZ)

    Cute romantic story sets in Savannah with creative characters and a great story to pass the time with. Easy read and I enjoyed it very much. carAZ

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