The House Mate

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The House Mate Book Summary

What’s sexier than a bad boy? A badass man who’s got his s**t together.

Max Alexander is nearing thirty-five. He’s built a successful company and conquered the business world, but he’s never been lucky in love.

Focusing so much time on his business and raising his daughter, adulting has come at the expense of his personal life. His social skills are s**t, his patience is shot, and at times, his temper runs hot.

The last thing he has time for is the recently single, too-gorgeous-for-her-own-good young woman he hires to take care of his little girl. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need, and besides, there’s no way she’d be interested. But you know what they say about assumptions?

From New York Times Bestseller, Kendall Ryan comes a new book in her sexy Roommates series. This is book 3 in the series, but each can be read as a complete standalone as they feature a new couple.

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The House Mate - Kendall Ryan Reviews

  • Steamy

    By ACBay
    Great dreamy read. Hot
  • Terrible

    By Mags1245
    Weak story, rushed and cheezy
  • Love, Love, LOVE this book!! ❤️

    By dcjayhawk
    I loved this book SO much; it was complete and utter perfection!! I absolutely adored Max & Addison (and Dylan too). From the moment they met, their chemistry was literally palpable. Kendall Ryan has this way of writing that makes you feel like you are in the book, living it instead of just reading it; this book included! If you want a quick, fun read with a happily ever after, then I totally recommend this book! You will NOT be disappointed!
  • Best "Mate" Yet!

    By JLoc0303
    Of all the "Mate" Books this is my favorite so far! I really loved it and could not put it down!
  • A luscious tale to make you swoon, sweat, and pant...

    By Kristie Koste
    The House Mate By: Kendall Ryan 5 Star Review by Kristie K A luscious tale to make you swoon, sweat, and pant, Kendall Ryan definitely makes the third time a charm… The House Mate rings in as the third installment of the Roommates series, and like the first two, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. A smokin’ hot single dad, his adorable little girl, and his obliviously gorgeous nanny with a heart as big as Saturn…what’s not to love? Max Alexander is a self-made success. His company is flourishing, his daughter is thriving, and his love life…well, two out of three ain’t bad… When the new nanny arrives, though, his less than active libido makes a resounding comeback! Addison Lane has always wanted a career around children. After an ugly breakup, and a major hit to her confidence, she finds her salvation in the form of a job opportunity as the live-in nanny for an adorable little girl. The perfect new job has only one minor issue…Addison’s body can’t stop reacting to her gorgeous new boss. This book was such a great read! I have always been a huge fan of Kendall Ryan, and she delivers yet again with The House Mate. A sweet romance with plenty of drawbacks, snags, and snafu’s for them to overcome, it surrounds you with “ahhh’s”, “awww’s”, and “oh my’s”. A complete immersion in the adoration for one little girl, and the unavoidable attraction, respect, and ultimate devotion for each other. The story was full of subtle twists and turns, hills and valleys that kept you guessing, and your stomach never quite out of the clouds. Ms. Ryan has created and executed an awesome plot and storyline, kept it subtle and unique in it’s genre, and delivered it with her usual panache. The characters are amazing. I connected immediately with Addison, fell in love Max, and was completely enchanted by little Dylan. Character development was on point, and perfect for this story, though I wouldn’t mind knowing more about their histories. And, of course, the writing was genius. Kennedy Ryan is hella talented, and has delivered yet another masterful read. Kristie K
  • 4 Single Dad Stars

    By Musings of the Modern Belle
    Kendall Ryan delivers another sexy and endearing romance in one of my favorite tropes, single dad romances the nanny. The characters are fun, the plot is entertaining, and, as always, Kendall Ryan, delivers the steam. Readers are going to absolutely fall in love with all of the characters, but single dad Max is going to reign supreme. His dedication to his daughter, his willingness to upheave his life for her, and his fierce love of his daughter will have readers swooning. On top of Max's yummy single dad goodness, Kendall Ryan provides us with the cutest little girl. Dylan is just the sweetest, and I love how her interactions not only highlight how great the heroine is, but it also highlights how these three slowly become a family. Readers will also adore the heroine, Addison. From the very beginning, readers sympathize with her most recent break-up, and because they like her, readers will want her to gain back everything she lost in that previous relationship. And, as a result of her new job, readers get to see Addison grow and find her place in this family as well as her role in life. These three characters together are certainly something special, and the chemistry between Dylan, Addison, and Max will have readers rooting for this little family to make it last. Kendall Ryan's story-line will pull readers in with the focus on the fall out of Addison's current relationship. Readers buy into her character, thus beginning their allegiance to her. The dual point-of-view allows the author to set-up believable physical chemistry, but the forbidden nature and potential fall-out with an unsuccessful relationships allows this couple to connect on a more than physical level. Of course, as with any Kendall Ryan novel, when they come together the chemistry explodes into steamy goodness. There are several roadblocks that are put in the way of this couple's happiness, some self-inflicted and some from outside sources, but all are believable and authentic. I do wish one character who caused some trouble for Addison and Max would have been dealt with in a more concrete way, so I am just going to imagine in my head the punishment that she received for her attempts to break up the new relationship between Max and Addison. Overall, though, the ending is perfection, and the epilogue will leave readers smiling. Kendall Ryan has added another fantastic book the The Roommates series. Readers are guaranteed to fall in love with Max, Dylan, and Addison and their journey to happily-ever-after. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
  • Sweet and sexy!

    By Mrsdiddy
    4 Stars!! The third book in the Roomates series by Kendall Ryan features a sexy single father, his Girl Next Door nanny and an adorable one year old. What more can you ask for? Admittedly, this was not my favorite of the series or of Ryan’s books in general. Not because it wasn’t good, it was, but because there just wasn’t as much substance as the others. It is, at its core, a fluffy, feel good romance. I liked the characters. Addison was lacking in self-confidence because of a past relationship, which made her relatable. Max had never been interested in a relationship, which made him a bit cliched, but when you get a few chapters in you won’t care. The thing about this one is that it felt rushed and Max’s feeling for Addison didn’t really feel genuine. You’ll see what I mean, I think. I liked Max, but I couldn’t take him seriously, I guess. The entire book happens over the course of approximately two months and is an instalove/soulmates kind of read. I was really getting into it about halfway through, but then at around ninety percent, something so crazy and out of the blue happens. It escalated so quickly, I swear I got whiplash. But, you can’t not like a sweet little one-year old and Dylan is super sweet! This is the perfect weekend read. A bit of a stretch, but still enjoyable with characters you will like and a baby. Everyone loves a baby!
  • Such a fun, sweet, sexy read you won't want to put down!

    By Abilicious4
    Max needs a nanny for his daughter. He wants someone who will be good for Dylan. When Addison discovers the nanny position, her life is crumbling around her. It's the perfect way to do what she loves and to pick up the pieces. The fact that she's attracted to the single dad is just a bonus, right!? Addison and Dylan are a precious duo and I just wanted to squeeze those sweet baby cheeks! She's a sweet little girl and even though she can't say much yet, Kendall wrote her in such a way that the reader can see her and feel like they know her, too! The sexual tension between Max and Addison is thick and both of them know how much is at stake. It was delicious getting to know them and watch them fight it. There were some obstacles they have to overcome but it was a good story with a fun couple and I recommend this read
  • Love this one

    By peiff31
    The other side of Kendall's writing, that's what I'm calling this one. LOL! They are usually smoking hot and this one is a bit tamer. The sweet, the sexy and the fun. This one had all three. The hot single Dad who needs help raising his baby and the lady who answered his call for help. I loved these two together. I love that they were written so well and very mature. I think that made this book so much more for me. I don't think I could of enjoyed it as much as I did had they been written a bit immature. This series is still going strong for and I'm enjoying each release. Grab them if you haven't read them yet!
  • Readers will adore single dad, Max Alexander

    By Fairest Reviews
    It’s amazing how one’s life can change in an instant…how priorities and wants get turned upside down…how one decision can lead to a much different life than the one that was always envisioned. And, Max Alexander, Kendall Ryan’s newest hero in her Roommates’ series, can attest to this very idea because with two knocks on his door, everything he thought he never wanted becomes the only things he knows he can’t live without. At the beginning of The House Mate, Max goes from being a man solely focused on growing his business with no personal life whatsoever to a single dad who instantly falls in love with his daughter and hires a woman to be his live-in nanny - the same woman who he can’t seem to stop thinking about in not so boss/employee ways. Addison Lane’s life has definitely not gone the way she had hoped and now that she’s lost her boyfriend, her job, and her home, she’s also lost her self-confidence and who she is as a 25 year old woman - one who should be living her life to the fullest, not worrying about whether or not she’s to blame for how things have turned out when she had no control over those actions whatsoever. But what she does have control over is her attraction to her employer…at least she hopes she does because being a nanny may not be her dream job, but it’s one she adores because Dylan’s an amazing baby who becomes her world and putting her first is what’s important even if there’s a chance that Max can help mend her broken heart. Max is definitely one of my favorite single dads; the way he jumps feet first into the role and learns as he goes without hesitating to step up makes him extremely swoonworthy. He may not have all of the answers and the situation may not be ideal, especially with how and why he was introduced to his one year old daughter, but she quickly becomes his world, which Kendall Ryan illustrates perfectly through Max’s words and actions. It’s easy to see why Max willingly shakes up his life for his two new women; Dylan and Addison are so easy to love - Dylan because she is a precious little girl who loves unconditionally and Addison because she makes Max’s life easier and fuller all by just her presence and her loving ways. Kendall Ryan’s Roommates’ series continues to offer readers’ sweet and sexy reads with just enough tension to keep them on their toes, ceaselessly turning pages to see if the hero and heroine can work things out, get past the few obstacles that stand in their way, and create a lasting connection that brings them a lifetime of love and happiness. 4 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)

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