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Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

Dirty Sexy Cuffed by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde Book Summary

Are you ready to get Cuffed?

As a cop, Levi Kincaid is all about discipline and control . . .in the bedroom, and out of it, and he's always been very careful about choosing women who abide by his rules.  Hot sex and intense pleasure?  No problem.  Emotional commitment and forever promises?  No way.  But he never anticipates falling for a blue eyed angel who makes him want to cuff her to his bed and do dirty, sexy things to her.  And that control of his?  It doesn't stand a chance against Sarah Robins, the one woman he can't resist . . .

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Book Name Dirty Sexy Cuffed
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 497.22 KB

Dirty Sexy Cuffed (Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde) Book Reviews 2023

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Dirty Sexy Cuffed. Wow....so worth the wait for Levi, the youngest of the Kincaid brothers ! ! ! Another awesome book by these two ladies, Erika and Carly....Hot, Hot and oh so sexy.....once you start reading you can't put it down ! ! ! You learn a lot more about what happened to these brothers while growing up and what makes them who they are.....

Cuffed. Dirty Sexy Cuffed is the third book in the series and it finally gives us Levi's story. The quiet cop. The helper. The one who never falls in love but has no problem finding women to fill his bed. Levi meets Sarah at the convenience store where she works. He's intrigued. She's all alone in the world and after her last awful relationship, has no desire to start things up with Levi. After turning him down repeatedly, she finally agrees to a date. When Levi comes in to the store and it's being robbed and he's shot, she moves in with him. It's a lesson to both of them to let them feel, believe and see that love can conquer all...if you let it.

Cuff me. This is the 3rd book in the Dirty Sexy series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader understanding and enjoyment, I recommend reading in order. Levi met Sarah when he went into the convenience store where she was working. Then he came back every night to see her again. For more than a month, he would ask her out and she would turn him down. So why then, does he return? Sarah has secrets she is trying to hide from Levi. She is on the run from a dangerous man and wants to leave the area. In order to do that, she has to save up some money. Now, she has Levi. Is that enough? This was such a sexy book! The heat between the characters is intense right from chapter one. I loved the banter. I liked that he was so protective of her also. Such a great installment to the series. ***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

I think Levi Kincaid is the dirtiest talking Kincaid brother! Let's just say....WOW!. I think Levi Kincaid is the dirtiest talking Kincaid brother! Let's just say....WOW! Levi is a cop and likes order and control in ALL aspects of his life. When he meets Sarah Robin, a woman working at a local convenience store in a bad part of town, he is intrigued. Every day he ends his shift with his partner Nick Catalano by stopping at the Circle K to see Sarah, and try to get her to go out on a date with him. Usually Levi is a one-date-and-done type but something about Sarah is different. One night while at her work, Sarah is held up by gun point and Levi rescues her, even taking a bullet for his efforts. This guilts Sarah into accepting a date with Levi. What Levi doesn't know is that Sarah is down on her luck and running from an ex-boyfriend and isn't planning on staying in the area very long. After their date, Levi isn't ready to call it quits....something that has never happened to him before. After spending more and more time together, Levi starts to realize there are many things that Sarah is keeping from him, just as Sarah knows that Levi is keeping secrets also. As these two slowly learn to give up some control in their lives and they let each other in, they come to realize that they are both very much alike. I just adored their story. Levi was certain that he would never find someone special he would want to spend his life with, let alone more than one date! He quickly realized that Sarah was his soulmate in ALL aspects of his life. These two people are both perfectly flawed by things from their past and have sexual chemistry that was just sizzling. The happy ending was perfect too, even with a surprise added in! ;)

Loved it!. Wasn't what I thought might happen after reading the first two books but that's okay! I really enjoyed this book.

it was so-so. While the scenes and settings are described elicit enough, a lot of things are mentioned more than necessary, often becoming redundant and a bit annoying actually. I understand it was to make the reader understand how the characters were actually feeling, to emphasize that effect, but it could use a lay off, seriously. That’s the main reason that my review is only three stars. That, and most of the dialogue was corny. But it’s a good read, I suppose. Heat filled. Drama. Suspense. Go for it.

Review: Dirty Sexy 3: Dirty Sexy Cuffed. Dirty Sexy Cuffed by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde is the third book in their new series Dirty Sexy. Each book in this series is a standalone story in itself but connected by characters within, namely the Kincaid brothers (swoon). Levi Kincaid is the cop in the family, the youngest of the three Kincaid brothers, he has always been the well-behaved child for reasons even his brothers aren't aware of. My first impression of Levi from the previous two books was that he wasn't as dominant and alpha as his brothers. WRONG! He is just private, apparently. He has set his sights on Sarah Robins, the naturally beautiful woman that works the late shift at the Circle K. He and his partner stop there after their shift as often as possible on their way back to the station. Sarah keep refusing to date Levi but he is persistent. Then something terrible happens and they are thrown together for a few hours... Levi begins to break down Sarah's walls. Sarah has walls for a reason. So far in her less-than-spectacular life her choices have turned out to be bad ones. She is on the run from the very last bad choice biding her time until she can leave Chicago and get away from her ex. Getting involved with Levi is tempting, BUT, she is leaving soon and it wouldn't be fair. Another book that is well-paced, well-written with some ridiculously HOT and STEAMY moments between the sheets, I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book with THAT massive bombshell that was dropped.

Sexy, sweet and emotional story. The Dirty Sexy series is one of my most favorite series I've ever read. I've fall in love with each and every one of the Kincaid brothers as I've read each story. I knew from reading Dirty Sexy Saint and Dirty Sexy Inked the Kincaid brothers had all had a rough childhood, but until we got Levi's story, I had no idea how rough it was for him. Levi is the youngest of the 3 siblings, so he was left with their prostitute, drug-addict mother during the day while Clay and Mason were in school. If that woman wasn't already dead, I would want to beat the crap out of her for the hell she put her 5 year-old son through. Levi brought me to tears as he shared with Sarah about his childhood. Sarah and Levi connected on so many levels, and one of them was bad childhoods. Sadly Sarah lost her entire family in a fire when she was only 8 years-old. Readings Sarah's story again brought tears to my eyes, but for a different reason. I too lost my mom in a house fire, but I was 12 years-old at the time. You really never get over that kind of loss, and Sarah continued to feel the loss of her family all those years later. I felt like Ms. Phillips and Ms. Wilde did an amazing job handling the trauma both characters. I absolutely loved that Levi pursued Sarah relentlessly. I knew she had to be super special, as in the past 2 books, we'd never seen Levi with another woman. Levi had a greater need than either of his brothers for control thanks to his childhood. I wondered if Sarah would be okay with giving up control following her ex-boyfriend trying to keep her within his cult. I loved that Levi and Sarah totally seemed to get each other from their very first date. Levi moved pretty slowly with Sarah feeling her out with his need for control. I almost felt like she blossomed under Levi's control. They had some of the hottest sex scenes in the series to date, and I absolutely loved how much they each wanted to take care of the other. I also loved that Levi felt safe giving up some of his control to Sarah and she was the first woman he ever had that experience with in his life. I absolutely loved watching Levi and Sarah fall for one another. They worked as a couple from the very beginning. I loved how well they got one another and really loved that Sarah finally had a family again with Levi and his siblings. I also loved that Sarah had girlfriends again with Samantha and Katrina. Ms. Phillips and Ms. Wilde gave their readers a super sexy, sweet and emotional story that hit on every one of my emotions perfectly. The Dirty Sexy series is such a wonderful series and I'm so glad to see we will get another book in this series in the future.

Wonderful Read. I was so excited that two of my favorite and most talented writers in Romance Land would co-write a third sexy book together. What we readers received was Dirty Sexy Cuffed the third book in a series by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. Combining their voices created a strong story, with characters that not only have compassion and empathy but also depth. I have to say that this third installment is as dirty, sexy and a whole lot more as the first two! Levin Kincaid had a dreadful upbringing; there is really no other way to describe it. Levi is the third and youngest child, born to a mother who didn’t even try to raise her children as she was a drug user and prostitute. He and his two brothers each had different fathers, fathers they never knew let alone their names. Levi grew up being afraid to misbehave or noticed. While his brothers were in school, his mother would take him along when she was prostituting; threatening him to not tell his brothers or he would never see them again. After graduating high school, Levi joined the military, assigned to the military police, so becoming a police officer was a natural transition. He is all about discipline and control. Sarah Robbins also had an awful time growing up. Her family died in a house fire while she was at a slumber party. Without any other family, Sarah entered the world of foster care. She bounced around, not belonging to or being wanted by a family. She learned to rely only on herself to keep her life together. Sarah believes that she only brings bad luck to any relationship, after being deserted and left penniless buy one boyfriend and abducted to a cult compound by another. Understandably, Sarah does not trust easily. While finishing up his patrol duties, Levi meets Sarah at the convenience store she works at. After asking her out a number of times, Sarah finally agrees after Levi stops a robbery at her store. Sarah life begins to spiral out of control as she tries not to get involved with Levi. Her hotel room is ransacked and all of her savings are stolen. Her last ex-boyfriend is trying to find her and return her to the compound. Levi steps in to save the day. He moves into his home and gets her a job working at Kincaid’s, his brother, Clay’s bar. He and his brothers keep watch over Sarah in case the ex returns. I highly recommend this book to all readers. This book is definitely hot and sexy, but it is also a story about how people can overcome their pasts and their fears, in order to learn to trust, fall in love and have that happy ever after they deserve. I adored the characters of Levi and Sarah and I cannot wait to see if Carly and Erika will continue this co-authorship. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Dirty Sexy Cuffed. I love the Dirty Sexy series. I read the book in one sitting. Levi and Sarah's story did not disappoint. The cool controlled Officer Kincaid turns on the charm and heat to get seemingly prim and proper Sarah Robbins to go out with him. She intrigues Levi and refuses to take no for an answer. Sarah is cautious around Levi. She is embarrassed by her circumstances and declines Levi's invitations...until she can no longer resist. Their attraction is hot and steamy and due to a series of events find themselves in a relationship. Sarah has never felt loved or deserved to be loved. Levi has never even considered a committed relationship. You are on the edge of your seat to see if they get their happily ever after.

4.5 Dirty Sexy Stars. Life has not been good to Sarah Robins. Alone in the world, and on the run from a controlling ex, Sarah is just biding her time until she can get out of Chicago. Levi Kincaid's life hasn't always been perfect, either, and as a policeman in Chicago, he's well-acquainted with the dangers of the city. When Levi meets Sarah, all he wants to do is protect her, but it doesn't take long for his feelings to turn into something very different. Authors Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde have been keeping things deliciously steamy with the books in their Dirty Sexy series. These three brothers are strong, sexy, and always in control. I had a feeling that Levi was going to be my personal favorite of the Kincaid brothers, and I was so right. Because of his past, a childhood filled with things that kids should never be privy to, Levi is a man that thrives on control. He is a protector, with an eye always open for those that aren't able to take care of themselves. Sarah is a woman completely on her own, with secrets that keep her hiding out and ready to run. Along with his need to keep her safe, Levi's attraction to Sarah sort of knocks him for a loop, because, well, that whole in control thing. I really enjoyed DIRTY SEXY CUFFED. I like a man that knows what he wants, and, if he's somewhat, erm, commanding, even better. Levi has no trouble letting Sarah know exactly what he's about, and taking her right along for the ride. I like Sarah's resilience, her willingness to trust Levi with her safety, her body, her heart. And the sexy times? Yeah, Carly and Erika nailed it, because, hot. Where was that fan again...? As with the other books in the series, DIRTY SEXY CUFFED left me happily satisfied, and is an easy 4.5 stars for me. I really enjoy this series, so was excited to hear that there will be a fourth book, DIRTY SEXY SINNER. I can't wait to see what these ladies have up their sleeves, but I do know that it will be great.

Absolutely marvelous. This being the third book in the series you know some of the background of the characters. Levi is the quiet cop brother with secrets that makes him want to stay in control all the time. When he meets Sarah he wants to get to know her and she has things that she wants to hide from. They have a lot in common with their pasts. They have great chemistry and Levy is a dirty talking sexy Alpha man who wants to protect her but will he be able too. This was a great read from both Erika Wilde and Carly Phillips and with a great teaser for the next book dirty sexy sinner.

Will he slay her dragons for her?. Who knew underneath all that brooding sexiness was a police officer and man that needs so much control in the bedroom and in his life. Sarah Robins was his match in every way but she's on the run from her past. Sarah is tough but vulnerable. She makes do with what she's got but accepts help with out too much complaint and is thankful for it. I love the fact that she's just an ordinary woman that's down on her luck. Will Levi watch her walk out of his life forever or will he stand, fight and slay the dragons for her? Book 3 in the Dirty Sexy series is as amazing as the rest of the books in this series. These two authors are sensational on their own but together they are extraordinary! They write sizzling, real romance that captivates me and won't release me until I've read the last word. The men are too sexy for words and the women are their life preservers, even if they don't realize they're drowning in their past. I can't wait to read more. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed is my own.

Loved Levi!!!. I am so in love with this series by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde! Dirty Sexy Cuffed is book 3, and now possibly holds my favorite Kincaid. Levi is so incredible. He's a serious dirty talker with such a sweet side. His job is to serve and protect. But he's never felt that more than he has with Sarah. Now Sarah, that girl has gone through some serious stuff. But I love how she is determined to make her life better. Little does she know that Levi is about to change her world. I loved everything about this book. Especially loved getting to see Clay, Mason and their wives again. And holy cliffhanger in the epilogue. Let's just say that book 4 better get here QUICK! ;)

Good Story. I enjoyed the plot line, and characters. Well written.

Another Great Book in the Series!. There just aren't sufficient words to describe Dirty Sexy Cuffed, except to say it was absolutely outstanding! From the first chapter, I was spellbound. The plot drew me in quickly and kept me reading straight through to the end! And, I have to admit, this book made me cry, something that rarely happens. The characters were complex, well developed, and immediately likable. Both Levi and Sarah had terrible childhoods and carry emotional baggage. Levi is a police officer with a need for control in all things personal and professional. Sarah is on the run, in hiding from her ex-boyfriend who's in a cult. When Sarah gets held up at at work by a robber, Levi saves her life. Can two damaged hearts heal each other? Can Levi protect Sarah from her ex-boyfriend and the cult? This is the third book in the Dirty Sexy series and my third book by Erika Wilde. (I am already a big Carly Phillips fan.) While it is part of a series, it could easily be read as a standalone. I highly recommend this fabulous series!

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Summary of Dirty Sexy Cuffed by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

The Dirty Sexy Cuffed book written by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde was published on 21 June 2016, Tuesday in the Contemporary category. A total of 1,074 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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