The Billionaire Boys Club Book Reviews

Cara Miller

The Billionaire Boys Club by Cara Miller Book Summary

Kelsey North had never kissed a billionaire before.

She had never yelled at a billionaire before.

In fact, before she arrived at Darrow Law School, she had never met a billionaire. A small town girl rebuilding her life, Kelsey lived in a world far from the seductions and temptations that money has to offer.

But now she knew two billionaires - the gorgeous, devilishly carefree Ryan Perkins, and the handsome, but arrogant Tyler Olsen.

Will Kelsey be able to resist the lure of the Billionaire Boys Club?

Set in the lush greenery of Seattle's most exclusive neighborhoods, The Billionaire Boys Club is the first book in the Billionaire Romance series.

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Book Name The Billionaire Boys Club
Genre Contemporary Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 380.27 KB

The Billionaire Boys Club (Cara Miller) Book Reviews 2024

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Great Plot. I really enjoyed reading this book. It has a great storyline. However, at times the law jargon mentioned in it got to be a tad bit boring.

Just okay. The first in a _long_ series, and certainly reads as though this is the author's first attempt at writing a novel. There is no real resolution at the end of the book, but no real cliffhanger to make me read any more of the series.

Billionaire boys club. Enjoyed it!!

I just can't. I feel bad saying this but I had no connection with the characters because literally this book was so focused on explains the little things like how they turned right on to a road and then turned left. Weird unecessary plain detail like that in every sentence. And there was no love story at all. Not even enough to buy the second book to see if there will actually be one.

Loved it!. It's honestly one of my favorite books of all time! I can't wait to read the whole series.

Billionaire Boys Club. This is a great, CLEAN read ... It starts off with such a strong and interesting story line ... It is fun to see the "boys" interact with the females around them ... Kelsey and Tyler's story is very inspiring...Great read

First Book I Have Read In A While Which Was Good and Yet Not Entirely Based On Romance. Not a bad book by any means. It was not at all what I was expecting based on the title but was good. It was a bit too detailed in some places but mostly at the font of the book. I liked it. It was refreshingly different from a lot of what is in the free section most times.:)

Eh. This wasn't very interesting. Very slow paced in some ways, and lot's of places where it seems like they aren't dong anything.

Half book. While the book is written with some depth, there is no logical , just a chapter end. There can be a series but to not have an end with what next phase can hold is not the right way to create it. In that case you should just say this is just part of the current story.

The Billionaire Boys Club. I didn’t like the ending, left you hanging.

The Billionaire Boys Club. I love this book! This series is my absolute favorite- I love Kelsey and Tyler!

I loved these!. I felt the worst book hangover after these books! Beautifully written and a wonderful world created. Recommend all the time!

What am I reading?. I can’t finish this book. Nothing is happening and I REALLY don’t care about law school. I wanted romance. And I’m not going to torture myself through more of this just to get there when other books do me better, faster.

Boring!!. 100 pages in & I quit. Way too boring

Billionaire Boys Club. This was not a romance in my opinion.

The Billionaire's Boys Club. The quality of content in this book is very low. The author over describes every last detail of each moment to the point of juvenile writing. I was able to read through page 130 and had to stop because of the poorly developed characters, and plot. I am very happy I didn't pay for this book as the return on investment is poor.

Love these books!. I’ve bought every book and can’t put them down until there finished. This first one is my favorite because it lays the ground work for Tyler and Kelsey’s relationship and who they are, and why they would be attracted to each other. My only complaint is there not long enough, but they are a clean romance. Thank you!

Didn't like it. Worse storyline. Kept skipping pages till I stopped reading altogether. Just bad

Nothing is Happening??. I’m 80 pages in and literally nothing is happening. It’s like a vlog with a million meaningless conversations she has all day. I’m not seeing a story...just a girl going to law school.

Billionaires boys club. Wanted to keep reading to find out what happens.

The billionaire boys club. The characters are real college age students, they are depicted well. Not all at once but as the story unfolded the characters took personalities. The best thing about it I could read it without taking a break. Spellbinding in a wholesome way.

No climax. A plateau kind of book. I kept waiting for the climax for this book. NONE? Don't bother reading this.

Kelsey said. Kelsey said, Kelsey said, Kelsey said. Kelsey’s dad said. Kelsey’s mom said. Kelsey’s parents said. Jessica said and Dylan said. The writing and dialogue was horrible. Book was dull & boring.

Awful. Slow and boring. Way to much detail and not enough substance. Don't waste your time. It was like reading a law book. No romance what so ever!!

Bad writing. The copy editing on this book is atrocious. "Ends and outs"? No ma'am, it's "ins and out". Also "an" comes before a word that starts with a vowel. The plot was pretty weak as well and there was no real conclusion. Awful book.

Horrible. Way too detailed, this book is about 8 times longer than it needs to be. Boring, boring, boring!

Boring. This is easily the most boring book I have ever read. Very generic. FLAT characters. No character development at all- just lame.

Good book about the stress of college but not about romance. I wouldn’t place this book in the romance category more so the young adult category.

The billionaire boys club. Not romantic enough

The beginning. Once you start this series, it’s gonna be so hard to stop! I’ve fallen in love with the characters and the whole story line. I read and reread it every few months! ❤️

The Billionaires Boys Club. Enjoyed the reading and the charters. The book was well s written.

i enjoy these books but.... love these books! they are a nice fun fast read. the things that i really don’t like is when you start a new chapter it doesn’t say. like at the top of each new chapter it says “chapter 1.” it doesn’t happen in these books, it just keeps going. if you wish to know what chapter your on you have to look at the table of contents. maybe its just me but i really like to know when i start a new chapter. so if i have to stop then i know i’m so many chapters in. or if i switch to my iPad or iPhone then i can sync if the app doesn’t sync. Also the series is very long. way too long i enjoy them but i hope it ends soon because its getting expensive to see some of the same things the far it gets along

Billionaire Boys Club. The best thing this book offers is learning about first year law school and the uniqueness of Seattle and small town living in Washington. Its worth it. Title is way off...!

Nothing happened. I kid you not, I always read reviews but I usually read the book regardless. Don’t. Nothing happens. I learned some legal jargon that I won’t remember and that alcoholics aren’t fit for a life of one of the hardest law schools. No shocker there. Seriously, don’t read it

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Boring. Sooooo boring. Nothing progresses. So much time spent of pointless details like fleeces

Fab really enjoyed it. Loved this book read it in less than a day I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to start the next one

I freaking love this series. I have read all the books that are out in this series and can't wait for the next one! I love the characters, they're human and imperfect and they have good intentions! There's no big gaps in storyline or jumps that seem impossible, overall a really well written book!

Billionaires boys club. Dear Cara I really enjoyed your first two books in the millionaire boys club series. They were well written and very plausible, a valuable insight into the American college system for training American lawyers and it highlighted the differences between American and English Law. The characters are believable and as a reader I was rooting for them to succeed which marks the success of a book. Well written and researched Well done

Terrible. I've read up to book 6 in this series. This one is ok but book 1 and 2 is just padded out with eating. Breakfast, lunch, dinner!!! Just can't read anymore, which is a shame as I really like the characters just want to read the story. Not paying for anymore, feels like a money making scam. Errors in everbook.

Amazing. Loved this book so much and those that follow on you want to know more and it is very interesting

Expensive. Enjoying the book but with the series lasting 20 books each costing 1.99 it's ridiculously expensive. Never known a book series so long and expensive. It's a real shame as I am enjoying it but can't make myself pay that much.... it as if the story is dragged on so more money can be made

Dull, boring & pointless. Easily one of the worst books I've ever read. Boring. No climax. No real progress in the story. A complete waste of time. Wish I could give it zero stars.

All. Absolute rubbish repeats all time how many times is he gonna kiss her hair in bed all day her working 15 hr days sick of hearing what they eat short pages wasted on advertsduck

Very enjoyable. This story is nicely researched and seems to be so real with believable characters and situations. I am really enjoying the law school atmosphere and the depth of knowledge about the campus life and subject Some of the descriptions do seem to go on forever with no real relevance to the story being unfolded, but over all very well written

I can see why it’s free. Hardly a romance, main character goes on a date and thats it! Very slow, looks like a 12 year old wrote it. No description, very short and blunt sentences. It’s not a story, it’s just words on a page. It’s all “mr north said” “he said” “she said” a very bland book wouldn’t recommend

waste of time. literally the most pointless book i have ever read.. there was no storyline, no nothing, not sure why it’s in the romance genre. don’t bother reading it..the ending seemed unfinished but i don’t think that’s the right word because that would mean there was a story in the first place.

Ms. Wonderful book

Boring. Literally had to stop reading half way through. Complete waste of my time. It’s boring. I’m sick of reading ‘he said this’ ‘she said that’. No description, really poor writing. Wouldn’t waste your time.

Good. Loved reading the books to find out what happens but drags on a bit,about law details. Cost over £20 so far to read them, so hopefully will come to an ending soon.

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Great start. Great start to this series of books. This is an interesting group of characters, all with their own stories (and lots of money to go with it) to tell. Looking forward to reading more of this gang!

Enjoyable. I enjoy this series because it is a long series but at the same time it is light reading , usually a day

Sorry. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this one was boring

STOP!!! Don't bypass this book... it's a must read people!!. I am so in love with the well developed characters, that this is my third time reading this series! I haven't left a review on my previous reads but I just had to this time. The storyline is believable and the characters, as I stated above, are so well developed that you feel and share in their joys, sorrows, successes and failures. As an avid reader and novice writer, I read a lot (usually a book a day) and I can honestly say that this entire series is in my top 10 best reads. I have recommended this series to everyone that will listen and if you are reading my review, I greatly recommend it to you as well. So download the entire series, get comfy and get ready to be immersed in the wonderful world of the Billionaire Boys Club!

Love this series!!!. I have come to love all the billionaire gang, you will not be disappointed with this series. Very easy reading and I felt all the highs and lows as if it were me. Highly recommend!

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Stop. When I started reading this series there were only a few books but now there are over 23, I mean this author needs to find a conclusion to this series it has dragged on a bit to long with not enough events to support excitement. Personally I’m someone who can’t quick a series if I’m to many books in, so if you’re also someone like that don’t read this book.

Good "clean" romance series. The story line is great and I like that it's a "clean" series. the characters are very realistic. There is so much detail the settings, the food and the exchanges between the characters that it makes me feel like I'm watching a movie. You almost can't wait to get to the next book.

The billionaire boys club. I found this book very slow

The Billionaire Boys Club. Author Cara Miller Exceptional! Leave you wanting to know the future of them all! Who makes it and who doesn't, anticipating any romance!

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Summary of The Billionaire Boys Club by Cara Miller

The The Billionaire Boys Club book written by Cara Miller was published on 13 April 2016, Wednesday in the Contemporary Romance category. A total of 1,074 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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