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Carly Phillips

Just One Night by Carly Phillips Book Summary

He’s a billionaire with everything he desires…except the woman he wants most.
She’s his best friend, personal assistant, and off limits.
Until one night and a positive pregnancy test changes everything.

Jordan Greene, the housekeeper’s daughter, is the only woman who can handle billionaire Linc Kingston and his bossy ways. She’s also his lifelong best friend. No matter how hot the attraction between them simmers, there are lines she knows better than to cross.

When Linc is gutted by lies and family secrets, Jordan’s comfort ends with a sensual night in bed and a surprise he never expected. Getting his personal assistant pregnant makes him too much like the father he despises, and his initial reaction may cost him everything he loves.

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Book Name Just One Night
Genre Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 410.47 KB

Just One Night (Carly Phillips) Book Reviews 2024

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Must read. So good couldn’t stop reading

Just One Night. A great friends to lovers book.

SMOKIN’ HOT!. 4.5 Stars  This is book one in The Kingston Family series and it features Linc and Jordan.   They’ve been best friends since forever and she’s also his personal assistant.  These two are SO close it was inevitable the sparks would ignite at some point.  Her mother had always drilled into her head that she didn’t belong in his world. He is from a wealthy family and she was their housekeeper’s daughter.  They’re magic together if he doesn’t ruin it by proving her fears are actually true. Great story line and awesome characters, which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from this very talented author.  I would have loved a little more conflict with Beck as it seemed to work out a little too easy but it didn’t take away from the story.  I can’t wait for the next book!

Loved it. It wasa great read! Definitely re-reading. Although, why does it say 280 pages total when the total pages more or less comprise of 200 cover to cover?

Just one night. A great friendship to Love story and not without the problems from family and friends. It was very good. Thank You

Sweet & spicy. Great story & amazing character. Sexy and sweet.

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Obsessed is and understatement. Such an amazing book. The romance, sec scenes and story like make this book irresistible. Can’t wait to read more!

I really enjoyed this. Beautiful love story. There was bunch of repeating of the same information and I get it to keep reminding us of what was is going but ugh lol. Either way, I really enjoyed this and I’m about to start the next one.

Good but a little wordy.. She was a little wordy on the details but story was good.

Wow!. Well put together story line! A fun read and moves along well! An excellent book series!

Wonderful first book in the new Kingston series!. Linc and Jordan are introduced in the Dare Nation story, “Dare to Stay”. Willow and Braden’s story includes helping Aurora, a young pregnant girl who was raised in foster care and is trying to make it on her own. In their story you read about the discovery that Aurora is a half sister to Linc Kingston from their perspective. In “Just one Night” the perspective is shifted to Linc and Jordan. Best friends as well as being boss and assistant, class differences and society expectations are challenged. Luckily the Kingston family is more focused on love than family pedigree. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Great read and start of new series. Jordan and Linc are so great. I love that they work so well together. Friends to lovers are always a great read. Getting see linc meeting his sister from his side of the story was so good and bonus. Getting to know the siblings just got me wanting to know more. Carly Phillips never disappoints I could not put this read down the friends I- love and understanding between these two characters. Great beginning to a new series and family.

Fantastic. Always fantastic stories.

What happened?. Carly Phillips was a name I could trust for a smart, well-crafted read. If this is an example of what she’s doing now, I’m out. Just predictable tropes strung together with sex that’s supposed to be hot because they talk dirty. No wonder she’s able to churn these out every couple of months.

BBF to Lovers. Jordan and Linc have been best friends since they were little and working for Linc has been a dream for Jordan. Now how does she handle these pesky little feelings that are cropping up. Linc is determined to keep Jordan in the friends zone box but that is becoming impossible especially after one night together. This is a true friends to lover story and these two so perfectly fit for each other!

Great read!. I like the characters, the storyline, and the happy ending!

Not worth the time. This book is 3rd person writing and I hate that. It was all very rushed but also not a lot of writing.. I read it because I had nothing better to do while my son napped. It was hard to finish.

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No connection. Bad character development and no feeling.

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Just one night. Classic Carly Phillips book , I never wanted to put it down! Great characters fun ,fun story just enough drama , plenty of good feelings.

Abrupt ending….. Story was good. Just as they get together the book ends and moves into another characters story ):

Can’t choose who you love!. This was a nice, easy read for the first book in a new series, even though we met Linc, Jordan, and Aurora in Braden and Willow’s story. Even though Linc andJordan have known each other since they were kids, they’ve never admitted to each other that their feelings have changed. It just goes to show you that no matter how you grow up, rich, middle class, or poor, you can’t choose who you love. Looking forward to all of the Kingston’s stories.

Loved it. This was an amazing book I can’t wait to see what the other books have in store

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Just One Night. Loved it! Could not put it down!

Predictable but well written. Like her writing style. Carley’s books are always light, breezy and easy to read. Characters are likable but the storylines are always predictable.

Use. Good app

Just One Night. Loved the story of Jordan and Linc! As usual Carly Phillips did not disappoint.

Best Book Ever!. Being able to know what they were thinking was helpful. The back and forth character switch was kinda confusing, but it all worked out. Hate how we didn’t get to learn more about their baby and marriage. Definitely recommend if you enjoy love stories!

Just One Night was just fabulous!. I loved this book. Carly Phillips’ writing style plays out like a movie script you can picture on the big screen. The characters are fun and relatable. I finished and dove head first into the next book in the series.

Just One Night. ARC for honest review with no compensation Received from BookSprout Just One Night is book 1 in the new series The Kingston Family by Carly Phillips and as always another awesome read! Lincoln Kingston and Jordan Greene grew up together, he the rich son and she the housekeeper’s daughter but they became best friends. Now she is his personal assistant in his billion dollar company and while trying to maintain their friendship there is an undercurrent they are trying not to act on. That is until one night changes everything... Finding a half sister, sparks galore, friends to lovers, drama, emotional, twists, turns and lots of passion will keep you riveted this book!

The good news I will be. I’m not doing anything wrong

New starter. Linc and Jordan work together and are best friends since childhood. Her mom worked for his wealthy family. They both have feelings for each other, but don’t want to mess up their friendship. After Linc’s father’s death a few mystery’s come up and jordan helps him. A few other fast book friends make appearances too!! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Just One Night. Hot, steamy, and exciting!

Addicting. I'm not sure what I was expecting in this series so I was open to anything. This is a best friends to lovers with a surprise pregnancy thrown in. I found the story somewhat addicting because I wanted to know what would happen next. There were so many mixed signals in this book. Linc and Jordan did NOT want to screw up their friendship by sleeping together. Plus she is his Personal Assistant and if they slept together people would talk. He did NOT want to be like his father. So he forced himself not to think of her that way. Jordan is the maid's daughter. People in Linc's circle look down on her and do not understand their relationship. She would always be looked down on by his people as the maid's daughter. So even though she is in love with him, she can't sleep with him. She could never fit in to his world. But what happens in Florida, stays in Florida. Well... until it doesn't. What will happen when they return to New York and his normal life? Can they go back to just being best friends? And when she gets a surprise, how will Linc respond?

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Great start to a new series. I was excited when I learnt that Carly Phillips had a new series coming out. If Just One Night is anything to go by then she is off to a flying start. This is Linc Kingston and Jordan Greene’s friends to lovers story and it was an entertaining read that ticked the boxes for me. Working as Linc’s assistant Jordan has always had feelings for him but refuses to put their friendship on the line by pursuing it. When his father dies suddenly, Linc’s life is thrown into turmoil, not least of which is finding out about a half sister he knew nothing about. However with Jordan by his side he knows he will get through everything. I really loved the friendship between these two. They have been friends since childhood and I loved that the economic status played no part in how Linc treated Jordan. Neither Linc or Jordan knew that the other had feelings for one another but all it takes is one night to change the course of a person’s life and that’s what happens for Linc and Jordan. This was a story that was emotional at times, particularly with the baggage that Linc carries from his father but it was the love, friendship and unwavering support that Linc and Jordan shared that was s heartwarming. I loved this story, from the first chapter to the last and cannot wait to see what Carly Phillips has in store for the rest of the Kingston family.

Couldn’t put it down. Just One Night the first in The Kingston Family series…what a fabulous start to a series. Linc Kingston and Jordan Greene have been friends since childhood, despite the fact that Jordan’s Mum was the family housekeeper, their friendship continued on through the years into adulthood. Once Linc started working in his farther’s business he asked Jordan to be his personal assistant. As best friends they always support each other and have been there at various times for each other, but they both have deep feelings for each other but have not acted on them for fear of ruining both their friendship and professional relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am very much looking forward to the next book. I definitely recommend this book, I couldn’t put it down.

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Just One Night. Just One Night follows the story of Linc and Jordan and their journey from best friends to lovers. ⁣ Linc and Jordan have been best friends since they were younger and have always had each other's backs. When Linc's father passes away and he needs to head out of town to deal with a family matter, Jordan goes with him. After giving in to one night of passion and a positive pregnancy test, their relationship is about to change forever. ⁣ I loved how Linc and Jordan were best friends even though everyone told them they should not be because of their social status. I enjoyed the progression of them going from best friends to lovers and finally realizing how long and much they loved each other.

Absolutely Loved It!!!. A fabulous start to another predictably fantastic series by Carly Phillips!!! It’s a lifelong best friends to scorching hot lovers story. Truly enjoyed the read, couldn’t put it down until I was finished! A definite MUST read! Can’t wait to read the other books in this series! Loved it!! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

4.25stars-feisty and dynamic characters. 4.25 stars--JUST ONE NIGHT is the first instalment in Carly Phillips’ contemporary, adult THE KINGSTON FAMILY erotic, romance series focusing on the Kingston siblings (Linc, Xander, Dash, Chloe and Aurora), a spin-off from the author’s DARE NATION series. This is thirty-two year old, businessman Linc Kingston, and PA Jordan Greene. Some of the events of JUST ONE NIGHT cross over with, and run parallel to some of the events of DARE TO STAY, book four in the author’s Dare Nation series where we were first introduced to Linc Kingston. Told from dual third person perspectives (Linc and Jordan) JUST ONE NIGHT focuses on the best friends/boss-employee relationship between thirty-two year old, businessman Linc Kingston, and PA Jordan Greene. Jordan has been in love with Linc Kingston most of her life but Jordan is the daughter of the Kingston’s former housekeeper, and as such she has been led to believe she is not socially acceptable with the powerful and elite but when Linc’s father dies, secrets are exposed, and Jordan is there to help navigate the waters of a mind-blowing revelation. A week in Florida found our couple acting on their mutual attraction, an attraction that will lead to another surprise, one in which Linc’s behavior leads to Jordan’s decision to walk away before losing more than her heart. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Linc and Jordan, and the potential fall-out as history begins to repeat itself for our story line couple. The relationship between Jordan and Linc is a best friends to lovers but a relationship wherein our heroine believes she is not worthy of Linc’s love. Raised with the Kingston siblings, Jordan has always felt like she never belonged, a feeling that would be reinforced by the attitude and actions of others. Linc has never acted upon his feelings for Jordan but a family secret will be his undoing. Needing his best friend, Linc seduces our heroine, a seduction that will lead to so much more. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of, over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are introduced to Linc’s siblings: Xander, Dash, and Chloe Kingston, and Aurora Michaels; Linc’s mother Melissa Kingston; Linc’s former friend and business rival Beckett Daniels: as well as several characters from the Dare Nation series: Austin Prescott, Braden Prescott and Willow James; and Linc’s ex girlfriend Angelica Winston. Chloe’s story line is next. JUST ONE NIGHT is a story of friendships, relationships, revelations and love; a story of family, struggles, acceptance and moving forward. The premise is spirited; the characters are feisty and dynamic; the romance is flirty and intense.

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Like. Like

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Summary of Just One Night by Carly Phillips

The Just One Night book written by Carly Phillips was published on 20 April 2021, Tuesday in the Romance category. A total of 3,219 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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