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Emma by Jane Austen Book Summary

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Emma Woodhouse may just be Jane Austen’s most controversial character. Some see her as a spoiled narcissist who’s deluded about reality, while others view her as a well-intentioned and bitingly sarcastic young woman who matures before our eyes.

This well-loved novel-which is often adapted for the screen-is set in the early 19th century, among England’s landed gentry. After seeing her governess happily married, Emma decides she is a natural matchmaker and devises a plan to find her new friend Harriet a mate. What follows has all the makings of a contemporary soap opera. As usual, Austen portrays her contemporaries with a brilliant and subtle snark. Emma is a wonderfully entertaining read.

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Book Name Emma
Genre Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 611.86 KB

Emma (Jane Austen) Book Reviews 2024

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Not good. Wasn’t interested

Emma, just Emma. I love this book. Emma is human in a way no other Austen protagonist is. I read this in fourth or fifth grade for the first time, and could really relate. It forced me to consider my own actions( was it really harmless fun?) And before I bore you, it wasn’t just that. It’s the original romcom! Not going to lie, I loved watching everything spiral, in a petty sort of way.

Excellent book!. Emma is an excellent book with characters that are extremely advanced for their time. Austen writes a beautifully crafted book that, while slow at times, really pays off in the end. This book is a must read, but it is a very challenging read, so be prepared for lots of long conversations and words.

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Worth it. I was looking for a book to read before bed instead of watching TV-something interesting and lighthearted that I would still be able to put down when I got tired. I started this book and thought Emma was too much of a spoiled brat, but tried it again and every page was better than the last, down to the very end! I love all the characters and can’t wait to watch the movie now! I love Jane Austen’s sense of humor throughout this book and in Pride and Prejudice too (haven’t read any of her others yet).

Not My Favorite Jane Austen. This book is written in Jane Austen’s inimitable style and has the same basic elements as the other books of hers that I have read. The biggest difference is that I didn’t particularly like either Emma or Mr. Woodhouse, which made the book hard to get through.

Charming and satisfying. I loved this book! I thought it was charming and the characters were engaging. I looked forward to reading it every day! It was witty, sweet, interesting, and altogether a perfectly lovely book.

Very good read for bedtime.. I found Emma to be very relaxing and enjoyable to read at bedtime.

Emma. Great book. Fun. Real. Will stand the test of time.

Great book. A classic! Another Austen masterpiece

Finished :). Jane Austen's style of writing might be difficult to get through at first but by seeing the movie of Emma helped me to get to the end much faster and helped me understand certain chapters much better. I think it's a nicely done novel.

“‘Emma’ Book Review”. This book had interesting characters and was written in a whimsical, lighthearted, and humorous way that made the reading of it quite enjoyable for me. This is why it deserves the five-star review that it gets.

Emma. What a great book! Austen has such a sense of people and relationships. There is depth to all of her characters, and imagination in the plot. For anyone who likes to delve into books that deal with character, and with people and relationships, -love, but other relationships as well- Austen is definitely a superior author.

Can't wait. I have not read it yet but will soon. I love the way Jane Austen writes. It is right on my reading level most of her books. The reading level is 9th or 10th grade which is perfect for me. I am eleven and I am this reading level and I love these books of hers.😄🌳🐘❤️22👸

Loved this book. So many people write insightful thoughts on the book, I am most definitely not one of those people. 😂 the truth is that this book just made me happy it was so sweet and I felt like I was actually there with them this is definitely a book that I would recommend

It’s worth reading!. Even if you don’t like older style English literature, this book is worth your attention. If you love romance and drama, please read it.

Good but not my favorite. The story was draggy at times. The characters not as likable as in some of her other works. However, it was still a pleasure to read.

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Emma. I have no idea what this book is about but.... The book is my name so it has to be a pretty awesome book! ;)

Good but a little hard to understand. As an 8th grader taking Freshman English I was given this book as an assignment and found it hard to read. But overall it was very enticing and fun.

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Very good. I'm 13 and I'm still an English "learner" and come from Germany. The book is beautifully written and exactly in Ms. Austen's style. I already loved P&P and S&S so I'm familiar to her writing. I totally understand if people don't like this book, might not be everybody's style. But I myself never felt "offended" by Emma or not liking her. For me she was very relatable and I could very well identify with her (I don't want to say I'm a matchmaker though). It was a very similar situation with the characters in "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Brontë. The book and the characters were first (and still aren't) very accepted by the public. You couldn't identify with any of the characters (because they all were "bad"). Which again gives it that very realistic touch. But most people do not read books to see the world as ugly as it is with characters who are very bad, stories should be simple with characters you want to be like or who are very nice and friendly (f. ex. in S&S: Elinor who hides her feelings and who cares for everybody else except herself). Most people want to read about this. We tend to like characters who show us nice characteristics and not ones who are to realistic. Because Emma isn't seen as exceedingly arrogant by her environment, like she's seen by most people, because of her thoughts and etc. being displayed and unleashed to the reader. There are guaranteed many, many people like her but we don't know. We like to read about the nice side human not the ugly and egotistic side. So we can identify with the people more. Most people like to see themselves better than they are actually, this is why most readers don't want to like Emma because Jane Austen portrays her in a very realistic way. Most people are just seeing the bad things about her, not the good things. So I totally understand other people's opinions but I find that Emma is one of Jane Austen's best characters.

Awesome novel. The narrator is so expressive.

Emma. Emma is sort of a brat but is unique from the other mc’s so I like it also, clueless copied this!1!1!1!!!!1!1!!!11!

Slow Burner But Worth It. Emma is truly an amazing character. Her depth, insecurities, dialogue, and innermost feelings made her relatable. Readers see how her dynamics as a character shift and develop throughout the story. She’s growing and we’re growing with her. This book, I first thought was predictable, but it took multiple turns towards the end that made it worth the read. Jane Austen never lets me down.

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Emma (EM). I... have mix feelings with this book, it was not a bad reading but the small plots and overall plot were only resolved by the enneagram of the book which made the reed a little harder. I liked the connection between the protagonist but would’ve loved to see more of it, really like the development of many characters. I think this book could’ve have been shorter which would have made it better. But it is a good reed!

Okay. I was expecting to really like it, but i found myself extremely bored whenever I started reading. It is a very long and slow read and has taken me a long time to finish. If you want a educational book to expand your vocabulary this is good but it is a little boring.

Life in a small town where many know your name.. What read was good, but I prefer a actually book in my hand then too keep looking down on my phone.

Emma. Excellent. Must read.

Emma, a reading challenge.. This book was difficult for me to read without bumping in to the double negatives, the outdated spelling, the constant worrying about what other characters think. I enjoyed the humor.

Great. Loved it!!

Emma. As such Jane Austin is a very lively, keen writer. In Emma, she writes subtly about an innocent yet arrogant Emma and her match making endeavours, without knowing her own preferences for a long time friend, philosopher and guide. Thoroughly enjoyable yet very educative.

I’m not going to get my hair. I don’t know how to do that I’m

Emma. What pleasure to read. Beautifully constructed sentences so carefully expressed; a diary and a philosophy of a particular class of people at a certain time. Emma was all of Austen's characters to me: Pride, prejudice, sense, lack of sense, persuasiveness, practicality, restraint, emotion. A truly enjoyable read. Jo Ann Jex

Disappointing. Jane Austen is adored by many people whose opinion I respect. But I found Emma to be slow and tedious. Maybe I’m missing something, but to me it seemed like one long soap opera, enlivened very little by the occasional nuggets of Austen‘s famously dry wit.

Not that entertaining. As far as slow burn and confessions go, for this book: uninteresting. Austin had the audacity to summarize the final confession rather than allow the characters to speak.

Modern inspiration.... Anyone notice that the movie Clueless is a modern adaptation of this book?

A really good one..... I've spent the summer reading all of JA 's books, and this one is only second to Pride and Prejudice. This was a really great book, with colorful characters and great development. Emma's character was human and unreserved and the reader really got the chance to know her well, and the other characters too. This book left me feeling that I understood the characters, unlike the huge blanks I've felt about the characters from some of her other books. The love story component was satisfying and believable. it was really a pleasure to read, definitely one of Austen's best.

Amazing. I was a bit apprehensive about reading this book as it’s not really my usual cup of tea, but after reading it I can safely say that it lives up to the hype.

Emma. A matchmaker whose failure was really success in the end

Lovely fun. My first Jane Austin book and it was a lovely fun read. Who knew that they were up to the same coupling shenanigans with gossip and matchmaking 200 years ago? No Match.com or Twitter antics, but the same motives using conversations over tea and with horse and carriage. I now can’t wait to watch the newly released movie and then go back and watch “Clueless” which was loosely based on Emma.

I simply loved it!. Near the beginning of the book I read a review say that Emma would mature and I thought sarcastically “ I can wait for that” the character development was amazing. Not only Emma’s but from multiple characters.

Well Written But.... Had to read this for a college course. Mr. Knightley is the book's saving grace, Austen dished some real wisdom through him. Wouldn't read this book for leisure, it's not that good. Teaches you about the danger of showery, and design though. Be simple and allow good to happen is the moral of the story. No pretense.

Enchanting. A fun romance novel with an extremely flawed relatable character! Clueless did a great job adapting this book, and I am excited to watch the recent film. This was a great introduction to Jane Austin, and I’d recommend it if you like romance and dialogue.

Quite Intriguing. I won't pretend it's my favorite Jane Austen novel, as I just read her top three novels back to back, with Emma being the last, but Austen's work is superb, for her time and for the present. While the plot seemed rather predictable--perhaps as a reader in this century--Austen's storytelling is what brings these characters to life. Emma will always be quite charming.

Wow. I had such an incredible summer of being introduced to the brilliance of "Jane Austen!" I have never been so captivated and fulfilled by an Author works before this! My favorite of her six novels are "Pride and Prejudice" and "Emma" Mostly because they contain my favorites heroines as well as heroes!! Now I dream of falling in love with a Mr.Darcy or Mr. George Knightley!! Lol!!

Great. Awesome

Great. I am ten and I read it. It is confusing but good all the same

Love. Loved this book!!

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Immerse yourself in this locked down world. A great antidote to the tedium of isolation. Jane Austen creates a world which resonates with our strange times.

I adore this book. At first I hated Emma but grew to love her even more than Elizabeth :O

Very gripping book.. Great book couldn’t put it down.

Good read x. I liked reading it

All right if you like this sort of thing. This is the usual Austen story of the rich middle classes being self obsessed. An insufferable young woman tries to get people together even though they may be on different strata of society and therefore obviously unsuited. She causes hilarious chaos wherever she goes. Lol. There's probably some irony in there somewhere but the book probably needs to be read two or three times to get all the subtle nuances of Miss Austen's carefully crafted masterpiece. Don't think I'll bother. As usual the book is grammatically correct and the words are chosen so precisely that it could be a legal document. The first half of the book is long and tedious. The second half of the book is less tedious. All the young ladies end up with the right men, but not necessarily in the right order.

I like a classic romance book. I am not a big fan of classic but I sometimes pick a classic.

Missing lines of text. Something wrong with the book the top line of each page is missing. So it's hard to read.

Emma. I've read this book before, but enjoyed reading it again. It's an easy read once you become accustomed to the style of writing and the language. Happy endings all around, the literary version of a "chick flick"!

Delightful. What a lovely book with such well rounded characters

A great book, but too long.. It really is a good book, and very funny, but it was dragged out. Certain chapters were completely unnecessary

Dross.. This is just degrading to women, makes them all look like self serving, petty air heads.

Brilliant. Firstly, for all the people who are saying that this book is sexist, and has perfect grammar in it, IT WAS WRITTEN IN THE 19th CENTURY! Over 2 hundred years ago! The world has changed a lot since then . It was actually very ahead of its time. Secondly, although the language does take a bit of getting used to, the book is really interesting. So, really there is not much to complain about.

'Emma' by Jane Austen. Was not as easy as 'Pride and Prejudice' to get into reading but just as good. Excellent story and brilliant characters.

??. Love the book hence why I downloaded it but I only got 20 pages :s

Not worth a read. Only the most committed Austen fans will be able to extract a sense of enjoyment from this.

Emma. Fabulous

Took a while to get into and remember who was who. But as the book progressed the story becomes more compelling and the numerous characters and language are easier to glide over

Mixed bag. It’s heavy going but once you read it for a while it becomes lighter and easier to understand

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Cool book. It was ok I guess

No. Maybe.. Well. Not much to say other than boring. But as what has been said before, lacks a plot, but you feel as if you know the characters by the end of it. I must admit though, some parts did hook me in, and I did want to keep reading. Definitely not for those that do not enjoy reading.

Emma is a classic. The language of Jane Austen is so full and rich. It lets the reader enter completely into each of her characters, telling of all their thinking, both deep and fleeting. I enjoyed reading it again, after having seen many screen interpretations, which cannot ever even begin to do the same.

A classic. I actually found this book hard to read due to the formalities of the language used. I decided to watch the movies after reading the book and I prefer the book!

Emma is vintage Austen. The pace initially is slow with great detail into parties and matters of feminine interest but half way down the book , a beautiful twist surprises the reader and brings the best out of Jane Austen.

. Good book, had to analyze it as a gentle satire for extension english. happy it was here free:)

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Emma's my girlfriend!!!!!!!. So cool the book i haven't read it yet but i know it will be exiting cuz she's my girlfriend

Wow. It’s witty, intelligent and heartwarming. Jane Austen works her magic here, and I for one love it!

Perfect!. Perfect and witty!

Emma. Classic Jane Austen with her wit and astute knowledge of people. As fun and fresh today (as many of the dilemmas are still true) as when it was written. My second favourite, Pride and Prejudice still her best.

Pfffff. Ces vraiment cool

Emma. Loved this tale and couldn't put it down! Can understand why King George IV loved the tale! J. A. Could make one so furious with Emma. I was muttering in my beard!

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Summary of Emma by Jane Austen

The Emma book written by Jane Austen was published on 22 December 1815, Friday in the Romance category. A total of 3,815 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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