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Roger Stelljes

Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stelljes Book Summary

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Mystery Series

Shannon hustled to her car and dug into her black purse, searching for her car keys. He quickly put his hand over her mouth as she screamed and thrashed, slid the van door open, and dragged her inside... She tried to scream through the duct tape pasted over her mouth. He could see the horror in Shannon's eyes. It was only the beginning...

The ruggedly handsome Mac McRyan, a fourth-generation cop, is faced with a complicated brazen daytime kidnapping, a media storm surrounding the case, and political scrutiny. An abduction is just the beginning in a case of betrayal and revenge that will ultimately strike at the heart and soul of the St. Paul Police Department.

From the searing streets of St. Paul to the murky waters of the St. Croix River, DEADLY STILLWATER is a book you won't be able to put down until its last gripping minute.

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A heart-stopping thriller that fans of John Sandford, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, James Patterson will be hooked on by one of the best new authors in crime fiction.

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Book Name Deadly Stillwater
Genre Police Procedural
Language English
E-Book Size 414.5 KB

Deadly Stillwater (Roger Stelljes) Book Reviews 2024

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Gripping. Couldn’t put it down!

Happy endings. I give the book credit for keeping me glued for most of the part. But then the lead character just starts getting lucky and that's all till the end. Was a bit disappointed to see the second half unfold that way. It reminded me of kids stories where all good guys get the cake no matter what. It was just okay read for me.

Deadly Stillwater. What a captivating story I had trouble putting the book away. I definitely want to read more of your books.

Loved this book!!. Amazing story that will keep you up all night turning pages. I want more of all these characters.

Wow! What a ride!. I think I finished this one in 2 days. I’m gonna have to buy some flowers for my wife because I couldn’t put this book down all weekend

Fast read. Used to live in St. Paul and was accurate on everything. Really enjoyed!

Keeps You on Your Toes!. I read this book for two days straight until I finished it. It was a captivating, well written story. I never got bored with the plot and it kept me guessing. I recommend this to anyone who likes a mystery-filled, action packed book!

I. Can’t. Put. This. Down.. What a page turner!! Great storyline, solid characters with believable personalities, plenty of action, plot twists, and a continuous sense of “we’re running out of time”! I was not expecting such a good read!

Deadly Stillwater. Excellent Could not put down!!!

Deadly Stillwater. I liked this book very much.

Deadly Stillwater. REALLY enjoyed this who-done-it. Several good characters, lots of police/investigative procedural stuff, technology workings, and need-to-know vs. media conundrum, etc., etc. The story itself was interesting, with revenge and retribution as motivation for the bad guys, and getting it right as the reason behind the law enforcement personnel. Well, most of them! The story kept moving, and the ending was logical. I like to read books with a recurring set of characters, doing what they do well. Will read more from this author.

Deadly Stillwater. Best book I have read. Could see this book being made into a movie or mini series on a search network. Book flowed well and all the characters played great parts in the story. Again one of the best books I have every read.

Deadly Stillwater. Couldn’t put it down!

Deadly Stillwater. Good book, Too much swearing, a Chinese proverb says "Swearing and filthy language is a feeble mind trying to express itself forcibly.

Another Minnesota hero in a mystery series.. This kept me hooked all through the book. Not knowing what was going to happen till the end. Plus being from Minnesota and living here most of my 73 years. I felt right at home here in St. Paul and Minneapolis and around the State. A must read.

Exceptional, best ive read in a while. Truely a great work of literature. I couldnt put it down, and it kept me wanting to come back for more, to read the next chapter which would turn into another, and another. Highly recommend the series, and just about any work of the authors.

The Story is Great. Great read. So good I let my chicken soup broth almost boil away. Just couldn't put it down.

Very, very good read!. I read most of Balducci, Sandford,& Patterson (before he went commercial), and this author is just as good!

Deadly Stillwater. Good way to feel safer for police procedures.

Deadly Stillwater. Loved the book, but it could have been condensed a lot. Stretching it out caused it to move too slowly. Sharon Kirkland

Couldn’t put it down. Great book! Only a few negatives I could comment on but none too worthy of adding to this review. Great read!

Well planned kidnappings meet detectives who don't quit. McRyan and his seasoned team of detectives are good, but can they move fast enough to find not one, but two young women, kidnapped separately, by mysterious predators with revenge on their minds? The kidnappers are bafflingly efficient, leaving no clues even as they take their victims off public streets in broad daylight. And when they contact the prominent fathers of the girls, they fail to mention a ransom amount.

Good Read!. I usually like to read a different genre of books but this one caught my eye.. and it was worth my time!!

AH-MAY-ZING!!. i read this book in a day and a half i literally couldn’t put it down! got teary eyes near the end! MUST READ!!

Deadly Stillwater.... One word to describe this book, OUTSTANDING!!

Deadly stillwater. One of the best books I have read. Definitely not a wast of time, as some detective stories are

Deadly Still Water. Easy read! Enjoyed the story even thou it was predictable!

Deadly Stillwater. Really good read!!!!

Suspenseful. This was a good cop suspense thriller. Good character development and the story line had so many twists, it definitely kept you guessing. Some of the dialogue was a little cheesy and hinted at a book more written to fill the quota or publishers expectation/contract then something really from the heart. My one and only true complaint is minor. I read about 2 to 3 books a week. I've noticed in the last few years that the editing has become less and less. Many many grammatical & spelling errors. Makes me wonder how it gets published without anyone catching. We need to stop relying on spellcheck and go back to old-fashioned thinking.

Deadly Stillwater. I read a lot of books and this one is a real page turner. If you like action and mystery then this book is for you !

Deadly Still Water. A good read. Keeps your attention. Hard to put down. You won’t go wrong choosing this book to read.

Perfect!. Great story and characters. Believable dialogue. Absorbing plot. And mature relationships (instead of gratuitous leering descriptions of adolescent angst). Whether intentional or not, the characters have a moral compass. The narrative stayed focused on the story.

Deadly Stillwater is great!. Great read! Loved the characters and the storyline. More believable than most stories.

Wow. A thoroughly engaging story! Couldn't put it down!

A thrill ride from page one. It was difficult to put this book down. From the first sentence I found it captivating. I hadn’t read any other books by the author and know it is part of a series, but this is a stand alone book, I didn’t feel like I had missed anything. The characters are well defined and colorful and the story really pulled me in. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a great story.

Deadly stiiwaters. Any mystery requires some suspension of disbelief. One of my pleasures is trying to pick them out. That said, this book was a fun and fast moving story. Highly entertaining! Try it, you ll like it

Deadly Stillwater. Excellent. I am an avid reader and this book exceeded expectations.

Simply awesome. Couldn't put it down

Deadly Stillwater. I like a good mystery, but this won't be it! Can't get past the raunchy f-bombs & degrading verbiage!

Great book. I could not put the story down. I lived in Minneapolis for 4 years which added to my enjoyment.

I started it then lost interest.. Hard to get into at first then riveting to the end. Mac knows how to follow his gut and use his head to figure things out.

Deadly Stillwater. Another great page turner. I am so glad I stumbled on t this author.

Dedly stil water. Very engaging book from the beginning I never stop reading Well done

Awesome. This book was awesome. I do not normally read this type of books but I loved it and will be looking for other opportunities to read this author.

Excellent Book. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Well done.

Great Book. i don’t write many reviews but this book along with all in the series are good reads. Can’t put them down for long.

Deadly Stillwater. Fast paced, logical flow, well written (or great editing). This a book worth reading.

Great 2nd installment of Mac Ryan stories. I finished St Paul conspiracy and went looking for another book by R. Stiljes and got this book. Hard to believe but Deadly Stillwater was even better than the first book. So glad I found this author and these books!

Great. Fantastic

An action filled detective story.. Mac never got anywhere by following the rules. With his dogged determination and brilliant insights, he kinds two missing girls and brings the criminals down. Patric Phoenix AZ

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Stick with it. Great book and story line but I did find 3/4 of the way through that it was dragging out a little. Enjoyed the ending and glad I stuck with it.

Deadly Stillwater. Cliché-riddled tosh!

Mr. Gripping stuff. Could not put book down.

Brilliant. Had me on the edge of my seat all the way through .

Deadly Stillwater. Just a note to say how much I enjoyed reading this novel on my iPad. Exciting reading with all the twists and turns! Lee Childs and David Baldacci have serious competition! Full of suspense and an excellent thriller. Could not put it down and look forward to reading more from this author. Edward A. Wood

Stillwater. Fantastic suspense

Easy read. Good plot. Plenty of twists although slow in parts and at times a little corny.

Still waters. Best read in years. Will read the other four in the series. ASAP

Deadly Stillwater. Excellent could not put it down,did not want to put it down,gripping right to the very end.

Deadly stillwater. A good read but needs to work on his spelling

Bad Audio. Terrible audio quality so not download!! Waste of £7.99. How do I see a refund Apple ????

Deadly excellent. Great crime thriller. Good plot and believable characters. Would recommend wholeheartedly.

Deadly Stillwater. A good read however only half the story. You need to buy the sequal to conclude the story so I just feel conned with this "FREE ???? BOOK"

Deadly Stillwater. A thrill from start to finish. Twisting and turning, roaring and rushing - a real edge of the seat ride. Couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Deadly Stillwater.. First time reading this author, excellent read..

Deadly Stillwater. A very good read

Stillwater. Book does end. I am a miserable git, normally, but this was ok, especially for free. I have paid for much worse. Thanks.

Great book. Once I started on this book I could not put in down! A first class read if you like US police thrillers.

Deadly Stillwater. Story line gripping from page 1 to the end. Grammar is absolutely faultless. I rate Stelljes alongside M.Connolly & Val McDermid: and they are as good as it gets.

A thrilling thriller. Really good, fast paced cops vs bad guys. You know who the bad guys are but events could go either way. Thrilling with a little bit of romance. Excellent - would recommend the author and this book to anyone who 'likes good yarn'.

Mhaynes92. Took a while to get into but hooked me in the end! Great book

Deadly Stillwater. Terrific read couldn't put it down.

Stillwater. A thoroughly gripping read!

Deadly stillwater. Massive book lover. I really enjoyed reading this book. I am sceptical with free books from itunes but this one was thrilling from the start to the end. Excellent plot and characters. I Couldn't put this down. I liked the suspense and could get lost in the story. Thoroughly enjoyable and an easy read. Would recommend to others. R.Morris

Nail biting. A good old fashioned will they won't they. We all know the end but the secret is to keep turning the pages and bide your time. Enjoy a good read as I did

Deadly Stillwater. A riveting read that entertained from start to finish

Deadly Stillwater. Gripping book, hard to put down. Well written, fast moving story that keeps you in suspense. 100% recommended read. Andyw.

Deadly Stillwater. Great well told story. Good characters good suspense made you want to keep reading to the end👍👍👍👍👍

Deadly stillwater. Fantastic read

Deadly Stillwater. What a great page turner. McRyan and co never give up. Fantastic read

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Rf. Very good read

Deadly Stillwater. A great read. Very easy and well written.

Deadly Stillwater. A cracking good read!

Great plot. Nicely written. Gripping. The plot was revealed well. However, the idea of the coffin by kidnappers has been used before so it lacked originality.

Good read. Enjoyed this one

Loved this boo. Loved this book, couldn't put it down. Will certainly read more of Roger's books.

Deadly Stillwater. Could not put the book down. Loved it

5 stars!. Brilliant? Gripped me from start to finish.

Deadly Stillwater. Great read knocked it off in one day.

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Very interesting. Different and captivating!

Stillwater. Great read! Every moment pulls you in more and more and you can't stop thinking what happens next 4/5

Deadly Stillwater. Wow! Kept me at the edge of my chair.

Good story but brutal punctuation. The story lime was really good. It was engaging and fast paced. The characters were believable and realistic. But... The punctuation was laden with amateurish errors that I would expect to see in fanfic, not profic. There were glaring errors in the punctuation around dialogue that should have been caught by any editor or proofreader. There were missing quotation marks as wells. And not just once, but many, many times. These errors kept throwing me out of the story, but the plot was so good, it kept drawing me back in.

Deadly Stillwater. This book was really good!

Deadly Stillwater. Loved it, really great book!

Excellent read. This is an excellent read with a refreshingly intelligent criminal. None of this smart cop, dumb crook stuff. Excellent action scenes

Deadly Stillwater. I enjoyed the book it was really good but I really hated the hyphenated words. Instead of hyphenating the words you should've just made the sentences a little bit longer. I don't know if anybody else made you aware about this. It was a really good book but I just didn't like to have to try to figure out the what the words meant when they were hyphenated. Karen Veerkamp

Fun read - i just galloped through it. Excellent story - well written and a fun read. Could have stopped without tying up all the ends, but that's a minor problem. Highly recommended reading - a great entertainment value - and it's free. What's wrong with that - absolutely nothing.

Riveting. Could not stop reading. Nonstop action, plot twists and overall excitement. As long as you can handle realistic dialogue, totally recommended.

Great book. Got half way thru the book over a few days then I couldn't put it down till I finished it! Excellent.

Deadly Stillwater. One of those cookie cutter books - you know what's going to happen half way thru the first chapter. One of those authors where you read one book and you've read them all.

Deadly Stillwater. Amazing book so many twists and turns, one that I had a hard time putting down. Very well written. Will need to find the rest of your books. Thank you. Gretta Sisson

Deadly Stillwater. A great cast of good guys and bad guys. A well thought out and fast moving plot. It bogged down a bit in 30 years of old files but that was fleeting. I question why , once the bad guys got the little bit of ransome( was that ever explained why only 5 million for 5 people)? Why didn’t they split up from there instead of a long drawn out boat ride up to a place ehere you needed a extension ladder to get out of??? Makes no sense to trap yourself. Other than that it made for a good story, Smith was too smart to be trapped.

Deadly Stillwater. This is the first book of yours that I have read. I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. I can’t wait to read more of your books. Thanks wendy stirling

Great Read. Intriguing storyline and interesting plot, even though it has been played out many times before. However, the author, by establishing believable characters and good action with a few twists, manages to keep a steady pace, keeping readers guessing until the end. Recommended read.

Wow, you can't stop.. Well done, it grab you and you just go.

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Summary of Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stelljes

The Deadly Stillwater book written by Roger Stelljes was published on 17 October 2011, Monday in the Police Procedural category. A total of 3,311 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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