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Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

Alexandre Dumas’ classic paints a portrait of Edmond Dantès, a dark and calculating man who is willing to wait years to exact his perfect plan for revenge. After his so-called friends frame him for treason, Dantès is sentenced to life imprisonment in a grim island fortress on what was supposed to be his wedding day. After 14 years, he manages to escape prison, but he is unable to free himself from an all-consuming fury. Instead, Dantès spends a decade carrying out the plan for revenge he conceived while behind bars, bringing nightmarish ruination to those who once betrayed him-and second chances to those who tried to save him.

When it was first published in 1844, The Count of Monte Cristo quickly became the best-selling book in all of Europe. Dumas’ novel was ahead of its time, an exciting tale of adventure, treasure, secret identities, and daring escapes. It also reads like an early psychological thriller, leaving readers uneasy as they cheer Dantès on in his vengeful quest. It’s no wonder this book has inspired dozens of screen adaptations!

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Book Name The Count of Monte Cristo
Genre Classics
Language English
E-Book Size 1.32 MB

The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas) Book Reviews 2023

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Great Claasic. An amazing tale.

Did anyone edit this version???. This version of the book has a ridiculous amount of typos, spelling errors, and other editing issues. It’s as if it was not reviewed at all before being published. Paragraphs are repeated, so many words are misspelled, and words are missing. This book is already hard to read and the lack of editing in this version makes it even more difficult to read. I guess you get what you pay for...

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Great Story, lots of typos.. This is one of my favorite stories; five stars for the beautiful work of Alexandre Dumas. HEADS UP, this particular version has many typos and repeated paragraphs, mainly in the beginning and end of the book.

A Favorite Among the Best. A must read!

A simply staggering work of imaginative fiction.. Unputdownable and unforgettable. A work of pure genius that will have you hooked from the first page and that you will devour without wanting it to ever end. It deserves its ranking amongst the greatest classics of all time. Amazing character and plot development with jaw dropping twists and turns. In short, pure entertainment and joy from start to finish.

Story’s great but this edition is filled with typos. So many misspellings and typos in this copy that it’s clear that no one double checked this after scanning.

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One of the greatest novels of all time. Phenomenal. A 1,200 page definition of revenge.

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. Great book, had a fair amount of editorial errors

A classic for good reason. Quick to start, then a bit slow going for a while. But eventually it becomes impossible to put down. It’s worth investing a little time in learning to pronounce the French names, for your sanity and clarity as you get deeper into the book.

The Count of Monte Cristo. I rate this book as one of the absolutely best books I have ever read. Fantastic!!!! But beware, it will consume you to the point of doing nothing else until it is finished.

Excellent book but the typos are insane!. I absolutely love this book but the typos are ridiculous. Each page has something misspelled and it drove me nuts while reading. I highly recommend this book but not this specific copy.

The Count of Monte Cristo. Excellent book, but I was distracted by the large amount of typographical errors. Even a free book should go through spelling and grammar checks.

Count of Monte Cristo. Excellent

Good. I am unsure if I like this book or not, lol. It was a very difficult read, but at the same time a very good book.

Beautiful book. I've read my share of 19th century novels, and this one ranks up near the top. One of the best European novels I've ever read. Every Character in this book has a long backstory, and by the end, I feel that one could write a biography on every major character. Better than the movie!!!!!!!

Wow. Truly captivating, took me in an incredible journey.

OCR issues. Loved the book, but this version looks like it was scanned and OCR used on it, as there are lots of spelling errors and duplications of text.

Great story!. Beautiful, moving, and powerful!

Epic saga and exactly like real life. I love the fact that the hero is a sailor and makes his way through the many complications of life. Much of what happens concerns the very rich and noble and those who scramble to become part of that club. Trust no one is the right message.

Read it again. What an amazing piece of art by Dumas! Loved every page ❤️

Magnificent!. A must read for anyone and everyone. Absolutely amazing piece of literature. Dumas will make you feel happiness, misery, anger, surprise so many times that you will laugh out loud, cry, curse, gasp and truly enjoy this wonderful story of Edmond Dantes.

Riveting. Very long, one of the longest I’ve ever read (I think). But extremely well written and exceptionally detailed. Dumas puts you inside his characters’ heads with backstory and heart pounding build up that keeps you scrolling down or swiping left. At times it felt like a chore to get to the more interesting scenes (I’m also the person that will bypass side quests in an RPG for the sake of finishing the game.) 5/5 will probably circle back for a reread in a few years.

Totally worth it!. Incredibly long. Absolutely worth it. One of the best stories I’ve ever read.

A new favorite. I mostly listened to the audiobook, but had to look up things to reference back a few times, this is an amazing tale that layers characters and plot and I loved it.

Who knew?. When Jay, on Modern Family, finds out from Manny that charcuterie is basically cold cuts which he loves, he exclaims, “What an unfortunate name. I’ve been avoiding this stuff for years.” I feel that way about the Count of Monte Cristo. I had for years imagined what this book was about and it was nothing like I imagined it. Adventures, intrigue, betrayal, hate, love. There’s mystery, crime, religion...and pirates. A great book.

i love this book!. alexandre dumas is the paradox. a boy so young, who suffered so much, yet possessed a penchant for relating life’s vicissitudes with a message: “awake refreshed, renewed, for the pain is now gone, and in forgivenesses of unwanted desire, the dreams of the boy inside can come true.”

Oh I wish this story lasted forever!. I’ve always heard of this story but never knew it! I understand why it’s a classic! Don’t hesitate. It pulls you instantly in.

I will get. We are not

The Count of Monte Cristo. Excellent reading, the book was better than the movie Kevin

The story is good, however. There are a bunch of typos that need fixing. I’d suggest looking for another version.

The Count of Monte Christo. Very interesting book. However the process of digitizing it has been a failure. Unbelievable number of typos and misspellings of names, etc. Every single page has errors.

Great read. Good read with a much different outcome than the movie.

so much love. the count of monte cristo is undoubtedly one of my favorite works of literature. is it a bit lengthy? yes, but believe me when i tell you that chapters will fly by when you’re reading this. the book filled a space in my heart i didn’t realize was empty before, and i definitely do not regret the damage constantly flipping through page by page did to my eyesight. monte cristo is a classic in the truest sense of the word. timeless, enlightening, a vision in virtual paper and ink—you kind of need to read it.

Count of Monte Cristo. It’s absolutely amazing, can be a little boring in the middle but TRUST ME. There are so many amazing parts. The only thing that can be improved in this is the typos. So many people say that and it’s true. But overall great story, if it bothers you too much you can go get another version. Also there’s a ton of french words and idioms. A dictionary or the web can be handy.

Great Read 💗. I always thought the Count was sexy. I used to daydream about going back in time and being swept away by his charms. I could read this book and fall in love for the first time again and again just like I did when I was twelve!

Full of transcription errors. This is a slashed and ant eaten copy of what is a great book. The accents are messed up, there are transcription errors, the bullet notes almost never match, frequent random all caps lines (maybe to highlight images that are not there?) and generally a brutal read. Try Gutenberg - they actually have editors. For example: Abbè keeps showing as Ab6 and other variations

Must read. One of the best books I’ve ever read!

Terrible translation. Bad spelling, repeated sections, sections missing entirely. Would not recommend this translation AT ALL.

Monte Cristo…Epic!. It was required in high school, NOW I see why! I did myself a disservice by cliff-noting my way through it. Curiosity brought me back. The story is epic and touches on so many aspects of life: love, hate, friendship loyalty, jealousy, classism, back-stabbing, revenge, redemption, etc… , many of which you’ve directly experienced and many through the lives of others. It’s definitely one for your library!

Ghastly, stilted translation. Great story, but get a decent translation.

Some Thoughts. The book is excellent and a wonderful window into European social norms and politics of the 19th century, but that is not my issue. It seems to me that this version of the book was scanned from a paper version and a program was used to transfer it from print. It has so many errors in grammar and spelling as compared to a print version. My review is simply for this version of the book, I will always rate the print version 5 stars.

Co. Great book and it’s a wonderful

Not bad for free. This was my first time reading this book. I also picked up a paper back copy from a local store for like 3 bucks. There are a significant amount of typos and errors similar to what others had mentioned. Sometimes the spacing on quotation marks is a little annoying or the paragraph layout. I noticed this more later in the book than in the beginning. The beginning is mostly typos like Abbe being Ab6 or Dantes being D4ntes. I’m assuming that there was a scanner or something that just copied the book and didn’t catch everything correctly. Granted most of the time, the typos are easy to understand and not completely belligerent. A few times I was taken out of the story, but most of the time when you’re in the groove you don’t really notice. A positive note though is this book is much more full than my paper back. Sometimes I would have to come back to this copy because in the paperback it would give a more or less main gist of certain chapters compared to getting the full piece out. Definitely an amazing read and super awesome you can have so much entertainment for free! Four stars from me that’s for sure. I will say too theres a ton of characters, and Wikipedia has a breakdown of everyone and there relations. So when you get deeper into the book and space on who’s who, it’s definitely nice to have a lil cheat sheet lol. If typos and grammar errors bother you though, I would def recommend another copy.

Very nice. Entertaining escape

Amazing. Best book ever written!

So many typos. The book, while long, is fantastic. But this particular copy is filled with typographical errors that it can distract from the reading greatly. But the story is an ageless one, covering all facets of human existence.

Great story, poorly edited copy. The story is excellent.This copy,however, is full of errors that ought be corrected.

Bittersweet. Lovely, but obviously dated by it’s overwhelming orientalism, and at times sexism and racism. An otherwise beautifully written tale of love, pain, and “divine” vengeance. With a whole host of emotions ranging between them. It has a bit of everything. *SPOILER* My biggest complaint is the fact that Edmond and Mercedes refuse to marry even though (1) they both acknowledge that what Edmond did was right towards Fernand, (2) they both admitted they still love each other, (3) they are both single, and (4) literally there is no obstacle. It was incredibly messed up for Edmond to feel that she was “unfaithful” to him because (1) she thought he had died, (2) she had no idea of Fernand’s treachery, (3) she had literally no one in her life other than Fernand and did care for him so it was natural to be with him as a last resort, and (4) plus, she never stopped loving Edmond and never truly gave her heart to Fernand as evidenced throughout the book. Dumas just really wanted Edmond to end up with a barely legal perfect princess-slave with Stockholm syndrome in the end at all costs. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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I haven’t even finished it and I love. It’s so interesting and so well written I love it sm honestly.

Worth the toil. After many many years I finally made my way through this classic. So worth the perseverance.

Poor text. I’m halfway through and the abundance of spelling errors, repeated paragraphs and general lack of proof reading has made me doubt what is going on, which of course is ruining a great book that I would recommend getting a good copy of!

Love, revenge and hope.. A great story that keeps you turning the pages.

Unreadable.. Terrible translation with copious spelling and grammatical errors. Had to give up after a few pages, a real shame 🤷🏼‍♀️

Great classic story,. Great classic story, but the proof reader needs his eyes tested. So many printing errors, repeated passages, it was disappointing.

Terrible proofreading. Many grammatical and spelling mistakes

Just read it.. Wonderful story - just start reading. Once you reach the meaty bits you won’t be able to stop. Gripping plot, fascinating characters, human and dramatic, psychological and mysterious, adventure, love, jealousy, trials, imprisonment, tragedy, vengeance, murders, secrets, identity, life, hope… oh, so many words to describe this huge tale. Could be hundreds more. Don’t be put off by age or length - it is a great story above all else and I believe it should be presented and read as one. A shame about the proofreading issues, but they are a problem with this version rather than the story itself. If you can’t ignore them, find another version. Or amuse yourself by fixing them - it would be lovely if someone did, to make a great book more easily readable.

The Count of Monte Cristo. Good book

Mixed. Good story- but took a very long while to tell. If it had been in hard copy I would have been put off by its size. The proof reading and typing is awful- If I had ever done such a poor job I would have been sacked!!!!

A masterpiece. One of the best books that I’ve read by far. ‘’There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, Morrel, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.’’

A great book, let down by poor proofreading. This is one of my favourite books, but I’m leaving a low rating because the proofreading of this book is awful. They are far too many spelling errors and typographical errors in it.

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Not as good as penguin publishing. Tried reading this version and it just doesn’t bring the translation to life like the penguin publishing version, reader beware.

Unequalled. Great story, don’t mind the spelling errors and some of the repetition.

The Count of Monte Cristo. An amazing story! Told in such delightful language. It leaves me thinking that justice could exist.

232-245?. So far pages 232-245 are missing. Disappointing. Not sure if a glitch, but seriously frustrating when you get caught up in the story to just have it blank out.

Great read!. Loved it!

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Summary of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

The The Count of Monte Cristo book written by Alexandre Dumas was published on 14 January 1846, Wednesday in the Classics category. A total of 2,427 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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