A Tale of Two Cities Book Reviews

Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Book Summary

The novel depicts the plight of the French peasantry demoralised by the French aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution, the corresponding brutality demonstrated by the revolutionaries toward the former aristocrats in the early years of the revolution, and many unflattering social parallels with life in London during the same time period. It follows the lives of several characters through these events.

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Book Name A Tale of Two Cities
Genre Fiction & Literature
Language English
E-Book Size 1.51 MB

A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) Book Reviews 2023

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So timely. Thank you, Mr. Dickens, for an amazing ride.

Perfection. This book . . . It is the first book to make me weep from the beauty of a scene and its terrible sadness. The depth howls amazing, I love it.

Beautiful. This piece of historical fiction captured my heart. Resurrection, redemption, and rising up for the repressed during an age of revolution. A powerful story with a meaningful ending, as well as unique and lovable characters. Sydney Carton, you have my whole heart.

Great book by the worlds greatest novelist. This is the second reading for me but the first in electronic form. The novel transcends the medium and and always will. I enjoyed reading it on my iPhone and recommend it.

Love This Book. I love this book and im sure if you like CD's books, then your love this one!

A Tale of Two Cities. If I hadn't read this book in school, I wouldn't have found very interesting. But since I read it in school, my English teacher helped me analyze the plot and I learned it wasn't a very boring after all. So, it gets 3 stars because I liked it but not to the extent that I'd like to read it again in my life like some of the other books.

A Tale of Two Cities. I loved this book because it never got boring with the descriptive parts. It was like you just wanted to learn more about it.

Great classic!. This is a book which still gives a lesson in 2011. The divide in the USA between rich and poor continues to grow - understanding between them lessens every day. It is a tragedy which breeds contempt just as it does in this book!

I am the resurrection and the life. This is a truly beautiful work by Charles Dickens! It is one his most complete and well thought out novels ( possibly because it is based off of a play Dickens saw, which eventually led to his mid-life crisis, LOL). This is a book for anyone who likes a poetic, thought provoking, ironic, romantic story. It is a tale of life, love, revenge, and selfless sacrifice. I read this for English class, and I'm so glad I did! A Tale of Two Cities is one of my favorite stories of all time!!! I am now TEAM CARTON all the way! Edward Cullen has nothing on the deplorable and adorable Sydney Carton ;D "I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die..."

Just get to book 3 and you'll see. Trust me

Tale of Two Cities. This is Dickens' best work. A story of the parallel lives of two men with equal intelligence and opportunity. One relinquishes his wealth with the hatful, abusive, selfish, and arrogant name of his aristocratic family. The other relinquishes his own potential for drinking and self loathing. Although we never understand why this one has spiraled so low. Both men fall in love with a pure spirited woman. Then the French Revolution, where the past comes to take vengeance on the present, rightly or not. The salvation of the one is also the salvation of the other. A page turner to the end.

Best Book. This book has the most complicated and interesting plot. I really love this book, and although it is a long book, it is definitely worth the read.

Classic and beautiful. There are a lot of challenging words to get through but if you persevere, the story is a beautiful one

Beautiful.. This book has now become one of my favourites. It is just beautiful.

Great!. Charles Dickens was a GREAT writer. He's done it again!! Read this book!

My favorite book of all time. Amazing

A Tale of Two Cities. As beautiful a story as I remembered it when I first read it many years ago.

A classic!. They don't write like that anymore!

The Tale of Two Cities.. I have been reading books for over 70 years, and have read this one five times. It is my favorite book of all time. Each reading brings new insights.

My Favorite Dickens Story!. I absolutely love this Dickens classic. I have wanted to read it for years and finally determined to do it. I love how he interweaves a very dark period of history with the beauty of redemptive love. A highly recommended read.

A Tale of Two Cities. I thought this was difficult to read in the beginning, it took me some time to find my way. But I kept on reading because the reviews were all excellent. I found it helpful to read the Spark Notes along with the original version as it clarified what I had just read. The end is amazing, it is a work of art, truly a tale worth telling, the human spirit always prevails!

None Greater. There are no words to express how inspiring this novel is. It is by far the best book I have ever read. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be read for hundreds of more years.

Good. Good

Gospel of Grace. Love can inspire the least of us to heights of sacrifice reserved solely for the best of all. Amazing grace!

Starts off slow, finishes brilliantly. Reading the first half of this novel, you may wonder what is all the hype about this classic?! But Dickens is a master of slow and steady. He starts off with the separate stories of ~10 vaguely interesting characters. But keep reading. Slowly, the stories of characters become intertwined in a way that you could not have imagined. And keep reading. By the end he has knitted them together into one marvelous masterpiece of a story. Simply, wow.

C. Sd

Thank you for the free book!. Thank you for the free book!

Inspiring,and great Book!. This book was rather hard The ending bought legit tears to my eyes

Great. This book is very useful for me.

Love this!. Tale of Two Cities was required reading for my English class. I loved it and was able to really connect to the characters, especially Lucie and Sydney. This is totally a book I will reread later!

Tale of two cities. This is my favorite book ever !!!!!!!!I love the plot and has the best characters you will ever read about I<3 Sydney carton !!!!!!!!!!! He is the best character of all time!!!!!

Classic for a reason. Quintessential Dickensian twists, turns, and interweaving of characters wrapped up with a perfect conclusion. Frequently brought tears to my eyes.

Beautiful. I love this book! Beautifully written...love, redemption, mercy. Truly the best and worst of us showcased.

Tail of Two Cities. I first read this book when I was a sophomore in high school, so many years ago. It didn't register much with me then. After recently traveled to London and Paris, I decided to read the story again. Having now been and seen places and things mentioned in the story, I could picture all of this in my mind. It brought life to the story for me.

A Tale of Two Cities. A well presented, sobering story set in a troublesome time in history — showing us the breadth of the capabilities of mankind, from massive depravity to selfless actions of a few who put others above themselves. Makes one think about the present world and how we each can see how choices in the pathways of life shape who we are and what we become.

Fantastic!. This made it so much easier to read this book for my AP English class!

J. Cole brought me here.... That is all.

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Great book. It has the best opening lines I've ever read, and the most impactful ending lines ever.

Very much enjoyed reading this. Really good read. Have already read Oliver Twist and will be reading more Dickens books.

A great book. I haven't read any Dickens for years but have been meaning to read a Tale of Two Cities and I am so glad I have. Full of richly drawn characters, a gripping story and a deeply moving ending.

Wonderful. At first it seems a little slow and meandering. He spends lots of time in the details but as the book goes on, you see all the threads coming together and it gets harder and harder to put it down. He really is such a fantastic writer. Very much recommended.

A tale of two cities. It is at least 50 years since I first read this book and it was all the more impressive the second time around. The Dickens English is now unfamiliar and does not lend itself to speed reading! However the plot is still gripping and the characters so well drawn. Well worth taking some timed over and very enjoyable.

Stupendous!. Dickens was a master at expressing the very essence of human feelings. So many years later, we can still identify with his characters.

AMAZING!!. This was one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. It is sad but happy. You will cry. Brilliant book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning!:adults. This is a book adults would defiantly read but as I love reading and at my school the abbey junior school my teacher asked us all to read a classic as I found this book on the Internet I thought it would be a book for children as the Internet said your children will LOVE this book if I understand it more i probably will be attached to it because I don't understand were the story's going from a woman from England with a man helping her to find her father in France to a judge asking questions if they have seen this prisoner before but don't take this offensive it's just I've read 72 pages and I absolutely do not know where it us going a child must read this 2 or 3 times to understand warning only adults will understand on the first go!

Jungle book. Well done loved the book I love to read this book until I get old xxx

A tale of two cities. A powerful story brilliantly told and portraying the drastic events of the French Revolution. Easy to see why it's one of the best selling books of all time!

A tale of two cities. The archaic language makes difficult reading at times but it is a fantastic story very well written, as one would expect from a Dickens novel.

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A Tale of Two Cities. A true classic about a terrible time in the history of France & the revolution.

It’s the best book ever. If someone didn’t like this book I’ll kill them amazing book

Book for grown ups. Amazing story and characters. Can't believe they give it to kids to read in schools though! To appreciate it, you need to have lived a little first. I'll tell my kids they're allowed to read it when they're grown up and have kids!

Classic that stands the test of time. This was the one Dickens I hadn't read and I'm glad I took the time. This book has a typically gripping storyline and goes into surprisingly gruesome detail over the horrors of the French revolution. The first chapter or so are a little hard going but persist and you'll be rewarded with a story that ultimately celebrates the indomitable human spirit and that will remind you to make every day count.

AWESOME!!!. I LOVED this book it was so amazing and was just a bliss to read

Ffgg. Haven't read yet

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A Classic for a Reason. What more could I add? It sat in my collection for so long until I finally got around to reading it. It’s been so long since I’ve been challenged to the depth to which I have been reading this. What a masterpiece.

Heart wrenching beauty. A wonderful work! Deeply touching. Forever timeless. Speaks to the greatest and worst of mankind.

Tale of Two Cities. is it even right to rate Dickens? I am exhausted from the beauty of his prose. This is the third time I have read this novel and it keeps getting better and more topical!

Great. So Great when my iPod died I was so mad I had to go to the bookstore to find the end

Ok. Complicated

Salut. Je ne suis pas gentil

Amazing. Different to me than Dicken's other works, but still true to his extraordinary vision of what mankind might aspire to be. Although the story is set 220 years ago, I always find Dickens to be a modern writer.

Great read!. Love the classics, this was a great book.

Powerful and persuasive comments!. All the comments that people left persuaded me to get this book! That is a good thing! P.S. This is a very interesting book and very detailed I recommend this book to people that love mystery books!:)

Great Story. Many times this was very hard to put down. Anxious with anticipation. It is hard to believe mans inhumanity to man.

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Summary of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

The A Tale of Two Cities book written by Charles Dickens was published on 01 January 2000, Saturday in the Fiction & Literature category. A total of 1,988 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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