Broken: A YA Paranormal Romance Novel (Volume 1 of the Reflections Books)Dean Murray

Broken: A YA Paranormal Romance Novel (Volume 1 of the Reflections Books)

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Broken: A YA Paranormal Romance Novel (Volume 1 of the Reflections Books) by Dean Murray Book Summary

Sometimes love finds you when you aren't looking for it.

The accident that forced Adri and her mother to move to a new high school also cost Adri her dad and sister. Adri just wants to blend in and buy herself time to grieve, but two of the most popular, gorgeous guys in school are about to take an inexplicable interest in her.

Adri will be forced into a world where the players aren't all human. She will be forced to choose between Brandon and Alec, and this time the wrong choice could get her killed.

Publisher's Note: Broken is a YA Paranormal Romance book, and is one possible entry point into the books that make up the Reflections Universe. The Reflections Universe is a series of clean books featuring vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and more, which has been written so that it can be safely enjoyed by both teens and adults. Broken is followed by Torn, and is one of several YA books available from Dean.

The Reflections Universe: Some stories are too full of teen shifter romance and heart pounding action to fit into just one series!

Dean Murray is the successful author of three clean young adult paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy series which collectively have more than 470,000 copies in circulation.

Broken: A YA Paranormal Romance Novel (Volume 1 of the Reflections Books) (Dean Murray) Book Reviews

Fantastic!Omg this is the best book ever! At the beginning it was kinda slow but then around the middle of the book, it was so fast paced and amazing. I was surprised i already finished it. Please write more with these two people in it..Score: 5/5

Good readLove all things wolves. A different take than most..Score: 5/5

Not good readI found the first 3/4 of the book to be painful to read. I found myself skipping pages trying to find something to grab my attention. The last part of the book was interesting but everything leading up to it was scattered and uninteresting. Needed to get to the meat of the story a whole lot faster..Score: 1/5

Nothing like twilightLike so many reviews comparing this book to twilight I was put off at the concept... Loving twilight I didn't want to read someone's copycat version.. This is a very compelling story but the author could have cut 1/3 of this book with the manusha of day to day high school drama that Had little to to with the building up to the real story.. The last part of the book is where you really get what the story is about and I'm hoping the sequels don't go like this one did....Score: 3/5

FantasticFantastic i finished the book in a couple if hours and even stayed up til 4:30am finishing the book because i couldnt stop reading it.Score: 5/5

AmazingThis book what sooo good I could not put it down.Score: 5/5

Really slowI was nearly 200 pages into this book still waiting for some type of plot to develop. Around the middle of the book I finally figured out the plot. It's another attempt to copy the Twilight story. I wish authors would stop trying to rip off someone else's story. I didn't bother to read the rest. It's already a boring plotless story, but compared to Twilight it's even more disappointing..Score: 1/5

BreakableIt was a great book that had a lot of big words they didn't make sense other than that it was well written.Score: 4/5

It was okayIt was really slow to get to the actual important parts and when it did, it got boring really fast..Score: 2/5

OMGI looked at the title and the picture and I read the description and I instantly knew this would be my favorite book! I just downloaded it and I hope I <3 it! (;.Score: 5/5

A rewrite could helpYes it's VERY similar to Twilight, but the difference is...(spoilers) Almost 1000 pages are dedicated to building a relationship with Brandon & No real relationship was developed with Alec. Sure he's doing things behind the scene, but no true connection is built. Then, their "love",It's just thrusted on the reader. We are supposed to believe their love when they barely spoke, barely interacted, hardly conversed. As if that weren't bad, a fight to the death was supposed to ensue, instead you cheapened it. I turned to the next chapter confused as hell. Actually went back to see I hadn't missed a chapter. It was Alec coming into his power which could have been an epic read, but you took that! Please consider a rewrite!!.Score: 2/5

Low quality writingI tried, I really tried. The way the story was written, it sounded like a high schoolers aspirations to be a writer when they grow up. A few "smart" words peppered in here or there to try and gussy it up made a sad attempt to pull up the quality of the overall book. The core idea with the legend is a good one, but this book needs a lot of revision in order to turn it into a truly great, original, story..Score: 1/5

Broken by Dean MurrayAlthough I am a huge fan of paranormal fiction, Mr. Murray has written the absolute best novel in regards to the world of shape shifters, etc that I have read in a very long time!! The plot was very believable as well as the storyline between Adriana and the rest of the characters involved.!!!.Score: 5/5

BrokenWow is all I can say... This book was amazing but heart filled and I could not Put my phone Down! I love books but this one really got to me..Score: 4/5

BrokenI love this book it was really good I can't wait till I read the second one... I'm so excited.Score: 5/5

Fabtasing [fabulous, fantastic and amazing]I have to admit that the book didn’t fully grasp my attention at first but within about 20 to 25 pages it had me reading until i ell asleep. Good read. p.s. I never liked Brandon..Score: 5/5

Really badBad attempt at copying twilight..Score: 1/5

Really goodI loved this book i couldn’t put it down very descriptive well done.Score: 5/5

ClichéThe cliques were stereotypical, and while the descriptions were good there wasn’t enough balance with dialogue. Slow and a little too much like Twilight..Score: 2/5

Too slow and then too rushed + confusingImo, the book started off very slowly and was that way up until the halfway mark. then, from there it was all full speed ahead. the ending was very rushed, and it didn’t really make sense for how the book ended considering the circumstances. besides that, i liked how they didn’t completely disregard school despite all the action going on in there lives, which i can’t say for a lot of teen books nowadays. overall, the book could be better, and i am a bit disappointed considering the length of it, but it was an okay read..Score: 2/5

BrokenVery good book. I loved the 1 st in this series and this book is the second. Will look forward to the third book. Hate cliff hangers so now have to buy last book..Score: 5/5

Love TriangleThis was my first novel in this type of genre, I purchased it because it was Paranormal & the price was perfect (free on I-Books). While I found the story was very good & well written it felt like it took forever to get into the story of the book. The author gives a good back story on the main character Adriana & her struggles moving to a new state & trying to overcome personal tragedy. In your typical high school in a small town mentality Adriana finds herself trying to incorporate a new school, personal tragedy, maintain her grades to obtain a college scholarship, find & try to make new friends, & maybe find love. This is when she meets Alec & Brandon. The two most attractive, popular, top of the High School food chain & richest families in town. Alec & Brandon both take an immediate interest & attraction to Adriana, however for very different reasons & this is how our story begins. This a classic high school girl / boy / friends scenario & while the first part of the book is a little tedious & redundant stick with it because once you get into what is going on the story takes off. The second half of this book is action packed & it is one of those page turners that you cannot put down anticipating what comes next. Even though this is the first book in the series I feel like it can be read as a stand alone & I was satisfied with it’s conclusion on it’s own..Score: 4/5

BrokenThis book was an amazing read. This book takes you to that exact place that it wants you to be and you can see the scene happening as you the story. This book is definitely one of my favorites.Score: 5/5

UmmmI'm sorry but this was really pathetic. In the beginning I didn't know what to think of it, but all this stuff and the petty stupid high school assumptions were just terrible. Then when it couldn't get any worse, Dean Murray throws in werewolves. I recommend this book for low life beings just desperate for a read..Score: 2/5

❤️❤️Love it , best book yet that I have ever read ❤️❤️❤️ took me 6 hours to read , worth it !!.Score: 5/5

TerribleThis book is aweful!!!.Score: 1/5

BrockenHi my name is:Amy Jo smith and I want to say that I really like this book and I hope I can read the other books that you right I would really enjoy that. So if you have time please e-mail me back. Thank you for your time and for letting me read this book..Score: 5/5

Too goodOmg love this book👌🏾👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾‼️.Score: 5/5

AwesomeI love broken! I wish I could get the other three books!.Score: 5/5

Great read!!Dean Murray does an excellent job of relating a story of shape-shifters in a time where werewolves have become cheesy and stale. Although it does follow the same storyline of many others: high school misfit befriends more than what she bargains for, the book quickly delves deeper into the characters. This is not a shallow teen romance; the characters and the storyline are timeless. Great read!.Score: 5/5

BrokenWell written! I’m considering purchasing the entire series in hardback format. This is one of those books that I would love to have always on my book shelf. This truly did not disappoint..Score: 5/5

BrokenI usually only review books that have a profound affect on me. I would have never picked this book if I had realized what the story was about, it's not my normal reading material! I am so happy that I did choose it! I was so immersed in the story I couldn't put it down!!!! I am now a HUGE Dean Murray fan and have read Torn and Splintered too! They are equally enthralling as this one! If you read this one, you will want to read all of them! I can't wait for more!!!!!.Score: 5/5

SuspensefulI liked this book! Not quite as described but still a good read that holds your attention. It's kind of weird how the school is divided into two groups instead of diverse divisions like normal. I also don't like how things like "ja'tell" isn't explained and how Adri doesn't question their meaning, act or think like even a mature teen. Alec's, toward the ends, speech changes from teen to old vampire. That along with a few conversations and answers to Adri's questions totally destroy the timeline and ages of all characters. But all in all it's still a good read geared toward teens and young adults that haven't lived through or long enough to question stumbles!.Score: 4/5

Great book couldn't put it downThe characters are well thought out and the story line pulls you in. Leaves you wondering what will happen and needing the next book. Loved it.Score: 5/5

Uh..This was probably one of my least favorite books I’ve ever read. It was so scatterbrained that I had to reread several parts. The reading wasn’t smooth at all. Personally, I hated the main character, but that is a preference. Everything led up to a poor excuse of a fight scene then ended the book two pages afterwards. So much potential, but greatly lacking..Score: 2/5

BrokenThis book was amazing it made me cry but realize a lot of things.Score: 5/5

BrokenGreat work of a good story telling of a great read. Thank you. You kept me wanting more of the reading with the characters and their life story..Score: 5/5

I loved this bookI couldn’t stop reading this book, even if I tried. This is an amazing book. I need to read Torn now..Score: 5/5

Loved this!I couldn’t put this book down! 24hour read 😂💯🤷🏻‍♀️ Loved this book! If u don’t have time don’t start reading this! 💯.Score: 5/5

BrokenThis book was pretty good. I was glad to have finally found a romance that wasn't rated R. The only thing that seemed off was that the characters who were supposed to be 17 had a wide vocabulary and used perfect grammar. Other than that the author used amazing detail and description and developed the characters almost perfectly..Score: 4/5

Broken plot, character and storylineSomebody get this author a shrink, sheesh. Complete ripoff, and yet, without a shred of affection for our selfish heroine. It's clear somebody has "issues"..Score: 1/5

BrokenThis was a great book! Highly recommend reading!!!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!!!One of the best books I've ever read! I can't wait to read the other 2 books!.Score: 4/5

Best book everIt was an amazing, inspiring book at is perfect for everyone interested in paranormal writings and romance. I recommend this book to everyone..Score: 5/5

Worth the readThis was not what I was expecting. I want it to be a miniseries-it’s very well written going into detail in all of the right places. Very excited to read the other books. I give 4 instead of 5 stars because of a few things: the book is trying way too hard to be PG. and I get it with the concept of what’s going on but there are moments the tension needs to be broken somewhere because it’s contant, both between Adri and Alec and the packs. In addition, there’s definitive hints at an ED and no time for that character description, except when it comes to self deprication which just isn’t a personal favorite. Overall, though highly recommend. It’s a fun read!.Score: 4/5

Dont waste your timeSoooooo slowww!!! Boring!.Score: 1/5

It took a lot to continue readingI am sorry but this book was not worth the trouble. It was too slow pass and deranged on. The ending was too quick too. I am sorry but I cannot recommend. I only finished reading it to see if it eventually got better and. To see the ending, but it was not satisfactory at all. I am truly disappointed in this book and the author..Score: 1/5

Great bookWorth the read.Score: 4/5

BestThis is the best book I've read in a long time I'm so hooked now it's worth the five *****.Score: 5/5

Good bookI couldn't wait to come read this book, it's by far one of the best books I've ever read😊.Score: 5/5

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A Must ReadI loved this book! I may be young, but I understood and it just gave me shivers. Entirely unrealistic, but that's what makes it great!.Score: 5/5

BrokenOutstandingly amazing!.Score: 5/5

Good read !Really liked this book ! i enjoyed reading it , it flowed most of the time ! i do have to say that at times, the chapters seem not to flow as they jump from idea to idea, and you feel as if something is missing . also, at times i feel that some questions were unanswered . but besides this , i found this book an easy read and very enjoyable !.Score: 5/5

Wonderful!That was exciting! I wasn't quite expecting what would turn out with Brandon especially when Alec kept popping up. It got me squealing and giggling through it all! And wanting more action and excitement between Alec and Adri. I'm so looking forward on getting my 'paws' on Splintered! :)).Score: 5/5

AmazingSo fantastic, I loved the characters, really well written!!!.Score: 5/5

Good bookThis a great opening book and lays the foundation to what is to come with the rest of the series..Score: 4/5

Book orderThis has got to be one of my favorite series I have ever read. The book order is a bit confusing thought so here is the order I recommend reading them in… 1&2- Broken orTorn (broken and torn are two halfs to the same story) 3-Splintered 4-Forsaken (these two are the next books in the main story line) NEW (there should be a new book coming out for the main story line in April or May 2013) 5,6,7-Intrusion or Trapped or Sent of tears ( these 3 books all tell the stories of different characters who aren't focused on during the novel but can help you understand the world of the author more).Score: 5/5

PerfectAmazing! I never expected a free book to be this amazing! I couldn't put this book down.Score: 5/5

GreatThis book is great.Score: 5/5

Rip off of twilight!!Although this book has a few unique qualities to it, the majority contains too many parallels to twilight to fully deem it totally compelling..Score: 1/5

NiceThe book was amazing. Alec reminds me a bit of edward..Score: 5/5

BrokenWow!! This was an amazing book!! I loved it, so much action but kinda sweet at the same time. I think this is a great book for roadtrips.Score: 5/5

DragsI was excited to start but I couldnt make it to the fourth chapter it was really boring and drags and the girl really has no personality. UnEnchanted is way better. This is just my personal opinion I don't like this book but don't hate me I just don't care for it :).Score: 1/5

AmazingThis book was so intriguing and the use of words was great. definitely one of the best books i've read.Score: 5/5

BrokenSPOILERS!! (Sort of!) I didn't love this book. I felt like it was two totally different books. You can't have a 300 pages of buildup and only have 200 w. a different plot. I thought Adri was irritating and her personality changed. I liked the pack dynamic. I didn't link how Adri went from loving Alec to hating him in a matter of pages. Not a great book, but it was ok..Score: 3/5

Too Clogged Up and SloppyI spoke to an author the other day about what an editor does and while I'm reading this it just becomes so evident how valuable they are: editors clean things up, they help you get your point across without the author using too much description or detail that in all honestly doesn't matter to the reader. The amount of grammar mishaps is disappointing and sentences are confusing and awkward at times. Also, the story proceeds so slowly in the beginning and then all of the sudden jumps and the main character is suddenly in love with a man she thought she hated. The characters very closely resemble Twilight's characters specifically Edward, and this demeanor was boring and predictable as readers have already encountered it. The story line and idea is good and I think if the author had help it could have been a great book but it was just too clogged up and sloppy..Score: 2/5

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BrokenI loved this book! I could not put it down. I am now downloading the next book Torn..Score: 5/5

OmgI loved these books!!!!.Score: 5/5

Good but......This book is good but... I think the author uses the word "several" too much. When ever theres an awkward silence, apparently it went for several seconds. Its a good book but i just think the author could expand on his number usage. Give seven a break.Score: 3/5

Oh wowowowowowowowIt is A-MA-ZING. Best book I have read in ages I love it!!!!!!!! I only wish I could rate it more than five stars. I recommend this to girls aged 12 and up 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Score: 5/5

BrokenI really disliked this book. The plot was difficult to follow, half of the events went unexplained and I found it really hard to stay interested because it starts off very slow..Score: 1/5

ThanxI loved this book but I found the story that Alec is telling but I can not find the follow on (something like the second book)..Score: 4/5

ᎳᎾᎳWow it is the best book I've ever read. I defiantly L❤VED this amazing book! I wish there was another like after it😄 Not like 'torn' but one after that 😜😝😜😍😘😍😘 if it was out of 1000000000 I would give it 100000000000000❕❕❕ you must read this astonishing book!.Score: 5/5

Loved itI loved this book. It was great n adventurous. MUST read. Recommended for all ages.Score: 5/5

BrokenThis book was great, I was so glad I came across this book...defiantly worth reading..Score: 4/5

BrokenWarning: addictive!! Loved it.Score: 3/5

DisappointedThis book is very slow for most of the read. The author doesn't give you enough to keep your interest. Then when things get interesting Adri's personality changes. No continuity..Score: 2/5

BrokenThis is an awesome book!!!.Score: 5/5

Hooked!This book is incredible from the second I started reading it I didn't want to put it down I love reading books like that. Finding out Adri's story kept me hooked!!.Score: 5/5

Love it!I wanted to read it 24/7 but couldn't!.Score: 5/5

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BrokenI seriously never thought I would have enjoyed this story as much as I did. This is the first story I've read that involves shape shifters but I loved it and felt so gutted once I realised that I was nearly at the end of the story. I've really got attached to the characters in the story, especially Alec. I also read it so fast because I was so eager to find out what happened next. Great story and I love dean Murray for being such a great writer! I'm even more excited to read the next of the series for Adri and Alec :D Not a lot of people I know are interested in reading but I'd seriously encourage everybody to begin reading Broken and il know that once they start reading that they will feel drawn into it!.Score: 5/5

Good bookBut the ending sort of came out of nowhere and ended in a weird way. Also how can you go from loving one boy one second and another by the time I've turned a page. Otherwise it's really good. Really emotional when she remembers her dad and sister. And overall kept me hooked. Would recommend.Score: 4/5

Broken :- BORINGI found this book to be terribly boring that I only managed to get half way and that was with determination to try and finish it if you are having a hard time trying to get to sleep buy this book will help good luck to all the people who think this book is a good source of entertainment and FYI this is nothing like twilight..Score: 1/5

GoodI really liked this book. The only criticism I will give is the pace of which Alec and Adriana fall in love. She goes out with Brandon on a Friday, thinks she loves him, and then over the weekend is suddenly in love with Alec. That bit was terribly fast but other than that the story was amazing. 😊.Score: 4/5

BrokenBrilliant story,, not my usual read but couldn't put it down once I started,,totally captivated!! Now for torn...Score: 5/5

PoorNot only were there some blatant twilight rip offs in there, the world the main character is put into is extremely poorly explained..Score: 1/5

SlowThe book is really slow with nothing happening for ages and then leaps to a very unsatisfactory conclusion. Don't recommend, found it hard to read due to the pace. Shame, it could have been good..Score: 1/5

BrokenLoved this book, but didn't realise there was a 'reflections' book to go with it. I am now just starting Torn, which slots together the missing pieces at the beginning of this book. They must be read together to fully appreciate what's happening in both books. Brilliant read would definitely recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.Score: 5/5

BrokenThis book is the best book I have ever read I loved every single bit of it I'm lost for words I can't explain how much I love this book I can't wait till I read the rest of them I'm only 13 but I can't believe how good it is..Score: 5/5

Really goodI really enjoyed this book. I kept wanting to read on and find out what would happen at the end. I do recommend this book!.Score: 4/5

Great bookSuch a good book, definitely recommend..Score: 4/5

Excellent book.I only planned on reading for about half an hour when I started reading this book and the next thing I knew three hours had passed! A great book to get lost in. I am now eagerly awaiting the sequel 'splintered' to be available on iTunes. I was battling sleep until 4am this morning so i could keep reading, I was so hooked! The first thing I did when I woke was grab my iPhone and jump back in where I left off. If you like Twilight, you'll love this..Score: 5/5

Nothing happensNothing happens at all the same dribble until you get to 61% and it’s then still “we can’t tell you” it’s like hurry up it shouldn’t take this long to find out some small peace of information..Score: 1/5

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