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Sean Patrick

Nikola Tesla by Sean Patrick Book Summary

If you want to learn about one of history’s most fascinating minds and uncover some of his secrets of imagination—secrets that enabled him to invent machines light years ahead of his time and literally bring light to the world—then you want to read this book.

Imagination amplifies and colors every other element of genius, and unlocks our potential for understanding and ability. 

It’s no coincidence that geniuses not only dare to dream of the impossible for their work, but do the same for their lives. They’re audacious enough to think that they’re not just ordinary players.

Few stories better illustrate this better than the life of the father of the modern world, a man of legendary imaginative power and wonder: Nikola Tesla.

In this book, you’ll be taken on a whirlwind journey through Tesla’s life and work, and not only learn about the successes and mistakes of one of history’s greatest inventors, but also how to look at the world in a different, more imaginative way.

Read this book now and learn lessons from Nikola Tesla on why imagination is so vital to awakening your inner genius, and insights into the real “secret” to creativity, as explained by people like Jobs, Picasso, Dali, and Twain.

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Book Name Nikola Tesla
Genre Self-Improvement
Language English
E-Book Size 2.01 MB

Nikola Tesla (Sean Patrick) Book Reviews 2023

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Interesting book. Great book

Last sentence is stupid. Thinking about the last sentence. Teslas’s success was based on imagination not in a process... I guess somebody added it to promote other book about creativity

Captivating and Inspiring. This book opens the mind to the endless possibilities of imagination. If you don’t ponder the infinite chamber of your creativeness then you didn’t truly take to heart what was laid before you in this book.

Hidden Gem. The only book I have enjoyed in a long long time. Most books give you hundreds of advice to become successful, this gives you one. And truly, that's all you need. PS: I hope everyone who wronged Tesla is burning in hell right now.

Excellent read. Very well put together book, a lot o research. Every word is right in the money. Must read book

Imaginative. Though the material of the book inspire deep thought, it is not until the last chapter that you really start to question who you are as a thinker.

Insightful. Look for your dots, after finishing this book I realized that there is a lot to connect. Gets you going.

Wow. This book is amazing! I don’t know what else to say!!

Great book! I recommend you to ready it simple and short for your research.. Definitely a good book about Tesla.

Nikola Tesla. I was never exposed to this great inventor and decided to read this book, sure glad I did!!! Great book, makes me appreciate this genius and his non selfish contributions to mankind!!!!!

Nikola Tesla. Fascinating Man!

Inspiring. Profound.. First and foremost, I would like to thank the author for writing this book. Thank you so very much! I’ve known some of this facts for quite some time now, however, it made me wonder why history class at school never talks about this other side of the coin. Growing up, they talked about how great Mr. Edison is, yet failed to mention of this very critical things he had done to Mr. Tesla. To try and ruin someone simply because a new idea/invention is better than the other is so child like. Lastly, how biased and unfair is the justice system. I’m certain that it’s not just here in the US but everywhere else. How the media or some politicians could easily be bribed for 1 greedy man’s desire for control. It’s sickening. Despite of the knowledge we learn from the past, it’s sad that this things still happens to this day.

Great Book!. This book had shed light of how resilient Tesla was. He never gave up. He cared mostly about humanity and not greed. Thank you for writing this book! Sara

Easy read. Nicely written. Read it in one breath.

Great Book. Love it!

Very Telling. As I was reading this fantastic book it came to me that a handful of men have had control of power since the 1800’s. It has been passed down to there namesakes and so on. The sneakiness and thievery continues on. Such a shame! Tesla was a bright and generous human being that didn’t get the credit he was due. Morgan, Westinghouse didn’t get where they are with lack of vile greed. Fantastic read....

Do yourself a favor and read this!. After a long day and an uneventful start to summer I thought I would start my summer reading list. I looked through titles and was not interested. Figured I’d start with a free read, why not? This was an exquisite tale of Mr. Tesla himself and also a close look at how to let one’s own personal light shine. Simply excellent. This was beyond a wondrous start to my summer.

Short and to the point. This was my first book on iBook. I was looking to draw inspiration and this book was perfect. The book gives insight to human ability to surprise its self when creativity is met with persistence 10000hr. It's sums Tesla's journey from his creative approach to hardships he faced. There was a lot from the book i drew. It's short and an easy read.

Basic information. This is a bait and switch for the authors others works avoid this book.

I can dig it. Very interesting and relevantly informative.

Little book with big punch. Really enjoyed learning more about Tesla. I did not know about his work in Colorado. A very insightful thought provoking read!

Knowledge. Amazing book to read and to gain knowledge of the greatest people

Inspiring. An inspiring story for young readers. Ends with strong encouragement,

Mind boggling. The way this book challenges and opens your mind is to no comparison of any novel I’ve came across. Truly a phenomenal read.

Great Story!. Great, quick read. I love the writing style, and I loved learning something new. I can't wait to read about Alexander the Great next.

inspiring read. 👍. awesome snippet into the minds of some of the greats, especially Nikola Tesla. highly recommend

Aye that's pretty good. Not bad

Motivational. Truly a motivational story. I love rift about basketball. Nice work.

Good book. Good book

Can only recommend. Well written, eye-opening read

Amazing. Such a great read! I will definitely recommend to any one looking for inspiration.

WOW. I wonder what type of world we would be living in if Edison had Tesla had a better relationship...

Great Read. Very informative!

A great book for self-motivation. Very inspiring! After reading the stories of how people have achieved their dreams and the technique they have used, it made me confident that I can do it too with determination and consistency. I think I will continue reading more if these to set my thoughts right and keep them in a positive direction. Thank you Sean for this book!

?. I don’t know I am using this for a source and it does not talk about him that much

Every dreamer should read. Those aspiring greatness will find motivation after discovering the hardships nikola Tessa has faced it reminds us that the path to greatness and self accomplishment has many obstacles but we must endure and persevere never give up on our dream.

Good read. Really enjoyed this book

Rip NIKOLA TESLA. This book is amazing and you would love every minute

Perseverance. A true example of perseverance, so motivating.

Droll. This reads like a long winded Wikipedia page

Amazing. Just amazing.. yet so depressing at the same time knowing one man contributed so much to human existence yet how easily his contributions are washed away, attributed to others, smeared, hidden by the government. I am a better person because of this and will be re- reading multiple times alongside independent research to uncover as much as I can.. surprising that he is not mentioned in history books, but then again this existence is cruel. Thank you Sean Patrick!!!

Nikola Tesla. This was a really inspiring and informative book. Nikola Tesla was a great man. I’ve only heard of his name but not the man, just the cars. After reading it, I learned of a fascinating inventor. I still wish and only wonder how much of an impact the Tesla tower would have made if only it were up and running and it worked! 🌏⚡️🌍⚡️🌎

Great Read. Worth reading. Short and to the point.

This ain’t a book. Albeit slightly informative, this literary work is not a book nor is it about Tesla.

Food for thought; exposure to passion. This book had great messages. It made clear that you cannot truly seek greatness but instead you must expose yourself.

Nikola tesla. Great book. Aside learning about a great genius, I also learnt some key lessons in life..

Loved it!. Short and interesting. I would definitely recommend it!

The best book I have ever read so far. Simply a must read book !!

A man we can all learn from. Beautifully written book, containing many important but easy morals to remember and use in everyday life. I find the saddest thing about Tesla is the fact that, even though he brimmed with ideas to change the world and help humanity for the better, many where unable to come to life because of other’s greed and selfishness. But I think that Tesla’s strength and perseverance, even in the most hopeless and darkest of times, should be admired. Try to be the best person you can be, and live the happiest and most self-satisfying life you can! No regrets!

Believe in your imagination. This book changed my perspective about life and when you are doing job for greater good then no need to worry about others. I had read about Telsa during my academics and heard about him through some documentaries. But this book changed my understanding of not only Tesla but about imagination and belief system. I am going to refer this book to my near by folks and friends, thank you!

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Great book. Takes you to a nice journey and let you take a look into Tesla's world. Luckily it is a bit more than informative. I have read a lot about Tesla and different sources telling different stories so I can not consider everything I read in this book is real. Maybe other sources wrong, who knows... By the way this is a great boom and worth to read it.

An insight into an interesting guy. This is a bite sized book which delves into the life of Tesla, an interesting yet still relatively unknown scientist. About a third is devoted to revealing what made Tesla the creative guy he was. For the full secret, you have to buy the author's paid book. I actually got enough from this, so I have to conclude: it's a nice little read.

Great book.. Easy to read ! I enjoyed the book!

Nikola Tesla. A fantastic book with an easy to read format. Hard to put down once started. Can’t wait to read more!

Amazing. Fantastic insight into the struggle and genius of Tesla. Also very interesting ideas on success, genius and creativity. Up to know I used to think specific knowledge was the only way forward for one. However it turns out general knowledge is indispensable when it comes to success. "You need to have dots to connect."

Rev’s review. Incredible read!

Nikola Tesla. A truly inspiration book about the history of Nikola Tesla and what made him so successful.

Great read. Enjoyed it . Amazing it's free. Quite inspiring

Very interesting. I don't find myself reading much but a friend and I were having a discussion about Einstein and tesla's name came up in the conversation. I don't consider myself very knowledgeable in this topic. So I decided to research tesla. And I found this book to be short but very knowledgeable. After reading I find my self thinking 'what if tesla had the money to finish his projects, what would the world be like today' very interesting read. Will keep researching his work.

A must read for all needing that little spark. No pun intended! A great read on the life of a true genius! Sean Patrick has a way of inspiring you though the life of a great! Already started another of his books!

Greatest inventor period. Just found a new mentor

Nikola Tesla. Great insight!

Brilliant. Great book, tells us the story of the most underrated scientist of all time who invented brilliant things we take for granted.

Unique. A very informative book. Really interesting to read about Tesla and his achievements.

Fantastic. Short book, very interesting and inspiring, easy to read, very encouraging, loved it, would definitely recommend!

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Good Read. Easy read, knowledgeable and insightful.

Brilliant inspirational book. I was expecting a dry text about Tesla. What I didn't expect was an entertaining enjoyable read. This book is more about the science of genius and imagination than a dry biography. Inspirational advice and something I am going to get my teenage son to read to show him than anyone can achieve and succeed. Brilliant book

If you read one book this month, make if this.. You will read this if it is meant to find you. It found me and I am very glad it did. In life we find that the littlest and most unsuspecting things strike us to out core and trigger things we have always felt or known but have long denied or questioned. This book will blow your mind at the genius that was, and still is Tesla, and it will open your mind to a new world of self appreciation and imagination. IF, you are ready.

nikola lesla. awesome book read this book

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great read!. excellent read!

A great read!. Well-written, informative and inspirational. Perfect length, too. Highly recommended.

Inspiring Short Book. Nikola Tesla by Sean Patrick was the first eBook I've finished. I enjoyed Nikola Tesla because it's was fun, easy to read and relatively short(50 pages). Thank you Sean for inspiring me to become to best version of myself.

Inspiring. I was on my bad, looking at books to read. Haven’t read a book in a while. I was specifically looking for biographies. I always admired Nicola Tesla and admired all the amazing works he has done for humanity unconditionally. I read the whole thing in one setting. Even though it was nowhere near an entire biography by any means and i am not complaining, i would definitely like to read more from you about other great figures.

Inspiring. An inspiring book, written in a simple English. Very interesting to read and very helpful to read and understand how geniuses give their lives to make our lives better. Thank you

Wow. What an amazing book

Hudson’s review. Over all pretty well put the start was very long

Tesla. Thank you for the delightful read. Tesla has always been a favourite of mine from history.

Outstanding!. An extravagant, informative book! The author combines a wide variety of history from both Tesla and Edison's feud, Tesla's inventions and ideas with a question about your own life and possibilities. This gave me a new perspective on my own life and goals. This is a must read!

Inspirational. This book was a great, it was very inspiring and satisfying as well. It made me really question what was a genius and if I could be one of those people that can change the world. Also reading the biography on Tesla was very satisfying and was not confusing at all to me, even though I had a five week break, in the middle of the book, I was still able to remember almost all of it. If 20 years from now I make a difference and 100 years from now I'm considered one of the geniuses on Earth, I will thank and credit you, Sean Patrick.

Had fun. Fun little read to get you reading and inspired!

Inspiring book. Unfortunately for money. The author is a decent writer and really has an insuring rhetoric to him. Ironically writing about a man who put his knowledge on earth selflessly and without wanting profit, this writer asks you buy his book and give money after your done reading. It's a sad world we live in. Just when you think your reading valuable the request for money gets thrown in your face.

Eye opening and motivational. There are no words in the dictionary to appreciate this book.

Got obsessed with Tesla’s mind.. Tesla needs to be an example for everyone.

Nikola Tesla. This was a truly inspiring read. WIth simplicity and clarity it has motivated me to pursue my own creative endevours with more committment and vigour. Many thanks, Sean.

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Summary of Nikola Tesla by Sean Patrick

The Nikola Tesla book written by Sean Patrick was published on 18 March 2013, Monday in the Self-Improvement category. A total of 2,783 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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