Not You It's Me

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Not You It's Me Book Summary

Gemma Summers is unlucky in love.
She’s known it since third grade, when her first crush blew a spitball into her hair, and a decade-long string of bad dates, boring sex, and abysmal morning-afters has done nothing to improve her prospects.
But when a random radio call-in contest lands her courtside tickets to the hottest playoff game of the season, Gemma’s luck may finally be on the upswing — even if it doesn’t exactly seem like it when the dreaded jumbotron kiss-cam lands on her and her date, who’s too busy ignoring her to notice…

Chase Croft doesn’t date.
Despite ample opportunity as Boston’s most eligible bachelor, the reformed bad-boy would rather put his energy into taking over the family business than weed through a world of gold-diggers to find an honest woman.
But when the beautiful girl in the seat next to him becomes a courtside spectacle at the hands of her loser boyfriend, he can’t help but step in and save the day.

One kiss. Two strangers. No strings attached.
The only problem is, Chase is used to getting whatever he wants. And after kissing Gemma once, he knows one thing…
He wants more.

NOT YOU IT’S ME is a full-length, standalone contemporary romance about a girl who doesn’t believe in love… and the man who changes her mind. Due to sexy-times and strong language, it is intended for readers 17 and up.

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Not You It's Me Book Comments

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Not You It's Me - Julie Johnson Reviews

  • Not You It's Me

    By Tiggy/Cookie
    I enjoyed this book. Loved that it was a long book. I can't give it 5 stars because I certainly have read better. But it was a fun book with a lot of mad cap action. Liked all the characters especially Gemma's friends.
  • Good read

    By Lee__<3
    Loved it
  • Romantic chaotic and sweet

    By SexySteamyHot
    This a real melt your heart story!
  • Not You It's Me

    By Dixilee
    Flows as the excitement builds!
  • Whirlwind

    By RDH-09
    This was a whirlwind romance with fun, lovable characters and just enough suspense. Love, true love, is supposed to be irresistible and out of your control. I loved this book and could not put it down. I read it in a day. (And did nothing else)
  • Great read!

    By Chiefmom03
    I love a book that can make me laugh and has a romantic plot. Couldn't put it down!
  • Entertaining!

    By QZX65
    Enjoyed this read. It held my interest the whole time.
  • Great Read

    By Humma1
    A funny, adventure filled romance with great characters. I would love to see a spinoff from this one.
  • A book you won't be able to put down!

    By CSingh84
    I'm a huge fan of Julie Johnson's writing. I feel like she's one of the undiscovered diamonds of the writing world. Her books are entertaining, funny, emotional, and just overall a great read. Each one has been different in content, and I'm so glad to see that trend continue with Not You It's Me. The only thing that hasn't changed from one book to the next is the consistency with which she writes and captures my attention. When I first started reading this book, I initially felt it was going to be a typical romance featuring a billionaire. Here's what I thought would happen because I've read quite a few. Man and woman meet, they're smitten with one another, they immediately fall into bed, then deal with their emotional baggage, and finally float off into the sunset on a yacht. Well I should've known this book would be different. After all, Julie wrote it, and she hasn't written anything "typical" yet! I loved Gemma and Chase. I could totally relate to Gemma's character. She's trying to find her place in the world and what she wants. All of her friends are settling down and she's thinking she wants to do the same. She's a little clumsy, but she's a go-getter. She'll go after what she wants, sometimes without thinking things all the way through. I really liked Chase too. Yes he was hot and swoon worthy, but it was obvious he cared for Gemma, no matter how brief their interaction. He was honorable and charming. It was also clear he hadn't had the easiest time growing up, even if he did have a silver spoon in his mouth. I liked how he was willing to do whatever to keep her safe. He's an alpha, but he's not shoving that down her throat. The two of them had some amazing chemistry. The kiss they shared that sparked something between them is proof of that. I liked how believable their relationship was. It might have developed quickly, but it didn't feel that way. I think what I loved most about this book was the mixture of laughter, romance, and the twists. I never knew what was going to happen next, and I loved it! It made for such a wonderful reading experience. I couldn't put this book down and I was often laughing aloud or putting my hand over my racing heart. There's so much more that makes this book amazing beyond Gemma and Chase. I loved Gemma's mother and her advice for her daughter. I both laughed my heart out at it and mentally cringed while picturing my mother doing the same. I absolutely loved Gemma's friends. Those two were hilarious! I loved how they supported Gemma unconditionally. Julie Johnson has really done a wonderful job with this book. My review in all honestly in no way does it justice. The magic of Julie's masterful story telling skills can only be experienced by reading one of them. If you're looking for a great beach read this summer, something to make you laugh and lift your spirits, or just a great story, this book is for you. I can not wait to see what great story Julie writes next!

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