The Survivalist (Judgment Day)

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The Survivalist (Judgment Day) Book Summary

Judgment Day is the third book in a series described as "a cross between Justified and The Walking Dead." The United States continues to devolve into total lawlessness as it struggles to recover from a pandemic that left billions dead. Gangs of convicts sweep through towns, raping and murdering with impunity. Opportunistic warlords build private armies with the hopes of expanding their influence. And infected survivors continue to mutate, growing stronger and more psychotic with each passing day.

Deputy Marshal Mason Raines tracks a band of mercenaries responsible for poisoning hundreds of his fellow lawmen. Terribly outnumbered, he must resort to drawing the attention of an adversary even more dangerous than the soldiers of fortune. As the nation's last living marshal, Mason must once again remind his enemy that no one is above the law.

Meanwhile, Tanner and Samantha travel to Salamanca, New York, to grant a dying man's last wish. Together, they must overcome all manner of evil, including satanic worshipers, murderous road warriors, and a tunnel-dwelling creature that is anything but human. Their only hope of surviving the perilous journey is to work together in ways they never thought possible.

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