iPhone User Guide for iOS 10.3

iPhone User Guide for iOS 10.3 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here's everything you need to know about iPhone, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPhone, straight from Apple. The iPhone User Guide is an essential part of any iBooks library.

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iPhone User Guide for iOS 10.3 (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews

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- Lil Johna5 star

Lil John

- iPhone XR is the best5 star

Your so awesome Cool

- iPhone User Guide1 star

This "book" needs a table of contents and an index. But thanks for the page numbers.

- No1 star

No no no no none no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

- قدثثذثثسبس3 star


- Nice5 star

Loved it.


I don’t have enough breath to express the amount of good positive things I had to say about this product! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE

- Amazing5 star

5 starts

- 👍good5 star

👍 goood

- iPhone 4s4 star

I have read the reviews and have understand 50% of it but I want to know more about it.

- How to use the I-Phone 7Pluse5 star

A very good detailed & thorough read!!!

- Cxc de dos didddfx dxcdd1 star

I SDSU dcccccfcfcfxwxxfxfxxxxfxxvxcffdf de XX dxddxd wxedrrfx d

- Meh1 star

This is total crap

- Very Helpful4 star

This book is very helpful in teaching a new iOS user how to maximize using great features, that otherwise would not be known about. This does teacher many things, although it is not he most interesting book. I understand that I did not try to read this in a week, but it took me several months to actually finish it. By the time I finished reading it they already came out with iOS 11.3. Many people would not read or enjoy reading this because of the length of it and the type of book it is. Many people would get bored and not have the discipline to finish it. Overall this book was helpful, although it is not needed to use an iOS device.

- Hi2 star

We will figure it out. Thank you.

- A5 star

On top to rate

- IPhone User Manual4 star

I look at this book all the time. But some of the areas I’m interested in are very basic. I need just a little more info. Other areas are harder to understand. I’ve also seen that you allow some of the functions to be tried, right from the book. But not others. I have to close out the book, do it a couple times and return to the book. Would be nice to be able to practice it while the book is out and I’m reading it. Other than that.....this book is my right hand, when I’m using the phone. Thank you

- Radin5 star


- Hey5 star


- Very good manual5 star

Very good manual read all of it and learns a lot.

- Like apple books1 star

Yes yes

- lol1 star

it was so boring ugh

- Great book5 star

This book is great for iPhone users like n Me

- All title5 star

All review

- Great5 star


- HThanks did innEWWWsrygxrfpnl5 star

K Madrid

- Volumetric5 star


- Ggoodc5 star

In love good buuyyy 12/-9

- Good read5 star

Good information for iPhone liked it.

- Q5 star


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- Some things on your iPhone five that you might not know?!5 star

10 out of 10

- A likeee5 star

I like

- Good Whhen you get used to the format _iBooks3 star

Don’t really like iBooks or format but am forced to use it because this manual dos not come in PDF format (which I find much friendlier). But, having gone thorugh this manual I find it to be okay - not great- just okay.

- User Guide Iphone 6PLUS ???? EN FRANCAIS????3 star

Peut-on l'avoir en version française svp????

- Jmynecddy bdybnee eexmeenhshg Hen3 star

C rucl

- Noice5 star

Good book explained a lot

- Who knew...5 star

iPhone could do so much! It really is a personal assistant. I wouldn't have known all its capabilities without reading the user guide. It's written very well: not too technical, easy to understand and even interesting!

- Et ceux qui ne parle qu'en français ?5 star

Qu'attendez-vous, Apple ? De nous l'offrir en français ,c'est L'une des langues les plus utilisées dans le monde ???

- God5 star


- Way too long3 star

It's very informative but it's so long 😰 Like over 600 pages

- iOS 10.2 worst thing ever1 star

This update is horrible. Fonts are horrendous but worse Safari does NOT work at all. Errors. Server timeouts. Can't submit forms. This was never an issue with 10.1. Work harder and faster to fix it 😡

- Guide iPhone1 star

Un guide pour les usagers de la langue française s'il vous plaît !

- Hardly3 star

It is the worst thing ever

- Can't be read on iTunes!1 star

Description says it can be read on my computer using iTunes. That is false, when I try to read it, iTunes tells me to use an iOS device. I don't understand why any iBook format is locked to an OS. It should be readable by iTunes on anything. Extremely frustrated. Can I give 0 stars?

- The How5 star

All you need to know is in one place. This reference will teach you how to get the most convenience from your device.

- iPhone5 star

This book is a manual to operate a iPhone

- iPhone Books5 star

Have always downloaded these n keep them in iBooks - come in handy, there's always something u didn't know about!

- Mounir iphone55 star


- iPhone5 & ipod5 star

Thankful Someone ues my account, pls help me. Locations- Chittagong, Bangladesh

- IOS 10.35 star

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

- Can't read in iTunes on PC1 star

Apple have deliberately made the user guide un readable , incompatable with iTunes Books on a PC. just bought a iPhone SE and can only read the ios 10.2 guide on the phone. what people need to do is read the guide and operate the phone at the same time. This is quite frankly an utter disgrace. Insanly irritating, very poor customer treatment by Apple who should fix this and make the guide readable in itunes books.

- Essential5 star

One of those 'must have' downloads to make sure you're getting the most out of your iPhone and to answer those niggling questions of 'how to...'. You can use the search function as well, thankfully, so you don't have to wade through hundreds of pages!

- iPhone SE3 star

I can't believe Apple make info so hard to get! I don't wish to read manuals on my iPhone so why aren't they in pdf form so they can be read anywhere - in my case on a PC.

- iPhone guide5 star

Definatly get one as it's all you need to know about your phone there's things i didn'teven know great

- Amazing5 star

It's very handy if you do not no what you are doing

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- Very in depth review5 star

This app is great. At first, I was puzzled. Then I got this and I was great!

- IPhone User Guide for iOS 10.34 star

I already read about IPhone User Guide for iOS 10.3 because I Like to read about IPhone User Guide for iOS 10.3. Questions, Concerns, Please let me know about your Phone. Thank you.

- Ibook5 star

Perfect for what I needed to know since I switched to iPhones I'll never use anything but I absolutely love it

- 😍5 star

Big like tanks

- iphone5 star

Apps use

- Ok5 star


- Ugh5 star


- Feature not listed in manual. 👎🏻👎🏻1 star

I find it amazing that a manual that is suppose to tell you how to operate ALL the features of the iPhone does not have anything listed for "Key Repeat". I open the manual and search "Key Repeat" and nothing is found. If the feature is in the settings area on the phone one would think they would tell you what it does and how to use it. I know I have it set up correctly but it's not working. I thought with iOS 10.3 it would be fixed but it still does nothing. Some manual you have here Apple. 👎🏻👎🏻

- Destiny and it's future5 star

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- ...and as we pass the hat around...5 star

Please keep in mind Barbara Walters steered a show that VERY closely has the same name. <>>... OR... Yes. I do love me some ARI ana Grande pics. .. (R-E-View) Next please. I've got $13Million to spend in Apple Pay through Apps products, family plans...however I see fit...(inheritance money). :-)

- Learn5 star

I don't have time to finish the book yet.I need more time.

- Mr Kevin J Kenney's Dimpola's life.5 star

I love Student ID inside numbers fact link "penzu"! WHOA!

- iPhone guide 10.2 or larger5 star

This has been a great help too me. I would give it a five star.

- Thanks apple very usefull5 star

Thanks apple great book

- Oliver1 star


- william arriagas iOS heisei5 star


- Hi5 star

Oh it is great........

- Helpful5 star

Very helpful. Highly recommend it to new iPhone users.

- Users guide review5 star

As I was reading the users guide, it did not state the importance of what to do when: 1) My gps/location stated that it was on. 2) but, when I used the maps app. it stated that I need to turn my gps on. 3) I just bought this iPhone 7, so this kind of thing should not happen. 4) Does the maps app state a plan of emergency as the maps app malfunctions as mine did (as I was using it on the highway)? 5) I adore my iPhone, so do my friends and family, so please do not tarnish the reputation of the iPhone with these mishaps. 6) Thank you.

- I phone book4 star


- No troubleshooting guide3 star

When something is not working as it should, as is happening to the calls function on my iPhone 7s now, a troubleshooting guide would be great to have.

- A Microsoft user5 star

This was very helpful for my new iPhone

- Really?1 star

Every other item we buy comes with a FREE "user guide".

- Great5 star


- User Guide5 star

Good reference if you forget how to do things with your phone.

- Good3 star


- What's happened to the Real Apple1 star

I agree with Litwin. Too much JUNK!

- Fgsfhh2 star


- nice5 star


- User guide5 star

Very informative and useful information. I wish I had read it sooner.

- Cheatanano. Updates iOS 10.0.2 iOS software5 star




- Helpful5 star


- The book 📚5 star

It was a good book and thanks for making iPhone 📱 it was the best idea 💡 ever made in history on phone 📱

- Support5 star


- good but what the hell 518 pages 🙄 duh4 star

this 📚 is friken 518 pages O.M.G

- nay aung5 star

very very

- Pass on this update1 star

(This is actually a review for iOS 10, since there's nowhere to review that.) Apple is turning into Microsoft, constantly interrupting what you're doing to pester you with update notices, changing its appearance the last 2 years to what I can only describe as "Windows 95", taking away the options or making it way to difficult for their customers to personalize their devices according to their own preferences, being so obsessed with changing SOMETHING that they ruin everything good & can't even see what might actually benefit from a makeover, thus chaotically & illogically complicating their whole OS by adding several steps (if not, actual obstacles) to do things that used to take only one & making the whole experience of "up"dating a maddening one! It's so absurd, using "smart phones" has become like trying to read a giant novel that has only one word per page!

- Awesome 👏🏻5 star

I like this book. It gives people what they wanna learn about the iPhone 📱. But anyways, awesome book, Apple!

- App iPhone iOS2 star

Add books

- Everything you need to know.5 star

This guid outlines everything you need to know about your iPhone and the latest operating system.

- 😘😑💕😴😭5 star

Extra booklet?

- User guide for iOS 104 star

Lots and lots of good information for both beginners and those who just want to be refreshed.

- Apple Support5 star

Apple iphone6s plus A 1522&128GB Gold

- Fairly complete4 star

The book is Fairly complete though it says how to merge contacts but not how to unmerge them, e.g. Edit, click correct dot and select unmerge option.

- Engineer1 star

it is poorly setup and doesn't allow a person with visual limiations to get a copy to read outside of a computer, phone, or ipad screen.

- Love it5 star

Thanks you very help me I give it 5 STARS RATE! 😄

- iOS 103 star

The new upgrades are cool, but the invisible text dose NOT work.

- Hey2 star

That it did not give a lot of information

- A+5 star


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