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A Harmless Little Game

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10015904921141045709
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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A Harmless Little Game Book Summary

Four years ago I lost my virginity on live, streaming television.

Too bad I wasn’t awake for it.

The video went viral. Of course it would. A Senator’s daughter on camera? Wouldn’t you click “share”? Besides, that’s what three of the four guys in the video did.


They shared me.

But that fourth guy? The nondescript one in the background in the upper left corner of the screen, just sitting on the couch? The only one who did nothing?

Not one single thing.

That was my boyfriend, Drew.

And that was the last time I saw him.

Until today, when my father—now on a path to the White House—hired him as head of security for my new team as I return home after four years of “recovering” in an undisclosed location that involved white lab coats, needles, pills and damage control.

You see, the other three guys never went to jail. Never had charges pressed.

Never faced consequences.

Until today.

Game on.

* * *
A Harmless Little Game is the first in this political thriller/romantic suspense trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine.

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A Harmless Little Game Book Comments

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A Harmless Little Game - Meli Raine Book Reviews

  • A harmless little game (Dumbtohav to pickaname)

    I hate a book that doesn’t have an ending and you have to buy he next book! I’m so glad I skipped to the end to see. Will not get another of her books.
  • Wonderful read (Cammie1969)

    Enjoyed this book very much. Can’t wait to continue the series.
  • Great (Rina31)

    I could not put it down!
  • Good story line (MHEmomma)

    I found this story by an ad on Facebook and it intrigued me. I like the passion between Lindsay and Drew. I don’t understand the shadiness of her candidate father but I’m hoping the next book in the series can help clear some of That up.
  • Read all 3 in a month! (Giirrrlllaaa)

    I loved this series so much! After reading the first one had to get the other two to see how it ended..definitely couldn’t put it down! I recommend them all !!
  • Another cliffhanger....... (Never Enough...)

    The story is interesting but not enthralling. I almost abandoned the read midway, but stuck it out, only to find it's not a standalone. Arrrr!
  • Harmless Little Game (F4536)

    Sorry ending. Left us hanging.
  • Amazing! (DoodleBug517)

    I read this in one night because I couldn’t put it down. It’s so great and I can’t wait to read the next one! I’m definitely hooked on this series!
  • It deserves more than 5 (krazzykitten230)

    This book is just amazing! Deserves more recognition! It had me feeling all emotions at once, can’t wait to start the next one!
  • This book is awesome!!! (hawtcoffee)

    Loved it

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