The Cupcake Cottage Book Reviews

Jean Oram

The Cupcake Cottage by Jean Oram Book Summary

A best friends to lovers hockey romance.

My coach is playing matchmaker.

And that’s a problem because I work with this beautiful and distracting woman.

Also, she’s my best friend’s ex making her very off limits.

I also might be crushing on her. Hard.

That’s a hat trick of reasons to say no. But if I don’t follow coach’s playbook on and off the ice I’ll be benched. Kind of like my heart.

If I say yes to this fake-dating plan…well, it could save my reputation (nice guy, wrong place, wrong time, etc., etc.) as well as get me those deals I so desperately need. It could even help out my teammates who’ve worked too darn hard to have their captain trash it all because he’s afraid to fake it with his friend.

To hold her hand.

To kiss her in front of the cameras.

To show her how she should be truly treated by a boyfriend—pampered and cherished.

And maybe to show her how I really feel…

Laugh, cry and fall in love along with these two meant-to-be characters as they stumble their way toward true love. This sweet romance is set in the same charming small town world as Jean Oram's The Cowboys of Sweetheart Creek, Texas series. Enjoy! (These are slow burn, closed door hockey romances.)

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Book Name The Cupcake Cottage
Genre Contemporary Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 1.89 MB

The Cupcake Cottage (Jean Oram) Book Reviews 2024

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Cute, clean, quiet little romance.. It’s a sweet friends to forever romance with some speed bumps along the way. I’d read it again.

Highly Recommend. I loved this book, it wasn’t like most love stories I have read and didn’t want the story to end 💖✨

Very tasteful and good feeling book. I like that this wasn’t to detailed when it came to the flirting side by that meaning it didn’t get to sexual it was very tasteful and made me feel like I was in high school again.

Loving the friend’s girl. Light sweet romance, friends with fake relationship that becomes real. You end up rooting for both characters.

Great read. Daisy-Mae and Maverick are perfect for each other.I loved this sweet story that brought these two together. I liked that they both genuinely cared for each other from the beginning and Daisy didn’t shy away from telling Maverick what she wanted and needed( sometimes she needed to tell him a second time). There were sweet and tender moments and romance. I would definitely recommend this book and look forward to reading the next book in this series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Boring. Okay, but kinda boring.

Good. So good

Love is worth the bumps in the road. The story is a sweet, humorous, contemporary fake-dating to real romance. I like the two main characters and the chemistry between them. What was meant to help repair Maverick’s reputation becomes a real relationship. But what happens between Maverick and Daisy-Mae when his tarnished reputation is sparkling again? The story was a very enjoyable read and I want to read more stories in the series.

The Cupcake Cottage is adorable!. The Cupcake Cottage written by Jean Oram. It’s a wonderful love story. Love for hockey and love for Maverick and love for Daisy-Mae. It’s a secret slow burn with lots of cute little times leading to a massive fire at the end! Let’s see how long they can hide their feelings when they are pushed together, shall we?

Sweet like a cupcake. I love that there was no fussing and fighting or sex. Just a good story.

Sweet entertaining story. I could not put down this book! I love a story of friends to fake/real relationship to help Maverick’s reputation. Daisy-May has been friends with Maverick since they were kids and had always been their for each other even while she was in a relationship with his best friend for years. Maverick and Daisy-May relationship is emotional, heartfelt and you root for their their relationship. I totally enjoyed reading The Cupcake Cottage and highly recommend reading this entertaining story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Great romance. If you want to feel good, something to take you away from everyday problems read it! I loved this book. It’s part of a series, that is also connected to another series. I like to read the whole series, love the continuing stories of same characters. Makes me feel like I’m reading about my friends.

Fun Fake Relationship. This is a sweet story about high school friends who become much more. He is now an NFL hockey team captain. She had been a beauty queen who never went to college and is chock full of insecurities even though she's got wonderful business skills. She gets a highly responsible job with his hockey team. They are maneuvered into a fake boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but soon realize that the other is interested in a real relationship. Great characters, fun story.

Best Friends in Love. Daisy-Mae and Maverick have been best friends forever and secretly in love. They both work for the San Antonio Dragons hockey team. She’s a former beauty, queen and he thinks she’s out of his league. He’s the team captain, and she thinks he’s out of her league. The team manager decides they should pretend to date to help Mavericks reputation and it would be great PR for the team. As they spend time together, they quickly realize that there is more than just a pretend relationship. Will it be love for keeps? A very fun and charming love story. I recommend this book.

Sweet and fast-paced. Nice read, simple and clean

Loved this story. There were no dirty details here, but the story was still good. I love hockey romance.

Mwah chefs kiss 💋. Loved this! They had their spicy times but it never got bad. Clean but your heart does loops🫶🏻🫶🏻

Very vanilla. It was mid

Sweet storyline. This was a quick enjoyable read i definitely recommend!

Content Living. This wonderful story puts the subtle parts out of tweaking into the full written book. The ending where the next book appears does nothing to away the totally committed finish this book brings to a readers delight.

Cute Story. Daisy Mae and Maverick have been friends for years, each crushing on the other but never saying anything. Daisy has to insecurities to overcome. Maverick needs to recognize that Daisy needs his presence, not just declarations of love. I enjoyed reading this story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Cupcake cottage. I loved this book. It was so much better than the title suggested. I really like sports love stories with real life applications. I laughed at some of the original comparisons.

A fun read!. I enjoyed the banter in this book, it was nice to see a couple enjoy themselves so much. You will love it as well!

Love it. I love this book and this author! As usual, I couldn’t put it down!!! Can’t wait for the rest of the series!!!

Hello world. Easy to read. Sweet relationship. Stood out as one of the few books in the genre that handles conflict in a healthy way.

Love this book so much. LOVE. They are literally so cute together and I couldn’t put this book down it was soooo good

Slow start- but good story. I almost quit reading at the schoolgirl silliness crushing over the jocks beginning. Glad I kept reading. It is about a relationship with a history (not a two-week-wonder that we’re expected to believe has a solid future.) A story with values, family and friends, and understandable challenges.

Charming Story. I adored Daisy Mae and Maverick. I liked seeing their friendship grow and blossom into more. Daisy is sweet and intelligent but doesn’t know how wonderful she truly is. Maverick is kind hearted and supportive. Together they make a great couple. If you’re looking for a fun, feel good story this might be the book for you. I look forward to reading the next book.

Heartwarming book. Another heartwarming book in the series by Jean Oram. Such a sweet story of a single pro hockey player, Landon, who finds himself raising his best friend’s orphaned daughter. Rylnn is a little girly-girl princess which is totally foreign to Landon. He meets Cassandra who is a single mom with a five year old son that is All boy. She’s trying to renovate a lodge into a wedding venue but needs help with the finances. Four people come together to help each other cope with their individual needs. I loved the way Jean Oram wove this storyline.

Sweet, heartwarming, fun, small town romance. The Cupcake Cottage is a sweet, heartwarming, fun, small town romance. I love Daisy-Mae and Maverick. Ms. Oram writes the best romances and this one was so much fun to read. This well written book held my attention from page one and I just kept reading. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Cupcake Cottage. ARC for honest review with no compensation Received from Prolific 4.5 stars The Cupcake Cottage is book 1 in the new series Hockey Sweethearts by Jean Oram. This sweet, romantic read is well written with lots of depth to the story. You can’t go wrong with any book written by Ms. Oram! Even though this is the start of a new series we get to see old friends from prior series too! We start with Daisy Mae, Maverick and Myles who have grown up together and now Maverick decides it time to step it up to win Daisy Mae’s heart…read on to see how it all ends…

Enjoyed it!. From a book lover... warm, quick, clean romance

Great read!. The characters are perfect & move the story along! Just what a romance should be!

Charming read!. This is a lovely friends-to-lovers story and a forced proximity story. It’s filled with sweet gestures, lots of misunderstandings, and a delightful happily-ever-after ending. Daisy-Mae and Maverick have been friends since they were children. Now, they both work for the San Antonio Dragons, a hockey team. Maverick is the captain of the team, and fighting back from some trouble he got into with his former team. Daisy-Mae is the guide for the team’s mascot, her friend, Violet. Daisy-Mae, a former winner of many beauty pageants, thinks Maverick is way out of her league. He thinks the same of her. But they’ve each had a crush on the other for a very long time. When the coach decides they should pretend to be dating to help Maverick’s reputation, there’s little they can do about it, if they want to keep their jobs. As they spend time together, it quickly becomes clear that there’s more there than pretend and friendship. This was a charming, amusing, and engaging story. I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend it if you enjoy clean romances. I received a free e-copy of this book from the author. I appreciate her generosity, but it had no effect on this review. All opinions in this review reflect my true and honest reactions to reading this book.

What a great book!. Cupcake cottage by Jean Oram was such a lovely friends to lovers book. It was nice to see how Maverick,Daisy-Mae’s one in a million,was mindful of her and treated her well. I am planning on reading the whole series and recommending it to other people. It is a must read romance novel! Daisy-Mae is such a strong character and cares for Maverick. I love how she is so open to him!

They start as a publicity stunt. They start as a publicity Stunt. Maverick has a crap reputation. He is a one and done dater and then presumed cheater with an owners wife. That one isn’t true. But he needs Daisy-Mae to rehab his reputation. She used to date his friend. But Mav keeps ditching her when she needs him most and he doesn’t quite make up for it or own up to his fault in that. He just magically assume she knows. Did Daisy-Mae deserve better? Probably. She is the one who keeps doing all the hard work and giving in. Purchased.

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Rating-. 3.5

A wonderful read from start to finish.. This is Maverick and Daisy-Mae's story and it will make you laugh, it will make you cry and it will make you swoon as we follow them on their adventure to romance! It’s a sweet, clean contemporary romance about two people, friends for years but nothing more until Maverick needs his reputation to be saved and Daisy-Mae is just the person for the job. A wonderful read from start to finish.

Beautiful. So beautiful. Wonderful love story

Perfect. This booked captured me from the beginning a real page turner Didn’t want it to end

Couldn’t put it down. Absolutely loved this book - read it all in one afternoon sitting on a lazy Sunday!!

A gentle romance. I would definitely read more books from author.

Best book ever. Best book ever

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Daisy-Mae. A sweet friends to more romance with lots of emotion. This is the first book in a new series but if you have read The Cowboys of Sweetheart Creek series you will recognise lots of the characters. Daisy-Mae is a character that I have fallen in love with and I am so glad we finally got to read her story. This book is a fun read with a happy ending.

Don’t bother ... What a boring read .. like 2 teenagers love story just kisses on the cheek , no heat , no passion

A fun read, highly recommended. I loved this book from start to finish

The cupcake cottage. A thoroughly delightful novel . Of your sweethearts finding there soulmate .

Don’t bother. I didn’t enjoy this. All the wrong cliques

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This was so sweet and cute. This was so sweet and cute. Daisy-Mae and Maverick have been friends forever, and without really realizing it, they’ve been waiting for one another. I loved that this story puts a twist on the fake relationship theme while still managing to incorporate all the dramatic tension and angst that the twist should have cancelled out. I also really liked the central themes in this book of showing AND telling the people close to you how important they are, and how special it is to be seen for your authentic self by the person you love and who loves you. I’m already starting to be fascinated by this little hockey family and I can’t wait to read more about the rest of the team. I received a complimentary copy of this book through Booksprout.

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A wonderful romance. This couple has been friends for so long and now that a fake relationship is required, they each have the opportunity to explore the emotions they’ve hidden for so long. And it all goes so right until the busyness of life catches up to them. What is worth the sacrifice? I greatly enjoyed this relatively romance and the strong, well-developed characters. I appreciate how the relationship and the values are the focus and not the physical.

Finding the one.. Daisy-Mae has had a crush on her friend Maverick for a long time but he doesn’t seem to feel the same way. She would do anything to help his career, including fake date him when Maverick’s coach suggests it. Fake dating is fun because so much can go wrong. This sweet romance with so many interesting characters was very entertaining.

Happily Ever After. And once again, the whole book just puts a big smile on your face! Jean Oram definitely had a knack for sweet love stories. If you want a heartfelt story of long time friends who fall in love, while faking it, this is it! It’s a simple story, but the details are well thought out and it’s very easy to visualize everything happened and connect to the characters. There’s also a few unexpected hints at other couples in the series, and moments of emotional connection that make the simple story, a little less simple (in a good way!) Can’t wait for the next one!

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Summary of The Cupcake Cottage by Jean Oram

The The Cupcake Cottage book written by Jean Oram was published on 05 May 2022, Thursday in the Contemporary Romance category. A total of 1,521 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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