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The Pawn

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4932441011166560955
  • Book Genre: Romance
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4.5 star
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The Pawn Book Summary

The price of survival…

Gabriel Miller swept into my life like a storm. He tore down my father with cold retribution, leaving him penniless in a hospital bed. I quit my private all-girl’s college to take care of the only family I have left.

There’s one way to save our house, one thing I have left of value.

My virginity.

A forbidden auction…

Gabriel appears at every turn. He seems to take pleasure in watching me fall. Other times he’s the only kindness in a brutal underworld.

Except he's playing a deeper game than I know. Every move brings us together, every secret rips us apart. And when the final piece is played, only one of us can be left standing.

THE PAWN is a full-length contemporary novel from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren about revenge and seduction in the game of love. 

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The Pawn Book Comments

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  • colbert1
    5 stars
    Review. A very good series all three
  • Pheenah
    1 stars
    Edit the book information. “THE PAWN is a full length...” NO IT IS NOT. It’s actually a three part series. Information needs to be edited to reflect that. Can seem inconsequential unless you’re someone who doesn’t like series or someone who has a book/time budget that doesn’t include the price/readingtime, of book 2 & 3.
  • lmpanthermom
    5 stars
    Thrilling!. I had no idea what to expect from this. It’s amazing! Gabriel and Avery are such opposites. Fire and ice. Light and dark. Good and evil. The push and pull of power play is intoxicating. So many secrets unraveling. Need to know more! Buying Knight right now!
  • Donkidoo
    5 stars
    Phenomenal. What a great story. Kept me on edge, I'm still on edge! Loved it! I kept trying to put it down but I couldn't. Great read. Making plans to purchase the rest of the series, gotta find out how this ends. Phenomenal job Skye!
  • Mrspicklee
    5 stars
    The pawn. Loved this book. Great story! Can't wait to read the next one. Leaves you in awe. Love this author. Will definitely be following her. Thanks again for the great story.
  • User072119
    4 stars
    Dark and Sexy. The Pawn is a dark and sexy new adult romance with characters and a story that will have you struggling to decide how you're truly feeling towards them. Skye Warren's writing will make you unable to step away from Avery and Gabriel. I can't wait to unravel more of the mystery behind Gabriel Miller in The Knight.
  • Kaswilli
    4 stars
    Let the games begin. This story is so different from what I've read. I honestly don't know what to think. I was sucked in from the start. The mystery. The games. Avery is so innocent. With life, with herself. I feel bad that she never knew what the world could be. Gabriel better redeem himself. I'm confused as to what to make of him. Should I like him? Should I think he's a monster? We all want that cold hearted man to change. I can't wait to see what happens in The Knight! Checkmate indeed!
  • ACruz2
    5 stars
    Wow. I just finished The Pawn and wow I think I have a love/hate feeling for this book. I'm hate love Gabriel. You see glimpses of tenderness but, then he strikes. I hate/love Avery too! She's so innocent to fall for his tenderness then, when he strikes she looses! Checkmate is right! I can't wait to read the next book in this series. This book had me all tied up in emotion! I highly recommend it!
  • Clarisssabell
    5 stars
    Great book. This book left me in suspense. I could not wait to read the next book to find out what happens to Avery and Gabriel.
  • manaship49
    5 stars
    Amazing!!. This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I can not wait for the next book to come out!!

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