Trailer Trash

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Trailer Trash Book Summary

Neely Kate Mystery series is a companion series to the New York Times best selling Rose Gardner Investigation series. 

Neely Kate Coulson’s life is a carefully built house of cards—and now her newly discovered half-sister is threatening to collapse it. While everyone thinks Kate Simmons was neutralized when she was incarcerated in a psych ward, Neely Kate knows better. Her sister has been sending her letters threatening to expose her past, only Neely Kate has stuffed so many secrets into every available crack and cranny, she has no idea which ones could be dragged into the light. 

Growing up with an abusive, drug addicted mother taught Neely Kate to play the game—to be whoever she needs to be in whatever situation she finds herself in. But thanks to her best friend, Rose, she’s discovered she mostly prefers being herself. For the first time in her life, she has a lot to lose—a job, a plan for the future, and an adoring half-brother who happens to be the Chief Deputy Sheriff of Fenton County. But topple one card down, and all of them will fall. Everything she’s built could be lost in an instant.

Neely Kate knows she needs help, but when she reluctantly turns to Rose’s bodyguard, Jed Carlisle, she faces a far more dangerous threat—only this time her heart is on the line. 

Reading order:

Family Jewels (Rose Gardner Investigations #1)
Trailer Trash (Neely Kate Mystery #1)
For the Birds (Rose Gardner Investigations #2)

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Trailer Trash Book Comments

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Trailer Trash - Denise Grover Swank Reviews

  • Excellent

    By Inuvik
    Definitely different from Rose Gardner books. It was just as delightful and mysterious. Neily Kate's darker side comes out into the open and her surprising side kick sets it perfectly. Love love love!
  • Waste of Time

    By Frustrating too
    I can't understand what the rave reviews were about. Nothing exciting happened in this book. It was very misleading mentioning NK's sister. You would have thought she would have more of a part in this book. And the brother had no input to the storyline. The ending was very disappointing. There should have been more to this story to tell but it just ended flat.
  • Left Me Hanging.....StayAway

    By Bob852201
    After spending several days pushing to finish the amateurish book, there was no real end! I felt the author left two open questions .. like there should be a Part 2. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS PIECE OF TRASH!!!!! PITIFUL!!!
  • Amazing...

    By DrixyBee
    This is my first review ever. I'm not the type to spend a few minutes reviewing a book, even if I love it, but I felt compelled to do so after reading this book. I love all of the Rose books but seeing this side of NK and Jed really spoke to me. I loved the darker theme and rawness. These characters are perfect. Thank you for this new series. I can't wait to read the second book.
  • I love NK even more!

    By Jessicamfo
    Such a great story! Loved getting a deeper look into Neely Kate's imperfect life. This book was raw, suspenseful, and gave me butterflies in my stomach at times! Can't wait to hear what's next for NK!
  • Love this series...and love brave Neely Kate

    By Coloradogal
    I have been reading these since the first ROSE Gardner book. This is Neely Kate's story...and a sad one. She is an overcomer! Sadly there are stories like hers in our world...but told with compassion and understanding. If you have not read this series and like mysteries with characters that will grab your heart...this is one for you!

    By CrazynVA
    I have loved Neely Kate and Jed from the start, but "Oh my stars as gutters" as Neely Kate would say! With Neely Kate kicking some butt, and Jed by her side they take on her past together. In this emotional, and action packed novel you'll even find out where NK get her catch phrase "Oh my stars and gutters". I can't wait to see what the future holds for all our favorite Fenton County residents.
  • Brilliant as Always!!

    By Jakersophiesmama
    I fell in love with Rose Gardner years ago and find myself waiting quite impatiently for a new DGS book to get lost in. "Trailer Trash" doesn't disappoint one bit and I love the new relationship between NK and Jed. Thanks DGS for another well written book, I couldn't put down until I finished!
  • Must read!

    By RuthieParrish
    Neely Kate was a great character from the beginning... but now.... WOW!! Fantastic story, gripping and powerful! I loved it! From the first word until the last!
  • Denise does it again! 👍🏻 NK is a fierce!

    By ReneReadstooMuch
    Even though this series was so much darker than reading about her in Rose's series I still loved it. Neely Kate's story had me on the edge of my seat! This story will have you both laughing and in tears. Not only that but you get to know Jed on a different level as well! Can't wait to read the next book to see where this relationship goes!

Denise Grover Swank - Trailer Trash E-Book

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