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Fiancé for the Night

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 3877006771289435970
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Fiancé for the Night Book Summary

She needs a fiancé—for only one night.

Cassandra Daniels' parents want to meet her fiancé. They've driven hours to have dinner with the man who stole their daughter's heart. The only problem—he doesn't exist. She made him up because her mom and dad are concerned about her. Cassandra could tell the truth, but she's tired of always disappointing her family. Now, she must find a handsome, respectable-looking guy to be her fake fiancé.

Troy McKnight can't believe a gorgeous blonde wants to pretend to be engaged for the night. Why him? She's his total opposite—impulsive, adventurous, and a risk-taker. He should say no. He's not the type to go along with crazy schemes and drama, yet he can't deny her pull. Giving into his attraction, he agrees to be her fiancé. What's the worst thing that can happen?

Turns out Cassandra's father is a powerful venture capitalist who could make or break Troy's career, so they continue the ruse. But as their fake engagement spirals, their attempts to stop the madness fail. Troy wants to spend more time with Cassandra, but she fears losing her heart…to him. The charade must end, even if she wishes her fiancé for the night could be her perfect husband for life.

One Night to Forever series:
Book 1: Fiancé for the Night
Book 2: The Wedding Lullaby
Book 3: A Little Bit Engaged
Book 4: Love on the Slopes

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Fiancé for the Night Book Comments

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Fiancé for the Night - Melissa McClone Book Reviews

  • Loved, Why isn’t there a movie? (Maryyy🌻)

    Really engaging book! So much romance, It was exciting to read. Hoped there was a movie!
  • Fiancé for a night (Mag68)

    By Melissa mcclone Pretty good read, I was very irritated by her sister she needed to be smacked! Bookbub
  • Good (momomo17777)

    This is the first time I read anything by Melissa. It was a good book i recommend it. I read it twice. I like the way she crafted the characters of Troy and Cassandra. Good read
  • Fiancé for the night (Jfrancie)

    I could not put this's book. The characters were so real. Just had to know how their lives progressed.
  • Loved it!! (Jbean168)

    I originally started in the middle of this series and just had to go back and read Cassie and Troy’s story. So glad I did because this story was engaging, romantic and a fun read. Cassie is the rich girl who doesn’t want to be rich and conform to her families wishes. Troy is working towards his dream of becoming big in the finance world. Enemies turned lovers, my favorite kind of romance!

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