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Anything For Love (The Hunter Brothers Book 1)

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 5727301231376361275
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
Anything For Love (The Hunter Brothers Book 1) - Lola St.Vil Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
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Anything For Love (The Hunter Brothers Book 1) Book Summary

I know her ex hurt her, but I'm not him. I can love her; if she let's me...

Winter Bennett is on the worst date of her life, so she decides to bail and go home to her true loves: take out and Netflix. On her way out of the door, she spots her ex-boyfriend with his hot, new girl. Horrified at the thought of being seen, Winter does what any sane woman would do; she bolts into the bathroom and out the back window. 

Falling smack-dab in the middle of a sting operation wasn't part of the plan, but that's exactly what happened. And now, bullets are flying overhead. Thankfully, a sexy NYPD homicide detective by the name of Wyatt Hunter saves her. He is furious with her for ruining his operation but he's even more upset when he can't get her off his mind. Soon he falls for her--hard. Unfortunately, Winter's heart has been broken and she's too afraid to let anyone in. Does Wyatt have what it takes to get Winter to give love one more try? 

This steamy romance is a roller coaster ride that will make you hot, make you laugh, and even shed a few tears. It's a full-length standalone novel. NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and a guaranteed Happily-ever-after! This book has adult content for ages 18 and over.

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Anything For Love (The Hunter Brothers Book 1) Book Comments

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  • belizeanbookworm
    5 stars
    Good story too many typos. Loved the story the typos were just horrible.
  • straighttalker198
    1 stars
    Poor. Didn’t like it at all. I though the book could’ve been way better.
  • Jaydamp
    2 stars
    Eh. I’m sure the plot of this book is great. But I can not get over the start and stop sentence structure, it’s too choppy.
  • amazingstory
    5 stars
    Loving it. I really love this story. It hard for me not to forget when after I finish reading I want to read again and again. The story was amazing and I think is deserved a five stars.😊☺️🙂
  • Preshoo😍
    5 stars
    Love this so much. I love this book so much bc it kinda tells what I’m going through and how I feel basically it speaks to me there’s some good advice and etc in here also when Wyatt came and basically saved winter that’s kinda what my boyfriend did to me he helped me escape the past he made me feel ways no one else has ever made me feel and I’m so happy to have him so I can relate to this book it’s now one of my favorite books😘😍😂
  • Pooh5768
    5 stars
    Great book. This book was really amazing. I don’t think that I’ve ever laughed, cried, and smiled my way through a book like this one! The characters were amazingly real and down to earth. Thank you for wonderful downtime I experienced while reading your book.
  • Jimaam
    2 stars
    Needs a proofreader. The book is okay, but have it proofread! Seriously, a “sequence crop top?” They’re SEQUINS people!
  • I_SolemnlySwear
    5 stars
    Anything for Love. Hard to put down!!
  • nanii92
    5 stars
    Thank you!. I had to call in my reinforcements Ben and Jerry’s. I sobbed so hard at times I freaked myself out. I loved it. I need to read them all!
  • DKRK12
    4 stars
    NeedBetterProofreaders. I really enjoyed the book. The only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because of the errors. By the end the errors were driving me crazy.

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