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Rising Above

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 3980772761418732631
  • Book Genre: Historical

Rising Above Book Summary

Wilda Stone goes for a hot air balloon ride, and after a heart-stopping crash in California's Owens Valley, realizes she has somehow traveled back through time to 1874.

Confused by this turn of events, Wilda accepts help from stoic Hal Grantham, who promises to take her to the silver mining town of Cerro Gordo. A sandstorm makes it impossible for them to reach their destination they seek shelter in a cave. In the modern day world Wilda is from, this would not be a problem. But in 1874, her reputation is now compromised. To protect her, Hal insists they marry. Wilda declines. Hal persists, and she relents, for she had fallen in love with the terse lawman.

Their turbulent marriage is filled with adventure and adjustments, but tempered by their all-consuming love. Only Wilda's kidnapping by a man intent on killing Hal threatens their happiness. She survives a mine-shaft cave-in only to face the danger of diphtheria spreading through Cerro Gordo.

Fearing for his wife's life Hal secretly repairs Wilda's hot air balloon and forces her to return to her own time, shattering her heart.

Wilda is faced with a choice -- go home, or stay with the man she loves.

251 pages

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