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Lucky Shirt

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Lucky Shirt Book Summary

He wore his lucky shirt for a very important meeting, if everything goes well he and his family will become very rich. Will the lucky shirt make him and his family rich? Read the sensational story Lucky Shirt.
Lucky Shirt is the first of the book series “The Lucky Series”.  The principal theme of the “Lucky Series” books is to convey to the young reader that dreams and hopes do not come true from being lucky, superstitious, or handed over on silver platter, but rather through honesty, patience, perseverance, endurance, working smart, family ties and finally hard work.
Each book of the series deals with one aspect of life where luck is presented as the notion for success and later proves it otherwise.  The characters and events for each book in the series are taken from present time.

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Lucky Shirt Book Comments

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Lucky Shirt - Hassan Afyouni & Saad Katerji Book Reviews

  • Like it love it (Bunny rock)

    It's an awesome book I love to read it and it's just amazing I would read it if I could ever day 24 7 I love it that much I could never explain how much i love this book.I shows a good lesson (theme) also and I learned from it that you can enjoy life with not being Rich or famous more than you can being rich or famous.Take my evice and do your self a favor and get this book.I say awesome book for children. So remember get this book.I think you will like it.
  • Family First (Pinheads, Unite!)

    I read this book to my 7-yo son tonight and it almost made me cry as the story struck a chord in me. Many adults mistakenly believe material success will make them happy, and so they chase wealth and all the trappings of a rich life. Once they start their own families, that same credo drives them to chase for more and more and more with the intent of giving their families the rich life that they mistakenly believe will make them happy. As it turns out, what matters most to our families is quality time spent with them, sharing the love that envelops them with happiness. Mr. Lucky and his family are indeed happy now, once he has realized that true wealth comes from the love we share with the people who matter the most to us.
  • Lucky shirt (Mytwoprinces)

    I loved reading this book to my kids. It feels like I'm teaching them something important and giving them good advice not just reading a fairy tale. More like teaching a life lesson.
  • The Lucky Shirt (MizLizee)

    Very relevant to the times.
  • Lucky Shirt (Pinkibabee)

    I liked it!
  • Great read... (D.T.Wells)

    This is a great read. The story line is inspiring. My first grader was able to read this book with a little help on some of the more challenging words.
  • Lucky (Berry Goldfish)

    Such a good book my kids love it💗
  • Lucky shirt (j_armstrong)

    Thank you for writing this story. It is a great book. (daughter)
  • Lucky shirt (Jasonmcbird)

    I am 11 years old and I wasn't sure if this was a younger kids book or an older kids book. It taught me a great life lesson to always be grateful for what you have and to realize that you don't have to be rich in money to be rich in life.
  • Ok (Ilovetacos890)

    This book teaches a very important lesson, but if you read it on your iPhone, the pictures get split apart. If you do get this book, I recommend that you read on an iPad. That way the pictures are one piece. Also, on one of the pages, all of the f's are question marks. That is the main thing that ruined it.

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