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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 505829335505829334
  • Book Genre: Animals
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4 star
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Hug Book Summary

Hug (the Pug) tells the tale of a cute little pug who is on a quest for friendship, however, will his bladder problem prevent him from making friends?

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Hug - W.L.Cripps Book Reviews

  • Cute book (dodgerxoui1)

    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was funny and cute.
  • I dont care (r.i.p215)

    I dont care uf its appropiite how Everyever you apell it is nasty but the important part is to enjoy the book bye the way it is a very good book
  • This is plain wrong (lodster chicken)

    Ok u need to understand that hug the pug can not say I wish I could die in a kids book.
  • This is a good book (exzayvyer)

    This is awesome
  • Cute (ShibaKunai)

    It’s funny and cute. I really enjoyed it.
  • It was ok! (lizzy poop face)

    It was a good book but it was gross at the same time...❤️
  • Awesome (D$$$$888)

    2 words SUPER FUNNY
  • Looks great (Sophmacgoaff)

    So I have not yet read the book but all of these people hating on the book is totally unexceptable, well I just can't wait to get around to reading this I am going to give it a chance before I hate on it.
  • Hug (chantolgregory)

    This was the worst kids book ever! This book should be in the crude humor section of adult books.
  • Lovin’ it (hug the pug☁️🌈☁️🐶)


Hug - W.L.Cripps Book Reviews

  • Ummm (Scargray2)

    I felt extremely uncomfortable reading this to my child. The bullying and the suicide thing really rubbed me the wrong way. I will NOT be keeping this book.
  • What? (straighttalker198)

    How is this even on ibooks? This is like a blurb. This is a stupid, not book!
  • So cool but also has rude humor (10101010101011111000)

    I love this book but it has rude humor. Let’s just say this did not happen, ok?
  • Unconventional but silly (LMRobinson)

    My preschooler enjoyed the book but we may not read it every day. Haha!
  • I think it was kinda funny (its me-LOL)

    I think it was also kinda weard though cause of blater control.😂
  • The good comment (gaslennat)

    It’s so good for little kids it’s easy they will love it
  • It’s about bladder control or lack there of (a mom #2)

    Not really a kids book
  • Terrible (mbnicole1123911)

    There is some pretty inappropriate “humor” in this book to be considered a children’s book. “Go choke on a leash”?!?! Seriously, this should be removed
  • Weird but cute (Logn butt)

    Hug the pug has a peeing problem that they addressed several times
  • very unacceptable (Janna<=3)

    Ok when i read this i felt very uncomfortable! "Go choke on a leash??" that is not good for a child they might think it is ok to choke on a leash!! The story made me cringe and that part when he poop and pee! urgh 0 STARS i cant do 0 starts tho cons: its weird it makes them feel like they can pee&poop on others! it is like your reading a book made by a kid that wants people to learn by them in a bad way! pros: they had effort there was a nice ending. I liked how the girl said she could be his friend or whatever. The Characters are adorbale and that they have some emotions! over all that i could give it a 2 or 3 starts but the choke on a leash was horrible!!

Hug - W.L.Cripps Book Reviews

  • Best book ever! (ftcfytigvkyygvkgkvy)

    It’s just good
  • This is a nice and sweet stories I would read it 20 times if I coups it OS such a touching storie (black no rate)

    This is an amazing book no doubt so you
  • 👌 (deathking066)

    Yee haw
  • Love it (Sunny6975)

    I love this book! WOW:)
  • Hug the pug (Jasminegggggggill)

    Great story for kids
  • Cute (PenguinBoots)

    I love how funny this freaking book is 😂
  • Hug the pug (Mr cool guy91819)

    The book had a great moral
  • Hug (trrimo)

    Once there was a pug named hug. He has a problems with some wee. When he sneezes, he would wee. He had no friends. He tried to be friends with 3 dogs but then we hade to wee cause he sneezed. Then a human came. She was dressed as a super hero. She asked him some questions and he barked his answers. Apparently, she knew what he was saying. Weird. Then, he “ barked “ that he had no friends cause he would wee when he sneezes. She said she had the same problem. They became friends. For the rest of their lives. The end

    Great graphic novel to help diffuse the anxiety of embarrassing bladder incontinence. Can be used to introduce children to either their own or their friends' problems with incontinence and the solution. Even adults could use this to 'break the ice' in situations where it became obvious that they were wearing adaptive underwear. I hope the author will not mind if I keep a copy of this short graphic novel in my medical supplies backpack. Perhaps he should draw more novels that have to do with catheter use and other peripherals that spinal cord injured individuals utilize. ****SPOILERS**** Depends or Always, I don't care. When you sneeze and then pee everywhere. Just choose the brand that fits you the best. Then you'll have friends, Hugs, 'cause they won't get wet. Just put on a cape, a mask, your 'undies' then SAY... "I'm SUPER HUG, please be my friends and come play" **********************************************************
  • Very meaningful (LEXI-LYNN)

    I love this book it is cute I think it was just the right fit for me . It has a good meaning behind it...DO NOT LEAVE SOMEONE OUT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT

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