Hug by W.L.Cripps Book Summary

Hug (the Pug) tells the tale of a cute little pug who is on a quest for friendship, however, will his bladder problem prevent him from making friends?

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Hug (W.L.Cripps) Book Reviews

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- Good5 star

Ok, it’s good it has a nice lesson but is Kinda gross, DIDE HE PEES ON ANOTHER DOG LIKE A SCINAMI

- Not good1 star

Kinda inappropriate for kids. Dog says he just wants to die.

- I loved it5 star

It is such I good story I think it is a good story who cares if it is bad for kids it is life deal with it

- Gross2 star

Not exactly the words I want my kids to learn. Really good illustrations and layout but below average story.

- I don’t like this...1 star

The book is not ok. Illustration is ok but the context is out of place for me.

- Shocking and harsh words2 star

yeah yeah "FoR AlL ThE hAtEr ComMEnTS" those comments were reasonable and im a kid myself i got shocked by this, One dog says "get choked on a leash" or something and really its just a dog being bullied harshly

- Great!5 star

Super cute story and has a very nice ending!

- Def not for kids1 star

Just horrible!!!

- Can’t figure out who this book is for, but it’s not for me1 star

I should not have downloaded this. This certainly isn’t a story I want to read to my child; if a person suffering from bladder issues can relate to this, the bless their hearts. A very strange story.

- Perfect5 star

I this book is the best book in my whole life #poorlittlepug😢

- Its ok1 star

It ok but a worried book💩🤮🤢😷no good for kids

- Wow!5 star

Aww so Cute!I don’t think it’s disgusting!I think it’s cute! Im only Seven and it’s not disgusting :3 And the hater comments,don’t believe that!I love this 💕

- Good5 star

I really like this book because even tho u don’t make friends it doesn’t mean that you can’t at all because it teaches u and other things

- I love this book5 star

My name is Hannah and I am six this is the best story it almost is the best story that I like it’s very cool and those were super funny I loved it and it was super funny I liked it with Poopoo Wee wee. And it’s a story brightens my heart so much I really love that story.

- Nice5 star


- Idiot fat nooooooob1 star

Why is a pug and why is he peeing on people gay gay gay gay

- I love the book it was really active5 star

The book was like I didn’t have to go to the light. It’s like I read I read each page day by day I am free each page for 37 days

- Laughing the whole way through5 star

Strange book but funny

- Cute book4 star

Super cute, about acceptance.

- Hug5 star

This book was a wonderful book!!!

- odd story2 star

had a good meaning but mentions that huh wants to die, not very kid friendly and kinda unpleasant.

- Spoiler!!5 star

I like the part when he dies.

- It goes to show.........5 star

A story can show me that you don't have to be ashamed of yourself because you're different from others. this is the book to go for if looking for a cute comic but I recommend this to anyone with a child with dyslexia or a stutter! starpower_rater🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Coco Coco the full5 star

Once there is a full name Coco and his mother had him he has a cute fall but was really not normal about him but he could stand right away and since he was born he had beautiful yellow wish for he was so pretty until these weird bad guys came and killed his mother and Coco was a lonely fall now Coco Chanel be the one then Coco meant this girl cut Coco Coco got older And Coco‘s girlfriend had a fall and now they carried on the end

- Scubofrgbib5 star


- I love it!5 star

I really liked Pooey because she did not yell at Hug. All of the other characters (besides Cate) yelled at him. I don’t think discipline fixes many problems at all. I grew up as a girl that nobody ever really wanted to play with. But I made a friend who was the girl my dad was jealous of because she had the fanciest clothes in the class. My dad bought me new fancy clothes just because he wanted me to be the cutest. Her and I are still BFFs, though it has been many years. When I was five, I got a baby brother. I really wanted to have a sister. When I heard I was going to get a brother, I felt like crying. Now it has been years later since the day he was born. We rarely fight. But he sometimes tells me he doesn’t like me. I feel like I would be a lot like Cate if I got to chose my own life. But I would NOT want to pee every time I sneeze.

- Gross and confusing1 star

My daughter is a young reader so, I thought that this would be okay for her to read. Stress induced incontinence is a topic that I really didn’t expect to talk about with my 8yr old. Additionally, the text is difficult to read.

- best book i’ve ever read5 star

recommending to all of my friends

- Hug the pug2 star

A little much for little ones. Especially the part about dying

- Cute concept, awful writing1 star

A dog tells the pug to go choke on a leash then later the pug says I just want to die. Not the words you want a kid to repeat, especially at daycare.

- I love to read this book but I can’t 🥺😩😭5 star

I ❤️ this book 📚 thanks for making it💋

- Hilarious, didn’t expect it5 star

Starting reading this to my son but he’s still a baby so he’s just happy to see shapes and colors and my voice but I was dying after two pages. Good read

- Cute book5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was funny and cute.

- This is plain wrong1 star

Ok u need to understand that hug the pug can not say I wish I could die in a kids book.

- This is a good book5 star

This is awesome

- Cute5 star

It’s funny and cute. I really enjoyed it.

- It was ok!3 star

It was a good book but it was gross at the same time...❤️

- Awesome5 star


- Looks great5 star

So I have not yet read the book but all of these people hating on the book is totally unexceptable, well I just can't wait to get around to reading this I am going to give it a chance before I hate on it.

- Hug1 star

This was the worst kids book ever! This book should be in the crude humor section of adult books.

- Lovin’ it5 star


- Ew... but happy ending2 star

Eeeeewwww but at least there’s a happy ending 🤭🤗

- Godly5 star

I love my fresh squeezed wee

- Great book!5 star

My daughter 8 said it was very funny! Great father daughter read!

- Terrible1 star

I would not let my kid read this

- Not recommended1 star

Not a good children’s book. First it references wee all throughout and says he wants to lay down and die.

- Amazing5 star

Awesome ,funny 👍🏻👍🏻😄😄

- Love!5 star

I love that book so much! And I have a pug too!!

- Gross1 star


- So good.5 star

Amazing how they look and feel so so of the same. so so So cool.

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- Cute story5 star

Cute Story

- Best book ever!5 star

It’s just good

- This is a nice and sweet stories I would read it 20 times if I coups it OS such a touching storie5 star

This is an amazing book no doubt so you

- 👌5 star

Yee haw

- Love it5 star

I love this book! WOW:)

- Hug the pug5 star

Great story for kids

- Cute5 star

I love how funny this freaking book is 😂

- Hug the pug5 star

The book had a great moral

- Hug5 star

Once there was a pug named hug. He has a problems with some wee. When he sneezes, he would wee. He had no friends. He tried to be friends with 3 dogs but then we hade to wee cause he sneezed. Then a human came. She was dressed as a super hero. She asked him some questions and he barked his answers. Apparently, she knew what he was saying. Weird. Then, he “ barked “ that he had no friends cause he would wee when he sneezes. She said she had the same problem. They became friends. For the rest of their lives. The end


Great graphic novel to help diffuse the anxiety of embarrassing bladder incontinence. Can be used to introduce children to either their own or their friends' problems with incontinence and the solution. Even adults could use this to 'break the ice' in situations where it became obvious that they were wearing adaptive underwear. I hope the author will not mind if I keep a copy of this short graphic novel in my medical supplies backpack. Perhaps he should draw more novels that have to do with catheter use and other peripherals that spinal cord injured individuals utilize. ****SPOILERS**** Depends or Always, I don't care. When you sneeze and then pee everywhere. Just choose the brand that fits you the best. Then you'll have friends, Hugs, 'cause they won't get wet. Just put on a cape, a mask, your 'undies' then SAY... "I'm SUPER HUG, please be my friends and come play" **********************************************************

- Very meaningful5 star

I love this book it is cute I think it was just the right fit for me . It has a good meaning behind it...DO NOT LEAVE SOMEONE OUT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT

- Hug the pug5 star

This is a Hilarious book I showed it to all my friends and they laughed like crazy, I’m so happy I downloaded it! It was so sweet

- SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This is so so good book lol I recommend xD

- Gross2 star

Why did you have to make this book so gross?¿

- ⓜⓎ ⓈⓄⓃ ⓁⓄⓋⒺⓈ ⒾⓉ5 star


- Hug the pug4 star

Hug the pug was a great book but I had to give it four stars because I have a pig named Lenny and it made me think of him getting bullied and I love him so so so so so much and I would hate bullies 😜

- Hug the pug5 star

It is a very good book. C'est un très bon livre.

- Wacky but it made me laugh5 star

Thumbs up

- Good5 star

It was gross

- Wonderfully entertaining5 star

I always have trouble finding innocent and wholesome stories for bedtime for my children. Thank you.

- Worst book EVER1 star

...Ever. No stars for you would be appropriate, you lousy book. Some things you just can't unread.

- Hug4 star

I rate this book 4 stars because I love it but it has a lot of yucky things in it

- Not recommended1 star

Now, you probably think I am just some hater. But every book I rated I did it with honesty. This book only has 4 PAGES. This book was like $10.99. The only reason I got the book was because I LOVE PUGS. I do not recommend it. Go to you local book store and try to find it there but SINCE THIS BOOK IS SOOOO SHORT you could read the whole book for free because it's so SHORT.

- Great except one thing3 star

Very cute and funny. I just don't think the pug wanting to die was very kid friendly. I'm glad my son is way too young to even ask about that!

- HUG (the pug)4 star

funny book and cute really good book and i like the part about the wee

- Hug the pug5 star

The book was good but sad

- ADORABLE5 star

This was adorable and so so cute I love pugs don't u?❤️🐶❤️

- 🐶cute4 star

Cute and funny unless people tell you what happens

- 😧3 star

Ummmm lets just not let kids read it but from what I think lol

- It's very cute5 star

It's quite cute and made me chuckle. Recommend for anyone who likes childish humour and pugs.

- Hug5 star

Kinda sad at first but it picks up!

- Hug2 star

Touching, but gross

- Hug5 star

I love this book!!!! It is awesome to read.I would recommend it in a heartbeat

- Hug5 star

This book is really funny it's really good

- Good5 star


- Kids laughed out loud5 star

My kids loved the ending. A little crude, but all in good fun.

- Hug the Pug5 star

This story is about a dog who has a bladder infection, he tries to make friends but can't because he keeps peeing on everything. Then he meets a poodle who pops on everything. The poodle decides to part ways to make the world cleaner. Then the pug gets fleas. Then hug the pug meets a girl who wears diapers and they become besties and fly into the sky wearing diapers.

- Hug4 star

So hilarious!!

- So funny5 star

This book is so funny that they should read it in the circes my friend agres

- Um2 star

Well it's pretty disturbing.. Haha

- Daughter liked it4 star

Disgusting but makes her lolll!

- Hug the pug5 star

Hug the pug is a funny book and why dident pooey and hug be friends

- My thing4 star

This is a very funny book that is well, amazing!

- Hugs rocks5 star

This book was the most creative and fun to read for an adult, and did I mention funny!!!****

- Hug4 star

A cute little pup with a pee problem Cute and humorous!!!!:)

- Liked it5 star

kids loved it...very funny, but cute.

- Hug the pug5 star

This book is funny and it literally made me fall on the floor laughing . It is a good book and especially if you have a sense if humor. Try reading it and you'll probably like it.

- Hug the pug4 star

It was funny!! 💩

- Good book5 star

This was a really good book.... which is perfect for young children and their curious minds!

- Isabel5 star

Tightening tension good drawing skills cute pictures

- This book was ok..2 star

I read this book and I thought it would be great for kindergarteners but I read through it thinking that it was a good book either way. Interesting book. Great for 5-7 yr old kids. But I would suggest something more complicated for 7-11 yr old kids.

- I would...5 star

Read it agen

- Hug the Pug5 star

It was funny and enjoyable. I had a lot of fun reading it to my sister. It’s great for kids at a young age to read it like me.

- Good book for kids 👍🏽👍🏽5 star

This is a great book I read the whole book in one day really recommend this book for your children 👍🏽

- Epic5 star

I love da dog. Goodbye

- Meh2 star

It’s good enough, but more for younger kids

- Good for a laugh3 star

This book was fun to read, be aware that it is a bit rude as it talks about a dog who wee’s himself

- Hug the Pug5 star

Loved it! My daughter and I really enjoyed this one as we own s pug and can relate 😊

- LOL pooey &hug =loo5 star

This was a very enjoyable book and is very funny. I Recommend this for 5-12 it is very cute but also nauseating. It is a good book for children at school. I loved it By tylishia-rose

- Kids loved it.4 star

I thought it was pretty average but my 5 and 7 year old laughed and loved it. Which is the whole point. So it’s a thumbs up.

- HuG the pug5 star

I love it

- Hug (the pug)5 star

It’s funny and disgusting true friendship

- Hug(the pug)2 star

I like pee pee Lol👍👍

- Hug the pug5 star

So cute and hilarious too🐶🐶

- Awww4 star

So heart warming

- Awesome5 star

Da pug is cute

- Just okay1 star

Not a great read, but not too bad. Don’t like the suicide mention at all.

- Hug the pug4 star

This book is good for all ages it’s funny and entertaining

- I was disappointed2 star

Depressing at times, Hug mentioned that he wanted to die and the other dogs told him to “choke on a leash”. Not very appealing to young children.

- It’s so funy but disgusting3 star


- Delightful read.4 star

Not often a freebie comes along that is so enjoyable & able to be read from start to finish in one very short sitting. Quirky too & for all ages.

- Hug5 star

A nice book

- Hug5 star

So good I want a copy of it so badly

- Hug the pug5 star

I really enjoyed the book I thought it was a really funny book how he weed while he sneezed!

- It was very funny5 star


- Itwm feet1 star

Its is super stupid and boring

- Smexy5 star

Very smexy book with the poo

- I hate this book baby stooped book!!!! Lofemok5 star

Toffee Octocube

- Hug the pug5 star

Poor Hug. I feel sorry and happy because at the start nobody would be his friend and at the end he found a friend that was a human 😍😍

- Hug5 star

This book is good it’s funny but I felt bad for pug when nobody would be his friend

- Hug5 star

Hug was a very good book. My little brother enjoyed it too.

- Hug the pug5 star

I think this book is a good book because it is easy to read and has a good ending I do not want to spoil it for you, but I can not help it. At the a girl comes a long and says hi stranger you look rather nice today and she has the same problem as hug.

- Why??5 star

Why is the pug suicidal?

- Hug the pug5 star

It was a great story for my kid Sidney and she loved it. It is a great kids book

- Wth1 star

This book almost made me puke it has bad rhyming not only that you could have thought to make a book about something better instead of a dog that pee’s when ever it sneezes and at the end he made a friend that wears a diaper wow 1 star

- Hug the Pug5 star

It was a very funny story and I enjoyed it loads more than any other picture story book! It got very sad when Hug couldn’t find any friends, but he was very optimistic and didn’t give up! (This book was the best book ever I’ve read it over 10 times) 🤩🤩🤩

- hug the pug5 star

this is a realy good book

- Ưeb4 star


- Funny5 star

It was a awesome, fantastic and funny book😂😂😂😅😅😁😁

- I love this book this book I read every night it gets me to sleep5 star


- Traumatising and highly inappropriate content1 star

DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR READ TO YOUR CHILDREN!!! If I could give this book a minus I would. I’m going to write to the publisher about the horrible content in this book. First of all, did they really need to talk about animals in pounds? That’s a depressing setting already especially for sensitive children. Then the dog is subjected to insults by other dogs to the point of saying he wanted to die!!! There is absolutely no reason to talk about death in this manner especially to this age bracket. I don’t know what the target storyline was here whether it was to raise awareness of pounds, disabilities or suicidal ideation, the point is that it is incredibly inappropriate and downright traumatising.

- Me5 star

This is kinda like me in real life because every year I have to make new friends

- Hug the pug4 star

This book hug the pug is one of my favourite books because it rhymes and it is a short but good book! It would be good if someone made another book just like it! Keep up the good work! By Selina Wilcox 😍😘😜😋😊🙂😙😛🤗😸😺😻😽👍🏻👍🏿💋👱🏽‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️👯‍♀️🌷💐🥀🌹🌸🌼🌈⛄️☃️🎀🎈🎊🛍🎁🎉❤️💚🖤🧡💙💛💜💓💕💗💝💞💖💓💘💟🔅🔆✅✔️☑️♥️ Very happy pictures!!!!!!!


This book is about animals and good for kids

- F THIS BOOK1 star


- Dark1 star

That was really, really dark for a children’s book.

- Book5 star

This book is funny

- This book is great5 star

I love it so much

- Perfect to make you smile4 star

This is great for kids, but even as a young adult, looking through what I had stored from when I was younger made me smile but then reading this story back was even better!!

- Hug The Pug5 star

I really enjoyed ‘Hug The Pug’ it just goes to show, anyone can make a friend even when unexpected 👍.

- Wow5 star

I really enjoyed this book and it shows that there is someone for everyone and they don’t have to be perfect I loved this book and anyone of any age should understand that no one is perfect not even hug the verrrry cute pug😊

- Great book 😃5 star

Awesome book 10/10; will read again .😃

- Great book5 star

I was reading this book to my 17 children , and one called willy started crying as the pug wanted to die😭...

- PIXLE1 star


- Absolute rubbish1 star

Awful book

- A bit strong1 star

Not worded for kids. And I’m quite crude.

- Weird.1 star

Not something I’d recommend reading to a toddler.

- Hug1 star

I had to change few words while reading to my 5 year old! “Hung yourself on a leash”??? “I wish I could die”??? This is a horrible book. Please remove it from the library!!!!

- Noice4 star

It’s a good book and I love pugs would recommend

- Not great!2 star

Rhyming was terrible, there were extra words that didn’t need to be there! That said my boys thought it was funny because of the wee and poo!

- Amazing5 star

I love it

- Not appropriate and badly written1 star

Very poorly written and illustrated book. Vulgar.

- Hug the pug1 star

This book is very funny and stupid but should probably end aimed at young kids

- Really BORING1 star

It is really boring and short not much action and not enough writing I would only recommend it to under 3 year olds . The only good thing is it is free I would be really annoyed if it was for money

- Very educational5 star

Funny to read and suitable for GCSE

- Loved it5 star

Fantastic little book for you to read out and about. Really nice and funny story. RECOMMENDED

- Kids enjoyed the story5 star

The kids enjoyed the story perhaps too dark saying he wanted to die... I missed that part out .

- More excitement!!1 star

Very short but could have more twists or excitement !! Maybe hug the pug returns .

- Pretty trash tbh1 star

I ain’t sayin sofin dowg

- AMAZING5 star

This book was absolutely amazing I would definitely recommend this to a family who has little kids... and big ones! The book goes through some sad,happy,disappointed and joyful moments. I definitely think you should read this to a child from 3-10. Now you may have to cover little kids eyes and ears when it comes to toilet talk! Enjoy reading this fabulous book!

- Rate and comment5 star

It is so fun and told me kind.

- He is so cute5 star

Hug is dodo very cute ❤️💓

- This book is epic5 star

I was reading this book to my cousin and we both thought it was so so funny but sad at the same time. Hug is so cute and I would be his friend but I would have a room in my house for him so he doesn't wee everywhere #best book😊 We would like to thank the write of this book I'll definitely read your next book

- Different5 star

We can all be different but no need for being rude it is a cute sad and happy story but also there is people who do the same thing and people who do not do the same things but still be kind and respect other people how you want to be respected so remember we are all different but no need to be rude. wee and poo is a normal thing so no need to be rude

- Belly laughing5 star

I downloaded this to read to my daughter for bed. She fell asleep, well she is only 3 months old. I laughed my way through it. Absolutely brilliant. I think this will be the bed time book for now so I can have a good laugh.

- A book about wee5 star

We loved it

- It is cute and also reminds me of people who struggle in life and that it is ok 2BU5 star

I love it

- Hug5 star

This book is amazing

- Funny5 star


- K5 star

- Terrible1 star

I’ll never get that 5 minutes back, disappointed

- Awesome5 star

He is so cute Great book

- What is this2 star

why is this book rated from 4-7 year old kids! I’m ten and I think this book does not reach the standards of a kids book! It is horrible! I would not recommend this book.

- This books amazing5 star

This book was very good as well as a bit sad as Hug couldn’t make any friends as they fought he was disgusting and foul because when he sneezed and wheezed he peed himself . The end was quite funny especially the picture where Hug was wearing a diaper with Cate . This book was fantastic and I hope there’s going to be a part 2

- Hug the pug4 star

As the title says it was ok it was very open and I get they were trying to be funny and all that . But the grate thing I see in this story is that it sand a very good message out to young children , to never give up.

- Winston4 star

BEST and FUNNIEST book I EVER READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Great but......4 star

Hi I think it’s a great story! But there only one thing about it it’s a little sad I think but some people might think it’s not but i think it is a little sad it might not be though

- Hi4 star

Hi I thought that your story was amazing

- Hug the pug5 star

I almost cried.

- Amazing5 star

This book is so good

- Hug5 star

Thus book is really great and so funny

- Great5 star

Loved this book as was relatable to my son

- Really good5 star


- Gj5 star


- I love hug4 star

The ending is soooooo cute it made me cry with happiness for hug

- Ok2 star

I hate the book but I like the bit when they made the chawawer choobaka

- Is very nice 🥳💩2 star


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- Hug the Pug1 star

Not a good book for children. No one should tell a pet to go choke on a leash.

- It’s awesome5 star

This book was so amazing and I love how it is about a pug

- My kid love the story but...3 star

A little difficult to read, words everywhere😆, but my kid like this kind of stories, wee and poo are so funny at this age... but a couple of messages are inappropriate for kids!

- Not okay for kids!1 star

There’s mention from one dog to the other to “go choke on a leash”, and another page where Hug “wishes he could just die”. Completely inappropriate for children to read. Thank the Lord I decided to read it first!

- Hug5 star

It was a very good book I will never want something better than that book! Amazing!

- Slightly inappropriate1 star

It was a bit inappropriate because she and he both wee when they sneeze and nobody would be his friend because of that

- Awesome for kids5 star

Rhyming fun and about a dog who doesn’t like dogs.

- Greatness5 star

It’s a good one man

- Cute title1 star

I thought the book would be cute to read to little ones. But the dogs where bullies and reference Hug chocking himself and Hug wanting to die. Inappropriate book for children.

- Hug the pug4 star

I think it’s a good book but it was a little not kid friendly

- Ghdhhdhhehe5 star

Pooping Pooping Pooping Pooping Pooping Pooping Pooping Pooping on W Poopopoop

- Very good and easy for kids5 star

Fantastic book

- ???5 star

???? ?????

- Hard to read3 star

The text was all over it was a mess to me

- Hug the pug1 star

This book is horrible little kids can’t read this it talks about crazy stuff that kids shouldn’t be thinking about whoever made this book is messed up and if that is how u feel u shouldn’t be telling people about u because they don’t want to know this book is horrible DO NOT GET THIS BOOK!

- Amazing!4 star

I thought it was good but stop saying it’s bad honestly I liked it

- Hug the pug!5 star

It’s pretty awesome and I think it’s a good lesson for all ages! “Will you be my friend?” Asked this little puppy.🐶

- ?5 star


- This is changing.5 star

This will show you so much. I thought I would just be reading, but it became so much more with this book!! I love this sad book. I just hope no one treats anyone else like that.

- Cute!5 star

Very cute and sweet!

- Uhmmm2 star

I thought this was going to be a kids book but it has inappropriate sayings. It says he wishes to die at that moment and now my kid’s saying he wants to die 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ but overall the book was funny 👍🏽

- Worst Book for Kids1 star

What kind of story book for kids has things in it that talks about the main character wishing he would die? Or another character insinuating he kill him self by saying “choke on a leash”. Um no.

- Hug the pug5 star

This book is kid friendly.

- Good moral but inappropriate...2 star

Ok, I saw a bunch of reviews saying this book has inappropriate things in it so I decided to check it out. At first the story was nice and all, about this dog that can’t make friends because he has a bladder problem. But, the dogs that rejected him said “go choke on a leash” or “you’ll be part of a quiche.” I mean, CHOKING ON A LEASH?!? let me check, yeah. THIS IS A KIDS BOOK. But if you think that is bad, oh, it gets worse. After all the dogs didn’t want to be hug’s friend, the story said “hug wished he was allowed to die” wait... allowed to die!? IS THIS BOOK SIGNIFYING SUICIDE?!? Seriously. If this book wasn’t labeled as a “kids book” then it will have sooooo much suggestive content, that people will think it’s an adult book after reading it. But, apart from that, this story has a good lesson in it. It shows that you should not judge someone by what they can’t do, or otherwise, bad traits. I think you could’ve made the story more kid-frendly and still implement the moral well. The reason why I gave it a two star instead of a one is because this book is inappropriate for children but has a good lesson to it.

- Awful1 star

Not for kids. Honestly the book was pretty disgusting.

- Overall🤪5 star

This book is silly 😜

- 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😁😁😁😄😄😍😍😍5 star

It was awesome 😎😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀

- Hug the pug3 star

This book should be a little less about pee problems and more about the funny things in life!

- Great Lesson!!5 star

A must read with your child, it shows that there’s always a friend somewhere who is the same as another.

- Hug the pug1 star

This Book teaches no kid any manners! This is not child relevant

- Hug the pug2 star

Hard to read with the weird font sizes. Overall it wasn’t good. Even for a kids book it was lacking some basic elements. Looks kinda like a high school kid’s English project.

- Ummm1 star

I felt extremely uncomfortable reading this to my child. The bullying and the suicide thing really rubbed me the wrong way. I will NOT be keeping this book.

- What?1 star

How is this even on ibooks? This is like a blurb. This is a stupid, not book!

- So cool but also has rude humor3 star

I love this book but it has rude humor. Let’s just say this did not happen, ok?

- Unconventional but silly4 star

My preschooler enjoyed the book but we may not read it every day. Haha!

- I think it was kinda funny5 star

I think it was also kinda weard though cause of blater control.😂

- The good comment5 star

It’s so good for little kids it’s easy they will love it

- It’s about bladder control or lack there of1 star

Not really a kids book

- Terrible1 star

There is some pretty inappropriate “humor” in this book to be considered a children’s book. “Go choke on a leash”?!?! Seriously, this should be removed

- Weird but cute4 star

Hug the pug has a peeing problem that they addressed several times

- very unacceptable1 star

Ok when i read this i felt very uncomfortable! "Go choke on a leash??" that is not good for a child they might think it is ok to choke on a leash!! The story made me cringe and that part when he poop and pee! urgh 0 STARS i cant do 0 starts tho cons: its weird it makes them feel like they can pee&poop on others! it is like your reading a book made by a kid that wants people to learn by them in a bad way! pros: they had effort there was a nice ending. I liked how the girl said she could be his friend or whatever. The Characters are adorbale and that they have some emotions! over all that i could give it a 2 or 3 starts but the choke on a leash was horrible!!

- What I think4 star

Well I like the book because it said that if you are not friends with someone you should try again and not give up. With all this information it is easy to read this to a child because it tells them a lesson and it is fun to read and see what happened in the end.

- DARK1 star

Super dark would never show to a child. Book has terrible issues with rhyming and murder and suicide. NEVER SHOW TO ANYONE

- Nice lesson but...3 star

I mean, good lesson but dang it didn’t need to be so harsh for a children’s book! “Choke on a leash” and wishing he was “allowed to die” no way man. I’m 28 and was in tears. Little dark.

- It made me cry!!1 star

Okay so I’m 9 years and the choke on a leash part made me filled up with tears the the die part I Cried!😭Okay older me following with a 1 more part it’s sad.😪

- Hug5 star

It is an amazing book and it has a good moral and it makes me happy

- Hug The Pug5 star

This book is funny and disgusting (in a good way)!!! I think that everyone should read this book because it is hilarious and I LOVE this book!!🥇 And I also think that if you wanted too, you could even make a part two! 😁 And if I was a publisher I would give you the golden circle on Twitter he book or BOOKS if you wanted to. Thank you for your time to read my review

- Hug the pug needs a hug and potty training5 star


- Not a good kids book1 star

This book really isn’t an appropriate kids book, and it’s just awful.

- Somewhat bad2 star

This book was all fun until i reached the part where the dalmation told hug to choke on a leash? this is quite dark along with some other things that come later in the story. i think kids shouldn’t read this.

- Hug the pug5 star

That book was so amazing please make more of those to the author

- Great Book5 star

Very good book for kids !Nice pictures and nice rhyme!

- Terrible.1 star

Just plain awful. Avoid like plague.

- Best book ever4 star

It was so fun and funny I love Pooey the poodle and hug the pug and him and the girl Cate becoming bestest friends!!! And both wore DIPPERS FROM MAJELLA

- Best book I have read in ages5 star

Amazing but has a crack in it

- Love it5 star

Hilarious but rude. Probably 6+🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

- CUTE4 star

So cute but a little bit gross!😁

- OUT HE WEEZ5 star


- Hug the Pug4 star

This is an amazing story I love it so much it is hilarious sad but also happy at the same time and it just goes to show that there is a friend and there is someone out there for everybody!

- HUG2 star

Not very appropriate for kids 😒😤🙄😷🤧🤧😬😬😬😬🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

- Hug5 star

Nice and friendly.

- Amazing book5 star

It is so heart warming to read and will make you feel sad at first but at the end it nearly makes you cry

- This teaches kids about how it's okay to be different4 star

This teaches kids about how it's okay to be different

- Why u should get this4 star

It's funny and good especially for kids the age of 3-6 they really enjoy it. It's easy to help your child read. You should find the rest out for yourself......

- AMAZING!5 star

THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING BOOK I HAVE EVER READ! I Laughed, I cried and I wanted the best for poor Hug!!!!!!!! I felt like he needed a “hug”!! Could not reccomend enough!

- Nothing like the books that I have red2 star


- Hug (the pug)5 star

I loved this story so funny and fun please make a 2nd or 3rd one!

- Hug the Pug5 star

It was really funny and cute

- XD5 star


- Hug5 star

Awesome books..... love it😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

- Lol5 star


- Hug the Pug5 star

It was entertaining!!! I Loved it

- Awesome5 star

This book is for all ages it is so funny like chewy that's from star wars love it go HUG

- BAD BOOK1 star

THiS BoOk Is NoT ThE BeST Book BeCaUSe It IS BaD. ThE EnD

- Well1 star

i hate toast

- Very funny4 star

Hilarious 😀🐶

- hug the pug5 star

it was an excellent book about hug the pug trying to fit in. it was just exillirating to read.

- Funny5 star

Such a cute little story, kids loved it

- Wat1 star

Seriously wee!😳🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😵😵😵😵😲😲😲😲! Soon I'm going to puke you people!!!!!!!!!

- Hug The Pug5 star


- Hug1 star

This was weird story about a pug with bladder problems,it is very inappropriate for young audiences. It does NOT deserve a star but because I'm so nice I will give it one. No a offence but this book really sucked( I hope I never have to read it again or see it again !) I wish this book was never invented it is offensive and does not have a interesting story line. From the best book critic ever

- Ooooooook2 star

This book is... Well it is weird! It talks about poos and wees , trying to make it funny. It's .Not. This is one badly written book( sorry!) . Like, think about if you like reading a book about poos and wees then read it! If you don't then Don't !



- Fve jg fifteen figure in5 star

The best thing to me and I have no idea what you want me too I think it's time funny as and I don't love these two girls in are you going on in my life and you can get my e and a lot of fun and addicting but it is not an option to buy me.

- Hug (the Pug)3 star

This text ememplifies the difficulties to make friends, when one suffers a condition. However, the main character choncores on, and befriends one in the end. I liked it, who wouldn’t want to read about a dog with a bladder issue? The Book Liker

- Haha5 star

Ahhaha very cute but a childrens book with a puppy stating he feels like commiting suicide?? not really child friendly but its was pretty good

- Best book ever but a bit gross but it's amazing5 star

It is great how it is always rhyming and how it always repeats sometimes

- Hug4 star

Funny - 5 year old loved it.

- Great book3 star

Loved it

- Very odd but enjoyed5 star

I enjoyed this book yet it was one of the most oddest ( free ) books out there!!! I'd love to read the most oddest books but by far this is the weirdest. P.S Great job W.L.Crip,!

- Great book5 star

This is a sad story at the start poor hug he's so cute but no body likes him but the girls nice and they Are bffs now thanks to cate.

- Hug the pug5 star

It was very interesting

- Amusing!5 star

Love the story.

- Hug The Pug4 star

VERY CUTE!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Hug the pug4 star

This book is great.😀😘👍

- Hug the pug5 star

Hug the pug is all about a pug who wants a friend he meets many other dogs but doesn't find the one at the end he finds a friend who's a human🐶🐶

- Great4 star

The book was so good and also kinda teaches us something too! Love

- Pug3 star

I loved this book the weeing part was the best but don't forget about the pooing part

- Awwwww5 star

Aww this book is so cute and sweet and it sums it up with a weird and friendly ending how adorable

- Hug5 star

I think this book was pretty good because at the beginning I thought that those 2 puppy's would make out friends but it seems to it was a little girl who was his friend.

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5 star

I love these women. I hope someday I can meet them and give them the biggest hug!!

5 star


5 star

@arjmxrell: shit, i miss your hug

5 star

@humorandanimals: a turkey hug and two playful pups in one video (The Bloomin Barnyard FB) (thebloominbarnyard IG) …

5 star

@humorandanimals: a turkey hug and two playful pups in one video (The Bloomin Barnyard FB) (thebloominbarnyard IG) …

5 star

@ayestheticallyy: i’m craving for the tightest hug ☹️

5 star

@luvrslaine gimme hug NOW

5 star

@femboypiss *big hug*

5 star

@FactSoup: One of the best feelings in the world is when you 're hugging a person you love and they hug you back even tighter.

5 star

@humorandanimals: a turkey hug and two playful pups in one video (The Bloomin Barnyard FB) (thebloominbarnyard IG) …

5 star

@rjmxrell: i wanna hug u until we both feel okay

5 star

@humorandanimals: a turkey hug and two playful pups in one video (The Bloomin Barnyard FB) (thebloominbarnyard IG) …

5 star

@gaykkura: ujung: what about short girls? Eunseo: oh I love them. You know I don't have to tell you, there are nine short girls around…

5 star

@Doh_Doh_Burrd: Hey buddy, what’s going on? Politics again? I know, buddy, I’m here for you. Need a hug? I’ll just keep you company…

5 star

stolen from tl cuz ive seen dis five mil times today it’s kinda cringy but don’t let me flop i’ll fr cry 🍉like if…

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