Head Over Heels

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Head Over Heels Book Summary

LOVE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST is a series of stand-alone romantic comedies that can be read in any order. LOVE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST books are funny, witty...and a little sexy, set in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland--the awesome Pacific Northwest! HEAD OVER HEELS: Vancouver and Whistler, B.C. One tiny lie can cause a whole lot of trouble…

Magee Sinclair has had it up to her sassy short hairdo with the recent blunders pushing her family’s advertising agency to the brink. How can she accept the promotion her father plans when she keeps making costly mistakes? She needs to bring in more business however she can. So when new client Justin Kane asks her to role-play as his girlfriend for a weekend in exchange for a lucrative campaign, she jumps at the chance.

Justin’s goal to expand his chain of bike stores hinges on a distribution deal with a manufacturer. First, he needs to impress the man at a mountain resort while they bike trails with their significant others. But Justin’s girlfriend dumps him, forcing him to find a quick replacement. Magee—pretty, clever, and a skilled cyclist—is the perfect choice to masquerade as his “lover.”
Or so Justin thinks.

Because Magee is in major trouble. She knows no more about mountain biking than Justin does about demi-bras. Before long, an irate ex pops up, fake identities abound, and a whole lot of doors slam in the middle of the night. Yet, through the chaos, Magee and Justin discover what it really means to fall head over heels....

"This romantic comedy is filled with hijinks and sexual tension that makes for entertaining reading..."
- RT Book Reviews

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Head Over Heels Book Comments

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Head Over Heels - Cindy Procter-King Reviews

  • Funny and endearing

    By Sharon K Sherman
    Well-written, with endearing characters and a cute plot.
  • Good read

    By Mdccmommmy
    Good read... There laugh out loud moments through out the book..
  • Super!

    By Murphyk
    I'm not usually one for romances but I really enjoyed this book.
  • Fun!

    By Any nickname I'd use is taken
    This book is a quirky, fun, charming read. If you're in the mood for something different this book is for you! Warm but flawed characters, interesting plot. Good ending.
  • Reader

    By Kelb64
    No one could fall in love with this idiot of a woman! Ugh!
  • Great

    By Hi funnyf
    A story about falling to deep.

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