Irreparable Harm

Irreparable Harm by Melissa F. Miller Book Summary

A skillfully woven plot, surprising twists, and a cracking pace keep readers turning the pages in this gripping legal thriller from a USA Today Bestseller. Downloaded by more than one million readers!

Attorney Sasha McCandless has one goal: Make partner at the best firm in town. Then a plum assignment plunges her into a world of deceit and danger. 

When a commercial flight crashes, killing everyone on board, she's tapped to defend the airline. It's her big chance ... high-stakes litigation for an important client. But, as she digs into the evidence, people close to the case start dying.

She discovers the crash was intentional, caused by a smartphone app capable of overriding the cockpit controls. But she's not sure who she can trust with the horrifying truth. She teams up with a federal air marshal, and they race to prevent another airline disaster. 

Soon, Sasha finds herself with a brand-new life goal: Stop a madman before he kills her.

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Irreparable Harm (Melissa F. Miller) Book Reviews

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- Bit of a stretch3 star

Interesting trivia about Pittsburgh area but a plot about bringing down an airplane and then not alerting FAA and others just not plausible.

- Loved it5 star

Not my usual type of novel, I usually read mysteries but am usually bored with lawyers and court. However, I am hooked on the authors writing style and characters. Will definitely purchase more by this author.

- Smart, hardworking, and capable!5 star

I really enjoyed this trilogy. Sasha is smart, fights hard, and works even harder. I really appreciated how Leo didn’t step in and protect her physically when he saw she could handle herself. He stepped in and cared for her in ways that filled the gaps in her life both personally and in their work together to solve the mystery. They each appreciate the others strengths and complement them. And it’s really not even a romance it’s a solid mystery to solve and work to be done in and out of the courts and offices. While I’m not sure the source of risk is plausible everything else that dovetails in works brilliantly. I want to buy these in print and read them again!

- Fantastic !5 star

Didn’t need foul language and torrid sex scenes because the story was just plain good. I was a little confused at times with all the legal language, but also found myself contorting to the description of the martial arts to see how it was done. LOL. Great editing as well.

- Irreparable harm4 star

Liked the book. Very different approach to a mystery. Thank you!

- A Mind Adventure:5 star

This book was most enjoyable because it was logical and reasonable. It was also eerie as two recent Boeing planes crashed due to some mechanical override that had taken over the planes control with the planes speeding up at the very end similar to the information on the downed jet in this adventure. It was a logical, warm book, and hard to put down plus the main characters were very likable.

- Irreparable harm5 star

Great book, plot and characters. Keeps moving throughout.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

This fast-paced legal work of fiction is one of those novels a person just hates to see come to an end. There is just enough professional info to make it interesting, while not making it too cumbersome to comprehend. The character development is unusually brilliant. Sacha, the brilliant young corporate defense attorney is on her way to the big time, but never loses her deep-seeded ethics & morality. Coming to her rescue is Connally, whose protective nature & professionalism equates well with Sacha’s determination. The plot, too, develops in such a way that one simply cannot stop reading. Those readers that love mysteries will become addicted to Ms Miller’s legal thrillers!!! Thanks for creating such lovable, memorable characters!!! -Jan Farrell Repath

- Justice league5 star

Thrilling and peppered with a mix of crime and law without the jargon or long drawn narrative. Enjoyed the plots and a great read. Thank you, Melissa!

- Irreparable Harm5 star

This book caught me with its first paragraph and I had to keep going until the end ! Lots of good twists and turns in the plot.

- Quick read5 star

Took off immediately. Characters were real. Not too much filler in the book. Would recommend.

- Irreparable harm5 star

A quick read A page turner

- Awesome5 star

Awesome book & Author! I loved all the twists & turns that kept my attention. Once I started reading I finished it in one day. The story was intelligently worded so that someone without legal could follow along with the dialogue.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Totally awesome reading !!!!!

- Quick entertaining read5 star

My only critique of this book is typos and careless editing that became annoying. Carson turning into Carlson in later pages as well as Caruso/Calvaruso. Other than that, an entertaining page-turner!

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Excellent! Enjoyed reading a well plotted mystery with relatable characters.

- Irreparable Harm3 star

This was a very interesting story with well fleshed out characters. However, this book was very poorly edited and contained many spelling and grammatical errors. These were very distracting.

- Best book I’ve ever read5 star

This book was amazing I literally could not put it down took me 3 days to read it

- Irreparable Harm is a great Book!!5 star

Great story with great characters. Everyone would love this book!!

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Still flying above the clouds... unlikely met one from clear start.

- Irreversible Harm5 star

Very good book couldn’t stop reading! Thanks k

- Captures you at the beginning!5 star

A great book to read because you fall into the story immediately.

- Flying with a plan5 star

Great plot with enough twists & dead ends to keep you interested while trying to solve a unique mystery.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Excellent fast paced read...lots of action, suspense and legal drama. Holds readers interest to the very last page! If you like legal suspense thrillers then this is for you.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Excellent. The right amount of tension, mystery and suspense.

- A Terrific Read!5 star

A truly professionally written legal thriller. Characters well developed and memorable, especially the main character who you can't help but like. The book is a real page-turner, with a good, interesting plot that grabs you and doesn't let go until the end.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Very hard to put down!

- Love the Book! Love the Characters!5 star

This was a great read! Happy to find this author

- True mystery with a twist5 star

Very interesting book. Kept my attention and could not put it down until the end. Looking forward to the next thriller!

- A fun read4 star

Well written and fun to read. A good story line with a sprinkling of legal instruction. I will read more for sure.

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- Irreparable Harm5 star

The story action was fast moving and suspense at the end of each chapter made putting the book down quite difficult. Well recommendable for someone whom loves to read fast moving action books. PL

- Irreparable Harm4 star

Really enjoyed this book. Very well written. Thank you.

- Very Enjoyable!5 star

This is a book that I would recommend. It has enough twists and turns to keep you interested. A page turner! Very well done.

- Irreparable Harm4 star

Really enjoyed this book. The characters may not be what you expect and makes them more interesting and exciting to read about.

- Awesome5 star

Loved this book and actually read it twice even though I have a lot of others to read. What suspense to keep you reading all night. JackieT

- Irreparable Harm5 star

10/10! Hard to put down!

- Irreparable Harm4 star

Good book. It grabbed my interest immediately and held it for the rest of the book. Great characters. This one was free and I liked it very much. I will read more in the series.

- Irreparable Harm - read it !4 star

I enjoyed this book very much and I'm picky. I enjoy, and my preference is, thrillers/mysteries/espionage stories and I found this entertaining, so much so that I read it in two days. I like good books to be entertaining and this was. I shall be reading more by Ms Miller.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Great read! Good characters, good story line, good research. Read it in one go.

- Irreparable harm3 star

Wonderful book!!!

- Good read5 star

This was an awesome read! Sasha 👏🏾 I read a lot of mystery/ thriller books and i really liked this one. I just felt some movements were over explained and the end was a little rushed but i still gave it 5 stars.

- I can't stop reading these!5 star

I just finished reading the 3rd book in this series. I read the first 3 in maybe 2 weeks tops, vs normally taking weeks to finish a book. Because I can't put them down! I'm completely unproductive, but I love this series and the Sasha character! Just bought #4. I should go to bed, but I'll probably just stay up too late reading again.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Wonderful read! Couldn't put it down. Characters realistic and memorable. Action packed, fun to read. Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing more books.

- A pleasure5 star

I've now read the 1st 2 books in her series and have enjoyed thoroughly. Only complaint would be how quickly I finished. After reading Game of Thrones these were like one bite delicious appetizers. Stories or not convoluted, characters well developed and clearly defined. Each story is complete from a to x. Cheers

- Irreparable Harm4 star

Most interesting,very intense, suspense all the way through definitely a vg read. I highly recommend it.

- Irrepeparable Harm5 star

I really enjoyed the action, the legal realism and the charachter. I saw this as a solid fast paced book and immediately bought the next.

- Irreparable Harm3 star

I don't review often, and my reviews aren't long. I enjoy the Sasha character, look forward to seeing her as a self employed lawyer. Connelly on the other hand, I had trouble understanding. You just don't have rogue Air Marshalls I don't think.

- Ready for the rest of the series4 star

A good read. Just enough tension and makes no secret of gradually revealing the "bad guys"

- Irreparable Harm5 star

EXCELLANT read!!! I admit when I first started to read this book I had some serious doubts that I would finish it, with all the legal beagle stuff in it but it was great...couldn't take my eyes off the pages! Finished it in record time! Kudos to the author...two thumbs up :)

- Greet Read5 star

A very well written story. Highly recommended!

- Irreparable Harm - Melissa F Doyle4 star

Written by a lawyer. Plane blown up by guy with a death wish. Good plot - a worthy read.

- Good read5 star

Has some nice twists

- Irreparable Harm Melissa Miller4 star

Interesting who done it that kept me reading without a stop

- Irreparable Harm4 star

Most enjoyable read- interesting characters and a well developed plot.

- irreparable harm5 star

I loved the book. I could not put it down. I enjoyed it so much that when I finished it I went and purchased the rest of the series. I then spent the weekend reading all of them. The characters are engaging and likeable. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.

- Irreparable Harm4 star

Good read

- A Pleasure To Read5 star

From the fast pace of the story, my inability to stop reading, interesting characters and a strong female lead, this book has been a pleasure to read. Finally, it would seem I have found a female character who not only seems to know and understand herself but who the author has understood doesn't need a male to swoop in and rescue her; either physically or emotionally. That is a breath of fresh air.

- Irreparable Harm4 star

It's a really good read, but I do wish Mrs Miller wasn't so "over the top". At times it got farcical, e.g the length of hours and abuse that Mac and her colleagues sustained just wasn't realistic. Grit your teeth through these bits. I found it a real page turner. The tension and excitement were great. I recommend this book to you.

- Page turner4 star

Likeable characters, easy reading and engaging. It was a feel good experience. I'd like to read another one. Soon!

- Fantastic read5 star

A little slow to start until you have read the first few chapters and understand who is who. Thereafter the action rolls along at a great pace, turning it into a real page turner.

- Really enjoyed4 star

I learned a lot about legal practises in the US as well as enjoying the read. Thank you!

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- Loved It5 star

Irreparable Harm is a well written suspense novel. If you like surprise endings you'll like this book.

- Great book5 star

Couldn't put it down.

- Excellent read!5 star

This is one of the better (best) legal fictions I have read. The author's knowledge of the practice is evident throughout as is her apparent familiarity with Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon and Pennsylvania roads among other things. Her technology, aircraft systems and post 9-11 reactions are sufficiently accurate to not interfere with the flow of the story arc. Throughly enjoyable. I look forward to reading more of her books. You should also.

- Good read5 star

Like this book a lot. Plan on reading more from this author.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Really enjoyed this book. First time I've read this author....but it won't be my last!

- A must read?5 star

Contemporary topics. Intelligent and humorous conversations. Love the lawyer character. Reading the third in the series now. Can't put these stories down. Want to get away from the TV and computer? Just pick up the first novel in this series!!!

- Intense and suspense5 star

Great book. I love the plot, the twists, the characters. I love a tough short girl kickin' some boy butt!

- Fiesty5 star

Wow!! What an introduction to this series. A great read. Can't wait to read the rest in the series.

- A good legal thriller5 star

Enjoyed the read! Looking forward to reading more about this character, Sasha McCandless

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Well written, exciting and suspenseful. Definitely a story every mystery lover should read.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Good legal mystery. Enjoyed a woman who can take care of herself and be intelligent at the same time. Refreshing!

- Absolutely Yes5 star

A great story with intrigue, and good dialogue. Highly recommend it.

- Irreparable harm5 star

This was a very exciting and thrilling book, kept you interested to the very end. Once you start reading, each chapter captures your interest and pulls you right along with the characters!

- Good book!4 star

I enjoyed this book, it is about a lawyer but not bogged down in a procedural rhetoric. I loved that Sasha kicked butt!

- Melissa F Miller5 star

Good fast paced read. Great for a day at the beach or pool side.

- Good read4 star

Surprisingly well written, knows how to keep the suspense alive and the plot was easy to follow along. Loved the way Sasha is portrayed. Read it all in one day.

- Good Start to a Series4 star

I'd definitely recommend the book to my friends. It started a tad slowly, & there were a few spells of tedium, but overall interesting, funny @ times, and well written.

- Really Good Book - 4 Stars!!!!2 star

After suffering through the mediocrity of my last 3 to 4 book selections by authors I hadn't previously read, this one turned out to be a real gem. I am certain that the writing will get even better with new volumes in the series. I look forward to reading a 5 star by this author!

- Irreparable harm is great5 star

Just found this author thru Bookbub and absolutely loved this book. Strong women characters, some techie content, cool guy and a few twists make a fun read. Definitely going to read more of these ... I'm hooked!

- Overall a good read3 star

I am a very hard grader. The author has a good eye for the legal profession. The book had a few unexpected and distracting proofreading lapses.more importantly the improbable martial arts and intellectual prowess of the superheroine strained credulity . This is a good read the plot is thrilling taut and moves along rapidly. I will read another one

- Familiar surroundings5 star

I really enjoyed this book, especially since it took place in Pittsburgh and I only live 30 miles north in Beaver Falls. Can't wait to start the next one to see where Sasha's relationship and new job take her.

- Great5 star

This book was an excellent read. I read it in an afternoon. I could not put it down. I highly recommend.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

Well written fiction mystery that moves quickly with lots of incidents that keep you locked in. Keeping romance at bay made the reading realistic and, to me, enjoyable.


I enjoyed this book. It was fast-paced and I couldn’t stop reading until It ended. This is the first book I have read by Melissa F Miller, but it won’t be my last. I look forward to following Sasha through the entire series Melissa has written. I like her style of writing. Thank you so much for giving me the "free read" of this book. It introduced me to a new writer I won’t forget. Thank you!

- Pleasant surprise5 star

Good legal thriller.

- Very enjoyable read.4 star

The writing style was a little dry starting off, but quickly became an intriguing read. Well written and a satisfying read. Feel like I learned a little about how lawyers operate and just like any business, you have some that are more ethical than others.

- Irreparable Harm5 star

This suspenseful fast moving story kept me from my work. I appreciate the free books and love these plot twisting surprises. Excellent writing!!! I WILL be getting more. Thank You!

- Must read5 star

Two word review: Must Read

- This book is very entertaining5 star

Thanks for entertaining me. It kept me wanting to come back to it as quickly as I could each time I had to put it down.

- Great book !5 star

Really enjoyed reading this! One of those stories that's hard to put down. I'm looking forward to reading the next one in this series!

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