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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 364570710815839561
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Tucker Book Summary

When all hope is gone, can love still find a way?

Tucker Simon has given up on love. After a tragedy, it’s just not in the cards for him, and he wishes his family would get off his back. He’s fine—or at least he thought he was--until a family wedding forces him to address a few things, namely his date, Abby Mathews. She's been put in the ‘friend’ category, mostly because she deserves so much more than what he can give. But the more time that he spends with her, Tucker begins to think that maybe there is a chance for love after all...

Abby Mathews has been in love with Tucker Simon since he walked into her family’s bar nearly a year ago. But he’s got baggage and heartache a plenty. His one-night-stands aren't going to lessen that no matter what he thinks. Tucker needs a friend, but Abby wants to give him more, and as they navigate their way through a weekend in Florida, their attraction can’t be ignored. Abby has to make a choice. Does she cherish their friendship and take what she can get? Or does she go after what she really wants, which is Tucker’s heart…

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Tucker Book Comments

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Tucker - Juliana Stone Book Reviews

  • Tucker (sbsbrinson)

    Absolutely loved this book! Loved the characters and the complicated story line. Highly recommend!!
  • No (Great super duper book!!!)

    Didn’t care for it at all really short not a good summary
  • Love (arabian nights)

    I loved this book, the characters and the suspense were enough to about kill you! I would love a Marley book, or at least maybe something that gives the mystery a story. That would be wonderful.
  • Cute story (MoonlitChris)

    Enjoyed this one will definitely move on the series.
  • Tucker (Vossibossi5)

    Kept my interest continuously, didn't want to stop reading, chapter after each chapter! Plan on reading more in the series.
  • Too many characters (Noriinny)

    I really tried to like this book but I felt bombarded with so many characters all at once it got a bit confusing with not only their names but nicknames too! Even the author got confused when she accidentally calls Aunt Virginia, Aunt Victoria.
  • Tucker ([email protected])

    This story is fun, sensitive and emotionally captivating. It kept me turning pages. Now I can't wait to know more about the Simon Clan.
  • MUST READ!! (tonywil)

    Hot, sexy, and riveting!! Fantastic read. Loved the depth of the characters. Great story with just enough sex to make it more romance than pornography. Loved it. Can't wait to start 'Jack'.
  • Ehh (SashaDyro13)

    She's a good writer but she just doesn't know how to draw you in. She uses big words and overly describes everything but these character's have no depth and they're boring. It was bland. She also used "Tucker" and "Abby" way too much. Abby is also too clingy too fast and has a wishy washy personality. Sometimes she's an awesome assertive character and others she's this insecure child. It's seriously frustrating. I got half way and couldn't finish it. Do not recommend.
  • Tucker (steph_rae)

    Ok read.

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