Drawing Free

Drawing Free by Elena Aitken Book Summary

“What would happen if I just kept driving?”
Moms aren’t supposed to have a life of their own, at least that’s what Becca Thompson believes. Between dealing with her youngest’s never ending tantrums, her teenager’s attitude and her ailing father’s rapidly failing memory, Becca doesn’t have time to worry about who she used to be.
Deep down, Becca knows she wants more than the daily chaos and the quick fixes her self-help books have to offer, but when her husband starts demanding more, the pressure proves to be too much. On the way to pick up her daughter, she makes the split second decision to take a different exit off the freeway and drives towards the mountains leaving her crumbling life in the rear-view mirror.

Fleeing to a remote mountain town, Becca knows she must rediscover her spirit, even if reconnecting with herself comes at the expense of everything she left behind.

**Includes reader discussion guide and book club questions.**

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Drawing Free (Elena Aitken) Book Reviews

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- Drawing Free by Elena Aitken2 star

I hope the author’s other books are better than this one. USA Today rates her as a best seller. According to the author “thank-you’s” in this book, many people helped with structure, punctuation, story, etc. ..... all the things that go into a good book. Were any of them a professional publisher’s book editor? Probably not. The premise is decent, but that’s about it. The characters are one dimensional and stereotypical. Their dialogue was not realistic; obviously written from one point of view - the author’s. Convenient conversations, that did not match what a real husband, friend, brother might say. A love interest that tells the protagonist, “ I’ve been attracted to you from the first moment I saw you”. We never find out why he does and as she is an absolute mess when he meets her, it does not work at all. The writing is not tight. A huge disconnect was so noticeable - who edited this thing? I quote from the book: “He HELD A CARDBOARD BOX IN FRONT of him and a smile he wasn't even trying to hide played on his lips.........[don’t even get me started on the hiding and playing thing] “Back off. I swear I'll hit you if you take another step." "Okay, Becca," he said. "I may not look it, [it was dark, under a porch roof, with a little moonlight, yet...] but I'm smart enough to know when to leave a lady alone." He RAISED HIS HANDS in surrender and turned to leave.” “He had one of those sexy, rustic beards that meant he hadn't seen a razor in a few days. ........ The stranger's hair was shaggy, past his ears, curling up at his collar. He was tall, probably six-two, and despite the broad shoulders and the muscles that were straining against his thin t-shirt, he really didn't seem very dangerous.” [That’s one heck of a bright moon. Ever read a good crime novel? Ever watch an excellent detective style movie? When people are frightened by an intruder, they rarely remember this kind of detail.] I lowered the stick. It was getting heavy, anyway. [It was a wooden walking stick. They are not heavy. It would defeat its own purpose if it was.] Wait," I said. "How did you know my name?".......... "Who are you?" I asked him. "The name's Jason," he said. He SHIFTED THE BOX TO ONE ARM and offered me his hand. "Nice to meet you." The character carries a box with 2 hands. He does NOT put into down yet is able to raise both hands in a gesture of surrender. (Try it, it’s not possible to accomplish.) Then the box is shifted to 1 arm - makes sense as he had been holding it with both hands, unless he really did put it down which would have been on the floor as there was nothing around him to put it on; in which case it would have to show he picked it up again. See what I mean? There are others mishaps that show lack of editing and tight writing. When the main character arrives at a cabin, she describes what she sees...... “A large ANTIQUE TRUNK ACTED AS A NIGHTSTAND,” (and yet at what is supposed to be a climatic moment....) “But it wasn't a NIGHTSTAND. It was an ANTIQUE TRUNK. The hinges were facing out towards the room, which meant the lock must be facing the wall. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it before.” I couldn’t believe it either because you already said you knew what it was! Here’s a funny one: “Her basket bounced against her heavy leg with every step.” Her heavy leg? What, was her other leg light? Did this character just have large legs - both of them? Did the author mean to say ‘the heavy basket bounced against her leg with every step’? I am a reader not a writer (which is obvious), but these types of mistakes are Writing 101. Oh my! Her daughter has an accident and Bang! Everyone has a change of heart. Oh dear, they will have to talk a little more, but everything that has been bad for years is going to be alright. What? How? Why? A couple “I’m sorrys”, tears and hugs always makes everything a happy ending.

- Drawing Free4 star

A totally relatable story of how being a mother does change all women! We should all be able to escape & find our former selves.

- Drawing Free4 star

I’m amazed that you were able to put into words what this young mother experienced. I’ve walked in her shoes but my story didn’t end as good as hers. I just remember feeling all her emotions. I liked her ending better. Thanks G

- Good read for stressed mom5 star

I read this book In about three days, I really couldn’t stop. I needed this read, it found me at the perfect time. I found the main character super relatable personally due to similar circumstances in my lifetime.

- Complicated3 star

I semi like this book. Some parts are really good and some are just a little depressing. HEA

- Touches the heart...5 star

and makes you think, and rethink, a woman’s role in life. In a constantly changing world, roles have changed as well, and you have to be strong to find your place, your happiness and your peace. Lovely, thought-provoking book.

- Drawing Free5 star

Reading this book made me realize that many of us mothers and wives do get lost in that stressful life. I just didn’t know that when I was going through it. Now I can forgive myself for yearning to find a way out of depression. Husbands should read at least part of this book.

- Drawing Free5 star

This book was hard to continue reading. I think partially because of her husband & the littlest child. So glad I persevered. The ending was very rewarding!

- Dislike2 star

Did not like the main character, Becca, at all. Huge whiner and entirely self absorbed. Lots of errors in book. Both grammar and storyline. The author offers several books for free but I am not going to bother.

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- Coming of [Mature] Age — Not Your Average Fare5 star

This beautifully told story draws you in from the start. The main character, Becca, shares the traits of many mothers who gradually, or suddenly, wake up to realize one day that who they are as an individual has been lost in the repetitive day-to-day demands and routines of being a wife and mother. Aitken captures the nuances of how life’s usual and curve balls affect each person involved in their own way, despite the apparent experience being the same. The characters are richly drawn and thus deeply felt as you read. For anyone who has ever had any kind of “who am I?“ moment (and who hasn’t?), there is something to relate to here. But particularly if you have chafed at the boundaries of who you are and what you need, and what your children and partner need, this story will resonate with your own heart’s inquiry and deep knowing. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. You won’t regret reading it.

- Absolute tripe1 star

One of the dumbest books I have read. There may not be a redeemable character in the bunch. This isn’t romantic or real life or fantasy. It’s just poorly written, poorly planned and god awful.

- Pathetic1 star

Oh poor me, life is so hard, with husband that loves me, a house, financial security, two healthy daughters and no need to work.

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