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Tracie Puckett

Breaking Rules by Tracie Puckett Book Summary

Breaking Rules (Breaking #1)

Sometimes, the lessons of childhood are damaging enough that, by eighteen, you’ve figured out some rules so you don’t repeat your parents’ mistakes. For Mandy, that meant finishing her last year of high school, going to college, and then returning to small-town Sugar Creek to live a solitary life as a writer.

That was the plan, and her main rule for avoiding complications and staying on track was to never, ever, EVER let someone get too close.

That was before she met Gabe.

And when Gabe starts to awaken emotions she’s never experienced, Mandy suddenly begins to question every belief she's ever had.

She can’t be falling in love, can she? That would be the biggest mistake of her life, wouldn’t it? Could she break one of her most important rules—for Gabe?

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Book Name Breaking Rules
Genre Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 2.99 MB

Breaking Rules (Tracie Puckett) Book Reviews 2023

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Childish. Felt like a kid wrote it and Mandy is not a loveable main character she was bratty and childish. I was not rooting for her and gabe I want gabe to be with someone less whiny, guarded and immature. Stupid book don't waste your time

Love. Loved it!

Weeeeeeeewwee. Do it look like you did good?!

Incredible!. I love this book it really grabbed out and pulled my attention it was so good! I was looking for a new type of book and I was searching for one then I found this and it really helped me find my new favorite type of genre I enjoy! I really enjoyed all the different emotions involved! I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a ending that they didn’t predict! I truly felt this book was amazing!!!!!!

breaking rules. Love the book. Can’t say I’m happy with the ending guess I’ll have to read on and see if it continues.

OUTSTANDING. Possibly one of the most amazing books I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

Amazing!. I've read all 3 books. I was thrown off a few times, but even the predictable parts kept me enthralled. 10/10 I will be reading again. I was sucked in the moment I started reading.

Omg I love it. Omg I love this book so much I wish the other two were free because I need them like right now

MAJOR CLIFFHANGER!!!. I absolutely loved this book. I couldn’t put this book down. Every chance I got, I picked it back up to finish. I’m eager to read part two! I love a good opening book to a amazing series. I think I want to read everything this author puts out.

10/10. Omg... I was supposed to go to bed two hours ago. I stood up reading this book and dang I just cried more than I did at my grandma's funeral while reading the last half of it. This book is so good and I can't wait until I start the others tomorrow.

Page Turning. This book kept me turning the page. I literally couldn't put it down!! I finished it within a matter of days! With all the twists and turns, I never knew which way the story was going to go. Mandy took her chances and Gabe broke her shell. I can't wait to begin the remaining books and I can't wait to share this book with my friends!!

Breaking Rules. Very interesting capabating

Breaking rules. I liked the way this book had a lot of different emotions in it, how Mandy kept trying to follow the rules but she had broken all of them just for this one guy she cares a lot about, just to find out they can't be together at the end because she still wants to be in RI. This book does describe a lot about everyday events about two people that like each other but they can't be together. And I got to admit for my first romantic book I have ever read this was a good book to start with, it kept me on edge the whole story. I can't wait to read the other two books in the serious.

Breaking Rules. Breaking Rules is an amazing book. You peeps should read this book. Read the next 2 after you read this one. And do not I reapeat do not skip any parts!!!!! And enjoy this wonderful book!!!!!!!!

👌. This was a great book. It may have taken me a while to finish it because im a slow reader and im packed with homework but I couldn't stop reading it.

I hope i can your word for it. I hope i can take your word for it because i am yet to read the book i hope i can your word for it i really hope the book will be good because i’m looking for a romance book but just because i’m a kid doesn’t mean i don’t like romance novels i really hope the book is good

Breaking Rules. Good book

Nothing like teenage love-drama !. I enjoyed this book! Honestly didn't think I would, but what caught my attention was the fact that this book wasn't the same teenage love story you read everywhere else. The main character is so different & that's what makes this story! Cannot wait for book #2.

Love it. it's really good and interesting! I would recommend it

I hate everyone who reviewed this. Before downloading the book, I read some reviews. Well thanks to a good amount of people, I know exactly how this story goes and if I were to download it there would be no surprises. So if you read this, don't read any of the long reviews because people spoiled it.

Great story. I really enjoyed this book. I had a hard time putting it down. The author kept the book real, not going with a simple story, but a real story of life and how it can have some rough road blocks on our journey through it. Thanks for a great story.

Breaking Rules. Love this book!!! It just left me wanting to read more.

Amazing book!!!. The author did absolutely amazing. The cliffhanger at the end keeps you yearning for more. I’m surprised the first book is free. I would definitely pay for the whole series.

Breaking rules review. This book was good it had me wanting to read more... It's different from other books I've read it has some sort of potential and I think that's why more people should read it

Not worth the read. Not much to say about this rambling stream of unconsciousness. Find something else that is more qualified to satisfy one's reading pleasure.

Very entertaining. Love love love. I’m pretty upset but it’s just Amo to read the next book.

Good book. Was a great book from someone who is not into reading I enjoyed this book and it kept me wanting to keep reading

Great. Its good

Breaking Rules. A very enjoyable read and very inspiring to me.

Almost cried so good!!! 😭😍. It's AWESOME!!!!! This book is so amazing could read over and over agin just one thing can you make the books at like 600 pages next time?

Breaking rules. Not my kind of book but I stuck with it to the end. I can see how someone with a different temperament from mine could enjoy this book thus the 4 star rating.

Awe. I loved it. Made me cry

Amazing. This book was absolutely amazing! I loved it!

Loved it!!. The overall book was lovely. I read all of it in about a day because I just couldn't put it down. It had me hooked at the very beginning. I didn't like the way it ended because they were totally meant for each other, but we have to realize that sometimes life isn't a fairytale and not everything turns out the way it should. I'm hoping they eventually end up together in book 2 or 3 but if they don't they just don't. I loved this book and I would recommend this to my friends but, just a fair warning, it's very addicting.

well.... It dosent stink.. I have read other books from her and the only thing I can say its that her stories repeat themselves. She cant seem to make her woman protagonist diferent from one another. Their pesonalities are the same. Her books seem to have the same plot and all of them see, to drag on and on. It kinda gets boring after a while.

Intoxicating and addictive. You might as well get all 5 books right now...amazingly written and quick reads, all five books will keep you wanting more.

Love it. This book always kept me on the edge! Keep up the good work! 😱👍

Hurt warming and Seat grabbing. The ending was great , although slightly incomplete I know it's to make the readers finish off what is to come with their creativity. It pulled out so many emotions in the begining and kind of stirred me into not wanting to read it to be honest. But man was it quite entertaining. I read this book about 100 pages a day , wierd while listening to Sia- Elastic heart. Anyways , marvelous book. Great job. If read the next boon in your series and comment for others do become encouraged to buy them if it were free for me. Hince the bargaining chip there. Have a good one! 😅😅😅

Great read. Its really short but its a really great book. I enjoyed it so much Im actually buying the next one in the series.

Breaking Rules. Very nice book. It was well written, and had an exciting plot. Just, it was hard to picture an 18 year old with a 21 year old. Kind of odd, especially due to the fact she hit him with her car. Not what I expected.

I can’t help but love it. Idk what it is about this book series but I just love it. I re-read it all the time. Mandy isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and feels like an actual human. Not some type of two dimensional character who’s sole purpose is to be propped up by the love interest. It’s lovely. I enjoy the fact that the book is about Mandy learning to become a better partner, sister, and friend by opening up. The catalyst just happens to be a love interest. Also...Gabriel... who wouldn’t love him?!? Gabe is emotionally mature while also being sincere and even insecure at times. He’s human and it makes it so easily to see why Mandy falls for him. Their love is just...natural and realistic. I love their development into more rounded characters throughout the trilogy too. I could keep going but I’ll just finish with: I love this trilogy.

Breaking Down. I picked up this book in the "free" section, and was a little hesitant, but I fell in love right away. The story and characters are so relatable, and I'm so glad I took the time to read. Upon realizing it was a series, I immediately purchased the other two books, I couldn't stop reading if I wanted to. Simply a wonderful experience.

Breaking Rules but Extending Boundaries! By Cincy Kid 68!. This book is so well written, capturing the essence of family struggle and showing how the human heart can push through just about anything. I have to see how Mandy takes her next steps toward what she needs to do for her own well-being. 🤩🙏🤩👏 JB

1,000% recommended. Absolutely amazing!!!! One of the best books I’ve read by far. The emotions, the thoughts, the way it makes the reader feel what the characters are feeling….just amazing!!

Good Read!. It was a pretty good book!!

Quick read. This book kept me engaged! It was a quick, easy read, and I'd definitely recommend it!

What a great book. I love this book!! So ready to download the rest !!❤❤

Breaking Rules,. This book had me not wanting to put it down. Great read. I really enjoyed this book. Looking forward for the sequel. Love,love,loved it. May can't come any sooner.

Too many discrepancies. How is the hero a war vet and still young enough to date a high school student? Decent writing. Story could use some work so could editing.

So good. Loved it! Such a good book

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A book that makes you feel.. When I first started reading 'Breaking Rules' I didn't find it interesting, however after putting it down, I went back to the novel and found it surprisingly interesting. I want to thank the author for writing a book for teenagers that doesn't involve a classic happy ending but shows the harsh reality we live in. I like that as a reader we are left wondering what will happen between Mandy and Gabe. You gain feelings and emotions from this book and in some ways I was connected to Mandy and her thoughts and feelings. For those reasons I gave a high review and intend on reading the following novel.

A boring waste of my time. It doesn't get started and it doesn't finish. It's completely pointless.

AMAZING. It was absolutely amazing! I loved it so much. Such a good book. I would definitely reccommend to others. It is the first book to make me cry so that says something. I never ever cry over something that happens in a book. Must read!

Boring and pointless. Boring and pointless

truly amazing!!!. this book is awe inspiring it just takes you away into the book life and you actually start imagining yourself in madys position.

Perfect Romantic Novel. I found this book to be different, but still with the typical love story. It put a twist on on the usual and all the way through I had my own suspicions as to what was going on but I could never of guessed what actually happened! This book was fantastically written and I can't wait to read the next two books! I will definitely be recommending this book to friends! Amazing.

Amazing. Amazing book have read both in the series and have pre ordered the last one! It's a must read

Amazing. I loved this book, when I get my iTunes account topped up I'm defiantly going I buy the other books in the series, they're amazing, would recommend to anyone really.

Depends on your mental age... If you're 12 maybe it's a book for you, but above that I doubt you'd enjoy it..

Ok. Poor editing. Good storyline but not great.

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Love her style of writing!. By far my favourite books by the author! Can't not put my phone down longer then a minute without wanting to read more!

Buen libro. De lectura fácil.

Loved it 💟. I absolutely loved it ! But it wasn't a very long book for someone my age (12) it was easy to read but I suggested it to my friend and she didn't get it I was very utterly unimpressed when the book came to a brief ending I needed to know more !!!!!!! I thought it is very well written and I couldn't put the book down I read this book in a day again super short I hope your next book breaking walls and breaking ties is a bit longer. I envy this book so much and would love to have that special love Is there anyway you could do more books like these and make the other series available for freeeeeee ! See I don't have money and I would love to escape to that world again ! I want to read more and know after the book ended I was so upset that I broke things it can't be left like that it can't end like that !!!! I want more . Please please please please please please tracie pukket make the other books available for free I would literally love u if u did !!!! Please sincerely buttercup ✌️

LOVE IT!!!. I love this book so much, couldn't put it down and I can't wait for the third one! Please bring it out soon! I loved the second as much as I did for this one. Favourite book

What a book !!!!!!!!. I loved it I thought it was going to be bad because of the cover but I was really good Like they say 'never judge a book By its cover'

Could not put it down. Once I started reading this book I knew it was a book that could not be put down, holy catfish it was good. I read it in one night and would definitely recommend anyone reading it.

Breaking rules. A good read. Couldn't put it down.

Won't put it down. I started this book last night. I could not put the book down except for when I had to at work. Definitely worth the read and can't wait till the remaining books are released. This book keeps you guessing and you'll never guess how the book ends.

Great Books. I loved this book, I found I could not put it down, once I started reading I couldn't bring myself to stop. I find it really hard to find books that I can just naturally read without need to force myself to read on. SO Thank you Tracie Puckett, I really love your books

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Cliffhanger. I despised the ending of this book. You cannot let someone get invested in a storyline and just end it so suddenly. Disappointed is an understatement

Loved It!!. I am obbsessed with this series!! I cant stop reading Breaking Rules and Breaking Walls since I started! XD I recommend this book to anyone/everyone!!

LOVED IT!❤️. I just finished reading this book and I loved it so much! I cant wait for the next book of this series to come out! Aaaahhhh❤️In love...

Loved it!. I have read all the books by Tracie Puckett and always enjoy them. This is another great series she's starting here!

Ya it was okay.... Really dumb Not romantic Boring Too long! Really predictable!!! Dragged on and on and on. Don't read it!!

Degrassi Rabia Eli. Hi sweetie how do we have to be at husbands party tonight and do something

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Summary of Breaking Rules by Tracie Puckett

The Breaking Rules book written by Tracie Puckett was published on 11 February 2014, Tuesday in the Romance category. A total of 3,526 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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