Water Under the Bridge

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Water Under the Bridge Book Summary

“This book consumed my life and left me speechless, breathless, and questioning everything I ever thought possible.” ~Saints and Sinners Books

“A heart-stopping love story with a dark yet surprisingly unique twist that will leave you craving more.” ~B’s Book Blog


My whole life I’ve wanted nothing more than to fit in.
Only, my whole life I’ve done anything but.
That’s probably because I’m anything but average. After all—female serial killers seem to be a minority in today’s society.
And that’s ok—because I’ve longed for a change for quite some time now.
Which brings me back around to fitting in.
You know what one has to do to fit in?
I do.
One has to blend.
Which is great news!
Because I realize my clock is ticking, so to speak, and now I want a family. Luckily, I’ve always been good at getting what I want.
So I figure what better place to blend than suburbia?
All that stuff I did before—it’s water under the bridge now. I just hope it’s not too late to change my ways. Here’s to hoping for suburbia’s sake, too.
I mean, what are the odds I could be the girl next door?
Apparently, they’re better than you might think.


Your whole life you’ve wanted to fit in. 
Only your whole life you’ve done anything but.
That’s probably because you’re anything but average— you’re a killer— but, then so am I.
You say you’ve longed for a change for quite some time now. 
This is good because, well, me too. 
Your clock is ticking, you want a family, but you waste so much time. 
I know because I’m watching, waiting, blending. 
What you don’t realize is if you want me, and I think you do, then you'll have to change your ways because sometimes hunters become hunted. 
But what are the odds of that happening in suburbia? 
Apparently, they’re better than you might think.

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Water Under the Bridge - Britney King Reviews

  • Wow

    By Xcskiqueen
    Beautifully written, savagely gripping, a page-turner and a fantastic ride to the end. Haven't read a free book like this one in quite some time-so thank you, Ms. King, for the journey! I'm buying the next one.
  • Love!

    By Jilly reads
    Loved this book! Sometimes when I read I can't help but skim some pages but this book held me captive the whole way through. Thrilling, sickly romantic, and sure to keep you on your toes this book is worth a read
  • Phenomenal Read

    By SEH555
    This book takes your entire foundation and rattles it...and keeps you coming back for more. Britney King is gifted in her writing style, character development and originality. Could not put this book down. This story is unlike anything else I have read and will keep you guessing until the end. Jude and Kate/Lydia's story is truly one of a kind. A must read!

    By Nikki83754
    So I found this free book on bookbub this morning, and I figured I'd give it a try, seemed interesting enough, and you can't go wrong with a free book. So, about an hour or so ago I started the book not really knowing what I was getting into. What I was getting into, turned out, was a non stop intensity that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I tried to put it down and I immediately just went back to it. I found myself actually liking the characters, and I must say, those erotic scenes, as short as they were, they were a slam dunk. I loved every bit of this book, and I'm so excited to see what the next book is like.
  • Read this book - it's a must!

    By Dough DRT
    What a trip! Yes, I'm from Austin, too, and some of us are aging hippies who use aging jargon. I had no idea what to expect when I began reading. And it took me a bit to get into the rhythm of the story - first chapter is from Kate, second chapter Jude. It does take a while to get who 'you' is, and at first I thought Kate's first love was Amy, but I figured it out. The story is just a hoot, and so well done. Looking at the Author's picture, she looks way too partridge in a pear tree for such material. But boy can she write! And digging Austin soil is no easy task - that's why we have rock bars - a perfect wedding gift for these two!
  • !!! I Really Really Liked This Book !!!

    By Hfhfhdjskdhfh
    I have to say I was blown away by Britney King's writing. I saw it was free on Bookbub this morning and couldn't put it down till I finished just now. Wow! Kate and Jude are some kinda crazy messed up and yet perfect for each other people. AMAZING. I would give it more than 5 stars if i could.
  • I hug the people I hate so I know how big to dig the hole in my backyard

    By Southerdixie
    Intense Read Must pay attention. The beginning you might be a little lost on whats going on but Trust Me it all get sorted out. I dont even know how to explain this book beside Fxcked up in a good way. These to Kate and Jude are Soul Mates in the true meaning of soulmates. After some of the fxcked stuff they do. They are funny in that sick sense when you really know someone. My only reason for not giving 5 stars was you really didnt get to know her past and her dad. Thats all I can say on that without Spoilers. Go Dive end head first in the Shallow end your going to be drowning by the end
  • Read this!

    By Lova g. Book
    Amazingly twisted and weirdly humorous. I loved it! To look at Brittany's picture and then look into her mind...unexpected dark secrets!

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