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Sinner by Sierra Simone Book Summary

I’m not a good man, and I’ve never pretended to be. I don’t believe in goodness or God or any happy ending that isn’t paid for in advance.

What do I believe in? Money. Sex. Macallan 18. 

They have words for men like me—playboy. Womanizer. Skirt chaser.

My brother used to be a priest, and he only has one word for me.


***Sinner is a standalone companion to Priest about Father Bell's brother Sean.  You do not have to read Priest or Midnight Mass to read Sinner.***

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Book Name Sinner
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 4.62 MB

Sinner (Sierra Simone) Book Reviews 2023

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“I get a lot dirtier than that, darling. So buckle up.”. Where to start, and what to say about Sean Bell.... This man is so much more complex than what we first get in the beginning. I love getting to go on this journey of discovery, religion, sex and love with him from his perspective. There's so much more there than just muscles and a hot body ;) Then we have Zenny. Even being as young as she is, I love how opinionated and confident in herself she is. She wasn't going to be swayed or pushed over into something that wasn't where she seen herself wanting to be. I admired her for this. Sierra has a way of writing that always leaves me wanting more, leaves me with the worst case of a "book hangover" where I can't move on just yet, and Sinner was no different. This book had my feelings all over the place. I was crying, laughing, swooning and everything in between. She breaches topics/subjects that most would be scared to go into, but does them in a way that is beautiful and makes you think. Everyone has feelings, desires and experiences. I love how she brings that to light. I always feel lucky getting to be a part of her ARC team and being allowed to read these books early because I can't stress enough how everyone MUST read her books!!!! I'm still stuck, unable to move on... but that's ok. I didn't think it was possible to love another Bell man as much as the Father Tyler himself, but Sierra proved me wrong. If you haven't preordered, or downloaded, DO IT NOW!

Sinner or Gentleman. I was given this ARC of Sinner in exchange for an honest review. Thank you. If I could have I would have given this book Ten stars! Sean Bell says he is a sinner. “I’m not Mr Brooding Romance”, like my brother Tyler, “I’m not Mr. Impulsive”, like my brother Aiden. Yet, he is reluctant, hesitant, and very persistent when his best friend Elijah’s sister Zenny asks him for a month of sex, so she can decide if she is making the right decision on the life choice she has decided to pursue. He says he is a playboy, a womanizer, a skirt chaser. Yet he is the one who continues to say NO, till she finally breaks him down. He even has her move in with him and continues to evade taking her, yah he explores, yah they sleep in the same bed, but when it comes to doing the act he keeps her waiting till time starts to run out. He is the one who falls madly, passionately, unconditionally in love , while Zenny angrily walks away. I think he has his self mixed up with his brothers, he is Mr. Romance, he definitely broods and haven’t read about any man being as Impulsive as Sean Bell. I definitely have to say this book tops Priest and Midnight Mass, not by much but it’s at the top of my favorites list for 2018. This is definitely a must read.

Hot and amazing!. Sinner is beyond amazing and so is Sierra Simone. Sean Bell is the sinner and he is a very dirty man. Zenny is the woman he sins with. The Catholic religion plays a big part in Sean and Zenny’s decisions on many levels. The story puts you through so many emotions. Review copy was received for an honest opinion.

A sexy and steamy read! Loved it!. This book has been a long time coming! I loved, loved Priest and Midnight Mass, who I am kidding, every book written by Sierra Simone, but now, now we get Sean’s story, Tyler’s brother. You do not need to have read Priest or Midnight mass to read Sinner, but you should read them for the stories themselves! Just saying. Sean Bell is the oldest of the Bell brothers and is in his mid-thirties. We learn so much more about him. He was a bit lost and questioning his faith, but also strong and could be very possessive. Zenny is young, determined and full of faith. She is ready to make a huge decision that seems right for her, but what if it’s not? What if that is not her true destiny? Sean and Zenny journey is full of self-discovery and yearnings. When they reconnect, their chemistry is instant and strong. Their story is hot, sexy and steamy. They are both unprepared for what they want and feel. The story consumed me. The writing was superb and the characters compelling. I loved seeing the Bell family again. I love taboo stories! I mean come on, who does not like a bit of the forbidden! Here we not only get a story with an age gap, but also a friend’s little sister. This story also touches on family dynamics, faith, fears and desires. I have to say, I love Sierra Simone. She is an amazing author that writes stories that captivate you, but also makes you think and question everything. 4.5 amazing stars!

One of my favorite books!. This book was so emotional and sensual. The writing is excellent. This story consumes the reader from the very first chapter and you can’t put it down. I loved Sean Bell with a passion and Zinny is just such a beautiful soul. Their story is passionate and emotional. I have read this book so many times and listen to the audiobook over and over. I wish I could give it more than five stars. Sierra Simone is such a talented writer. Her words are beautiful and flow across the pages like poetry. Her stories are gut-wrenching, honest and thought provoking. She is always an automatic one click for me. You need to start this series today!

Scorching an Soul Gripping. Enter the church of Sierra Simone and you know you will be anointed by her holy words, extreme carnal expression and her soul shattering story telling. In Sinner we are more throughly acquainted with the eldest Bell brother, Sean. He is the epitome of a successful, handsome, sexy player. His rules, his way. He is a doubter, the one who left the flock when Gd failed him and his family. While his family is faced with health difficulties, he is the caretaker. His life is turned upside when he is forced to come face to face with the Gd he once knew; brought to him in a whole new light. This light comes to him in the form of his best friend's sister, Zenny. Smart, beautiful, pure of heart and ready to make the ultimate life sacrifice. She is the antithesis Sean, yet she too needs her doubt to be tested. Zenny calls upon Sean to engage her in the ways of the world of a sexual nature. However, while Sean is playing teacher to Zenny's physical needs, Zenny makes Sean think, question and learn all over again that you can still have faith even when it seems that hope is lost. They both experience a love that is fervent and open and honest. This is the story you never saw coming. It will make you laugh out loud, sob grotesquely, pull at every string in your heart and make your panties melt. I truly had to process this story with my heart and mind.

Sinfully hot and sexy. Wow, it is hard to find words to describe this book and not to give much away. It is very emotional ride for me. Sierra Simone did excellent job with this book. This is third book in her Priest series, but it can be read as a standalone. Sean is Tyler,s brother. He calls himself Sinner because if the past and everything the whole family went through. He does everything he can for his family and he doesn’t believe he will ever find love for himself. Well, until Zenny make it into his life and changes everything. I don’t really want to tell you anything else as you really have to read and experience this book and emotions yourself. Words can’t describe it properly. Story is incredible, Sierra’s work is flawless. I absolutely enjoyed this book very much and I am not ready to let Sean and Zenny go. I want more. Oh and did I mention there is no lock of hotness and sexiness that we always get from Ms. Simone! Love Sinner, it’s s must read.

Great Read and Listen!. I find this book to be layered with concepts and ideals that someone would not think go together. However, it was a slice of real human imperfection and honesty that I wasn’t expecting at all. The author did her thing with this one. Looking forward to reading more of her works. Enjoy the book and the audiobook as well. The VO Actor was excellent and completely drew me in to the story of Sean Bell.

Awesome love story. This book was everything! Sexy, forbidden, heartwarming, sweet, heartbreaking, inspiring. Sean Bell and Zenny’s Love is one for the ages.

Absolutely Amazing. This was one the best reads I’ve had in a long time. So touching, so heartfelt. Such a great story.

5 SINNER & HOLY HOTNESS STARS!!. 5 SINNER & HOLY HOTNESS STARS!! This book will be engraved on my heart forever. Sean and Zenny's story will touch your hearts with all the feels and perfection. Their story is perfect, hot, sexy, sweet and so touching. Sierra Simone gives us forbidden in the best way and you fall in love with every character. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

Wow another incredible read from this author. Wow, I don't know where to begin. Amazing. Lush. Moving. Hot. Some of the words whirling through my mind as I try to describe the indescribable. Amazing: the main characters Sean and Zenny. We watch them grow, all through Sean's perspective. Even though we see the world through his eyes, we learn from Zenny too. Zenny's a powerful black woman, and through her we encounter racism. We also learn how she copes, how she moves forward despite it. We are angry with her. We are sorry for lost Sean, and happy when he begins to realize the truth. Lush: Sierra Simone has a powerful way with words. Her sentences are like velvet, a complex beautiful fabric. It takes us right there to the heart of the scene, into the character. All her books are like this, this one is no exception and there is nothing quite like a Sierra Simone book. Moving: the plot, taking you through some of life's most difficult moments. Death and grief. The more central raging debate about the role of faith for someone who has been truly broken by it. We also explore faith through someone's growth into it, because through that she is set free from expectations. Hot: this book is scorching. For all the difficult and challenging scenes Sean and Zenny face, they also have plenty of time for some truly hot sex. Whether it's sex or love, Simone gives us everything in a contemporary romance. I've said this before in my reviews, but anyone who isn't reading Sierra Simone is really missing out. She is a simply amazing author. For all the reasons I've tried to explain, but something else too. She does her research. Some folks crank out the novels and often make mistakes that are noticeable to someone with the right cultural background, work expertise. Simone does her homework, and while she freely admits in her authors note, the right to utilise fictional license, Sinner reads like a book that's been carefully thought through. Given the plot of this novel, a type of accuracy matters, the one that makes this all believable. Sincere.

She would save him in every way possible. This story will absolutely captivate your attention and become desperate for more like an addict that is looking for its next fix. Sean commands attention from everyone. When he finally does not get it he is intrigued to know more. His feelings consume him and his heart that will do anything and everything for his family. There are days when the pressure is too much when you are spread to thin but he manages to keep it together. Having lost in faith he spirals into a darkness where he feels absolutely helpless. Only one person can truly save him. I absolutely loved this story and Sierra's words will make you feel helpless as you experience every emotion the character does. You will want to reread this multiple times since you might be scared you missed a detail, or capture something different.

Another amazing Sierra book!. I want to write the best review for this book while keeping spoiler free. If you’re familiar with Sierra Simone’s books, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Sinner. It is set in the Priest world but can be read without reading Priest first (but really why would you NOT read Priest!?) Sinner is written in one POV, Sean Bell’s, who is our male lead. Oh Sean. He’s arrogant, bossy, rich and the oldest Bell sibling. He spends very little time with women, just getting what he needs, if you know what I mean. Our female lead is Zenny. Once upon a time, she knew Sean well. Details left out on purpose! It’s difficult for me to write a review without discussing things in the book. I want to tell you more about Zenny, but I won’t. I will say that the characters are interesting. Perfectly written. I will say that the struggles that they face are so painfully real. I’ve seen these struggles, I’ve known people to go through it, and to read a book that details it perfectly is nothing less than 5+stars amazing. This book will give you all the feelings all across the board. It’s simply put, fabulous. Another excellent read from Sierra Simone.

Bow at the altar of Sierra Simone. How do you write a book featuring a hero who believes that his sexual needs are depraved, who doesn't so much eschew the existence of God as downright renounce it, who has some of the hottest sex you've ever read, and, instead of making you think about the feral ferociousness of that sex, instead makes you think about God? How do you DO that? I'm talking to you, Sierra Simone. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? I get it, somewhat. Sean Bell, whose older brother Tyler (he of Priest fame) has tried to help Sean understand his relationship with God, is a man who wants to think that he rejected God but really believes that God rejected him. So when you start with that premise, you anchor him in a sort of Catholic confusion. Is God a loving construct or a mythological convenience? And then he meets a young woman who is a nun postulant. By her very nature, she makes him rebel even harder against her vision of God. Sean believes that others perceive him as a sinner more because he needs to see himself as having the fortitude to resist God than because he is a bad man. So, Sierra Simone, you have crafted this beautifully complex man, someone who has crafted a world built on the idea that he controls everything, including his baser instincts. He's a man who sees things in a strictly "yes" or "no" way, not in a way that allows a "but" to creep in there. You wrote this guy in a way that lets us as readers see ourselves in him in the ways that we question and feel skepticism. In one scene, you make us pant and squeeze our thighs together, and in the next, you make us believe that what we just experienced was every bit a spiritual euphoria as a physical one. Sinner, for me, comes down to these lines: "To be fully human is to be fully sexual, and while that doesn't mean having sex or even sexual desire, it does mean being fully in your body. It means recognizing that there's nothing any less holy about your body than there is about your soul, that as long as your body is treated with consent and respect and affection--and that you treat the bodies of others in the same way--there's nothing inherently sinful about your flesh." Maybe what you're telling me, Sierra Simone, is that sex isn't the way we sin. Maybe the way we sin is through denying love and dignity to others. I don't know how you managed to convey that so beautifully and with such heartbreaking poignancy juxtaposed with such brutal carnality in one book, but you did.

Sinner is EVERYTHING!. Sinner is so much more than the story on the page. There are layers of meaning between every word and scene. It is a journey, a ride that author Sierra Simone steers. On the surface Sinner is sexy as hell, and that is all good too! “There’s nothing between us. Nothing at all, except for God and broken promises and two grasping, reaching hearts.” The writing is beautiful and intelligent, the characters are deep, real even in all their flaws and larger than the page. “I can’t crack her faith the way her love cracks me. I can’t carve away her connection with God the same way she’s carved a gap into my heart that she refuses to fill.” Sinner is EVERYTHING! It is just SO beautiful, deep & thought provoking, AND SO HOT!! And it just broke my heart!! I seriously bawled my eyes out! I had to stop reading because I couldn’t see the page!!

So Sinful!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Grab your rosary ladies!!! Sierra had done it again! Sinner is the second standalone book in the Priest series and if you thought Father Bell was sinful you need to meet his brother Sean!! Money, power and sex is all Sean is looking for. He’s a sinner, that had given up on God and religion many years ago, when his sisters life was ended in the worst way. God couldn’t save her. Sean couldn’t save her. He’s a lost soul. Until he meets an angel. This book, as all of Sierra’s books that I’ve read, had me feeling so amazed at her beautiful writing. How she takes things that are taboo or uncomfortable to some, and make them a work of art is something I can’t get enough of. To say I’m a fan is a gross understatement.

Sean is a dirty Talker!. Sierra Simone NEVER disappoints! Sinner is the hot filth you'd expect but it's also so much more...tons of different emotions! I just simply love this authors words! So beautiful, captivating, hot!!! Sean & Zenny's story will hook you from page 1 til the last page where you'll be sad it's over... Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sexy (super sexy) and thought provoking!. Sierra Simone....once again, you complete me and give my soul something it didn't know it needed.....but MY GOD did it need it! This story was beautifully written. I don't know how you do it, but you're seriously THE GODDESS of Erotica and spirituality mixed in one. Sinner was delicious, painful, delicious again, eye-opening, bawling worthy, and then swoonie and thought provoking. And I have you know, this was my FIRST interracial couple romance I've ever read......and I know it won't be my last. Thank you for taking us back to the ‘Priest’ world; Sean and Zenny’s story was dreamy, hot, and SO FREAKIN’ profound! But that’s just how you do your magic :)

I’ve started praying again?. Maybe it’s the religious trauma of being raised in such a flawed church, but this book actually reconnected me with God? I’m not even lying when I say that I’ve started praying again. How did this book do more for me than any religious counsel I’ve ever received?

Holy Hotness!!. Sean Bell is a playboy. He lives to make money and has fleeting romances with socialites and climbers. Zenny is his best friends sister. She is going to become a nun. She convinces Sean to show her what she is going to be missing once she joins the order. He reluctantly agrees. Super spicy gripping read. Sean is a likable jerk. He has redeeming qualities that are hidden beneath his gorgeous facade. Zenny is super sweet yet strong and sassy. The sex scenes are delightfully salacious. The story is, at times,heartbreaking. Beautifully written and plotted. Gorgeous read!!

A Sinner & a Nun?. Sean Bell is not the type of man to ask for forgiveness; in fact, for the most part, he finds no reason to change his sinful ways because Sean has his own religion and the only people he’ll kneel for are the women who he worships with so much more than his hands. I really wouldn’t call what Sean goes through in Sinner a crisis of faith because he lost his Catholic faith a long time ago, and I don’t believe he wants it back, but he does question and struggle with the idea of finding his ‘proper’ place in life…it’s just that the word ‘proper’ doesn’t quite describe how he wants to spend his days with a woman he can’t stop thinking about…a woman who is quite a bit younger than him…a woman whose faith and beliefs are directly opposite to his own…a woman who believes that she’s been called to serve God…to take God as not only her Lord and Savior but also as the only love of her life. Considering Zenny’s professed dedication to God, having any kind of sexual encounters with Sean, the ‘sinner,’ could be seen as sacrilegious, but Simone illustrates just how much Zenny and Sean’s chemistry and connection defies standards, boundaries, and perhaps even logic, because their age difference and their seemingly contradictory life goals should be seen as more than barriers to cross, but that seems to be how Sean sees them as, and the more time these two spend together, exploring one another on a carnal level, the deeper their bond grows, which leads Zenny to question her life’s path and Sean to realize that The sinner and the nun sounds like the introduction of a bad joke, but in relation to Sean and Zenny, they’re the words that should keep them apart…that should have Zenny praying for Sean’s soul, not wanting to commit a multitude of sins with him. But that’s not their story…those monikers are not the true essence of who these two characters, are and Sierra Simone forces Zenny and Sean to be stripped bare, showing readers the many layers of their personalities, the reasons they chose to be on the path they were throughout much of the story, and the truth of their relentless need for each other’s body and perhaps even one another’s soul. Sierra Simone is a truly gifted writer – one who isn’t afraid to explore taboo topics in deliciously salacious ways. Simone stretches her readers’ minds, forcing them, not necessarily to question their own beliefs when it comes to the subjects explored, but to look beyond their views…beyond their staunch judgments, and try to understand others’ perspectives on love, faith and commitment, regardless of how untoward, immoral, or unethical they may appear to be. 4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)

Soooo good!. Well, well, well, The oldest Bell sibling completely surprised me in every possible way. This book explores religion and sex and morality in a way that only Sierra Simone can. It’s thought provoking, provocative and oh my god is it good. I absolutely loved being inside Sean’s head. I generally like a dual POV, but Simone does the male perspective so well I don’t feel like I’m missing something in the story. Underneath all the dirty talk and flashy lifestyle is a man with a heart of gold. He truly cared about Zenny. And he always tried to do right by her. Even at the cost of his own happiness. His views on religion and how it shaped his life and beliefs were incredibly emotional. Again, there were a lot of things that I wasn’t expecting in this book, lots of filthy sex yes, bawling my eyes out, no. That’s what makes this book so good. It stimulates the mind and libido, that’s a win win in my eyes. I love books that make me think about the what if’s. What if a man with no faith fell in love with a woman of absolute faith? It’s complex and deep as it is sexy and erotic. I raise a glass to Simone. Well done.

Can’t get enough of the Bell brothers!. Sean Bell, brother of former Father Tyler Bell, Ryan, Aiden and long gone but not forgotten Lizzie, friend of Elijah, son of a dying mother, successful real estate mogul, and serial one night stander. Sean is a love ‘em hard and leave ‘em smiling and spent kind of guy. Never, not ever has he spent more than one night with a woman. Never cared to. But then he meets her standing alone, a beautiful red gown just begging to be liberated from her bronze body, sayin “kiss me” with those pouty bite-able lips and he’s a goner. But she’s so young and has family obligations that pull him back to reality before the night ends. 21 year old Zenny, Zenobia Iverson, is on the cusp of promising herself to Christ. Changing her name, living a life of service and celibacy. With just one month to go, she’s looking to shed all of the doubt so she can move into her new life freely without regret. The one thing left to do is experience a man. But not just any man, a man who will test her faith and her choices. A man who will show her what she will be missing once she takes those vows. A man who will hold her then leave her when it’s time to go. That man is her brother Elijah’s best friend, Sean Bell. Sexy Sean and innocent Zenny’s worlds meet when his company receives some bad press for buying and repurposing the building that holds the soup kitchen where she works. He tries to stay away from her but the pull is much stronger than his self imposed one night stand rule and his promise to his best friend to watch over his little sister. And when she proposes a one month test of her faith, there’s no way he could refuse. Sean and Zenny’s heat burn the pages up! His experience and her youth and innocence set the table for some of the hottest scenes this author has ever written. And we know she can write some hotness. A fairly quick read with a great back story, lots of angsty heat and a HEA makes this 2nd book in the series a must read. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Bell boys books!

Sinfully brilliant. Once again, Sierra Simone delivers a book that is not only tantalizing to your senses but challenging to your mind. This insanely prolific writer taunts you with the devilish sexuality of Sean Bell and the delicious filth he wants to impart on his best friend’s little sister - Zenny - after she presents him with an offer that is almost impossible for him to accept, or refuse. If you truly read Sierra Simone for more than the delicious sex, this book is absolutely stunning in the way it forces you to look at everything from the simple concept of stop, look and listen to those closest to you (something we all admittedly forget to do), to respectful workplace relationships, to dehumanizing race relations and to the horrific beauty found in death. Sierra Simone touches on all of these issues with educated passion, challenging provocative thought, and often a well placed surprise. Dirty, delicious Sean. Your book shows us you are such an awesome man - maybe even held locked in chains as tight as St. Peter’s. Fortunately, Zenny has just the key to unlock them.

This book is everything. Everyone knows Sierrra Simone is the queen of smut, so it's unsurprising that this book is insane levels of dirty nasty sexy, she never ever disappoints when it comes to bringing the heat. Maybe more surprising to some (but not to me) is that a book called Sinner, that's all about a taboo age gap and a nun having sex, has so much soul and depth. This book took me through a journey, it brought all the good dirty stuff I was looking for and then it made me think about my life, it made me question societal norms (which I do anyway but that's beside the point) and it made me question my own views and relationship with religion. In the long run I think this book strengthen my spirituality and really broaden my understanding of ways to worship and be close to God, which I was not expecting at all. Sean and Zenny are two very refreshing characters. Sierra took the age gap/ best friend's little sister taboo and turned it on it's head. The way it is written is totally unique. Yes Sean is this crazy wealthy sexy rich playboy, but he is also kind of a romantic and he has this crazy depth to him, he does all he can to take care of those he loves and gives so selflessly. He is so nasty in the bedroom but so thoughtful and caring all the time. And Zenny is young and feisty and she knows what she wants, she doesn't let family or society get in her way, and her faith is rock solid. They took my heart and are two of my favorite characters. It may be crazy to think that this book that contains all this filthy, toe curling, delicious sex also contains a beautiful journey about spirituality, death, family and being true to yourself/making your own path but it does. Sinner is an amazing book that ties it all together in a perfect package. I could go on forever about how great this book is but really all I need to say is just read the book!

Amazing!!. I'm breathless and speechless which makes trying to form these words very difficult. Talk about a roller coaster ride of emotions!! Sinner made me swoon, cry, scream and pant....sometimes all at the same time. I absolutely adored Sean and Zenny. This one is a real panty melting, page turner.

Slow. Has a hard time reading it was slow and uninteresting but I read til the end cause I had to know the ending

Superb!. Priest and Sinner were both amazing. I’m really liking this author and looking forward to reading more books by her. Sinner is one of those sexually charged books that never gets boring. It’s also extremely emotional. What I loved about both of these books was the the fact that it was all from the male perspective. Oh... and ladies... if your man needs to learn some new tips and tricks, I highly recommend you have read this series or read it together!!

Wow!!! I felt every emotion!!!. One thing that I've come to expect with Sierra Simone books is that I will always get an amazing story with a lot of hot sexy time. Sinner completely blew me away. I never expected to go back into the Priest world and meeting Sean Bell was absolutely everything I hoped it would be. Zenny and Sean's story is one of childhood friends reconnecting and exploring a relationship that can't lead anywhere....or can it? This story is about exploration and about finding yourself. What is important today, might not be important tomorrow. It's OK for goals to change and for a person to forgive and move on. It's OK to find your happiness and it's what every person should do. This was an extremely moving and emotional read for me. I never expected this story to completely leave me speechless as I turned the last page. Zenny and Sean's story left me with a huge book hangover and completely in love with their story. It was everything. I will say now that Ms. Simone has taken us back to the Priest world, I do hope that we will get the other brothers' stories. Amazing read!

OMG. Can I have a Sean Bell please?????. He makes the BEST book boyfriend. I loved that this was all his POV. It did make it a bit harder to connect with Zenny. All we know are through the eyes of Sean and he is beyond smitten with her. It was an amazing roller coaster. We "see" a bit of Tyler. No Poppy. :( But I called the Aiden thing early. I hope his book is next. Sean is so broken. 14 yrs of broken over the death of his sister. I love that he considers himself a #sinner. It fits him. But what Sierra does is take us on is a wild rebirth of a man. It was so eye opening to see. I mean he comes out of this a totally new man and it's sexy as hell. Zenny picks the perfect person to help her fulfill her "doubt". The one will NOT disappoint. Ps, I loved the visual of the cover. Not only is it hot, but I could see the scene this came from. BEAUTIFUL!!! ~I volunteered to read an advance copy~

Love the Bell family!. 4 stars for - Sinner - book two in the Priest series by the wickedly talented Sierra Simone. While this is technically the third book in the series it can be read as a complete stand-alone, but if you have not yet indulged in book one - Priest - and a novella (1.5) - Midnight Mass - go now, actually you should run and read them...I can't even begin to tell you all that you are missing out on! As with most of Ms. Simone's writing she holds NOTHING back often hitting topics that others may find taboo, illicit and at times even scandalous, but she does so in ways that captivate and leave you wanting more. Sean Bell has it all - good looks, a great job, more money he could spend in this lifetime and a new woman in his bed every night. Attending a charity function was supposed to be just another night out, but he meets a goddess in a red dress that takes his breath away. Having to abruptly leave the function causes him to miss out on a night with his beauty, but unbeknownst to him they will be meeting again sooner than he could ever possibly imagine. Zenobia (Zenny) Iversen is a twenty-one-year-old college senior who is about six weeks away from taking her vows of chastity prior to becoming a nun. Zenny is also in her last year of nursing school and plans on specializing by becoming a mid-wife. As ambitious as she is with both nursing and her duties to become a nun she still pushes herself to do more, to live up to the expectations of her mother - the judge and her father - the doctor. Attending the gala and dressing up was to be her last hurrah of sorts before she buckled down and took her vows, so she never expected to see the one man she has loved since she was a little girl looking so handsome and tempting in a tuxedo. The amusing part is he doesn't even realize that she is his best friend's baby sister. This was a beautifully written love story that kept me invested from start to finish. With so many obstacles in their way and the drama of everyday life it was an intricate tale that I truly enjoyed. The other Bell brothers also made appearances in this book and if the author is wondering whether or not we would read those books as well the answer would be a resounding YES! It seems my fires burn the hottest for Father Jeremy Bell and I will ALWAYS kneel at that man's altar, but his brother the - Sinner - is pretty darn hot and filthy too :)

Sinner is a hot, steamy read!. When a tragic event turns you away from the God that you so loved growing up what do you do? To overcome his grief Sean tries to control his world by being successful in his job so much so that he gives up so much of what is truly important in life other than his immediate family. The realization of this comes in a small unexpected package. A beautiful women named Zenny. Sean has known her his whole life but hasn’t laid eyes on her in years. When she asks for his help for just a month neither realizes how this will change both of their lives! As always with Sierra Simone books, Sinner is filled with amazing characters, hot, steamy sex and a well written story!

What in the hell am I supposed to do with my life now? I’m ruined.... What in the hell am I supposed to do with my life now? I’m ruined... I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the book. Oh this book! From word one I was hooked, but as I went on (obsessively - I COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN!!!) I found myself wishing that Sierra Simone was the curator of my thoughts. I need her to be my inner monologue because the way that she expresses thoughts and uses the art of WORDS is absolutely magical. I don't think I've been compelled to update my Goodreads status as many times as I did while reading this book. There were SO MANY incidents where I had to externalize my reactions to the book (the awareness of the importance of a satin pillowcase has never been more meaningful to me). Sean hit me like a ton of bricks with his confidence and swag, but mostly with his willingness to accept his feelings and run with it (and his utterly eloquent fury when someone came at his woman sideways). And Zenny. My favorite book heroine HANDS DOWN. She was so intelligent and aware and vulnerable and bold and just EVERYTHING that I want to be and all the good things that I see in my daughters. Their banter, their interactions, the way that they grew together and changed each other in such a short amount of time was cataclysmically awesome. Once again, in the midst of reading the book, I had to stop to order the paperback because I had to have this book on my shelf. I have to be able to hold it and feel it and absorb it in that oh so visceral way. This will be a book that I reread into perpetuity. Plus I NEEDED to give the author my money. The way Sierra Simone handled racism, white privilege, religion, faith, grief, loss, and so much more was utterly amazing. Sinner gets all of the stars in the known galaxy and those far beyond.

No thank you. This book was not good for me. It was a little too much, and it lacked a good storyline.

So bad. This was so bad wow. Just skip it unless you want to read about god in every sentence.

Sierra worked her magic again!. I underestimated Sierra when it comes to this story. Sean is a typical playboy, master of the wham bam thank you ma'am. Then along comes Zenny, offering him a month of unabashed sex-however Sean wants her. She's using this month of sex to help her reaffirm her decision to take her vows and become a nun. But it turns into so much more. I didn't expect this story to have the depth and ability to draw me in, I should have known better. Sierra worked her magic again; weaving a wonderfully deep story of faith, emotions, spirituality, and love. Sean and Zenny both struggle to deal with their feelings for each other, and what to do about them. Zenny thinks that she has to choose: Sean or God. Sean thinks she'll never choose him, that he'll never be a better option when compared to her God. Somehow the story ends up being about more than just Sean and Zenny's story, the underlying theme of the entire book is about faith, spirituality, and religion. For those who have already read about Sean's brother Tyler, we know that the Bell family has struggled with religion after their sister and only daughter died. In this book we have a front row seat as Sean explores why he left his religion and how it's possible to have faith and be spiritual even while doubting and being angry with God. I loved being a part of Sean and Zenny's world, and only wish I could have stayed longer. As is always the case with Sierra's characters, I get sucked in and never want to leave them behind. Sierra has this amazing ability to not only immerse you in her character's world, but to make you feel like you belong there. You feel like you truly are seeing and hearing everything happen first hand. It is my favorite thing about her stories. I always end up feeling everything the characters are feeling, and laugh and cry right along with them. I've got my fingers crossed that there will be another book in the Bell brother story, because I need more Bell's in my life!

checklist for a good book:. -beautiful smart and amazing female main character -hot kinda clingy and overprotective male character -really good smut -twist and turns and a tiny bit of heartbreak but overall happy ending this has all of that so it was very fun to read ☺️

Don’t Lose Your Joy ♥️. 4.5 stars WOW. Sierra Simone's Sinner is sure to melt your kindle. This book was just as hot and sexy as Priest, but tells the oldest Bell brother, Sean's, story. It is equal parts age gap taboo and best friend's little sister romance. Though this is book 2 in the series, it's not necessary to read Priest first. Some characters do appear in both, however, and readers who are familiar with Priest will have greater insight into Sean's past. This was an emotionally complicated book. We follow the journey of Sean Bell, as he discovers (and re-discovers) himself and his faith. Told entirely in Sean's POV, we are privy to all his deepest thoughts, fears, and desires. Events in Sean's history and his role in his family have shaped him into the guarded man he is today. When our heroine, Zenny, comes crashing into his life, her faith, goodness, and innocence both attract and repel him. Both embark on their own sort of spiritual journeys that reshape their views and also test their convictions. Though Sean has known Zenny his whole life, he is not prepared for the woman she has become. She may be 15 years younger than him (21 years old to his 36), but there is something in her soul that resonates with his and they are drawn together like 2 magnets. Their attraction and chemistry is immediate and readers are treated to an incredibly sensual and delicious build-up as they discover themselves and each other. Seriously, it's like an orgasmic buffet. At times it almost seemed like too much, but I felt it was necessary to show how much our characters come to grow and trust each other as well as how their relationship shifts from something purely physical to so much more than either anticipated. The book isn't all about Sean and Zenny though. It also shows the Bell family as they come to terms with more heartache and the sibling dynamic/shift in familial roles. Sean's relationship with his mother was so touching and moving. He willingly shouldered so much in an effort to do anything and everything he could to help her. It was heartbreaking and beautiful. It reminded me of the Death Cab for Cutie song "What Sarah Said": Cause there's no comfort in the waiting room Just nervous paces bracing for bad news And then the nurse comes round And everyone lifts their head But I'm thinking of what Sarah said That love is watching someone die So who's gonna watch you die This is not your conventional romance. It's dark and raw at times, but also uplifting and will have you questioning yourself and perhaps your faith (or lack of). Thank you Sierra for this thought provoking (and nuclear hot) book! *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*

Another great book by Sierra!. Sierra has done it again! She has written another book that brought out so many emotions for me. This book is on a very short list of books (only 3) that have made me cry over the past year. *Note: Even though Sinner can be read as a standalone, I think that reading Priest first will definitely add more to the reading experience of Sinner. Sinner is way more than an erotic taboo romance. It addresses a variety of topics/issues as the relationship between Sean and Zenny develops. Since this is a Sierra book, of course there are some ridiculously hot sex scenes. But Sean exhibits a LOT of patience, attentiveness, and care throughout the development of Sean and Zenny’s relationship (sometimes so much that Zenny gets frustrated and impatient with him). This book also features a lot of introspection regarding Sean’s feelings about God, religion, his feelings for Zenny, his personality, his family, and his professional life. Without giving too much away for readers that haven’t read Priest, something happened to the Bell family 15 years prior that caused Sean to turn his back on Catholicism and God and shaped the person that he is at the beginning of the book. There are some similarities between Priest and Sinner with regards to the internal struggle that Tyler and Sean experience in both books. Both of the Bell brothers reach a type of crossroads where they have to decide how they are going to continue to live their lives and whether or not they have the courage to choose a different path from what they thought they wanted. And in both books the relationship between the male and female MCs is the impetus behind the Bell brothers reaching that crossroads, but both Tyler and Sean make their decision for themselves, not as an attempt to try and hold onto Poppy or Zenny. I loved the discussions that Sean had with Tyler, Zenny, and his mother regarding his anger towards God, the Catholic Church, and how people could believe in a God that let’s terrible things happen to God people. The conversation between Sean and the Reverend Mother is one of my favorite parts of the book. I was so impressed with Zenny’s dedication to her faith and the goals that she had set for herself, despite the goals her parents had for her. Even though there is a 15 year difference between Sean’s and Zenny’s ages, there were many times that Zenny showed more maturity than Sean. Since Sinner is in Sean’s POV, I was glad that Sierra included 2 brief chapters that are transcriptions of voicemails Zenny left for Sean. These chapters provided glimpses of what Zenny is thinking and feeling at key moments in the book. Sinner was not a quick read for me. It was a book that I took my time reading so I could process all of the issues and topics that Sierra addresses in Sean’s story. I feel like I am still processing this book. I’ve highlighted about 50% of this book because there are so many quotes/passages that were impactful to me. Sinner, like so many of Sierra’s books, has been added to my list of top favorite books and I look forward to rereading it in the future.

Yes!. You clever author you! I thought I knew what I was in for but this book made me cry and cheer and just wow!

Great read. This book always kept me guessing what would happen next. I really enjoyed it.

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A great read. 5 star Review Sinner (Priest #2) by Sierra Simone This was everything that I have come to expect from a book by Sierra Simone. Well written with characters that had me engrossed from the start. Sean Bell is not used to having to chase after women, until he meets Zenny a woman nearly half his age. Of course with that comes complication and issues that must be dealt with and worked through. Not only was Sinner a smoking hot read that had some amazing scenes in it that were so scorching, it was also an emotional read that had me in tears and laughter at times, such was the depth of the characters and their actions. Can Sean and Zenny work through all their issues and make a happily ever after? One click and find out. This is one of those books that I do not want to say too much about, suffice to say this book will leave you with a hangover.

Fantastic Read 🔥❤️🔥❤️. Sierra really surprised me with this book. I was expecting the fabulous filth I love in her stories. I did not expect the level of emotions and I definitely didn't expect the humour. I laughed a lot in this book. I also cried and definitely squirmed. I tried really hard to read this story slowly. To savour her amazing words, because they deserve that. Between books I can forget for a moment how her stories capture me. Her writing is so beautiful I often reread paragraphs with a dopey/squirmy smile on my face. Nobody writes erotica quite like Sierra Simone. This book was no exception. I loved everything about it Sean Bell has got to be up there with my favourite dirty talkers of all time. I can't begin to tell you how HOT he got me. Gah! Attack your husband kind of hot. Forget new panties, you'll need a shower! Sean and his Zenny Bug captured my heart and I was sad when their story ended. Perfect blend of heat, heart and humour. Definitely recommend.

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Sinner. Loved this book & Sean Bell. It was so cleverly written, so funny and heartbreaking all at once. Hope there’s a follow up Novella about Sean & Zenny and stories about Aiden & Ryan.

♡♡♡. I loved it!!!!

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