Trouble Book Reviews

Lexy Timms

Trouble by Lexy Timms Book Summary

No matter what, trouble always comes round.

Troy is a simple man. He loves three things more than anything else in this world: his job, his bike, and his mother. But when Sadie Powers, a beautiful young woman, starts coming to the gym he owns, he thinks he might have found number four on that list.

Until a dark force lurking in the shadows threatens to pull the two of them apart.

Leaning Towards Trouble Series

Book 1 - Trouble

Book 2 - Discord

Book 3 - Tenacity

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Book Name Trouble
Genre Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 1.51 MB

Trouble (Lexy Timms) Book Reviews 2024

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Seriously!. Who writes books with no ending anymore!

Trouble. This book is really good and that’s all I have to say. 🤣

Thrown off. I actually enjoyed reading this book in the beginning. But, when it got to the romance part I felt like it was missing details leading up to it. Not that bad of a read, but more details leading up to certain parts of the story probably would have made it better.

Very inviting. Loved this book wish they kept going!

Ok. Ok

Just ok. Just ok. Bad ending.

I don’t think. I have to go

Lame!!!!. It took the entire book to get to troy and sadie then it leaves you right in the middle of the conflict!!!!!!

Don’t waste your time!. This book is incredibly slow! Little to no interaction between the two main characters for 14 chapters! I gave up! Also, the lack of continuity between chapters is disappointing. Not to mention the NUMEROUS grammatical errors!

Good, but.... Overall I enjoyed reading it. Especially since this was a free book. However I was a bit surprised by the unfinished ending leading into another book that I did have to pay for. I was really just glad that I didn’t have to wait for her to finish writing the next one and that it was available to purchase right after reading this one.

Good. Good

Top Tier. All around gripping story and a hint of erotica. It does it’s job while keeping the characters at a minimum and interesting.

Great!. Overall this was a great book I only seen one typo I believe but the content was wonderful and I couldn’t put my phone down. The cliffhanger churned my stomach and now I am ready to move onto the next book in the series. I will definitely enjoy reading books by her in the future!

Too long. Maybe you’re intentions for this are to read a book and some may strictly me reading for spicy details. Unfortunately, for me I look for the second option. I like some backstory to the scene but 160+ pages to finally get to it at the end?! Not a bad book to read but if looking for anything more this isn’t the book you want to go with.

Trouble. Terrible! Filled with lots of silly conversations. I ended up skimming a lot of the book because it was filled with dialogue that added nothing. Don’t waste your money

Slow read. Very slow and rambles on

Trouble. Just when it was getting good, it ended. Darn love your books I’ll keep reading. Thank you!

Boring, slow and hard to read. This was extremely painful to read. It is written in a way that is very disjointed and the main guy is really annoying. I quit reading at the first sex scene, IT WAS THAT BAD. Deleting all books by theirs author, it can’t get better.

A little editing needed, good storyline. Uses “snickers/ snickered” way too often. Otherwise, good story line

Waste of time. The beginning dragged and the story never quite got off the ground. Then all of the sudden a cliff hanger. Well if this book wasn’t good why would I waste more money on the next.

Cliff hanger. All books that are free by this author end up being cliff hangers.

Simple. Not enough

Do not waste your time. This book had good potential with the idea of the story line but actually had no story line and the ending was hands down the worst ending I’ve read in a book. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME READING THIS.

Book ends in the middle of the stoey. This book is a bait and switch to get you to read, then have to buy a second book in order to have the story conclude. Pet peeve of mine; books that do this should have a warning label😠

Loved it so much!! Going to read the next one!. Loved it!

Trouble. OOOH I forgot the name of the author I’d never read again. I assume everything is a one chapter wonder.

Trouble. Nope - definitely do not like those type of endings.

Good. I think it’s worth reading again but it can get redundant at stages but good book.

Alright. Tbh it was confusing and fast paced towards the end. Made no sense

Not her best work... The writing seems to be all over the place. As if the story started out in one direction and CTRL F did not locate the words to change. It also read really rushed and scattered. I’m usually a fan of her books, but this was not the best.

Don’t even bother. I never skimmed through such a boring book before in my life.

Tfyccgcgyfcgy. Gxhchchcchhccg

Cute!. Our leading man who helps a young woman regain her strength and confidence back by teaching her self-defense. Sweet, some humor and relatable.

Trouble. This book is beyond amazing! I just had to buy the last 2 of the series! I’ve always been hooked her books! Very talented author!

Nope. Just skip to the last paragraph and save yourself.

Awesome book!. Awesome book. Great fictional but also has real life situations that women go through, along with good men. Thanks for writing such a great book and I’m fixing to start on number 2 now.

Fine story - bad facts. I was excited to read a book based in Detroit. But she didn’t really pull in anything Detroit and doesn’t know geography. Washington, Illinois is 6 hours from Detroit/Warren and is not a commuting distance. So disappointed in the lack of attention to detail it distracted from the rest of the story.

Trouble. Please fix this book! As someone from Michigan, Detroit is a FIVE HOUR drive from Illinois so there is NO way that you’d make that in under an hour. Also, you can’t smell THE Great Lake from the house, there are five of them. The Lake name you’re looking for is Lake Erie. Please, please, please look at a map when you write this stuff and figure out distances and names. It’s a well written book, a little frustrating because it seems like it should be a romance novel but it never gets there, but the worst issue is that it’s completely jarring to run up against some super blatant errors like “the Great Lake” and from Detroit to Illinois in under an hour. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Amazing. The ending surely SHOCKED me 😩 Reading part 2 NOW 😊

Trouble. Ok, really like the writing style. Very real and hard to put down once you start reading.

Can anyone be an author?. Seriously, why were there so many errors and question marks? There were question marks at the ends of sentences that were not even questions! I couldn’t get past the sample, I gave up.

Author clearly doesn’t remember what she wrote. Not a good one. Tried to force myself to read.... but it got worse and worse. I stopped the minute I realized the author had forgotten what she had developed for her own character. 1st chapter she mentions how her parents had moved to Wisconsin, sold all of their houses..... then later down the line - out of the blue- it turns out they DIDn’t sell their last house in Illinois, and this was apparently rented and a source of income for the main character????? Oh- not to mention her parents were not in small town in Wisconsin- they were in Florida. Additionally- wouldn’t ANY author at least fact check little things like how long of a drive it is from Illinois to Detroit????? Pretty positive nobody is making the drive from Detroit to the border of Illinois in less than an hour. If I’m going to make the effort to try to read this... at least get the details correct and don’t make stuff up out of the clear blue!!!

Nah.. I couldn’t even finish the book. Soo slow! Zzzzzz.

Pretty awful. I thought it was a slow burn but no, that’s just the book. Three pages of banter between two friends was over kill on character development. The “cliffhanger” ending was the worst. Really don’t bother!

Dhehdhdhdydu. ccfafsvsfsfsgsgdhdhfjgk

SO slow. Couldn’t get into this at all. Too much random dialog and no actual storyline.

Yessszz. Awesome read! I can’t wait to read the next one!

Great book. I love the book , first time I have read one of her books but I’ll read more of them now .

Trouble. I was totally disappointed in this book! Lexy must have sick or not feeling well when she wrote this. The story was disjointed, and rather boring. In the first place, I don’t think the main character should have made a big deal over a couple of bruises! Some guys don’t know their own strength. This book was very disappointing ! I hope Lexy feels better soon.

Continuity issues. Several head-scratching issues in the story. The main character works for a Detroit, MI newspaper, but moves to her parents empty house in Washington, IL and commutes 398 miles one way every day? And the kickboxing classes are Monday - Friday, and only 1 teacher (the main love interest) has a standing Wednesday Wings and Beer date with his buddies? I really enjoyed the build up to the two main characters’ relationship, until she moves from Detroit to Illinois. Even the closest city in Illinois to Detroit is at least a 3 hour one way commute. Just can’t get past that error.

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Meh. Never read a book where the word snickered was used so much….. honestly was a bit unbearable.

Part 1 of a series....cliff hanger ending. I enjoyed the book...but hate it when there’s a cliff hanger that I wasn’t expecting....give us a warning in the blurb!

Didn’t need the F word it’s a good read Ended wrong. The ex could have played out a bit longer with him getting his just deserts in court giving us women the satisfaction of feeling better in the world.

Trouble. Loved it

VERY clever pacing. The actual writing of the book is so & so but the pacing is impeccable. I found myself following Troy & Sadies journey quite comfortably & aching all the way through for the ending I wanted. The last few chapters are so fast paced & almost chaotic in comparison to the rest of the book that I just couldn’t put it down even though my eyes were dropping. Definitely worth the read if it’s your kind of thing. I purchased the second book straight after!

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Needs editing. This books needs editing and the removal of “snickered” and “grinned” and making sure the story is consistent. It’s slow to get going, and they lack any particular chemistry.

Not the best book written….. I can’t believe I almost finished this book before I swiped to the end. The story was ok but that is all it was. And if I ever hear the word snickered again, it will be too soon.

Slow. Very slow moving. The passion isn’t there.

Needs editing. I really wanted to like this story, but it desperately needs editing. There were far too many ‘snickered’ and ‘blinked’ - it actually detracted from the story. And it goes REAL slow. Also, the main guy describes the main girl as “bland” then suddenly can’t stop thinking about her? Could do with some work!

What the?. 100 odd pages in and the word ‘snickered’ has been used over 10 times. Also, the lead male went from calling the lead female plain one minute to non stop thinking about her the next. I’m trying to hang in there and keep reading….

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Trouble by Lexy Timms. This book was amazing! I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. Very captivating storyline. Troy is a women’s dream come true and unfortunately Sadie has met her worst nightmare with Luke. Abuse being the key element in their relationship has made Sadie very defenceless and therefore, Troy is a godsend when Sadie walks into his gym and enrols for kickboxing and self defence classes. However, it doesn’t stop Luke from getting to her and the situation rapidly becomes life threatening. This new series is a must read....can’t wait to read book 2!

Terrible ending. Can’t stand books that end like this & then they want you to buy next one so you know what happens. Forget it ... seriously! Drives me crazy and really tacky of the author.

Good read. Ends way too abruptly

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Summary of Trouble by Lexy Timms

The Trouble book written by Lexy Timms was published on 28 November 2019, Thursday in the Romance category. A total of 2,153 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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