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Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card Book Summary

In the aftermath of his terrible war, Ender Wiggin disappeared, and a powerful voice arose: The Speaker for the Dead, who told the true story of the Bugger War.

Now, long years later, a second alien race has been discovered, but again the aliens' ways are strange and frightening...again, humans die. And it is only the Speaker for the Dead, who is also Ender Wiggin the Xenocide, who has the courage to confront the mystery...and the truth. Speaker for the Dead, the second novel in Orson Scott Card's Ender Quintet, is the winner of the 1986 Nebula Award for Best Novel and the 1987 Hugo Award for Best Novel.

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Speaker for the Dead (Orson Scott Card) Book Reviews

WowThe second book I have read by Card (Enders Game being the first). He is a masterful storyteller. I could not put the book (iPad) down..Score: 5/5

Less Action, Same AppealThis book is considerably toned down when compared to Ender's Game. You won't find vivid descriptions of battle school or dogfighting with ships. What you will find is an incredible read that will force you to think along the way. The basic premise, without giving too much away, is that Ender regrets his actions from Ender's Game, set 3,000 years before this one, and this novel chronicles his attempts to undo them on Lusitania. Buy and enjoy..Score: 4/5

Great bookThis book is great and also is Enders game. I love this and I'm in 6th grade..Score: 5/5

Page-turnerHard to put down indeed. The story unfolds, grows in complexity, and takes on a new life. I think I enjoyed it more than Ender's Game.Score: 4/5

Powerful. Moving.What a touching, amazing story of love, forgiveness, acceptance, and empathy. There is truth everywhere, if only we take a moment to look for it. This book reminded me of what damage personal judgements can bring to not only ourselves, but those around us. Every person has worth, it’s up to us to seek it out. This book helps offer a guide to do just that—to see past the surface flaws and love the person beneath. This is surely within my top 5 most impactful stories I’ve ever read..Score: 5/5

Finished the book in 3 sittings.It's been such a long time since I came across such a powerful story as this one. I had to buy the next book right away. And as soon as I finish typing this sentence, I'm going to delve back into the world that Card so magnificently created :).Score: 5/5

Fantastic and differentGreat read. Very different from Ender's Game in a good way. It's mystery in many ways with secrets needing to be uncovered. This a more thoughtful and philosophical book than EG. I love both, and would recommend this one in a heart beat if you liked Ender's Game or are a fan of scifi..Score: 4/5

AmazingThis book is amazing. It plays to a different tune than the first book, showcasing the social aspect more, whereas the original has a psychological theme..Score: 5/5

AwfulAfter falling in love with Enders game I couldn't be more disappointed in this book. It is nothing like the original- I can't believe how many reviews find it even comparable. I wish I was as blind as Olhada so I didn't have to read this tree hugging hippie crap. Hands down worst book I have ever read and I can't wait to delete it from my library..Score: 1/5

Fantastic!Card's brilliance lies in his ability to balance an engaging story, compelling characters, and deep philosophical themes while maintaining a fast-paced and approachable format. This is quite possibly Card's best work, and that's saying a lot!.Score: 5/5

Amazing piece of writing!Orson Scott Card once again does a fantastic job of combining suspense, action, futuristic themes, while keeping a balance of suspense throughout the entire book. A great companion to Enders Game!!!.Score: 5/5

Just clearly wonderfulI won't spoil the book but I can tell you it's so good. I felt missing as I expected a great boy turning out and growing more into a man, but already a 32 year old man, already all-grown came out so I was kind of confused but still Ender's Exile filled it up so the Speaker for the Dead was clearly a great new one. Personally I liked the Ender parts, not the other parts, much better, but I don't mind. The deep themes were strong and clear as I read it and, unless you hate science mixed with fiction, it's a wonderful book I'm sure anyone will love..Score: 5/5

An awesome storyThe story of a monster (Ender) that, in remorse, spend the whole life to redeem of what he did in the past. But not only too simple, a story with adventure, faith and love (and some deep philosophy too)..Score: 5/5

BeautifulThis sequel is everything I had hoped for. It addresses the issues left untouched at the end of Ender's Game, while providing a whole and complete story within itself. Well worth any price..Score: 5/5

Just as goodJust as good as enders game. For real..Score: 5/5

Speaker for The DeadOutstanding and thought provoking; Orson Scott Card runs through the gamut of emotions with this book. He makes the character of Ender Wiggins wholly complete with this story. This is one of the few science fiction stories that left me feeling sorry that this was only a story..Score: 5/5

Speaker for the deadCrude writing- but great story.Score: 4/5

If you enjoyed Ender's Game...The concept of having a Speaker for the Dead is intriguing. The pursuit of truth. At face value it can be painful. It also clears the air, lifts weight, and brings another perspective. The book has inspired me to clear the air with my painful and broken relationship I have with my sister with an approach I had not considered. I am also buying the next book in the series.Score: 5/5

Quarantine FriendlyI laughed, I cried, I kept a dictionary handy because apparently, I don’t know everything. 🙃.Score: 5/5

Okay, but tediousI loved Enders game, and looked forward to reading this book. To me, it really dragged and the author could have told the story with half the pages. He seemed to draw out the story line for no great reason. The use of the Portuguese snippets was a mystery and IMO added nothing. The story just wasn't compelling to me and I found myself finishing the book just because I always finish books. I would have preferred it if I read it because I couldn't put it down. Like Enders Game. Not even close..Score: 3/5

Love the series!Love it!.Score: 5/5

GreatGreat.Score: 5/5

11/10Amazing book from an even more impressive series. Orson Scott Card does a phenomenal job again, I was hooked from cover to cover..Score: 5/5

New version no longer available after I paid for this quintetWill no longer be purchasing iBooks. Purchased this quintet only to find out that because a new version is available and the old one was removed that I will have to repurchase. Sticking good old fashioned books from now on..Score: 1/5

SpeakerShort and slower but the story just as rich As the first, must read that will have you buying the next in the series..Score: 5/5

Excellent start to TrilogyAwesome!.Score: 5/5

100 Words or LessWhile “Ender’s Game” was good (see my other review if you’re bored), this sequel is outstanding. This novel is the rare occasion when a revisit outshines the original. The characters have much more depth. The story seems emotionally charged. The complexity of the plot is wondrous at times. Yet what really raised the book to a new level was the thought and detail put into alien culture clash. The only drawback was the science part … meh. A bit too convenient, I thought. But the fiction part is well written indeed..Score: 4/5

Slow and boringI read the first Enders Game and loved so I decided to read this one. BIG MISTAKE. This book was boring and slow. It had almost no action what so ever unlike the first book. This book was just horrible and sounded like the author was trying to think of a random plot line that had nothing to do with the first book other that aliens. I definitely would not recommend this book in any way..Score: 1/5

A great second bookSpeaker for the dead, as everyone who has read Ender's Game cover to cover knows, is centered around something, that occurred at the very end of the first book, the writing of the Hive Queen and the Hegemon. Ender takes the star role once again, this time not as the xenocide, but as The Speaker for the Dead. All in all there is significantly less action in comparison to the first book, but those who didn't read it for the action will be pleased to find there is no lack of philosophic matters. (For those looking for more action in the Enderverse, Might I recommend the Ender's Shadow series), All and all its a very dedicated sequel, and I will be reading the next as soon as I can get my hands on it..Score: 5/5

Speaker for the DeadAlthough it begins slowly, the complexity of the patterns of this novel are not apparent until you've revealed enough to see the weaving. It is nothing short of miraculous. Not unlike his digital muse, Jane, Card's vision is nearly a species in and of itself. Wow..Score: 5/5

Absolutely Brilliant!Incredibly written, a perfect mixture of sci-fi, religion, intelligence, politics and human bonds as only OSC can deliver. Every Ender and Shadow book is a masterpiece and pass through my hands and mind much too quickly - and then I read them again..Score: 5/5

I Enjoyed ItThis book is very different from Ender's Game, but it is still very good. I didn't find it to be a page turner, but it was an enjoyable read..Score: 4/5

I haven’t read this yet but... the “piggies”You seriously couldn’t think of a better name what are they pig people or something, I don’t want to be rude and judge before I have read the book but I just had to say something, again sorry this is probably rude to judge before reading it but I am just say in’ that I think you could’ve thought of something better than “piggies”..Score: 1/5

Must readAbsolutely amazing. Card outdoes himself with every addition to his series. If you thought Ender's Game was good, prepare to be amazed..Score: 5/5

Amazing!Better than Enders game! LOVED this book. That's what I get for starting this series thinking that I didn't enjoy sci-fi..Score: 5/5

Good storyGood story.Score: 5/5

Incredible follow upIf you enjoy reading writing that makes you think about things in a new way, if you enjoy reading something that has the ability to affect you, please read this book. OSC has done something great with this book. There is no doubt in my mind if this was required reading in every school we would have less crime and a more trustworthy humanity. Well done Mr. Card.Score: 5/5

Amazing sequelThis is an amazing sequel to Enders Game. Much more than I thought it would be. At first, the speaker and its role sounds highly unlikely due to human nature. However, it gets real and you start to see why it would be such a powerful player on that future. It was great to see how the writer creates and structures a whole new species with its own nature and religion. Amazing read..Score: 4/5

TRULY TERRIBLEEnder’s Game was great, this was terrible. I am not going to read anymore of this Quintet. It was slow and boring. At the end - I was left with is that it!? Card should have put the foreign language in English, it made it confusing for no appaent reason, and not able to fully comprehend the dialogue. Possibly the worst book, I have ever read. I cannot understand the positive reviews for this book..Score: 1/5

Amazing!!!This is an amazing book and an amazing series! Truly a magnificent read. I've read Enders game back when I was in middle school and I retread it not too long ago before reading this and I have to say it had to have been this good of a read, this good of a series to get me back to reading on a regular basis, for fun; something I haven't done since I was a junior in high school which was years ago. I just love Enders character and the way that orson Scott card brings me into this world which I never want to leave. And now on to xenocide! :D.Score: 5/5

Another great storyAwsome.Score: 5/5

Stories with meaning. Finally!!I'm new to Orson Scott Card literature but after reading Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and Speaker for the Dead I'm thrilled to add another top notch writer to my short list of worthy intellects. Even though fiction, you can't help but believe the truth of the relationships in a world where the threat of alien races are abound. Perhaps we'll need to refer back to it someday as a manual. Hmmm, perhaps right now for our current human troubles....Score: 5/5

AmazingSpeaker for the Dead is a fantastic book. Everything about it is good: the characters, the setting, the plot…all fantastic. While there isn't a lot of action, there isn't a need for it. It's a story that succeeds in topping the original (even though this book is the original on a technical level). The only minor complaint which I have is that we go from one character to their children to their children in the first half of the book, which can be a little hard to follow at first. Still, this is an amazing story that can stand the test of time. 10/10.Score: 5/5

Kept me readingWhile technically a sequel, the nature of this story is wildly different from Ender's Game. Nevertheless, I found my eager to get back to reading it each evening and wanting to find out how it all would come together. Some of the crazy biology was a bit out there...but I'll be reading the next installment in the series next..Score: 4/5

ExcellentA must-read continuation of Ender's game. I can't wait to begin reading the next book in the saga!.Score: 5/5

Pretty goodIt is and awesome book so far but pipo and libo and all the other characters just randomly came I but I do know ender is coming on page 56 so exited and yes I am in 5th grade and yes I do read novels but I can promise this series is amazing.Score: 4/5

Great!Great book, not as much action as there was in Enders game but still a great continuation!.Score: 5/5

Top 5 Books EverAs the title says this is easily in my top 5 list of all time books. Orson Scott Card's original plan for this series didn't include Ender's Game. He only wrote that books because he realized that the series would be confusing without it. This book is wonderfully written and is the right mix of action and story. In ut OSC creates an amazing storyline where all the characters connect and flow well together. My favorite book(s) by OSC. The rest of the series Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind. The evolution of Ender's character is amazing and written beautifully. Wonderful work Orson Scott Card..Score: 5/5

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Long time fanRead Enders game, what feels like decades ago. Been a huge fan of the Enderverse (just coined that) ever since! I want more stories about Jane (AI) and time dilation, very groovy! Love the shadow also.Score: 4/5

AmazingOne of the best science fiction novels of all time. It's concept of what it means to be a sentient being has more truth than anything I have ever read..Score: 5/5

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