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Meredith by John Kercher Book Summary

Meredith Kercher was tragically murdered in November 2007, in Perugia, Italy. Since then, her murder and the subsequent trial have been a source of constant intrigue and media speculation all around the world, with the spotlight famously focusing on the accused, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Now, Meredith's father John speaks out for the first time and tells the world about the beautiful daughter he and his family so tragically lost.

This book is a celebration of Meredith's life. It is also a father's story of losing a beloved daughter, and the first account of the torment the family have suffered and their ongoing quest for justice.

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Book Name Meredith
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Language English
E-Book Size 1.68 MB

Meredith (John Kercher) Book Reviews 2024

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Great Writing - Amanda is Guilty. I wanted to read this book because I knew her father would give a perspective that we couldn't get anywhere else. He talks about finding out his daughter had been murdered and the trial. He lays out all all the facts from witnesses and specialists and is strikingly objective in his writing. He also talks about the Kercher family's astonishment at Amanda Knox's and Rafaelle Sollecito's acquittal after 10k pages of evidence against Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito in trial 1. Kercher has been a journalist and he is an excellent writer. Alan Dersowitchz, a famous attorney has stated that in 50 years he has never seen a trial so one sidedly portrayed by the 🇺🇸 media. Americans were not privy to the evidence like Italians were - they all know she's guilty. Let's break down just some of the evidence against Amanda Knox & Rafaelle Sollecito- and this isn't all of it. 1) A staged break in-Whenever a break in is staged it is due to someone having a connection to the house trying to thwart their involvement - we often see this on Forensic Files. The window was broken from the inside not the outside and it was a huge rock, not even able to fit through the window that would be 100% impossible for anyone to throw through a 2 story window. Glass was found on top of items in a suspicious way, not all over and underneath. 2) Amanda's foot matched the footprint that was made in Meredith'a blood on the bathroom floor rug. 3) Amanda's blood was found in the bathroom sink on top of the faucet or something the morning of the murder. Her defense says she had a nosebleed. Bull. 4) Meredith's blood was found in the bathroom sink as well mixed with Amanda Knox's DNA. 5) Amanda's DNA was found on a kitchen knife with Meredith's DNA on the knife blade. This was retested at the appeal years later and they said it wasn't human DNA - rye bread or something. The knife had been bleached and I think the bleach combined with time erased the traces of Meredith's DNA over time. Also the knife wasn't found at the apartment - it was found at Amanda's boyfriend's apartment. Why would Meredith's kitchen knife be at his apartment anyway? 6)Amanda and Rafaelle turned their phones off all night for the first time the night of the murder all night. 7) Amanda falsely accused an innocent man of murdering her roommate when she was interrogated by police. She claims they beat her and that this was a coerced false confession. Well he was in jail for 2 weeks- Amanda had all that time to come out and say that he was really innocent. She would have let that man sit in prison for this had a university professor and many others not come forward saying he was with Lumumba at his restaurant. Amanda was sued for defamation by the interrogators for saying they hit her and coerced her. 8) A shop owner testified that Amanda Knox was waiting for him to open his store the morning after the murder and she went straight to get cleaning supplies and their is a receipt for bleach. The apartment had been bleached and cleaned of Amanda Knox's prints. 9) Amanda and Rafaelle had no alibi and they lied about the one they tried to pass off. 10) Rafaelle's DNA was found on Meredith's bra clasp. It was left at the crime seen for 40+ days or so, but still evidence is evidence and people can claim contamination but I don't. 11) Meredith's phones were thrown over a fence. A neighbor called to report the suspicious appearance of the phones in her yard and the postal police investigated- which led them to Meredith's apartment. Amanda and Rafaelle were outside at the time. After the postal police showed up Rafaelle called the Italian police. This would make it look to outsiders that Rafaelle reported the break in and then everyone showed up. Think about it-if the investigators show up to give Meredith her phones and she is dead-murdered then suspicion will go on the roommates who were at the crime scene. 11) Investigators confronted Rafaelle for calling police after the postal police arrived at which point Rafaelle signed a statement saying that he had been lying for amanda and that she left his house that night returning a few hours later. At this point it would suggest that when they told him that they knew about him calling the police after the postal police arrived that he turned on Amanda and tried to put the blame on her. Since they were wrongfully acquitted they are friends again. 12) The behavior of Amanda Knox and her boyfriend -whom she had only known for 4 days by the way - has come under suspicion and rightfully so. She and her boyfriend were making out outside the crime scene like two snake lovers in a crime spree. If you look up the Amanda Knox BBC documentary on YouTube, that infamous picture of Amanda on Rafaelle's arms looking at the crime scene investigators is the still shot used for the video and that picture screams guilt to me. You have to see the picture to understand. At the police station as a "witness" with Meredith's friends, Amanda was making out with her boyfriend, doing cartwheels & stretches - I think she was doing that in the lobby to make people think that the innocent girl doing cartwheels couldn't be the one who did this. She also made a comment to Meredith's friends: "Of course she suffered she had her F***ing throat cut." Meredith's friends informed investigators that Amanda was the exact opposite of Meredith. Meredith did send a text out to her sister before she died that she had a fight with Amanda. Amanda & Rafaelle were filmed kissing/buying lingerie the next day like a honeymoon. Young love. 13) Rudy Guede has said Amanda was there and that she killed Meredith after being confronted for stealing Meredith's rent money. Rudy was convicted in the killing as well. 14) Investigators determined that Meredith Kercher was killed by 3 people based on forensic evidence. I agree with the prosecutor - I think they killed without motive.

Perspective is everything.. This account recalls a harrowing tragedy for any family to endure yet also highlights how easily official investigations and judicial processes can be colored with emotion, rumor and public opinion instead of firm evidence and fact, thereby only compounding tragedies rather than bringing true justice. If you decide to read this, it is a loving tribute to a daughter - but for a wider perspective I highly recommend also reading “Waiting to be Heard” by Amanda Knox. In examining multiple accounts and the exact forensic evidence rather than the narrative that was initially presented by police it becomes clear that the innocence of two young women was stolen.

Sad but happy. The father of Meredith did a good job of making us feel bittersweet - in a different way from the world. The world looks at Meredith as a victim, but her father made the reader look at Meredith as a special person that the world had lost. Good book, indeed.

An Honest Book. John Kercher has done well explaining his families experience and the court case following his daughter's murder. It was touching that some reporters showed respect to his family when they went to identify Meredith's body. Also it was nice that the students from her school honored her after her death. There is just too much forensic evidence as well as circumstantial evidence against Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito. They lied about their alibi, falsely accused someone else, turned on each other and acted guilty as sin. It is appalling that they parade around the country getting paid for public speaking where they act like the victims they wish they were. Raffaelle is free because he killed Meredith with a rich girl from the USA who used a liberal system and PR campaign intent on prosecuting the innocent and freeing the guilty like Amanda Knox and himself. When Amanda talks about innocent non-Meredith matters she carries herself normally, but when she starts talking about what happened her whole body language and face affect changes, because she is lying. If Meredith had been murdered in the USA there would be no public speaking tours and successful appeals. The USA would have listed the facts for what they were. Like the prosecutor said in the new Netflix Documentary: "I know that after this life there is a final trial with no appeals, no second chances and no revisions."

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Summary of Meredith by John Kercher

The Meredith book written by John Kercher was published on 26 April 2012, Thursday in the Biographies & Memoirs category. A total of 159 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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