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Liz Cheney

Oath and Honor by Liz Cheney Book Summary

INSTANT #1 BESTSELLER: A gripping first-hand account of the January 6th, 2021, insurrection from inside the halls of Congress, from origins to aftermath, as Donald Trump and his enablers betrayed the American people and the Constitution—by the House Republican leader who dared to stand up to it.
In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump and many around him, including certain other elected Republican officials, intentionally breached their oath to the Constitution: they ignored the rulings of dozens of courts, plotted to overturn a lawful election, and provoked a violent attack on our Capitol.   Liz Cheney, one of the few Republican officials to take a stand against these efforts, witnessed the attack first-hand, and then helped lead the Congressional Select Committee investigation into how it happened. In Oath and Honor, she tells the story of this perilous moment in our history, those who helped Trump spread the stolen election lie, those whose actions preserved our constitutional framework, and the risks we still face.

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Book Name Oath and Honor
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Language English
E-Book Size 9.3 MB

Oath and Honor (Liz Cheney) Book Reviews 2024

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Who drunk the kool-aid. The one star "reviews" are telling. Actually read the book with an open mind and then compare with not so distant German history to see where the Republican majority is headed.

Fantastic. Irregardless of your political beliefs this is a fantastic book. I learned a lot about what transpired on Jan 6 and the work the Select Committee did. So, thankful we have leaders like Liz Cheney. Also, her description of the cultists in Wyoming is so very true

Truth before Power. Cheney gave up so much to make sure the story got told. She is the kind of Republican I was raised to respect. The details are riveting and give us all a chance to know the truth.

A principled book, written by a great citizen. I migrated to USA some 50 years ago... I came to a country that is the icon of the world...I took the system of USA governance as the only hope on earth for freedom...I was led to believe that the system of USA governance as indestructible! Then I witnessed the 2020 election, I studied and looked at the facts about the election, then I read the book written by Liz Chaney....a fantastic book ever...bottom line, I found the freedom that we have in our country is as fragile as a wine glass...if we don't take care of it, it breaks, in no time.

All women should read-. Liz Cheney is a force of truth, standing for this country in the way it was meant to be stood for. Dignity, not money or greed. Respecting our constitution and the values of this country, regardless of party. In addition, a glorious example of a woman bringing out the integrity of other women, and giving them full credit. Takeaway : you can stand for the constitution or you can stand for Donald Trump, you cannot stand for both.

Great account of January 6th. An exceptional account of what happened on January 6.

Great recap of the January 6 Select committee work.. Oath and Honor presents a detailed chronology of the Jan 6 Select Committee’s work and a strong rationale for everyone to reconsider support for former President Trump and any of the politicians who support the big lie.

Every single American owes a debt of gratitude to Liz Cheney. No American of voting age should approach the 2024 elections without reading this book and the final report of the January 6th Select Committee. If you watched all the hearings you’ll be familiar with much of the information but the peek behind the curtain of how the committee functioned and how and why the work of the committee evolved is compelling reading. Liz Cheney is an important voice for our democracy but as she points out in her book the real heroes are the people inside and out of the Trump Administration that resisted enormous pressure and personal danger to courageously tell the truth.

Neverdjt. Amazing book, MORONS and reTrumplicans leave one star!

Excellent Read. This book will go down as a historical reference of the laws that were broken of its time. Well written!

A sad reminder of what we might have lost.. Some may say that Liz is a controversial character. I have never met her but as a fellow Wyoming resident, I truly appreciate the effort she and the rest of the team took in documenting what happened on this sad day of our country’s history. May it never happen again.

Problem Child. Every/most families have a problem child. Like a rotten apple in the sack, the problem child need be straightened up. Those who are still lost in the lost cause need be handled, eventually. Give them jobs first, they need catch up w/ fallen income levels when the GOP sent the jobs overseas. Infrastructure Bill of the current guys is doing that, started doing that. That’s good. More needs to be done, as the good/most honorable author said, recently, in live interviews. The fight of honor vs dishonor.

Oath and Honor. Great book. The book is a very eye-opening factual account, based on evidence, of the events that transpired before, during, and after J6.

True Patriot. Great book, written by a politician that truly cares about our country, Liz Cheney.

What a traitor to this country and the American people. She is someone with an agenda…to destroy this great country and line her pockets with her ill gotten gains…fair monger is what she is.

Should Be Required Reading!. This book is amazing and certainly clearly communicates the dire peril our Democracy has been in and continues to be in. Liz Cheney and the Select Committee should be hailed as National Hero’s for their work. I only wish more leaders in Washington demonstrated her courage, integrity and commitment to our Constitution.

Zero stars. If I could give this zero stars I would. This woman is ridiculous. Her warmongering father brought us to never find the WMD in the Iraq war. She disapproves of the one president in decades that had no wars on his watch. Ironic?

Trash…. Lies….. Nothing from her is the truth or close to the truth.

Liz Cheney. Trash

A vote for Liz Chaney. I bought the book as a vote for Liz and my respect for her devotion to the country. I thought I had kept up with the unfolding investigation, but still learned a lot. I found the book to be a real page turner. Thank you.

Courage. Liz Cheney shows more courage and had more to lose than nearly anyone who battles Trump’s insurrection. Liz details Trump’s desperate plan to use any means necessary, to stop the counting of electoral votes on January 6th. Liz continues to put the country, and the constitution before her own safety and career.

Horrible!!!. Save time and money and just watch CNN & MSNBC for the same lies for free!

Must Read for All True Americans. As a life long Democrat I stand proudly along side Liz for her relentless faith in democracy and truthful depiction of the despicable, shyster Donald the Dictator. Every American should get on board before it’s too late. Liz Cheney for President.

Trash Witten by a traitor. Just trash! Reveals just how much of a traitor she is to this country!! Watch CNN and save the cost of the book!!

From Someone Who was There. Interesting to note that just like today’s political arena, it is either rated a one star or five stars depending on where one’s allegiance resides. However, when read in the context of the January 6 revolt, Chaney clearly outlines the danger of blindly following and supporting a demagogue while ignoring our time-tested constitution.

Excellent. A reminder that we the people must preserve the US institutions against all enemies.

Required Reading. This is a book that every American citizen who is concerned about the present state - and future - of our constitutional republic should read. Representative Cheney’s book is clear, concise and thoroughly researched. I challenge my fellow citizens to dig deep - beneath the sound bites and media hype - to understand exactly what happened on 1/6/21 and how to keep it from ever happening again.

We need more like her. I know many who carry the Constitution in their pocket, or place a replica on their wall. Not sure any of them have read it, let alone understand it. Nice insight into the inner dystopic actions and inactions of those traitors who are leading us over a precipice we likely would never recover from in our lifetime, let alone our children’s and theirs.

Informative and Shocking Details of what really happened on January 6. Shocking and scary information. Well written and helps one understand all the players and how things really went down.

Must read if you value our democracy!. An excellent and detailed account of the events leading up to the January 6 attempted insurrection.

Oath and Honor by Liz Cheney:…. Is inspiring and terrifying. She and her January 6 colleagues are profiles in courage. I am so glad she chronicled the experience and pray only people of her character serve in the White House.

Total Fraud. Horrible book by a traitor leftist. Total liar who enabled Pelosi and other criminal democrats to hold their Stalinist Tribunal into the Jan 6 protests. Disgraceful

Oath and Honor. It is not too late for Iowa to read this excellent, heartbreaking account of the real facts of the events leading to the criminal acts of Donald Trump showing that he helped plan and lead the attack on the Capital on January 6. The only mystery is why any real American continues to support the former one term President.

Horrible Book.. Horrible Book.

Thank You for telling the Truth. Thank you Liz for your bravery and standing up for what is right. May this book serve as a lasting legacy for true American ideals.

Eyes wide open review. This book is an accurate account of Mr Trump’s mob boss behavior. He absolutely knew what he was doing and if he is re-elected we will no longer have a democracy. He is a danger to all of Americans and it is a shame that so many people believe in lies. Thank you Liz, and the committee members, for your efforts to right the ship and normalize our country.

Don’t believe the phony one-star reviews. Our country needs more brave, strong Americans like Liz Cheney. Unlike so many other Republicans, Cheney has common sense. She follows the rule of law. She’s not afraid to put her country ahead of Donald Trump and/or her political party. Sad to say, but if the majority of Republicans would have followed her lead, the GOP wouldn’t be the pathetic laughingstock it is now.

Book of lies. All lies!

Great book. Excellent story telling and very nice to hear real public data backing up statements

The Trump hating Cheney progeny. Oath and Honor. Liz has neither. What happened to the J6 notes and interviews miss bravery?

thank you. please read it and share it.

Oath and Honor. Really a good piece of work. Every American should read it.

Filled with verified facts on Jan 6. Those who negate Cheney’s account are in denial and still believe the election was stolen. I respect Cheney’s courage to go on the record and to implore everyone in the country to protect democracy and see trump for what he is: a dictator who ignores & rejects the rule of law.

Liz cheney. Very skewed view

Oath and Honor. The truth that is needed to fuel what will be necessary to keep our republic. Thank you.

Extraordinary 25 Stars. My words couldn’t do this book justice… I wish everyone would read it and you would understand all the hard work Liz Cheney should be appreciated and applauded for. Thank you Liz!!

Traitor. Liz Cheney is a traitor to the American people. She sided with the evil Democratic Party, and helped steal the election

Profound. I would support her if she ran for President, to uphold the Constitution above political party.

Oath and honor. I was able to view all of the hearings presented by the January 6th Committee so I found it interesting and informative to learn about the inner workings of the process in conducting the investigation. I did not, and will not, vote for Trump. As a lifelong Democrat, I don’t necessarily vote down ticket and am more swayed by how candidates relate to the issues important to me. By this measure, if Liz Cheney would run for president, I would vote for her. I have admired her honesty, integrity and courage - all characteristics lacking in Trump who I believe to be narcissistic, amoral, and dishonest. As for those individuals who rated Cheney a ‘Zero’, I think they would obediently drink the Kool-Aid ala Jim Jones if Trump ordered them to do so.

War mongers. Just like her dad.

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Summary of Oath and Honor by Liz Cheney

The Oath and Honor book written by Liz Cheney was published on 05 December 2023, Tuesday in the Biographies & Memoirs category. A total of 1,143 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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