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Erin McCarthy

How To Get Lucky by Erin McCarthy Book Summary

Sometimes there is more than one way to get lucky…

Allison Parker knows winning the New York state lottery is impossible for a retail employee and who doesn’t, uh, play the lottery.  But after a bad day at work and a random prediction from a quirky psychic, she does just that, and wins.  Money.  Lots of it.  Quit her job and middle finger everyone kind of money. 

Marco Lucky is exhausted over his rock band’s diva antics and is looking for an escape.  Yet finding a quiet spot in New York City is damn near impossible and he’s already tired of the women hitting on him because he’s famous. He’s done the parties and the bed hopping for years and just wants some down time.  Alone. 

But then the crazy brunette with the winning lottery ticket tells him exactly what she thinks of him and it isn't flattering.  He is determined to get to know her a whole lot better... and prove he is worth her time.

Allison figures she would be the first woman in the history of ever to hit the lottery and score a smoking hot rock star all in one night- only to wake up with her entire life destroyed a mere eighteen hours later when her lottery ticket is missing. She spent money on her credit card like an heiress and told her boss to suck it. 

This could be a problem.   

Marco’s offer of help makes her feel like the biggest lame ass loser ever, and while she can't take his money, she can take a weekend in LA and some smoking hot sex as a balm to her financial crisis.  But that's all it can be is sex with him hitting the road and her hitting the unemployment line. Or could it be something else entirely?    

Being lucky in love just might be hitting the jackpot after all…

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Book Name How To Get Lucky
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 463.07 KB

How To Get Lucky (Erin McCarthy) Book Reviews 2023

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How to Get Lucky. The third in the Sexy in NYC series features Allison, a pragmatic, sarcastic woman who meets Marco de Lucky, a successful rock star. All the books of this series begins with a psychic reading by Beckwith, a cross dressing ex-con. This time telling Allison her fortune, she will be lucky in money, but not in love. The story progresses in all the ways Allison can get lucky, or unlucky in some instances. It’s a fun fast adult read. I liked Allison’s pragmatic nature in dealing with the lottery and Marco. It’s a “time to grow up” story. While it is the third of the series it is a standalone, you just have more appreciation of the other characters if you have read the other books. It was nice to see the other roommates and how they are doing. Looking forward to the next book.

Worth the Wait. A long wait was well worth it for this third book in the series by Erin McCarthy. Allison finds herself down on her luck in NY City after her two roommates fall in love and move out. Out with her friends for a quite night of drinks she finds her night interrupted with fan girls after rocker Marco Lucky. After Marco over hears Allison tell her friends she wished he would take his group and go Marco approaches her and then buys her tables drinks. On the advise of a cross dressing pychic Allison buys a lottery ticket and her life changes from there. Marco Lucky is a rock star on the top of his career, but past mistakes has him abstaining from alcohol and sex. Until he met Allison he wasn't tempted, now he can't get her sassy mouth out of his head and had to see her again. Can the two work out their insecurities and find love?

The perfect sexy beach read of the summer!. How to Get Lucky, the long awaited 3rd installment of Erin McCarthy's 'Sexy in NYC' series truly does not disappoint! Allison wins the lottery and meets a sexy hot rock star all in one night. Great hook for me because- Seriously. What girl wouldn't love to see that particular dream come to life?! But then there's a devastating blow 'when Allison realizes her winning ticket is gone...' which hello, that sounds like the story of my life. I couldn't help but relate to Allison's misery, because surely if by a miraculous fluke I won the lottery I guarantee I'd most likely flub it up just like Allison. I found Allison a completely relatable character, I loved her personality though I must admit she took it all in stride way better than I ever would have. BUT then again she has some help, after reluctantly meeting (and I quote here) "The hair, the tats, the hardware, the huge dick... I'm not really sure where to look first." rock star Marco Lucky. Daaaaaaaaaaamn. Doesn't that just say it all?!! Again, I'd never 'Get Lucky' to the extent Allison did but alas that's the beauty of fiction & book boyfriends! I was all about Marco Lucky and he was the perfect fit for Allison! I devoured this book in a matter of hours. Erin delivers a smokin' sexy read just in time to be the perfect beach read this summer! Prepare to take that cool dip though, because it's gonna get HOT!!! ;)

How to Get Lucky by Erin McCarthy. Allison Parker is down on her luck, working a dead end job she hates and is absolutely broke. Living in New York is not cheap and she has made some bad financial choices in the past. She buys a lottery ticket with the last of her money after a maybe, probably psychic friend tells her it's her lucky night and she needs to buy a ticket after encountering Marco Lucky, the hottest rockstar around, in a bar. He pays for her and hers friends drinks after she was completely rude to him and didn't let his rockstar status get to her. Marco has been sober and celibate for a year but goes to the bar so he won't feel so lonely. He starts to leave the bar since he's being mauled by a bunch of fans when he sees Allison and hears the rude stuff she says about him. He can't get her out of his head so he goes back to the bar the next night hoping to see her again and finds her celebrating with a bunch of her friends. Unable to stop himself, he gets himself invited into their get together to learn Allison has won the New York State lottery. Marco and Allison spend a night on the town as tourists to celebrate her winning and become friends in the process. After a terrible ending to the night, Marco invites her to go with him back to LA for a couple of days to get herself square again and just to relax. Neither of them know what they are doing or where this this is going but they can't seem to stay distant from each other. I liked how Marco and Allison were complete opposites of each other but still managed to somehow fit one another. I enjoyed Allison's humor and sarcasm and how it was exactly what Marco needed to feel like a regular person. I'm anxious to see if there are anymore stories in this series and even if there isn't, I can't wait for the next Erin McCarthy book!

Hot rock star and sassy girl. 4.75* I loved this book. I've read many of Erin McCarthy's book and have enjoyed all of them. She has a way of writing dialog between friends and lovers that just makes me laugh and wish they were my friends. Allison was so sassy and blunt, maybe to much for some but Marco found her refreshing and someone he wanted to spend time with. She didn't bow down to his stardom but treated him like a regular person unlike most everyone he meets. The book is full of hot as hell sexiness, chemistry that's off the charts and a relationship that started so fast that they couldn't let themselves believe it was real. This is the third book in the series but can totally be read as a stand alone book. I have not read the other books but I am so going to now.

How to Get Lucky. Who doesn’t love Erin McCarthy??? I’ve read all 3 books in the NYC series and I’m so glad How to Get Lucky brings back some favorite characters from the previous NYC books (The Pregnancy Test and You Don’t Know Jack). Allison wins the New York State Lottery at the same time she meets Marco Lucky. Will her luck hold and true love come her way? Or is her psychic friend Beckwith right and she’s not destined for love?

How to get lucky. 5 stars. I got this for an honest review. I loved it. I'm not surprised. I love all of Erin's books. Marco has it all as a rock star. But is lonely. He started to get his life together. Allison is sick of her life and needs a change. Tired of living check to check. Life is about to change for Allison. She wins the lottery but then loses her ticket. Marco asked her to take a chance on him. Can she do it?

AMAZING. Erin McCarthy's done it again! How to Get Lucky is amazing! The characters are absolutely awesome. I was hooked from page one. I have read almost every book by Erin and each one is filled with love, laughter, hotness and so much more! Definitely a must read!

Fun and Flirty romance!. This is the third book in the Sexy in NYC series. Allison's friends have found their lifetime loves and moved out leaving her to pay rent on an apartment she can't afford using the money from a dead end job at a comestic company. She has decided that she doesn't trust guys and is going to take a break from dating. Marco Lucky has made changes in his personal life such as no drinking, drugs or one night stands. One night he sees Allison in a local bar and decides her unwillingness to throw herself at him and keeping him check is extremely intriguing and sexy. The more Allison tries to keep their relationship in the friend zone the more Marco wants to move to the next level. This is fun and flirty romance. I'm looking forward to more in this series.

How To Get Lucky. How to Get Lucky is the third book in Erin McCarthy's A Sexy NYC Book. I read The Pregnancy Test and You Don't Know Jack when they were released. After a long wait, Allison get her HEA. I absolutely loved Allison and her snarky wit. She wins the lottery only to lose her winning ticket. Marco was a real surprise. After all the excesses of being a Rock Star, he has been sober and celibate for the last year. When they meet at a bar, the sparks fly and their adventure begins. I really believed their connection and there are some hot and steamy love scenes. A very satisfying summer read and I highly recommend it. It can be read as a stand alone too.

Sexy and Funny. How To Get Lucky is the third book in the Sexy in NYC Series and can I say it's about time... The first being The Pregnancy Test and the second being You Don't Know Jack.. If you've read the first two then you'll know How To Get Lucky is about their friend Allison Parker, a girl who hates her job and boss, whose about to have her cellphone shut off and no place to live. When transgender psychic extraordinaire Beckwith Tripp tells her that she won't find love but sees her financially stable, she uses what little money she has to buy a lottery ticket. Marco Lucky is a famous musician who seems lost in his own world. After running into Allison at a bar and hearing her not so nice words about him, she seems to be stuck in his head and refusing to leave.When he runs into Allison again the next night, he hears she has one the lottery, he goes over to congratulate her. Her friends being the awesome friends they are gives Marco her phone number and while he's sitting at the bar, Marco and Allison begin texting each other... When Allison saves Marco from the female fans, she does the only thing she could think of, to get the fans off his back.... She kisses him and it wasn't a simple peck on the cheek... You can feel the sexual tension and chemistry between these two,but with Beckwith saying she wouldn't find love will Marco and Allison last? You'll just have to read How To Get Lucky to find out.This story had everything, chemistry, heat and a lot of humor and I hope Erin writes more for this series. It's one of my favorites.

Entertaining. Allison is not having a great night. She's just learned from her psychic friend that love is not in the cards for her, she's working in a crappy retail job, and she's just insulted Marco Lucky. Allison pulls out her trademark sass when the sexy rock star responds. Marco is so over the random hookups and hangovers from his past. He's feeling out of sorts when he runs into Allison in the bar and her ability to treat him as any other man is intriguing and provides a much needed breath of fresh air. This chance meeting leads to an unlikely relationship that was intended to be a holiday fling, but becomes pretty intense very quickly. How to Get Lucky is an entertaining and sexy opposites attract romance with great banter. Erin McCarthy provides an engaging couple and colorful secondary characters. How to Get Lucky can be read as a standalone in the series. 4.5 stars

What a ride!. Wonderful book! We have waited a long time to get the next book in the NYC series! The wait was worth it! A fun ride about love, laughter, life's ups and downs and how to finally make it all work! Allison is a touch gal who struggles in life! Enter Marcus who is a little jaded.......makes for a great fun story! Thank you for keeping it real Erin!

Finally, Book #3. I have been waiting years….and I mean years….for Erin McCarthy to pick this series back up. The only reason I haven’t completely rebelled against this amazing author is due to the fact that she has published dozens of awesome books for my reading pleasure in the meantime. In How To Get Lucky the third installment of Erin McCarthy’s Sexy in NYC, the reader is re-introduced to Allison Parker. Because it has been a while since You Don’t Know Jack and, my absolute favorite, The Pregnancy Test - you may have forgotten this hysterical lady. No worries, you’ll remember her quickly enough. Allison is an “in your face,” "brutally honest," "no filter whatsoever" young lady looking for more. She isn’t exactly sure what she wants, she just knows there has to be something bigger and better in store for her. On a whim, and with the help of a quirky psychic, she does the improbable and wins the lottery, only to quickly lose her ticket and then be forced to pick up her life, which has fallen to shambles. In the process of experiencing her highest highs and her lowest lows, over the course of approximately 24 hours, she meets Marco Lucky. Marco is a reformed rock star or at least he is trying to be. He is sober, celibate, and looking for some peace and quiet. Although Allison is not his type, and she seems to want nothing to do with him, Marco cannot help but be drawn to her unwavering honesty - a trait that he is hard-pressed to find in his circle of friends and business associates. An unlikely friendship emerges, and the reader learns as this story unfolds whether these two individuals from different cities, on different sides of the country, in different business fields, and from two completely different backgrounds can build a relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was fun, made me laugh a number of times, and had me guessing as to “what will happen next” more than once. In addition, the reader gets a sneak peek into the lives of the other characters whose relationships were explored earlier in the series. Mandy and Damien are awaiting the birth of their baby, and Jamie and Jonathon are planning their wedding. We also learn a little, just a snippet about how Caroline is doing now that she is married. It is just a teaser….maybe she will star in book four? Please?! I received this book for free in exchange for a honest review.

Another Winner by McCarthy!. In this 3rd book of the Sexy in NYC Series, Allison is in a dead end job, has lost both of her roommates, and is suffering serious financial setbacks. In the course of one evening, she not only wins the lottery, but also meets a devastatingly attractive rock star who is interested in her! When she loses the lottery ticket, she has to figure out how to get herself out of her dire situation. She takes Marco up on his offer to spend a few days with him in L,A., Even though Marco has been sober and celibate for a year, Allison sees this as a time out from real life and doesn't think her hookup with a rock star can go further. Marco doesn't necessarily agree with her assessment of where they stand. I found this book to be entertaining and fun. The chemistry between Allison and Marco was wonderful, and I really enjoyed their banter. I loved the way Allison treated Marco like a normal guy. The two of them were great together, and I enjoyed every minute spent reading their journey to a real relationship. I closed the book with a sigh and a smile on my face.

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Summary of How To Get Lucky by Erin McCarthy

The How To Get Lucky book written by Erin McCarthy was published on 04 June 2015, Thursday in the Contemporary category. A total of 95 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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