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Andy Cohen

The Andy Cohen Diaries by Andy Cohen Book Summary

A New York Times bestseller, The Andy Cohen Diaries chronicles a year in the whirlwind life of the beloved pop icon, in his own cheeky, candid, and irreverent words.

As a TV Producer and host of the smash late night show Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen has a front row seat to an exciting world not many get to see. In this dishy, detailed diary of one year in his life, Andy goes out on the town, drops names, hosts a ton of shows, becomes codependent with Real Housewives, makes trouble, calls his mom, drops some more names, and, while searching for love, finds it with a dog.

We learn everything from which celebrity peed in her WWHL dressing room to which Housewives are causing trouble and how. Nothing is off limits – including dating. We see Andy at home and with close friends and family (including his beloved and unforgettable mom). Throughout, Andy tells us not only what goes down, but exactly what he thinks about it.

Inspired by the diaries of another celebrity-obsessed Andy (Warhol), this honest, irreverent, and laugh-out-loud funny book is a one-of-a-kind account of the whos and whats of pop culture in the 21st century.

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Book Name The Andy Cohen Diaries
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Language English
E-Book Size 10.99 MB

The Andy Cohen Diaries (Andy Cohen) Book Reviews 2023

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Great!. Simply can't wait for his next.

In some next level love. I absolutely adored most talkative in every sense , and this was absolutely sensational as well. His style of writing is impeccably done. I feel like I'm having a late night drunken conversation with a dear friend . I really didn't think it was possible to find Andy Cohen more charming , but I was proven wrong .

Embarrassing. Want to know how a narcissistic, vacuous, shallow individual goes through life? Read this book. A real eye-opener. This is the guy who brought you The Real Housewives franchise. Need I say more?

Great diary. Loved it. Love him. Didn't love the beard or the picture of the dog with his friend....wacha rocket was on full display!# gripesofasuburbanmom

Ugh. This book is totally boring. Seriously. It's just this guys diary about him, his dog, the hamptons, pizza, ice cream, kelly ripa, Madonna, and lady gaga. Trust when I say it is about as boring as you can get. Check it out at the library if you must read it.

I ❤️Andy & Wacha. I've been a fan forever! Was really excited when I heard his book "Diary" was out! Super great read, especially if you are a fan of Andy, Bravo, everything HW's, and of coarse Wacha!!

Andy Cohen diaries. Quite enjoyable. Easy reading. I just love Andy!

Was this written by a teenage girl?. I had some expectations about this book..I thought there was going to be a lot of backstage interesting gossip but in this book Andy Cohen comes across as a vapid shallow personality who in his 40s still thinks of him as teenage mean girl version of Carrie Broadshaw. His daily snipets are beyond preposterous, he spends 1/2 of the time writing about his body shape, his dog and getting massages...what a waste

Andy Cohen Diaries. After being a fan since the very beginning, it's like I got to know and old friend much more in detail. It may not be for all, just for true fans.

Andy Cohen Diaries. A good read if you are into pop culture and the RealHouseWives of whatever. I found his perspective a bit jaded but also humbling. From a man who dreamt of being somebody in NY to the man who thinks he is somebody in NY and spilling the juicy details of the rich and famous. I think he could have gone deeper into the gossip but gave up enough to satisfy my simplistic vouyeristic wonders.

Couldn't put it down. From meeting Lady Gaga to vacations in the Hamptons he is still down to earth and funny . Loved loved this book

Andy who?. Seriously disappointed. Can I get a refund? His character is deplorable and his reputation is scarred for life. The only thing you learn is that he is gay with a chip on his shoulder and a self centered ego maniac. On a positive note, this read put me to sleep quite easily on several occasions. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Loved!. Great read! The voice in this book is so true to Andy! Loved!

Fun and Entertaining!. A fun and entertaining read in which Andy takes you along for a ride during a busy and exciting year. His schedule is full of hosting duties, traveling, adopting a dog and living life to the fullest in NYC. If you enjoy WWHL, you will enjoy this behind the scenes look into Andy’s life!

Love the book!. It took me 2 wonderful days to devour this book. It let's you live the life of the rich and famous if only for a little while. Terrific insight as to what a fabulous life in New York must be like. As many people do our life is often very challenging. Thank you for the lovely escape!

Complete Narcisist. It reads like a name-dropper trying to impress you. He is incredibly narcissistic on tv and even more so in this book.

The Andy Cohen Diaries. A perfect guilty pleasure read...dishy, delightful and clever! Makes me love me some Andy Cohen even more!!

Love Andy. This book is amazing. Love that Andy narrates the book on tape.

Love letter to NY. After reading this book,I love AC even more. I was so inspired, I chronicled my NY vaca on FB. Love you Andy & especially Wacha!

👍👍👍. Hilarious and confirmed that Andy is my gay, Jewish husband!

5 Stars. A great read written by Andy, giving us insight to his pretty cool life!! Thanks Andy!

Names, names and more names. I like when he actually wrote about things. Majority of the time was I ate with this person, that person, my dog did this, and omg I'm going to get fat. Struggled to even get though last 200 pages because it felt like a run on sentence of names. That said I still like Andy, just not his name dropping in writing.

Great read. Read this book in two days. Love the way Andy narrates his life.

The Andy Cohen Diaries. Shallow indeed!! If you are interested in reading a book about Andy Cohen's weight, what he eats and how often his dog poops - this is the book for you. If you are looking for an interesting read about celebrities, pop culture or behind the scenes of tv - this is not the book for you. I found this book boring and annoying!!

Great gossip book!!. I'm obsessed with the behind the scenes Bravo stuff and it was fun trying to guess who he was referring to! (I want to know even more) Even though we've watched Andy on tv for years, it was interesting to learn more about him and his inner dialogue along with his personal relationships. I docked a star b/c this book kept me from reading a book that I have to write a paper on. 😝

Awesome book!!. I have stayed up late a few nights reading the book. I really enjoy how it is written that it seems like Andy is sitting there having a full blown conversation with you. I to enjoy the most the stories about Wacha!!!!

The Andy Cohen Diaries ROCK!!!!. So fun and entertaining!!! I've been obsessed with AC for several years and love his books!

Higher. I love you, Andy. I could simply read about you and Your dog all day. This book is so hilarious, sad at times but very honest into his life. I loved all the stories but none better than saving W from the kill shelter. God bless your sweet good looking self. Annette

Shallowly fantastic. It really is a deep look at a shallow year! The stories are fun and somewhat of a window into Andy's exciting life. The only confusing part was not knowing who some of the people are that he writes about. However, if you're writing in your own diary, you don't put explanations of who people are either. Also, kind of sad that there's no entry for the day Joan Rivers passed. Would have loved to hear his thoughts on such a legend and what she meant to him. Overall a light and funny read!

So much fun!. What a great read! So easy to curl up on a cold night with Andy Cohen and just sink into his sweet life. Thanks, Andy, for sharing.

Inane. This is the most vapid drivel I have tried to read. This is no Andy Warhol diaries if that is what he's trying. Talk about every gay stereotype imaginable! All he does is obsess about his weight-- who cares!-- talk about celebrities and more eating so he can obsess about his weight more-- and talk about his dog. I love my dog but I'm not describing his poops to anyone who will care to read. I was hoping for something insightful or eye opening but it's a basic shallow life from someone I hoped had more depth

Did anyone else…?. Did anyone else feel this read like a Bret Easton Ellis novel? I kept waiting for him to end an entry with something like, “Wacha keeps licking the blood off the carpet. I wonder if the maid can smell the chef’s corpse at this point. My massasge was everything.” It was very entertaining and a great respite from the news of the day. I decided to read this to give myself a break from articles about Trump. Oy.

The Andy Cohen Diaries. I downloaded a few books to take to Italy with me. This was my first choice. I loved every bit of how true to form the book was. I could actually picture Andy and Wacha. Their relationship is very sweet. I love his parents. I almost fainted when I started reading about Andy's trip to Italy. I was experiencing the same places that were mentioned in the book. All through the book I kept thinking how cool it would be to hang with Andy! So...... If you're ever in South Florida, Andy, we need to see Rocky Horror Picture Show! Deerfield Beach Loves You! ❤️❤️💋💋

The Andy Cohen Diaries. I'm Lovin' it!!!!

Fun, fabulous read!. Just like Andy Cohen, this book is bubbly, honest and full of fun, silly, hilarious stories. The love he has for Wacha just overwhelms me. I enjoyed this book as much as Most Talkative.

Andy Cohen Diaries. I enjoyed the book, read it in a week and a half which is fast for me 👍

The Andy Cohen dairys. Loved the book you get to enjoy the behind the scenes party's ! Also Andy shares with us celebrities ,parents , His dog Waca . I now feel that I know Waca More intimately . Love you Andy

Can't put it down.. Entertaining read. LOVE it Andy

Great!. I really enjoyed it

Don't waste your time, or money. Andy Cohen is self obsessed, which might be a good read, if he actually divulged any dirt. To think he compares these to the Andy Warhol diaries. He's no Andy Warhol. NEVER will be. Warhol started with talent.

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Boring musings of a sycophant. Appalling waste of money. This book has absolutely nothing of interest in it. A diary of man who's life revolves around name dropping & feeling sorry for himself. Only thing I gained from reading it is a complete disrespect for the guy who is deluded enough to think that his life is of interesting enough to write a book.

Too good to put down. Just what you'd expect from a pop-culture enthusiast and contributor like AC. The right combination of name-dropping, travel, honesty and genuine friendships to keep you turning the pages... Great read, enjoyed every moment guessing who's who as well as working out who to tweet next! Thanks Andy, and love to Wacha!

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Summary of The Andy Cohen Diaries by Andy Cohen

The The Andy Cohen Diaries book written by Andy Cohen was published on 11 November 2014, Tuesday in the Biographies & Memoirs category. A total of 1,005 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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