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MacBook Pro Essentials by Apple Inc. Book Summary

MacBook Pro Essentials provides everything you need to quickly set up and start using your new MacBook Pro. Learn about the hardware, as well as how to connect to Wi-Fi, share information, use the apps that come with your MacBook Pro, and more.

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Book Name MacBook Pro Essentials
Genre Computers
Language English
E-Book Size 49.56 MB

MacBook Pro Essentials (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews 2024

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The Get Started Manual. Good for first time users. Very basic.

Macbook Essentials. The content is helpful, but why can't the type be enlarged so I don't have to use a magnifying glass? Please?

Very Helpful. I was told at the store that I had to come in to learn how to use my MacPro and this was untrue. I found it online for free on the tutorial and learned in no time.

Huge help. Coming from only ever owning one Apple product (iPhones) to finally getting my first MacBook Pro this has been a tremendus help with getting me aquainted to a system that I had no experience with. Not only that, but this also helps to show the many capabilities this computer has. I learned a lot of things that I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t give this a read.

Superb. Very informative & easy to understand!

User. I wish it would tell the user how to do certain things instead of just telling the user what the device can do.

h. b

Great Introduction to my new buddy. I love this book and would love to recommend to everyone who never use MacBook Pro before and want to get familiar specially how to use the shortcuts.

Helpful!. Very helpful for beginners. All in language easy-to-understand. I would highly recommend reading through this when getting your first Macbook Pro.

Downloaded all new version. Cheata nano

macbook Pro. Good info

MacBook Pro Essentials. By far the best written orientation for an electronic device I have ever read.

Only the Bare Essentials. The ebooklet pretty much replaces the little white booklet that used to come with a new Mac. It contains only the bare essentials for operating the computer without breaking it. All the little things that refine the experience of using a Mac must still be found through your own experience or from somewhere else.

good. not too bad

What would you expect?. It's a book about the legendary MacBook. Why else would I give it a five star?

Good read for new Mac users. I recently bought my first MacBook Pro and found the introductory materials useful in getting me aquainted with my new laptop.It had all the basics so you can get started off on the right foot breaking old PC habits and gaining facility with the Mac way of doing things.After reading this you can seek more information at the apple website or seek additional iBooks in the iBooks store.Recommend for people like me transitioning from PC to Mac.This iBook is for Macbook Pro users of course.Similar iBooks are available for all apple products and easy to search for as you need them.

MacBook Pro Essentials. Good information.

i just wanted to be the 700th review. but my new and first macbook pro is pretty neat and i bet the guide will be good too k bye

Super useful, even though one would assume that they know everything about their MacBook Pro. This book is insightful! I honestly didn’t realize how little I knew about Macs in general. This is really useful for someone switching from a PC to a MacBook Pro.

Learning Was So Easy. This book was clear and concise with examples and links to actually direct you to have hands on with what it is describing. I have converted from Windows to Apple and it was so easy to configure my laptop to my specifications. This book gave step-by-step directions that were to the point and don’t assume that you had prior experience with an Apple product. It is a must to go through after you broken the security seal and have opened the box. Learning about the laptop was as seamless Apple products.

I learned a few things. I learned a few things that I didnt know about my macbook.

No you don’t know everything. I’m a Apple veteran user. I have owned and used everything Apple has put on the street. I always read the manual for everything because there is always something that is new to me. I also look at it like this, I can always do a quick read on what I already know and slow up on what I don’t know and read it carefully. I know many people who feel that they know it all so a manual is not necessary. But I find that they know very little about the computer. Sad, because often having invested a little time with the manual they could have saved a lot of wasted time trying to make something work that was in the manual, and this manual touches all bases.

Very Detailed. I recently bought my first MacBook Pro and found the introductory materials very useful and detailed. It has everything you need to facilitate a smooth transition. After reading this you’ll find all of the tools you need to keep your Mac running smoothly and you’ll be familiar with everything.

Where's the manual outline.. I cannot find a user's guide or manual to the McBook Pro. Isn't that considered an essential?

wasn’t all that helpful. was looking to find out how to keep my messages on the corresponding phones, I’m getting my entire icloud’s messages and i dont want them, just a few. This didnt explain anything more than the instruction manual and the apple website,at least for my topic. If you know the answer to my question….

good read. highly recommended to get acquainted

MacBook Pro Essentials E-Book. Good reference. Easy to follow - step by step instructions. Detail oriented.

MacBook Pro Essentials iBook. Very good starter book. Gave me an overview of the various features. Of course, a more comprehensive book is necessary for detail of each feature. Thanks for providing.

For Starters and Tips and Tricks. Great for MacBook beginners but also for those looking for small tips and tricks to advance their MacBook knowledge!

A valuable Reference. I still review this material to stay on top of all the features on my MacBook Pro. Well laid out and complete with quick answersd to forgotten steps including software features.

Very helpful. I wish I had read this a year ago. I knew most of this but what awesome insights on the things I didn’t know! I’m off to read the iPhone Essentials.

good. It is a very good basic reference book. I instructions were easy to follow.

MacBook Pro Essentials. Well laid out to give the big picture. Good Table of Contents so I can find what I want fast.

Needs more input / output. Could have actual physical tasks to show how things operate also. Could have links to some of the paragraphs to take the reader straight to what is being talked about to lead them right to the tasks being covered.

Super Helpful. I’m a first-time Mac user, and this has been super helpful to me. I learned a whole lot about my new Macbook Pro that I doubt I would’ve known without the book.

Basic information. Basic boiler plate information. Not much into the details. Practice makes perfect.

MacBook Pro. I will be coming back to this book often!

Macbook Pro Essentials. This book is not too much or too little it provides just enough information to get you familiar and ready to use!

Its OK. It’s god for what it does explain but I would have ike ore information. I am interested in keyoard shortcuts, how to save backed up external data (photos, documents, audio files to a destination that makes sense, etc)

#mac pro knowledge. Real insights

Macbookpro. Awesome

Great Guide for MacBook Pro users. This was a great read being new to Mac world. I was able to learn a few new tricks and make using my MacBook Pro easier.

Mac. Now I'll know how to use it when I get one will recommend to anyone with or thinking about getting a Mac

MacBook Pro Essentials. Was a quick overview, which was helpful. If you needed more info about a particular subject the Guide told you where to find it. Good.

Just a long advertisement. This so-called book reads more like an advertisement for the product. The product does not come with any detailed information which seems a little cheesy for a $3000 item. This absence could be cured with a quality book. This is not it. A $500 stereo receiver comes with more instructions and suggestions on use. This so-called book is merely a series of descriptions of what you can do with the product. It is devoid of instructions or suggestions.

!. Awesome guide helped me a lot

ms. great a big help!!!!!

Good user guide. I have always been a die hard PC user and this is my 1st Macbook. I found this ebook to be easy to follow and informative.

MacBook Pro Is Amazing. I got my macbook today read through this iBook to check what i need to know, very helpful. i love it!!! Great information keep it up!

Great manual. When I first used this product, I didn’t know anything about mac. When I installed this awesome app, I learned ALOT more about my mac. If you have a apple device that supports this app, I suggest that you get this app. It Helps!

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Signature MacBook Pro 😗. Best MacBook Pro I’ve owned so far!

I read a book. it was good

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MacBook Pro 2011-2012 edition.. Well Apple congrats on getting me to write my first ever review about a product. I must say this MacBook Pro 2011 edition 200 gb of storage , 8 gbs of ram for 1,249$ when I bought back then was the best purchase of my life. Almost 7 years later and this machine still runs like a beast , and is is in perfect condition still . I could easily get 800$ for it today . I will never switch computers and will always buy a Mac . Keep up the good work and don't downgrade your components like wires that expire after a wire and need to replace as the newer editions have these problems . People will find out , especially tech heads like myself . Other than that keep the products rolling with good tech and components and Apple will be around for 100 years or more . Never never become like micro soft . You pay for what you get and apple make sure your products have the best components going forward. Thank you !! Happy customer :)

Meh. Not particularly useful to an IOS user. Good introduction for a total newbie. Disappointed, I have a lot to learn about this machine in order to get the most out of it. Meh, alors.

MacBook Pro Essentials. I learned more than I knew that’s for sure, but didn’t answer the question I was looking for. Will have to try somewhere else, or call, they are very helpful if you call.

MacBook Pro Essentials. Great information for getting started if you have never used a Mac before or are newer to Mac.

The Introduction. I found it to be a great introductory guide. Very user friendly and a solid foundation for someone who hasn’t used Macs before.

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Summary of MacBook Pro Essentials by Apple Inc.

The MacBook Pro Essentials book written by Apple Inc. was published on 09 March 2015, Monday in the Computers category. A total of 1,423 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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