The Art Of Letting Go

The Art Of Letting Go by Thought Catalog Book Summary

We often struggle to let some people go especially when they made that decision. We question the universe, we question ourselves and we question everyone around us but we never truly get our answers. Letting someone go takes time, patience and commitment to actively stop ourselves from relapsing and thinking about that person again. The Art Of Letting Go helps you understand why, how and when you should let someone go so you can move on and never look back.

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The Art Of Letting Go (Thought Catalog) Book Reviews

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- Love it.5 star

I love this book.

- Rate & Review4 star

This book was amazing, it has some good incite & there’s chapters that are relatable. There are a couple of punctuation errors or flipped words, but it’s nothing that actually takes away from the point of the book. The art of letting go, is a book I’d suggest to anyone having a hard time letting go, or processing some difficult feelings. It doesn’t replace the help of a health professional (therapist, counselor, etc) but it does help you find new ways to apply helpful inner work & better coping habits. It’s basically a how to book, with some good advice, poems & quotes as well. Well worth the read, I’m glad it was free.

- Powerful5 star

Loved it from beginning to end I will read this over and over

- Insightful5 star

This was a good read in my opinion. It brought alot of things into perspective

- The art of letting go5 star

Amazing! Just what I needed!

- Loved it. Dead on.5 star

I have went through bad relationships and a divorce. I have always had trouble of letting go and loving myself. It what I needed to read.

- The art of letting go.5 star

3 pages in. Thank you.

- Religious2 star

I didn’t like that this made reference to god so many times. I wasn’t aware that this was a book based on religious belief.

- Best book I’ve ever read5 star

This book changed my life for ever.

- Moving on 2020!!5 star

I loved this . Going through a very similar situation and this helped out a lot . Got some clarity . I would just say if this book stands out to you by the title . You need to read it .

- Helpful5 star

This book has been so helpful to me. I’ve been struggling of letting go of relationship that isn’t happy for me. So this has really made me realize my worth.

- 5 star Rating5 star

This book gives you so much insight to things you never even thought to think of. Give it a chance. I promise, by the end, you will feel a weight be lifted.

- One of those books that should never end!5 star

I really came across this book randomly. Searching for books to help me get through tough times in relationships of all kinds, grieving and more. I finished the book and I really would read it it again. I appreciated the book because it spoke to me in volumes. I will definitely be looking for more books from the author. If you need to put yourself first this is a great book to assist you with the process of self love and putting yourself first to get over things and to help overcome situations.

- Good Read5 star

This a a great quick read. I can see myself reading this more than once.

- The art of letting go5 star

Loved it!

- Boring3 star

There are different dimensions to art of letting go in the real world, the only view this book talks about is from “ a person who failed in love”.... I mean, come on... the whole book is ranting abt how you are a victim in love and pull yourself together after failing in love ..... guess I was expecting more to understand how a person can face any kind of situation the real world and learn the art to let it simply go , my bad !

- It was decent4 star

A lot of parts resonated with me. It did bring me some relief to know i feel the same way some of these ladies have felt. Also that pain really is no different, the difference only exist because of how we choose to deal with the pain. Good read!

- Not super helpful.2 star

I do appreciate a lot of the positive writing however I found a lot of the book to be repetitive from early on. Although there are multiple stories a lot of them were too similar to each other. Not enough variety.

- Grateful5 star

I can’t think of the words that could make you understand how I feel inside. All I can say is thank you for make my life make sense. Laurie Linehan

- Awesomr5 star

I love it

- Great and Encouraging Read!5 star

Uplifting read and honest perspective.

- Overall good4 star

A little cliche at times, but it’s supposed to be. Overall it is a good read. I’d recommend it to someone who is in a rut.

- Recommend for everyone5 star

This book is just amazing. It makes you realize so many thing and too let go of all the negativity you been holding on too from relationships, friends etc !

- Amazing!5 star

An amazing read. Definitely helped me realize quite a bit. Just got out of a relationship and I needed this. I really thank all of the authors because this one really touched my heart and soul.

- The Art or Letting Go.5 star

this book helped me get through a tough time with my relationship and helped me understand the worth of myself and what i deserved. this book spoke straight to me and to exactly what i was going through. i couldn’t stop reading once i started.

- Amazing5 star

This book is a really good read. I like the different perspectives of different authors

- The Art of Letting Go5 star

Highly recommended for everyone who lost someone especially relationship.

- Simple but worth reading!5 star

I read this book. I've never read a thought catalog before. I think it was somehow cliché but it reminded me of some good points; I enjoyed it!

- Excellent short read5 star

This was an amazing book that covers feelings and emotions we all suppress in the before, during, and after stages of a relationship. It brings your own self-awareness to the table and helps you remember you don’t need validation from a person to be who you are. Honestly one of my favorite reads in life. Will be reading it multiple times.

- Good read5 star

I just got out of a five year relationship. I am a male so some parts don’t particularly point out to me but still a great read and I would recommend to anyone having troubles letting someone or something go.

- Amazing5 star

Just broke up with the man I was planning my wedding with. And this book helped me so much. Truly amazing. Thank You

- Wow!! Just wow!!5 star

Read this in a few hours and I already feel lighter. Thank you for writing this book!! It truly has opened my eyes to many things I did not notice before.

- So uplifting5 star

It teaches you how to let go in a healthy way

- Awesome book!5 star

Really thought provoking and has helped me LET GO

- The art of letting go5 star

This book unlocked doors in my heart. Gave me some insight on understanding sometimes you just DONT KNOW WHY! I loved everything about it. Took me one day to read.

- The Art of letting go3 star

Easy read and very inspirational.

- It’s great4 star

It’s really good view point but it’s more feminine and yes I do agree to most of the points but few statements in different chapters are self contradicting. But overall it was neat and every chapter was articulated properly.

- Worth reading 👌🏻5 star

Really enjoyed this book

- AMAZING5 star

If you just got into a breakup, you need to read this book. It is so powerful and relatable, all i can say is that it helped me grow out from my situation and it made me realize my worth as a young adult.

- LOVE IT!😍5 star

So many great stories, which is so relatable! Plus all the quotes & positivity! It’s worth reading!❤️

- AMAZING BOOK 😍5 star

I love this book! One of my favorites, i just can't stop bragging about it !! I truly recommend it!

- A-Maze-zing5 star

This book so amazing. Just enough to make me connect without saying "too much" great book definitely a Must Read

- The Art Of Letting Go5 star

Absolutely awesome!!! I recommend this book, to anyone having a difficult time letting go.

- The art of letting go5 star

Awesome read and it really help me through the situation I'm going through. This book put certain things that I feel into perspective.

- Mind changing short book.5 star

I stumbled on this book, and I'm glad I did. If you're confused about how to cope and how to let go of someone this books helps you see things from a slight different angle. It helped me understand my situation better.

- Wow!5 star

Left speechless but full of this new found self-love.

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- Amazing5 star

Amazing book!! Helped me to come to terms and let go

- The Art of Letting Go4 star

A very though invoking and well written book. I only would have preferred it if the author being a woman; would have made the book a non-sexist perspective. By that I mean, using only gender neutral terminology rather than from a woman’s perspective. Very good book.

- Lovely read5 star

This little book is a good read for those trying to get over someone as well as for those who wouldn’t mind a little wisdom or a pick-me-up. It’s quite short and completely free, so you’ve got no excuse for not giving it a go ;)

- Comforting5 star

Just what I needed to read.

- Amazing!!!!!5 star

This book has helped me so much with a current issue I’m facing, I’ve grown as I person and feel wiser

- The art of Letting Go5 star

This book is good, it really helps

- Worth a read5 star

Such an easy read... It really opens your eyes to see another way about things. It's not only helps you but it will help you dealing with other people that come to you for advice. I really enjoyed reading this..

- All the feels5 star

This book is packed with situations and comforts you in knowing that you are not alone.

- Good one5 star

Good book

- Heartbroken? Read this.5 star

Solid advice from a range of sources addressing all aspects of heartbreak. A timely read for me, and a worthwhile one.

- Can't believe this is free5 star

This book is hands down the best book I have ever read. Definitely a must read for anyone going through a break up. I'm about to read it for a second time.

- Must read4 star

I would highly suggest you to read this.. if you're having difficulty on letting go of the things or people arround you that you like or loved but you just can't let them go..

- Repetitive2 star

A good book for teenage girls who are going through breakouts or had one/more but ridiculously repetitive.

- Good quotes.4 star

It helped a lot, I took some notes, it has some grammar mistakes but I enjoyed it. Thanks

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5 star

the art of letting go...

5 star

The art of letting go and accepting what is

5 star

@WorgenRouge: Theeeeere we go, all huge and thicc, just like a werewolf ought to be. Sure was nice of Bob to lend our man a hand! And j…

5 star

👍 on @YouTube: Mikaila: Bonus Track: The Art of Letting Go (Lyrics)

5 star

Featured Art of the Day: "Letting Go". Buy it at:

5 star

@Judicaelle_: I once said we must normalize divorce and I was told that I am evil lol But my generation should master the art of leavin…

5 star

Does anyone remember the line in "An American in Paris," about letting go of artwork that one has made? #art…

5 star

@Judicaelle_: I once said we must normalize divorce and I was told that I am evil lol But my generation should master the art of leavin…

5 star

@Maryamhasnaa: Letting people go who aren’t headed in the same direction you are is a form of self respect.

5 star

Never ever get attached to things too much, whether they are people or places or even objects. I'm still Learning…

5 star

Never lose thy self. Keep growing even if you have to do it alone. I've learned the art of letting go.

5 star

may the petals teach you the art of letting go

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