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Sweet Matchmaker

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 7253144531209605378
  • Book Genre: Romance
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Sweet Matchmaker Book Summary

Ginger McGinty hates liars. And she just married a spy.

Bridal shop owner Ginger McGinty excels at matchmaking unless it’s for herself. That is, until she meets the dreamy Aussie who helps her talk her way into an event meant for engaged couples. Logan Stone is sweet, caring, thoughtful and funny—everything she desires in a man. But it turns out, her new fake fiancé could use a bit more than just a pretend engagement to get him into a party—he needs a quick marriage keep him in the country so he can be with his adopted special needs daughter.

With a marriage of convenience pro-con list longer than the average wedding veil, Ginger puts her faith in romance and offers Logan a marriage of convenience in return for one thing—no lies.

But little does she know, almost everything she knows about her new husband is based on a lie.

Everything except his kisses and the way he accidentally spills his soul whenever they meet. And that’s quickly becoming a problem for Logan Stone who depends on distance and deceit to keep civilians such as Ginger safe from his enemy’s clutches.

Will the two find love in their marriage of convenience, or will everything break apart when the truth rises to the surface, shattering everything, including their trust?

This is the second book in the Indigo Bay Sweet Romance series (a world created by seven fabulous authors) as well as a spinoff prequel for Jean Oram’s Veils and Vows series. This heartwarming romance can be read on its own without any worries about missing important plot bits so give it a whirl and get swept away!

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Sweet Matchmaker Book Comments

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Sweet Matchmaker - Jean Oram Book Reviews

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  • SWEET MATCHMAKER (Ellen/Oceanside)

    SWEET MATCHMAKER by Jean Oram Are all men liars, she wonders, So with a promise of no lies, she marries. Then with kisses that delight her, they have their goals, but what will outcome be. Delightful, funny she has given us another delightful look at a marriage,that didn’t start out smoothly. Readers will once again enjoy another by Jean.
  • Blueberry Springs (cali fan)

    I loved the suspense intertwined throughout the story. People will do all kinds of things when they find their soulmate.

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